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Which scandal will bring about impeachment?

The reality is that Barry Soetoro is embroiled in a series of scandals, not just one, that have the potential to bring about impeachment proceedings. In each case it is the lies and the cover-up that is important. The Republican Congressman Chaffetz is probably the most keen to consider impeachment over the stonewalling regarding the Al Qaeda attack at Benghazi. I do think that by the end of his investigations he will be even more keen to see the impeachment process put in place. Yet there are other scandals, each with their own importance and each of them attacks the very freedoms that are gained from the U.S. Constitution.

1. The attack on the First Amendment. The reality of the scandals that indicate attacks on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is only just beginning to hit. There are at least three scandals involved:

– IRS harassment of conservative groups

– the collection of AP records via DoJ

– the attack on Fox News and in particular James Rosen also via DoJ.

I have no doubt that this list will increase in the coming days as more and more things come to light. It is early days where each scandal is concerned.  The IRS one has some legs with so many lies being told that it seems obvious that the instigator of the harassment was in fact POTUS. The smoking gun has to be in the White House logs… and no I do not believe the story about the forum being the reason that the head of the union was at the White House. The log actually indicates that she was there for a meeting with POTUS. (developing)

2. The attack on the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

– Fast and Furious which is still being investigated and there continues to be a situatin where Eric Holder is in contempt of Congress and the White House refuses to hand over documents relating to that matter claiming executive privilege. At this stage I am willing to state that Barry Soetoro was aware of Fast and Furious and that he was the instigator because he wants to be able to ban guns.  I have no doubt that Eric Holder is in collusion with Barry on this subject.

3. Benghazi. I cannot properly classify this one, but I see it as tied up with the attack upon the First Amendment. My reasoning is based upon the attitude of Muslims with regard to the Freedom of Speech…. but that is only one very small portion of this particular subject. Benghazi is a multi-part scandal because there are many issues to take into account including talk of gun running (this is not proved). The real scandal is of course the cover-up and there is where the free speech component surfaces, because of the false claims that a third rate short documentary was somehow to blame for what took place. The person who was responsible for the documentary is in jail, allegedly because of parole violations. Yet, it goes deeper because this is also an attempt to stop anyone criticizing Islam. The speeches of Barry Soetoro to the UN on the subject is ample evidence that this story is about anti-free speech motives.

Now I am one who supported the people of Libya as they fought to free themselves from the yoke of Gadhafi. It did not bother me that some of those fighting were Islamists. What Gadhafi had done through the years was sufficient reason to not support him in any way. I will continue to point out that the Libyan government is elected and it is not run by Islamists (even though Islamists are trying to get control). There are lots of issues remaining in Libya and the situation remains fluid. What I want to point out is that those governing Libya were not responsible for the Al Qaeda attack upon the US consulate. I will also point out that the Libyans would have been more cooperative if it had not been for the amateurish stuff ups that followed the attack including Susan Rice going on TV and contradicting President Mogharief of Libya. She caused him to lose face in Libya and abroad because of the contradiction.  I do not support the Islamists in Libya and I believe that those responsible for the continuing violence in that country, especially in Benghazi need to feel the full force of the Libyan law. However, that is a Libyan internal matter and is not necessarily related to the AQ attack.

The real issue is the cover-up and the refusal to acknowledge that Al Qaeda is not in demise as proclaimed. There has been a refusal to acknowledge terrorism in the USA and that has led to the harming of the survivors of the Ft Hood jihadi attack by Hussein Nidal. It also led to the refusal of the FBI to take warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers seriously, even though it did not stop the FBI doing surveillance on a journalist by the name of James Rosen who was just doing his job.

4. This leads me to the AP scandal again because it is one that is developing legs since it was first revealed. Once again I see this in terms of an attack upon free speech.

At least 3 of these scandals are tied to the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case. From that point of view, I can see that there is an overkill, an overreaction in regard to that decision. In that decision, certain things were struck down that affected to a very small extent campaign donations.  What it did not do was to make it easier for corporations to donate to political parties or individuals. Neither did that case make it easy for overseas individuals to donate to political figures. In fact Barry Soetoro has been guilty of accepting those oversease donations (yet another scandal) and hiding the information via bundling. The parts of McCain-Feingold that specifically stayed in place were those parts that forbid foreign donations. The case itself dealt with the chilling of free speech, and this was something brought out in the opinion of Clarence Thomas. It was an issue that 5 of the justices took seriously. For this they were attacked by Barry Soetoro.

Each and every one of these particular scandals could lead to impeachment. We just have to see what develops because in each instance there has been intimidation of individuals that has been in place to stop them talking. It is not just Gregory Hicks who has complained about such intimidation.

A few names keep springing up in regard to these matters. One of them is Lois Lerner, another is Cheryl Mills who is a close associate of Hillary Clinton.  The name of Cheryl Mills keeps cropping up as underlings in the State Department have been “punished” and without just cause.

Egypt – was it Islamists who stormed the Israeli embassy?

The report at indicates that the protesters were not members of Muslim Brotherhood. This particular report is without the hype that I have seen elsewhere on the Internet. It gives the facts about what happened, that protesters who had been at Tahrir Square broke away and headed to the Israeli Embassy. They had sledgehammers and they hacked away at the walls that were put in place to secure the building. Roughly 30 of them got inside the building and then distributed papers onto the street. Of concern to me is that these people were chanting: onward to Jerusalem, blah, blah.

According to this report, the cause of this extraordinary activity was an incident near the border of the Gaza strip where some Egyptians had been killed. Likewise some Israelis had been killed. The kicker here is that it looks as if this had nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood. It seems that the individuals involved are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

As you are aware Egypt has co-operated with Israel with regard to attempting to keep arms out of the Gaza strip. The incident that took place has not really been explained. There has been no apology over the latest of the rockets that were fired into Israel from the Gaza strip either.

If Muslim Brotherhood has disavowed the protest as well as the action at the Israeli Embassy, then it seems that rather than Islamists at work, this is the handiwork of the LEFT WING communists from Egypt.

As we have noted in the past, it seems that certain Communists within the USA have had more than a passing interest in causing disruption in Egypt. I refer of course to Bernadine Dorhn, William Ayers, and the luvvies from Code Pink. The people who have been attempting to get into the Gaza strip have been the Marxists, not the likes of Muslim Brotherhood.

I find this very curious since CAIR is an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood, or is it? I am wondering if CAIR is being sponsored by some other party. Members of CAIR have been behind some pretty nasty stuff in the USA, and they are linked to other groups such as the Holy Land Foundation, which was taking money for Palestininian activists in that region.

Perhaps we need to have another look at the activities of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Are they linked to Iran, or putting that another way, is Iran somewhere in the background waiting to pounce if Muslim Brotherhood rises as a political force in Egypt?

Something else on my mind here concerns Mr. Potato Head who has been very quiet lately. As you are aware this is the man who claimed that there were no WMDs in Iraq, which is not true, and he also made false statements about the WMDs in Iran. His wife is an Iranian who is the daughter of a prominent member of the Iranian government. It is obvious that Mr. Potato Head, if he got into power in Iran would push Egypt into some form of alliance with Iran. Mr. Potato Head wanted to be allied to Muslim Brotherhood, but it seems that they are not interested in him. Interesting.

What it looks like here is that Muslim Brotherhood joined in the original protests to oust Muburak, but have always had their own agenda. I think that was clear immediately after Muburak was sent into exile. However, it looks like there was some kind of immediate split between the two groups. Again it was quite obvious. What seems to be happening is that the Marxists want to keep protesting, but the Muslim Brotherhood are happy biding their time. Also, it appears that Muslim Brotherhood is not the same as the Salafists.  Here again we have that split based upom Islamic sectarianism. Muslim Brotherhood seems to be Shia oriented, and the Salafists (Al QAEDA) are Sunni in origin.

I think that demanding Muburak step down was the biggest Foreign Policy of the present USA administration. It was something that was a total botch from the time that the protests began. Egypt is a separate issue from that of Libya, especially when Østupid actually had very limited say on what was happening over there. He had more impact upon Egypt, than on Libya. In fact Østupid was reluctant to make a decision on the no-fly zone and he had to be pushed. (ALSO please note the way that this stupid individual is trying to big note himself on making the decision to go after Bin Laden. He has no shame. He is claiming that his advisors were against it, but from what has been passed on, it was Valerie Jarrett who was against it, and it was Leon Panetta who went ahead with the action, but just watch Østupid as he continues to lie in the hope that people will see him as some kind of hero – he is not anything of the kind).

Where to now with Chicago corruption?

Tom Fitton, writing for BigGovernment has an excellent post that covers the corruption in Chicago politics. Please read the link. However, it is the conclusion of the article that is important. This leads to the Oval Office and it is the lies and cover-up.

Election fundraising fraud

BigJournalism has an article that you might want to read. The corruption of Østupid continues to steam along without the LSM giving so much as a yawn. It would seem that when it comes to the illegal activities of Østupid, the LSM just yawns and looks the other way. This time, however, I doubt that they can keep a lid on the brewing scandal. The FEC will be asked to investigate the matter.

The issue is the video that was done in the room of the White House which is not in the private wing. It was done in a room that is used to greet and meet international guests. This was the video clip which offered a raffle prize involving the White House. The whole thing is illegal, and yes the FEC should be investigating. The Congress should be investigating this as well, because it is one more illegal activity that should lead to impeachment proceedings. When will Congress get up the balls to do the right thing and start the investigation proceedings? They cannot wait until after 2012. It needs to happen now, not later.

As you are no doubt aware, there was a fundraising scandal in 2008, involving the same candidate. The money raised came from the Gaza strip, but it was hidden with the bundling that was done by various “friends”, including that individual from Code Pink who is way too cozy with the fraud in the White House.

Keep an eye on this story, and please leave a comment if you actually see the LSM reporting on it.


Corruption!! – Daniel T. Frawley… and it leads to….

As you are aware, I was attracted to the Citizen Wells site because of the Blagojevich trial. There are so many twists and turns in the relationships that it has been hard to keep a track of all of them… except that all roads lead back to one man…. Barack H. Øbama.

Daniel T. Frawley is yet another player in all of the scams, bribery and corruption in Chicago that is associated with Øbama. Brenda J. Elliot and Aaron Kline have been amongst those who have continued to concentrate upon the exposure of the Real Barack Øbama. Brenda has a very interesting post up regarding Daniel T. Frawley, who has been singing like a bird. My only question is whether he has been giving any information about the Øbama corruption, bribes and kickbacks.

This particular story regarding Companion Security seems to pull all of the characters together. It was a scheme the idea of bringing to Illinois Kurds who were to be trained as security guards. In Brenda’s own words:

This was the little scheme dating from sometime in 2005 that involved then-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, then-Senator Barack Obama, then-Illinois Homeland Security advisor Jill Morgenthaler, Obama’s then-personal real estate fairy and political cash bagman Tony Rezko, Rezko’s Chicago pal and personal bail bondsman (and former Iraqi Minister of Electricity) Aiham Alsammarae, and British-Iraqi billionaire businessman (and one of Carter-Ruck’s frequent-flyer clients) Nadhmi Auchi.

Frawley was also involved in another sordid little story concerning the theft of guns and $100,000 cash from the house of his sister.

Each little piece of this puzzle is being put meticulously together, and it is Frawley who informed upon Rezko, who is still awaiting sentencing. However, there is another lawsuit in the works, where Frawley, the plaintiff is suing his former attorney Weaver, who advised him not to cooperate with the FBI.

It is this story that helps to tie in the main players and their links to Barack H. Øbama. Weaver, it seems prevented his client from cooperating with the FBI and recording a conversation between himself and Tony Rezko at a luncheon. The information that was to be obtained concerned Barack H. Øbama… and this goes all the way back to 2006!!!

And again in Brenda’s own words:

Frawley also confirmed in the deposition that the information he was to obtain was “about the payments made by Rezko to Obama.”

Because the deposition was specific to the Frawley-Weaver law suit — namely a possible change of venue requested by Weaver — no further details about the “payments” are included.

The deposition further reveals that the FBI instructed Frawley to not speak with Weaver anymore.

Frawley admitted he had brought charge card records and bank statements to Weaver, among which was a “statement showing payment to Tony Rezko in [the] amount of $1.5 million.” No mention is made as to the source of the funds.

Frawley said that Weaver’s reason was an apparent conflict of interest. Weaver, it seems, was representing others — namely himself and Rezko — on the same matter.

“George was my attorney,” Frawley says. He was “being paid by me, and George was supposed to be representing my interests. And George was representing his own and Tony Rezko’s.”

Additionally, Weaver had possession of all the records Frawley had brought to him. Charles R. Franklin, Frawley’s attorney, said that not only did Weaver have all the records but also he would not release them to Frawley, who could not get them.

It appears that the $1.5 million was paid as a bribe to win the contract. Please read the whole story because there is a lot of meat to be digested.

Pakistan outs head of CIA in Islamabad

The relationship between the USA and Pakistan continues to deteriorate. In the latest out of Pakistan, via the Indian Times, media in Islamabad have outed the name of the man who heads the CIA in Islamabad. The planned trip by Zadhari to Washington is now in doubt.

There are several issues that have contributed to this deteriorating relationship including the following:

1) the use of drones to kill terrorists. This has angered many in the villages where the drones have been active, because of the number of “civilians” claimed to have been killed as a result of these strikes.

2) the rise of radicalism in Pakistan has seen an increase in terror bombings that have claimed the lives of more than 35,000 people since 9/11/2001.

3) as a result of the rise of radicalism there has been increased sympathy for OBL, AQ and the Taliban.

4) that sympathy was also felt amongst military and ISI operatives.

5) somebody, probably high up in the chain gave OBL shelter since 2003 (about the time that the rumours claiming that he had died emerged). It is more than likely that after he fled the Tora Boras that OBL was living in an ISI safe house not far from Abbottabad (he lived there for about 2 and half years) prior to the building of the compound.

The IndiaTimes reports:

In a sign of how bad ties are between the two countries, Pakistani media on Saturday once again publicly named the CIA station chief in Islamabad, a breach of both protocol and trust, that is bound to enrage Washington.

A Pakistani TV channel and a newspaper considered mouthpieces of the country’s military said the ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha had met CIA station chief Mark Carlton to protest US incursion into Abbottabad to kill al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden. CIA station chiefs remain anonymous and unnamed in public although the host government is told.

Earlier, the Obama administration had asked Pakistan to disclose names of its top intelligence operatives to determine whether they had contact with Osama or his agents.

The latest breach indicates that a section of the Pakistani military-intelligence establishment is determined to run the CIA out of the country fearing that the ISI’s links with terror groups and its sheltering of terrorist leaders will be exposed.

It appears that the ISI do in fact fear that they will be exposed because they have been sheltering terrorists. OBL is only one of the terrorists to have been sheltered by the ISI since 2001. Others, including al-Libi spent time in ISI safe houses prior to their capture.

Another incident that is tied to the push to remove the CIA from Pakistan involved Raymond Davis, the man who shot dead two people that he claimed had attempted to rob him. Here is another likely scenario with regard to the incident: the two men were indeed after Davis, having discovered that he was a CIA agent. They were tasked to kill him, but he discovered that he was being followed and took action. Having been discovered and compromised, Davis was captured by the Pakistani police and then the usual suspects began demanding that he be tried and hung for “spilling Muslim blood”.

The ISI are no doubt angry that the CIA had operated in a safe house not too far from the OBL compound without the ISI detecting that they were there. The possible anger over that situation is also a red flag because it indicates that the ISI knew all along that OBL was located in that compound. To add to this belief, is the fact that OBL had money sewn into his garment as well as two phone numbers (obviously for people who could help him escape).

For a very long time people have suspected that members of the ISI were giving material support to the terrorists and in particular to OBL and the Taliban. Someone has also been informing the Taliban of the movements of UN vehicles which in turn has led to many of these convoys being the subject of an incursion.  It will be a good thing when these rogue ISI operatives have been exposed.

Dr Ron Polland’s new video

I just spotted this video:

Dr. Ron Polland has examined the background images of the faked factcheck BC and the new BC with a genuine Hawaii BC. What he has discovered is that the two released BC’s are forgeries based upon background of paper alone. This is due to the fact that the genuine BC is dark green on a lighter green background, whereas the Factcheck BC and the latest forgery are dark green on white.

What do you think about this latest evidence that yet another forgery has been perpetrated?

My own view is that since Østupid has produced this forgery and it is definitely linked to him, then he should be prepared to stand up in a court room and take an oath regarding whether or not it is a genuine birth certificate. The oath is necessary to catch him with the perjury.

Jack Cashill discovers some early Østupid published pieces

Jack Cashill has another great post over at American Thinker.  The piece takes to task Harvard professor Kloppenburg who waxes lyrical about the untalented Barack Østupid. The piece is interesting to read because it focuses on some of the early influences on Østupid and at the same time it examines some of the early written pieces from his college years. These pieces are not the college thesis but something that was published at Columbia. The writing is quite sub-standard considering the writer is supposed to be so brilliant.

Jack Cashill also examines those early influences and remarks upon the fact that there was always a very narrow focus with regard to his thinking – something that is typical of a Marxist thinker.

Also, it is worth noting that Kloppenburg is one of those people who believes that Østupid is a pragmatist and a centrist, whilst completely ignoring his radical left leaning agenda.

Please read the whole thing at American Thinker.

Ulsterman’s latest

This is the latest from Ulsterman. To be honest I am agog over what I have read. If it is true, and certainly the photograph that most of us have seen indicates the truth of the matter. However, please read the article.

You should also read this:

and this one as well:

These stories are confirmed by what has been leaked to the press, especially the leaking of the role of “enhanced interrogation” leading to the final confrontation with Osama Bin Laden.

Also, take a really good look at the photograph of everyone in the Situation Room. Østupid has a very angry look on his face.

What amazes me is that this information has been leaked in this manner. It certainly looks like very legit information.

There is one more story that ties this together:

This is a lot of reading, but you will see who tries to be in charge in the White House – Valerie Jarrett. She tried to get the mission aborted, and she has been at loggerheads with all of the people who were in the know about the mission. The Ulsterman looks very legit with these set of reports.

CAIR linked HAMAS condemns the death of Bin Laden

Does the USA have to worry about more terrorist actions in the future? You can bet your sweet bippy that there is a good reason to be concerned. HAMAS, which is linked to CAIR in the USA has condemned the death of Osama Bin Laden.

HAMAS condemned the killing of Osama bin Laden as the assassination of an Arab holy warrior.

The Islamist group’s response contrasted sharply with that of the Palestinian Authority, their partner in a new unity deal, which described it as “good for the cause of peace”.

Instead, Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip, accused the US of pursuing a policy based on “oppression and the shedding of Arab and Muslim blood”.

He said: “We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs. We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior.”

The response from Hamas was mirrored by some others in the Arab world who view bin Laden as the only Muslim leader to take the fight against Western dominance to the heart of the enemy with the September 11 attacks.

One al Qaeda idealogue who goes by the online name Assad al-Jihad2 said: “The battle between us and international tyranny is long and will not be stopped by the martyrdom of our beloved one, the lion of Islam. How many martyrdom seekers have been born today?”

An imam from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem vowed to take revenge over “the western dogs” for killing Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on Sunday.

In a Youtube video uploaded by the imam he said: “The western dogs are rejoicing after killing one of our Islamic lions. From Al-Aqsa Mosque, where the future caliphate will originate with the help of God, we say to them – the dogs will not rejoice too much for killing the lions. The dogs will remain dogs and the lion, even if he is dead, will remain a lion.”

The imam then verbally attacked US President Barack Obama saying: “You personally instructed to kill Muslims. You should know that soon you’ll hang together with Bush Junior.”

“We are a nation of billions, a good nation. We’ll teach you about politics and military ways very soon, with god’s help,” he vowed.