IS murder Copt Christians – who are now martyrs

I have been following this story but I am not going to add the video or show any of the graphic pictures. The Egyptian Copts had gone to Libya looking for work. The members of IS knew their names when they came calling to take them captive. To the end these men did not renounce their Christian heritage, and they died with the name of Jesus Christ on their lips.

As Pope Francis has stated, whether we are Protestant, Evangelical, Copt or Orthodox, we are Christian and we need to work together. If Christians do not come together and remain hopelessly divided, then our real enemy will continue to divide and conquer.

There is evil in this world. Every time IS butchers someone, whether that person/s is Muslim, Copt, Jew, Christian, Yazidi or something else, they do so in the name of Satan. Every time someone decides to act alone and to kill innocent people, they do so because they yield to Satan. Yes, I do believe in the existence of Satan and not only that I believe that Satan is the influence behind all of the evil that we are seeing.

When the cartoonists and staff at Charlie Hebdo were massacred, I sided with the stand that they had taken. The reason I did this was not because of their cartoons, but because they were willing to stand up to the thugs who were threatening their very existence, and threatening their right to the freedom of speech. Charb stated that he would rather die standing than being on his knees. I understand the sentiment of this man, even though Charb was an atheist, because I would rather die than convert to Islam because I believe that Jesus is the Saviour, not Mohammed.

The Egyptian Copts have faced persecution for a very long time. Every now and then, an Egyptian leader tries to do the right thing by them. The leader prior to the rise of Morsi, and especially the army frowned upon the damage that was done to the Coptic Churches, and good Muslim men worked to restore what had been destroyed. Every once in a while along comes someone like Fattah al-Sisi, who sees the Copts as Egyptians first, and who believes that these deaths are worth avenging.

The followers of Mohammed and IS believe that killing people is doing the work of Allah, who they claim to be God. However, like a lot of people, I dispute what they claim to be God, because they have made an image of their own thoughts into God.  It is increasingly difficult to acknowledge the good Muslims in the world who do in fact seek the One True God, through their works as good people. A lot of people do not understand the Catholic doctrine on this matter. The best way for me to explain what is means, is that people of faith who believe in God, even if that person has an imperfect understanding of God, will end up in Heaven. What it means in plain English is that the person wants to do what is right and more important, that person follows the two laws of God:  1. Love God and 2 Love thy neighbour.

As such it is logical that we acknowledge that these 21 Copts are martyrs and now reside in Heaven with Jesus.

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