The Middle East Front

We cannot ignore what is occurring in the Middle East. IS has been allowed to run riot with very little being done to stop the murder and the mayhem. The murder of the 21 Egyptian Copts and the murder of the Jordanian pilot has seen a new turning point, with I might add a series of alliances that shows the USA as a power in the world is on the wane (at least whilst the Clown remains in the White House).

At the present time, my admiration for the former General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi continues to rise. His swift retaliation against the IS elements in Libya shows that he is not willing to see any of his citizens being murdered in cold blood. However, there is more to the story than just this swift retaliation.

Egypt has been forming an alliance with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Russia and France, as well as some other nations. The sweetener for Egypt is that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have offered money to help the ailing Egyptian economy whilst Egypt is supplying military aid to the Saudis. Egypt is making purchases of new military equipment. Some of the equipment is coming from France, other equipment is coming from Russia.

These Sunni nations are very worried about the rise of IS, as well as the activity of the Iran-backed Houthi in Yemen. Egypt has sent troops to help Saudi Arabia on two fronts. However, it seems that Egypt has issues on its own front with Libya, and it has requested assistance (with the consent of the duly elected Libyan Government) to handle the threat of IS within Libya.

IS is determined to continue its push against the West. To them we are the “Crusaders”. In their warped minds we are somehow to blame because the Mohammedans, a very long time ago lost against the Crusades. Their whole ideology is extremely warped and it means that none of us are safe. It also means that we need to trust Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and UAE at this point in time.

The situation is very grim because IS through its affiliates are also active in Africa and I am sure that they want to be active here in Australia, as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada and the USA. China has a continuing problem with its Muslim population. I think that Burma (the old name for that country) has it right with the Buddhists at least managing to contain some of the Islamist threat.

We seem to be entering a new period of danger. I do not think that we can ignore the danger. I believe that we need boots on the ground in order to combat the danger that is IS. It is the only way in which they can be defeated.

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