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Awlaki might be dead… but the response from some is questionable

From the heart, I am a Christian woman – in fact I am a practising Catholic. It is important to emphasise my beliefs because I follow the teachig of the Catholic church when it comes to the issue of salvation. For that reason, I accept that there are exceptional circumstances where someone who is Muslim, and who has never had the opportunity to hear the Christian message will still get some form of reward from God in Heaven. You have the right to disagree with my statement, but I do in fact qualify this to those men and women who do everything to be obedient to God (per that whispering voice that they do not understand, yet that voice urges them to be good) and who practise their faith through prayer but not through the Islamist version of jihad. If you know anything about the Agca Kahn and the form of Islam of his followers, you might understand what I am getting at here. If not please look up Ismailism and you might be surprised. There are indeed forms of Islam where adherents do not accept that violence against “crusaders” is necessary. (I continue to need to research the subject more fully). I am making this qualification before launching into my real rant. Please note that in Ismailist Islam the Agca Kahn is an imam. His authority derives from his ancestry – he claims to be descended from Fatima.

My real subject here is the reaction to the killing of the imam (he is not a cleric) and former American citizen (by birth only) Anwar al-Awlaki. This is not about the rantings of Ron Paul and Denis Kuchinic who are going out of their tree over this death, which has been enough for these particular idiots to want to demand impeachment. (Sorry guys you need something better than the killing of a man who has masterminded a number of evil actions against the USA). This is also not about the death at the same time of Samir Kahn, who was the editor of the online Al Qaeda journal “Inspire”.

This is about the radical British “imam” Anjem Choudary who has made an extremely serious threat on the life of Østupid. You can find the exact nature of the threat at MyPetJawa. I suggest that you have a look at what Rusty has discovered. This is now an extremely serious threat, because Anjem Choudary is now inciting radical Muslims to assassinate Østupid, because of the deaths of Osama Bin Laden (justified) and Anwar al-Awlaki (also justified in my view).

Osama Bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki worked together in different branches of Al Qaeda. Both were the mastermind of the attack on the Twin Towers. Awlaki was the imam at the Virginia mosque when the perpetrators of the events of September 11 were preparing for their attack. Awlaki masterminded the attack on Ft. Hood, and he inspired a number of other individuals to go ahead and attempt their personal “jihad”. As such Awlaki was indeed an enemy of the people.

I am extremely sick and tired of these professional victims who think that adherents of Islam are untouchable. If they commit the crime of killing others then the gloves remain off, and they must either be killed like it happened in the Wild West, or they must face a trial by judge and jury. In my view it is perfectly acceptable to go in for the kill against those who plot mass murder. Sometimes it is the only way to get justice. Please note I would say the same thing when it comes to pedophiles who kidnap children (boys and girls) who use them, and then kill them for their own pleasure, especially when it is so personal for me. (I am convinced that a pedophile kidnapped the boy who had been my neighbour, who raped him, and then killed him. Yes, I think that Gerard was not killed immediately, and I heard something that suggests that he was detained in a secret room in a house during those two weeks that he was missing before his body was found).

Anjem Choudary belongs in jail, either in the UK or in the USA. He should not be allowed to get away with this kind of incitement. This is extremely serious. No matter what you think of Østupid, the last thing we want to see happen is someone attempting to assassinate him.

another potential jihadi caught with his pants down

My Petjawa has a very comprehensive post on the arrest in Boston of a US citizen (Palestinian) on charges of wanting to wage jihad. Rusty and his band of merry little jawa hunters have the most comprehensive report on this subject.

The man who has been arrested has a degree in physics from Northern University. His specialty was to manufacture IEDs which he had hoped would end up in the hands of Al Qaeda.

What is extremely interesting about this particular report is that it has a lot of information regarding the man, and it ties him in very neatly to the left wing politics of Noam Chomsky and his ilk.

The man it seems hated the USA to the point that at Ashland High School he would turn his back during the pledge of allegiance (He should have been expelled just over that action) and he might have been the person who had climbed on the roof at Ashland High School and burnt the American flag. No one had ever been charged over that little episode.

This is a developing story, since the man wanted to wage jihad on Americans and he actually wanted to use drones to blow up the Pentagon. I will leave this as a sticky for a few days so that any new information can be added to this post.

Al Qaeda feels jilted

Ok so the headline is over the top, but you have to admit that statements made by Ahmanutjob were more over the top :).  This story is from the BBC News, and basically it is stating that Al Qaeda have slapped Ahmanutjob on the wrist for spreading conspiracy theories regarding the incident on 11/9/2001.

Rational people who saw what took place know that the planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre and that the fire from the crash etc brought the towers down. However, there are a number of irrational people, including the left wing Michael Moore, and the yukky RP, who insist upon creating conspiracy theories about what took place. Some of these nut jobs actually believe that explosives were used and that this was a Bush plot. It is just too bad that some of the things that they rely upon go back to the 1960s when the Democrats were in the White House!!

Al Qaeda have always claimed responsibility for what took place. The men who participated were Al Qaeda operatives, plus Anwar Al-Awlaki the fugutive American citizen now living in Yemen, and the person also responsible for encouraging the man who did the Ft. Hood massacre, was an imam in the Virginia mosque where some of these men went to “worship”, rather listen to his rhetoric.

Now, 10 years later Ahmanutjob turns up in New York and gives a speech where he makes conspiracy theory claims and Al Qaeda are NOT HAPPY.  Thus, they have spoken out in the Online magazine called “Inspire” against Ahmanutjob and his conspiracy theories:

Inspire, an al-Qaeda-linked online magazine, described Mr Ahmadinejad’s controversial speech to the United Nations last week as “ridiculous”.

The Iranian leader said he believed the World Trade Center towers could not have been brought down by aircraft.

The article said such a belief “stands in the face of all logic and evidence”.

When looking at the rhetoric that is coming from the leadership behind Inspire (most likely al-Awlaki is responsible) it is obvious that there is no love lost between Iran and Al Qaeda. They seem to be on a different side to each other. This, I suspect is due to Iran being dominated by Shia, and Al Qaeda being dominated by Sunni. It might also explain why Iraq continues to be torn apart because the Shia want control, but Al Qaeda has been interfering on behalf of the Sunni. 


Whilst nothing is certain in Libya, this news report is vindication of my own position as regards to who might be funneling weapons to terrorists. This comes with a bit of caution that in reality anything is possible, meaning that some people who are Islamists could indeed forward weapons to Al Qaeda. I will not discount that possibility.

Since I first heard the rumours that weapons were being transported and the implication for those rumours was that the Islamists in the opposition forces were taking the few weapons that they possessed and were passing them to Al Qaeda or to Hamas, depending upon which version was being spouted, I was smelling a bit of a rat. The opposition forces had few weapons and what they found they were using. On the other hand, Daffy Duck had a large cache of weapons dotted around the countryside. The sources were claiming that the weapons convoys had gone through Chad and Niger. Really? What these sources did not report is that Daffy Duck is allied to both Chad and Niger. What they also did not report is that the border between Libya and Niger closest to Sirte, a Gadhafi stronghold.

At the same time there have been rumours about weapons moving across the Algerian border. Really? Algeria is another Gadhafi ally, and in fact one of the “news” agencies that has been used by people hostile to the Libyan opposition was one that was tied to Algeria. The report that I read pretty much summed it up for me as simply pro-Gadhafi propaganda. If that report was true then the Algerians were firing upon those “Islamists” if they crossed the border. I doubt that they were able to send any convoys via that route.

In my view this led me to conclude that if anyone was smuggling weapons out of Libya, then it had to be Gadhafi and his goons that were doing the smuggling. (my conclusion could always be wrong but it seems that for the moment such a conclusion is vindicated).

In the past few weeks there has been mention of missing weapons: missiles, chemical weapons etc. Considering that the opposition would not know the location of the chemical weapons, it is a sure bet that if such weapons are missing then Gadhafi and his henchmen are behind their disappearance.

Here is a snippet from the report:

Jeffrey Feltman, the US assistant secretary of state and the most senior international visitor to arrive in Tripoli since the fall of Col Gaddafi, said Washington was concerned about the spread of both conventional and non-conventional weapons.

He said he had people working “quietly” with the National Transitional Council particularly on the hunt for surface-to-air missiles, of which more than 15,000 are said to be unaccounted for from Col Gaddafi’s weapons dumps, and chemical weapon precursors.

“It’s a potential risk not only to Libya but to the region,” he said.

The rebel military official in charge of securing Tripoli International Airport told The Daily Telegraph yesterday his men were scouring an area of more than 30 kilometres for missing weapons.

The Libyan authorities and their western backers are nervous about allowing the airport to reopen to scheduled passenger flights until they can be sure there can be no threat from any SAMS still in the area. There is also the fear that they may be sold to terrorist groups who could use them to target civilian planes anywhere.

“The policy of Gaddafi was to scatter these missiles through civilian homes,” the commander, Mukhtar al-Akdar, said. “We have great difficulty when we try to collect them as some of the local people are very pro-Gaddafi.”

He said he had cleared “70-80 per cent” of the relevant area and found a number of SAMS already.


Egypt – was it Islamists who stormed the Israeli embassy?

The report at indicates that the protesters were not members of Muslim Brotherhood. This particular report is without the hype that I have seen elsewhere on the Internet. It gives the facts about what happened, that protesters who had been at Tahrir Square broke away and headed to the Israeli Embassy. They had sledgehammers and they hacked away at the walls that were put in place to secure the building. Roughly 30 of them got inside the building and then distributed papers onto the street. Of concern to me is that these people were chanting: onward to Jerusalem, blah, blah.

According to this report, the cause of this extraordinary activity was an incident near the border of the Gaza strip where some Egyptians had been killed. Likewise some Israelis had been killed. The kicker here is that it looks as if this had nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood. It seems that the individuals involved are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

As you are aware Egypt has co-operated with Israel with regard to attempting to keep arms out of the Gaza strip. The incident that took place has not really been explained. There has been no apology over the latest of the rockets that were fired into Israel from the Gaza strip either.

If Muslim Brotherhood has disavowed the protest as well as the action at the Israeli Embassy, then it seems that rather than Islamists at work, this is the handiwork of the LEFT WING communists from Egypt.

As we have noted in the past, it seems that certain Communists within the USA have had more than a passing interest in causing disruption in Egypt. I refer of course to Bernadine Dorhn, William Ayers, and the luvvies from Code Pink. The people who have been attempting to get into the Gaza strip have been the Marxists, not the likes of Muslim Brotherhood.

I find this very curious since CAIR is an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood, or is it? I am wondering if CAIR is being sponsored by some other party. Members of CAIR have been behind some pretty nasty stuff in the USA, and they are linked to other groups such as the Holy Land Foundation, which was taking money for Palestininian activists in that region.

Perhaps we need to have another look at the activities of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Are they linked to Iran, or putting that another way, is Iran somewhere in the background waiting to pounce if Muslim Brotherhood rises as a political force in Egypt?

Something else on my mind here concerns Mr. Potato Head who has been very quiet lately. As you are aware this is the man who claimed that there were no WMDs in Iraq, which is not true, and he also made false statements about the WMDs in Iran. His wife is an Iranian who is the daughter of a prominent member of the Iranian government. It is obvious that Mr. Potato Head, if he got into power in Iran would push Egypt into some form of alliance with Iran. Mr. Potato Head wanted to be allied to Muslim Brotherhood, but it seems that they are not interested in him. Interesting.

What it looks like here is that Muslim Brotherhood joined in the original protests to oust Muburak, but have always had their own agenda. I think that was clear immediately after Muburak was sent into exile. However, it looks like there was some kind of immediate split between the two groups. Again it was quite obvious. What seems to be happening is that the Marxists want to keep protesting, but the Muslim Brotherhood are happy biding their time. Also, it appears that Muslim Brotherhood is not the same as the Salafists.  Here again we have that split based upom Islamic sectarianism. Muslim Brotherhood seems to be Shia oriented, and the Salafists (Al QAEDA) are Sunni in origin.

I think that demanding Muburak step down was the biggest Foreign Policy of the present USA administration. It was something that was a total botch from the time that the protests began. Egypt is a separate issue from that of Libya, especially when Østupid actually had very limited say on what was happening over there. He had more impact upon Egypt, than on Libya. In fact Østupid was reluctant to make a decision on the no-fly zone and he had to be pushed. (ALSO please note the way that this stupid individual is trying to big note himself on making the decision to go after Bin Laden. He has no shame. He is claiming that his advisors were against it, but from what has been passed on, it was Valerie Jarrett who was against it, and it was Leon Panetta who went ahead with the action, but just watch Østupid as he continues to lie in the hope that people will see him as some kind of hero – he is not anything of the kind).

Algeria: Beware that this could become another hot spot

I am not going to add much to this topic at this point in time. I will write up any information on my alternative blog but will mention anything here that might be of interest. 

In recent weeks Algeria was subjected to an attack by terrorists who are associated with Al Qaeda. My personal opinion here is that the attacks have nothing to do with Libya, but we shall see. The reason that I think this way is due to the fact that the attacks themselves are not new, but that they have been stepped up.

Algeria has been a supporter of Daffy Duck, and in fact I have been suspicious of some “news” items that were released that had been accusatory towards the Libyan Gadhafi opposition, which seemed to be propaganda of the Gadhafi regime. Early this week news came that members of the Gadhafi family had crossed the border and were in Algeria. Aisha Gadhafi has since that crossing given birth to a girl that she has named Safiyah. The members of the Gadhafi family who crossed into Algeria included: Safiyah, Aisha, Mohammed and Hannibal. If anything Hannibal and his wife need to be extradited to face charges of cruelty towards the nanny of their children (that is quite an horrific story), however, Mohammed was not directly involved in what has taken place. Algeria has since stated that the family are being placed under house arrest. We shall see whether it is true.

The reason I am highlighting Algeria is that already there are claims that Al Qaeda are stepping up activity in Algeria because that government has supported Gadhafi. Personally, I see this as an excuse to put down any revolt in Algeria, and to repeat what had taken place in Libya (that is the government repression of the population) and in Syria. Algeria has until now not had much in the way of problems from opponents, but that could be about to change. I am not saying that this is a possibility that is not true, but I am treating the allegation with caution.  Up until now the news sources that I have used have made no real mention of Al Qaeda showing any real support for the NTC and those who were fighting to get rid of Gadhafi. This is probably why the news item that is making this particular claim stands out like a sore thumb.  

From the beginning the NTC spokespeople have been keen to keep out foreigners that might raise the hackles of Al Qaeda, which is an organization that is not strictly present in Libya, but there are sympathises or at least those with similar views who are Libyans. If this element is to remain placated and kept in their place then a fine line needs to be walked. The NTC has been keen not to repeat the mistakes made in Iraq, which in translation means that they do not want to do anything that would encourage an Al Qaeda presence.  This is what makes the claims coming out of Algeria very jarring.

It should also be pointed out that Robert Mugabe has expelled the Libyan ambassador to that country because he expressed allegiance to he NTC. This should be seen in the light of Mugabe being an ally of Gadhafi, and one who has just had his funding (balls) cut off so that he has less funds available to conduct terror campaigns against his own people.

Also, some are voicing concern because Iran sent “aid” to Benghazi. I agree that there is cause to be concerned. It should be pointed out that Iran had been illegally sending weapons to Gadhafi, but they sent discreet humanitarian aid to Benghazi. In other words according to the NTC what they received was medicine and food for the people of Libya. I see this as a diplomatic move that is meant to put Iran in the good books with the NTC once they realized that Iran’s real ally was being deposed. It reminds me a bit of the attitude of China and Russia who had caused a fuss in the early part of this whole saga only to find themselves on the outer with the NTC. This is why I suspect the motivations of Iran is based soley upon ensuring some form of relationship with the NTC. Since most Libyans are either Sunni (explains why they tend towards Al Qaeda) or Sufi, I do not see that there will be a strong relationship with Iran in the near future, but one never knows how things will turn out.

The civil war is not quite over in Libya, and the propaganda war is still being waged on the international scene. This is why I offer a note of caution when it comes to Algerian propaganda with regard to the motivations of the Al Qaeda group that have recently attacked the military barracks. Look first to nationalist reasons for the attacks before applying motivations associated with giving refuge to members of the Gadhafi family, or giving support to Gadhafi. I am sure that eventually we will know the truth.


So you are worried about Al Qaeda being in Libya? There is a far bigger threat and giving assistance to Daffy Duck

This will be the shorter post, I will do a longer one at my alternate site. However, I want to draw your attention to this article at the American Thinker. For your information, the real threat in Libya is Iran, not Al Qaeda. The Grand Pooh Bah, Khamenei is an ally of Gadhafi. He has sent people to Daffy Duck to give assistance.  By the way, regarding those rumours about what is taking place in the border regions and the smuggling of arms, except for the French drop, those arms were not and never were going to the revolutionaries. They were being smuggled for Gadhafi but the Daffy Duck regime put out false information to make it look like the revolutionaries were the ones smuggling arms. I guess a lot of people got that information wrong.

This ties in very much with the feeding of false information about the people who have been behind the revolt against the criminal Gadhafi. It ties in with the false information about border activity on the Algerian border, and it ties in with the false meme about Al Qaeda as well.

A lot now rides on the ability of the revolutionaries being able to push against the remaining military forces. I do know that there continues to be a weakening of those forces. If they can push towards Tripoli then Khamenei will lose this one.

However, Khamenei has been meddling in Syria as well, and Khamenei is involved in Lebanon.