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This is curious

I just saw this report on the assassination of the former Afghanistan Rabbanni, who was Karazai’s main peace negotiator. The attacker had the bomb strapped underneath his turban.

The reason that I find the report curious is that the Taliban do not seem to be behind the attack, and they are not wanting to talk about it. This is curious because of the fact that when the Taliban go on the attack they announce it during the actual attack.

What is more, the report mentions that it could be the work of a group linked to Pakistan’s ISI. This leads me back to questions about the hiding of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, and specifically his compound being so close to the military academy at Abbottabad. At the same time it might explain why the Pakistanis were chucking a bag because the US Navy Seals went in and killed OBL right under their noses. If the ISI did not know that OBL was in Pakistan why did they chuck such a bag over OBL being taken out? Well, I think that they did know about his presence and that they were protecting him.

It seems to me that there are rogue elements in the ISI, just like there are rogue elements in MI6 and the CIA and that they have other motivations. The Pakistan ISI are not friends to the rest of the world. It seems to me that the Islamists have an enormous presence in the Pakistan ISI. This might explain why there have been so many attacks on military establishments, and upon the police in Pakistan. It might help to explain how the Sri Lankan cricket team came under attack in Pakistan (fortunately no team members were killed in that attack).

Either way, it is food for thought, because it would seem that Mullah Omar has been true to his word in wanting to negotiate a peace settlement, and that this assassination has set back those attempts.

Talking about hacking….

Just noticed this report, that the FBI have swooped on suspected members of the hacker group Anonymous. I hope it is true, and that they have been arrested.

The BBC is also running a story on the hacker arrests. It looks like more than 20 people have been picked up in the Netherlands, the UK and the USA relating to charges of hacking. I wonder if the young man who was arrested a little while ago was fully co-operative with the police. Just thinking aloud, that they could have gotten information from him that has led to these arrests.

And it looks like everyone is getting in on the accusation of hacking. This report has come from the BBC News site regarding a report of the alleged death of Omar Mullah, which has never been verified. The Taliban are claiming that “Americans” hacked their phones and sent out the false reports on the alleged death of Omar Mullah. Do you think this might have been the work of Lulz?

What were they trying to achieve?

The news reports regarding the attack on the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul are still coming. There are lots of details available about what took place. All reports emphasize that the Taliban were exaggerating when they made claims about deaths and hostages associated with the attack. One report claimed that the Afghan military handled the attack, but now it seems that this report was also wrong with regard to some detail because a few New Zealand special forces commandos were wounded in the response to the attack, accord to the Australian ABC news report.

When I heard about the attack, and began reading the details I was immediately reminded of the Mumbai massacre and the attacks on the hotels in that city. Sure enough, this was a thought confirmed by later reports, because it has also been claimed that it was a group from Pakistan associated with the Afghan Taliban that staged the attack. (I did see the name of the group, and I think they might be protected by the ISI but not sure).

Considering the fact that there have been efforts to negotiate with the Taliban so that there will be an end to the terror and the conflict, I am at a loss to understand why this attack has taken place. What are they trying to achieve? They claim that they are upset with the western forces that are present in Afghanistan, and they bellyache about “Muslims being killed”, yet the Taliban are the bigger killers of Muslims in Afghanistan. Not one of the special forces are there to specifically engage in armed conflict. They have a role which will involve a firefight or two, but they are not there to kill Muslims!!!  If the Taliban want NATO forces to leave then they need to stop the attacks on civilians.

As I see it, the Taliban want to gain power again. I cannot remember how they managed to get power in the first place, but when they did they commenced a reign of terror. Most Afghanis do not want the Taliban style of rule, but as is the case in any Muslim country the fanatics seem to win the argument, and eventually the moderate folk will join in because they have somehow been turned.  Afghanistan under Taliban rule was a real hell-hole, and in particular it was bad for women. Their hospitals, that allowed women to give birth in modern surroundings were destroyed. Women were not allowed to be doctors or lawyers, or teachers for that matter. Any woman showing the smallest possible amount of skin was beaten by the Taliban goons. Many were thrown into jail where they were raped by their captors. Women were the big losers when the Taliban were in power, and wherever the Taliban are present they cause fear – throwing acid in the faces of young girls, and killing male teachers because their students are female. They provide nothing more than a reign of terror.

The announcement of the draw down of American troops has already proved to be a disaster. Rather than being a positive change in Afghanistan, it has been negative, inviting this renewed round of terrorism that is directed at everyone.


Two more Australian soldiers die in Afghanistan

This is the third Australian soldier death in Afghanistan within a week. The first soldier to die was killed by an IED. His body has just been returned home. Now comes the news of two more deaths. Here is the latest report on these incidents. What is really shocking is that in the second incident, where the soldier did not die at the scene, but he died later in hospital, he was shot by an Afghan National soldier. We are training these people!!!!! The circumstances of the incident are under investigation and the Afghan has not been apprehended. To this I add that another Afghan on the scene did attempt to shoot at the fleeing man.

I have been very proud of the fine job that has been done by Air Vice Marshall Angus Huston. It is always with pride that I can say that when I lived in Townsville for a period of a year, Angus and his family were my next door neighbours. He has been exemplary in this particular job, even though it has been very hard on him. Angus will be stepping down as chief of Defence by the end of June.


Here is an extended report on the deaths of the two Australian soldiers. It should be noted that the Australian soldier killed by the Afghan soldier was flown to a base where the medical assistance was provided by American doctors. He died of his injuries on the operating table.

What is interesting about the report is that it describes some of the security precautions that are put in place with regard to the Afghan soldiers. My question: was it enoough? How can anyone be sure about this Afghan? He was obviously a renegade. He was a new arrival at the base, and he got into an argument with the Australian and then shot him at least 3 times.

The other Australian to die was a helicopter pilot, whose Chinook had crashed. There were 5 others injured in the crash.  It should be noted that the pilot had been active with rescue work during the floods.

The case of the vanishing Mullah Omar – where is he?

The Afghanistan Taliban denies that their leader has been killed. The Afghan government claims that he is in Quetta Province in Pakistan, and the Pakistanis are doing their best Sgt Schultz impersonation: “I know nothing”!!  It looks like Mullah Omar has done an OBL (prior to finding him in Abbottabad) and has vanished.

The Melbourne Age reports on what is becoming an all-consuming mystery, and yet another finger-pointing exercise for the Pakistanis:

The Afghan intelligence agency says the reclusive leader of the Taliban has disappeared from a suspected hideout in Pakistan and has been out of contact with his commanders for days – adding further questions about Mullah Mohammad Omar after a media report said he was killed.

The Taliban denied the claim on the Afghan news channel Tolo that Omar was shot dead while being moved inside Pakistan with the help of a former Pakistani intelligence official. The Taliban spokesman countered that Omar was alive and was somewhere inside Afghanistan.

The conflicting reports, however, underscore the complicated disputes and suspicions between Afghanistan and Pakistan as the US intensifies pressure on both sides: urging Afghan forces to step up efforts against militants and pushing Pakistani authorities to help unravel the networks that aided Osama bin Laden.

However, it is not just these conflicting reports that is of concern here.  What is of concern and interest is the following part of this report:

There also has been much speculation that the US might ramp up efforts to kill or capture the Taliban leader after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden on May 2.

US President Barack Obama has said he would order another covert military raid if it was necessary to stop terrorist attacks.

Afghan officials claim Omar has been sheltered in Quetta or Karachi, major cities in southeast and southern Pakistan. Pakistan says it has no credible evidence Omar is in the country.

The spokesman for the Afghan National Directorate for Security, or NDS, said Omar and some Taliban commanders had not been spotted since late last week while moving from Quetta to North Waziristan – a tribal area in Pakistan that is used as a staging ground for attacks on US and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

The spokesman, Latifullah Mashal, suggested that “maybe an incident has happened along the way,” but emphasised that officials had no further information about the fate of the Taliban leader.

There are a couple of things going on here:

1. there is mention of someone who is a former ISI official giving material aid to Mullah Omar. That sounds like this is a man who should be on a most wanted list.

2. the Taliban is being coy about the whereabouts of Mullah Omar. It is possible that he was killed in an incident.

3. the Pakistanis are playing another doble game. We already know that the Afghan Taliban have been hiding out in Waziristan. This is the region where OBL was hiding prior to him making his way to Abbottabad. We also know that Quetta is a hot bed of militancy for the Taliban. So why are the Pakistani officials lying?

The real new threat – and Østupid cannot stop them

There is an article at American Thinker that concerns the elephant in the room regarding Pakistan. This article deals with what I would call a lesson in political geography. The geography is important because of the nature of the regional players, and NO, I am not talking about Iran. The real threat is China.

Something that has concerned me over the past week has been the willingness of Pakistan to give to China the remains of the stealth helicopter. Have you ever asked why?

Also, China, along with Russia has been condemning the NATO action in Libya, when in fact NATO is enforcing the no-fly zone and is destroying the armanents of Daffy Duck in order to prevent him from killing those opposed to him (most of the Libyans). I would not be surprised to learn that somehow China has supplied extra arms, such as those landmines in the past few weeks.

The opposition of China and Russia to the action in Libya seems to be somehow related to their own relationship with Gadhafi. They are also opposed because they would not hesitate to crush their own people in the same way.

However, China suddenly has aspirations to be a major world power again. This seems to be something that has become obvious since the 2008 Presidential election. China obviously sees that right now it can bring down an enemy both in the financial sense as well as in the military sense. This is because Marxists are in charge of the White House at the present time.

It will be a good thing to keep a very steady eye on the activities of China. They are active with Iran (though the aspirations are different), Russia, North Korea, and they are making overtures to Afghanistan and Pakisan. Muslims seem to like Marxism but Marxism is incompatible to Shariah. However, Karazai is absolutely P’d off with Østupid and the relationship with Pakistan is fractured (which has not much to do with the killing of OBL but has to do with the drone attacks).  Pakistan has another very strong enemy in India, and India is also an economic enemy to China. Then there is the nuclear arsenal owned by Pakistan to consider.

The neophytes in the White House do not have a clue on how to go about things. They totally botched up their statements over the death of OBL. It will be this that will allow China to gain another foothold in its thirst for world domination. Never believe that China ever stopped those particular aims. It is not true.

A chilling message

If you think that the world is safe now that OBL is dead, then you better think again. The fallout over his death is continuing. The latest fallout is a renewed threat from AQ groups in Somalia and Yemen. They are warning of a bloodier jihad to come. 

I doubt that the West actually understands the full nature of Islamic Jihad, especially as it has been interpreted by those loyal to OBL. It is necessary to read the history of OBL and his companions, and that includes their links to the Muslim Brotherhood. For example al-Zawahri is not only connected to MB but to the violent wing of MB (probably includes the Salafists). On top of that Zawahir is linked to the assassination of Anwar Sadat. We have to understand the full implications of that history. We also need to understand that OBL had those leanings when he was still a teenager, and that when he went to Afghanistan to fight the Russians, he took those ideas with him, thus converting mujahdeen to his way of thinking. Not all Afghan mujahdeen followed the philosophy of OBL. However, the Taliban is a direct descendant of OBL’s thinking and philosophy. This explains why the Taliban sheltered OBL in Afghanistan prior to the declaration of war on the USA when the twin towers were hit, and the Pentagon was attacked in 2001. That war has not ended by any stretch of the imagination.

The Australian Age reports:

Pakistan Wednesday saw the first possible violent reaction to bin Laden’s May 2 death in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad, as drive-by attackers threw grenades at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Karachi.

The leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Nasir al-Wahishi, said in a statement posted on an Islamist website that the “ember of jihad (holy war) is brighter” following the May 2 killing of bin Laden.

The Yemen-based fugitive warned Americans not to fool themselves that the “matter will be over” with the killing of bin Laden, the Saudi-born architect of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

“Do not think of the battle superficially…. What is coming is greater and worse, and what is awaiting you is more intense and harmful,” Wahishi said, according to a translation by the US-based SITE monitoring group.

Top Shebab Islamists in Somalia, including Muktar Robow, Sheikh Hasan Dahir Aweys and US-born Omar Hamami — better known as Abu Mansoor al-Amriki — said they also planned revenge for bin Laden’s killing “very soon.”

“We are sending a message to (US President Barack) Obama and (Secretary of State) Hillary Clinton that we will avenge the death of our leader Sheikh Osama bin Laden very soon,” Hamami said.

“Osama is dead but the holy war is not dead. Mujahedeen fighters all over the world are fully prepared to revenge the death of our leader.”

The Shebab, who control much of Somalia, pose a serious security threat in the region where Al-Qaeda operatives bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

The United States has warned of the threat posed by Islamist militancy in Yemen, the homeland of bin Laden’s father, and has warned of the potential for the country to become a new staging ground for Al-Qaeda.

AQAP was born of a January 2009 merger between the Saudi and Yemeni Al-Qaeda branches. It claimed a failed attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound US airliner in December 2009 and was accused in October of sending parcel bombs addressed to US synagogues that were disguised inside computer printers.

Four days after bin Laden was killed in the US raid on his sprawling compound about two hours’ drive from the Pakistani capital Islamabad, a US drone attack targeted US-Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi in southern Yemen.

The imam, who Washington says has strong links to Al-Qaeda, survived the attack but two AQAP members were killed.

In Karachi, two men on a motorcycle threw two grenades at the heavily fortified Saudi consulate and escaped despite coming under fire from security guards, officials said.

“We are seeing this incident in the present context,” provincial government official Sharfuddin Memon told AFP. “It could be a reaction of the Osama incident.”

“We fear that desperate elements are planning to launch a big attack. We are taking precautionary measures in this regard,” he warned.

Pakistan outrage on raid deflated

As the relationship between the present White House regime and Pakistan continues to deteriorate, some new information has come to light regarding a deal that was made between GWB and Musharraf in 2001 and then reaffirmed in 2008 when Pakistan transitioned from a military junta to a civilian government.

The Guardian is reporting that the deal that was made gave the US unilateral permission to go into Pakistan and strike if they found out where Bin Laden was hiding. This deal was revealed to the Guardian by serving and retired military forces.

Under its terms, Pakistan would allow US forces to conduct a unilateral raid inside Pakistan in search of Bin Laden, his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the al-Qaida No3. Afterwards, both sides agreed, Pakistan would vociferously protest the incursion.

“There was an agreement between Bush and Musharraf that if we knew where Osama was, we were going to come and get him,” said a former senior US official with knowledge of counterterrorism operations. “The Pakistanis would put up a hue and cry, but they wouldn’t stop us.”

The deal puts a new complexion on the political storm triggered by Bin Laden’s death in Abbottabad, 35 miles north of Islamabad, where a team of US navy Seals assaulted his safe house in the early hours of 2 May.

Pakistani officials have insisted they knew nothing of the raid, with military and civilian leaders issuing a strong rebuke to the US. If the US conducts another such assault, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani warned parliament on Monday, “Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate with full force.”

Days earlier, Musharraf, now running an opposition party from exile in London, emerged as one of the most vocal critics of the raid, terming it a “violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan”.

But under the terms of the secret deal, while Pakistanis may not have been informed of the assault, they had agreed to it in principle.

A senior Pakistani official said it had been struck under Musharraf and renewed by the army during the “transition to democracy” – a six-month period from February 2008 when Musharraf was still president but a civilian government had been elected.

Referring to the assault on Bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound, the official added: “As far as our American friends are concerned, they have just implemented the agreement.”

The former US official said the Pakistani protests of the past week were the “public face” of the deal. “We knew they would deny this stuff.”

Myths busted

There are many myths about the late terrorist dog known as Osama bin Laden. Peter Bergen from the New America Foundation attempts to bust some of the most prominent of those myths. (Please note he does not deal with the myth that OBL was already dead):

1. Osama Bin Laden was a product of the CIA. This is a common myth and one of those who has helped this myth gain credence is the Marxist film-maker Michael Moore.

According to Bergen, the facts are: the CIA had no dealings with Afghan Arabs such as Bin Laden during the Russian-Afghanistan war. They dealt with the Pakistan ISI. Bergen cites three source that show that this particular myth is just that, a myth.

2. OBL attacked the US because “of our freedoms”. This was the trope of GWB. However, Peter Bergen notes that in his speeches not once did OBL attack any of those freedoms, but concentrated on Middle East policy. Most of his videos concerned alleged attacks on Muslims (leaving out that the Muslims attacked first of course).

3. Al Qaeda has nothing to do with Islam. Again this was a GWB myth. To the contrary, AQ firmly believed that their attacks have everything to do with Islam. OBL justified his attacks by using the “sword” verses from the Koran.


‘ ”Zawahiri, not bin Laden, is the real brains of al-Qaeda”: The conventional view is that Zawahiri, an Egyptian doctor and al-Qaeda’s longtime second in command, has been bin Laden’s ”brain.” But in making the most important strategic shift in al-Qaeda’s history – identifying the US as its key enemy, rather than Middle Eastern regimes – bin Laden brushed aside Zawahiri’s obsessive focus on overthrowing the Egyptian government. Noman Benotman, a Libyan militant who has spent considerable time talking with both of al-Qaeda’s leaders, told me in an interview that ”Osama influenced Zawahiri with his idea: Forget about the ‘near enemy’; the main enemy is the Americans.”

Bin Laden also kept Zawahiri in the dark for years about al-Qaeda’s most important operation, cluing in his deputy only during 2001.

Read more:

You don’t need a telephone line if you use a mobile phone

One of the clues that the compound in Abbottabad was the home of OBL was that there were no phone line or internet connections. However, think about it for a minute, there are other ways to communicate than through a landline. A satellite dish on the property would have provided the means for the people living in that house to communicate with people all over the world via satellite phone, plus they can use the satellite for an internet connection!!  However, the couriers would have been used for security purposes, as well as being the means of providing detailed instructions to AQ combatants.

Now that OBL is dead, there is speculation about who will be his successor. We can always hope that there is a leadership challenge similar to something that we would witness with any mob gang – a la a gang war where people are bumped off. Well, I can dream :).

The Mail Online in the UK lists a number of people who could take over the reins of AQ. Each of them are dangerous individuals running different parts of AQ:

1. Ayman al-Zawahri: an Egyptian who has been AQ second in command (after others were knocked off).

2. Abu Yaha al-Libi (meaning the Libyan). He is the theocratic member of AQ. He escaped from custody and is dangerous. He fought against the Russian troops in Afghanistan.

3. Saif al Adel: Another Egyptian who fought against the Russians in Afghanistan.

4. Anwar al Awlaki – the American born imam now living in Yemen who is associated with both the 9/11 thugs and Nidal Hasan.

5. Saad Bin Laden

6. NASSER AL-WAHAYSHI was the personal secretary of Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Another Yemeni.

There should be no talking of getting out of Afghanistan (sigh) until the task is completed according to the withdrawal time table. The people who have been listed should appear on a most wanted poster. All of them are dangerous. It means that there will be no end to AQ in the near future, but that we must all remain vigilant against this common enemy.