The frustration of a broken computer

For months I had a problem with my computer because it was continually switching off. The first time I took it for repairs I was without it for a week.When the computer came back I had to start all over again. However, the problem was not totally fixed. The computer was shutting down but it was still running. In other words I could do nothing because there was no connection to the keyboard mouse and monitor. I endured this issue for several months until the blue screen of death struck.

As it turned out, during the time that the computer was in for a refurbishment I was kept busy with appointments and looking after my grandchildren.  Yesterday it was the grand-daughters again which meant a long day and a trip to Sydney. I am not complaining because I got to play with the girls.

The frustration right now is that I have to rebuild my subscription list on Feed demon. This is going to take time.

My computer is back and I am now ready to go!!

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