The war in Syria grinds on… and an unlikely Lebanese hero

Al Nusra front used one of their operatives to blow up a bus. He is not the hero of this story. As usual this is in fact a story about Sunni vs. Shia. Al Nusra Front represents the Sunni who are opposed to Assad. The real hero is a Lebanese Shia man who is most likely to be linked to Hezbollah. He is a hero because he spotted the bomber, gave his child to his wife and then pounced on the man. The bomber blew himself up, killing 6 and wounding 19 others. The selfless action of the real hero and dare I say it, martyr (because he gave his life to save others) was to cushion the impact of the bomb.

In the Islamic world such heroism is very rarely seen, but when it is seen, then it needs to be acknowledged. The man was on a pilgrimage to  a shrine in Damascus. He was not there to be a part of any war. He was with his wife and child. He acted out of some sense of impending harm to all of his “friends” who were on the bus. I do hope that this man’s heroism is appropriately rewarded by Our Lord.

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