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Australian politics heat up

Since the election result in 2010 we have been crying about the fact that we wuz robbed. That result was a hung parliament and instead of a change of Government we ended up with Juliar Dullard making dirty deals with the Green Party aka the Watermelons or Marxists in Disguise. I was expecting this government to fall but they have been doing a lot of dirty things to remain in power. However, I think that a wheel or two have been falling off.

First, I will deal with the grubby sleazy Peter Slipper. This individual was a Queensland member of the Liberal National Party as they are known in Qld. There had been a push to have him disendorsed but he had been like a protected species, up until last November when he suddenly resigned from the party and is now officially an Independent. As much as I despise Peter Slipper, I have to say that when it comes to how he sees his role in the Parliament he has been far more honourable than the other individual. Juliar Dullard seized the moment and made Peter Slipper the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The result of this grubby move had been to give her a one vote majority…. and that only existed until the last few weeks when the whole charade has begun to crumble. A member of Peter Slipper’s staff has filed sexual harassment charges against him. There is also the matter of some cabcharges being duplicated but that seems to have been dropped for now. Peter Slipper did the honourable thing and has stepped aside as the Speaker of the House whilst the case proceeds. For this I will give him some credit. He seems to believe in the honour of the Parliament, it is just too bad that his personal life and habits are such a mess!!

This brings me to the other person…. the Craig Thomson Affair. In this case, there is a matter of $500,00o in union funds that have been misused and abused by Craig Thomson. After defending this particular prick, Juliar Dullard has finally announced that he had crossed the line and more or less forced him to resign from the ALP. This whole matter is very grubby, right down to the procurement of prostitutes, the use of union funds when on holiday with his wife to the tune of $100k as cash withdrawals from ATMs, to the use of union funds and personnel without union permission for his own benefit in attempting to become the member of Dobell.

This story is now out in the open. There is no more of the nonsense about Thomson being cleared by the police… they only thing they investigated was whether or not the signature of the credit card holder was forged. They stated that no crime of forgery had been committed. So now Thomson is to address the Parliament and it should be interesting because he will use Parliamentary privilege to set up others for a fall.

In the meantime, the ALP has stated that Thomson is no longer endorsed as the member for Dobell. He will have to run as an Independent if he wants to retain his seat… but under the circumstances there is fat chance that he will be running in the election. On top of that in the electorate of Dobell, it requires a 5.1% swing against the ALP for the seat to be returned to the Liberal Party. I am really not sure about the level of anger in this seat….but I could be surprised… there is bound to be a swing against the ALP over this grubby type of politics.

More to the point, by taking a stance of protecting Juliar Dullard no matter what, and by Juliar Dullard protecting Thomson, the impact of the affair is the opposite of what the ALP needs… people are angry over this affair. They are angry with Thomson and they are angry with Dullard. There is going to be an election wipeout… and the sooner an election is called, the better. The ALP needs a new leader, and if it takes an election rout for them to get the message then that is fine by me.

The hacking scandal

The actual scandal happened more than 6 years ago, but it is only now that the whole of the scandal has burst upon the scene. There is a well known saying about a “little bit of sunlight”. After the murder trial involving murder victim Milly Dowler, and the manner in which the Dowler family was crucified at the trial, it seems that the news that someone hacked Milly’s phone has caused the mushroom fodder to hit the fan.

Milly Dowler disappeared several years ago, she was kidnapped and murdered by a man who had been convicted of a similar crime. At the time of her kidnapping Milly had discovered a bit of a dark family secret, and that secret had upset her very much. On the afternoon that she disappeared, Milly had gotten off the train one stop early and she had gone to a cafe with friends before starting her walk home. She never arrived at her home. As a result of that dark secret involving the sexual proclivities of her father, the police failed to follow up all of the vital clues, including the fact that this known sex offender lived in a house close to where Milly had disappeared. Instead, her father had become a suspect in the eyes of the police and they stopped looking.

In the months before her body was discovered, the family thought that Milly was still alive, because her voice mailbox had been cleared, allowing extra messages to be left. The family was being given the impression that Milly was listening to the messages. Instead, someone associated with the News of the World had arranged for the hacking of the girl’s telephone. This is the scandal that has now erupted.

Rupert Murdoch has had a very personal meeting with Milly Dowler’s family. This father, mother and sister had gone through hell in the witness box. Murdoch personally apologized for the behaviour of the editors and staff at News of the World. He was very upset over the whole matter. Rebekah Brooks, who was chief editor at the time of the hacking offered her resignation again, and it was accepted. The very next day she was arrested in relation to the scandal. She will have her day in court. I am not sure if she will also give evidence before Parliament relating to the whole scandal.

The whole hacking scandal is centred in the UK. This has not stopped the beginning of a US witch hunt with the FBI doing an investigation (no doubt on the orders of Østupid) over a rumour of possible hacking of the phones of victims of 9/11. Personally, I think that there is not even a puff of smoke with regard to those claims. However, there is evidence that News of the World editors and staffed hacked the phones of the victims of the London bombing.

People, that is, ordinary people have a right to privacy. The hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone was a big breach of that right to privacy. The whole thing was done in order to try and get the big scoop. It is not just News of the World. Other news organizations had done the same thing. I fear I no longer have the links to the story that actually gave the name of the organizations that had also indulged in this very nasty exercise. At least one other paper associated with the Murdoch Press had been involved in a hacking scandal. The actor, Jude Law is about to sue the Sun over the hacking allegations.

What is really disgusting to me is that these “news” people were going to such lengths to get their story. They seem to have taken their eye off the main game by this pursuit of trivia, by this desire and pursuit of the rich and famous, as well as their desire to get the “big scoop”. In the process they trampled upon the rights of the common person, especially the right to privacy. This is why the Milly Dowler case is the culmination of the scandal that is now rocking the media. I expect the scandal to worsen, once it is recognized that News of the World was not the only participant.

There is nothing to be gained from hounding Rupert Murdoch in my view. This is being done by the left wing such as the Communist Ed Milliband in the UK and is supported by the watermelon odour-sniffer Bob Brown in Australia, who really hate his guts. Murdoch has always allowed his editors a degree of freedom in how they ran the individual papers. The Murdoch Press has always been far more balanced than the others, and in Australia that is the Fairfax press. The Murdoch press has often shown no real favourites because when it has been time to oust a stale government, then the editorial has reflected that need. On the other hand the other media outlets have taken a more left-wing bias.

A good Australian example occurred last week when a member of the Press Gallery (the journalist who had already played out a Tony Abbott gotcha) asked the usurper PM Juliar the Marxist Dullard, what he could do to help her. It was a question that was the highlight of the week. In the same Press Gallery luncheon, the Dullard sent a message to Andrew Bolt (who writes for Murdoch Press) to “not write crap” – in other words the message being given is that anyone who is against climate change agenda and who shows up the lies of Al Gore is writing crap. (Again I am not sure if I still have the actual links to the story).


Australia’s own incompetent usurper Marxist

Yes. That description fits perfectly with regards to the current Prime Minister of Australia. She is a Marxist, but she has tried to hide her past allegiance to the Fabian Society. To gain power she stabbed the incompetent Kevin Rudd in the back. It was a very nasty dirty thing that happened. This is a woman whose word you can never trust. To retain power she stole the election after we ended up with a hung parliament. She did this by selling out to the watermelons led by the despicable Bob Brown and the fairy at the bottom of the garden Christine Milne, oh and did I mention the Marxist Lee Rhiannon? Lee Rhiannon is yet another extremely nasty bitch who has made her way into the Senate.

On top of that the lying bitch stated during the usual election hype that she would not introduce a carbon tax. This issue is just like the issue you had with Abominablecare. The Australian public do not want this carbon tax, just like we do not want the flood levy foisted upon us because Queensland Govt did not have flood insurance.  More than 90% of the Australian public is stating no to the carbon tax. It is falling upon deaf ears. Talk about a Pinocchio nose, the lying bitch Juliar-the Marxist – Dullard claims that most Australians want this wealth distribution tax.

Australia has been bombarded with the claims from the most incompetent and lying bunch of scientists known to mankind – the climate scientists who are nothing more than scam artists and scaremongers. There are some rare people, like Judy Curry who actually tell the truth so this is not aimed at those who are competent in doing their work. It is aimed entirely at the scaremongers and those bottom feeders who take taxpayer money to fund their worthless projects with worthless conclusions. The claim that the planet is warming is not based upon fact. It is based upon dodgy data, with base stations placed in positions where the temperatures will always be a little bit higher, like near a tarmac, or air conditioning units. The computer models are a joke, and they exist purely to agree with the current hypothesis. The fudging of the computer model data just shows the degree to which these incompetent scammers keep lying to the public.

I live in Canberra, the watermelon capital of the world. I find it extremely annoying that even my parish priest is indulging in what I term mushroom fodder. You can bet that he gets me angry week by week, and yesterday he nearly made me lose it… I cannot believe that a priest would stand in front of the congregation and more or less crow about the forthcoming tax that will in fact reduce what we have available for the plate. All in the name of stupid green crapola. The whole thing is a scam. It is a lie. It is all about wealth redistribution.

What is worse, the “compensation package” gives out more that what is being projected for income from this stupid tax. It seems that those supporting this crapola are too incompetent to see that if there is a shortfall between incoming and outgoing, it logically means that the Government budget deficit will be increased, not reduced. This will mean more government borrowings, which means there is less investment money available for the private sector, which in turn means that if businesses cannot invest in the future because of the lack of funds, then jobs will disappear. Did I mention that one possible consequence of this stupid crapola tax will be higher unemployment as firms begin yet another round of moving their companies off-shore?

It looks like Australia’s path to economic destruction, thanks to the incompetent Marxist, Juliar Dullard, is now almost complete. The mere fact that the Watermelons now have the balance of power in the Senate is enough to want to go drown one’s sorrows.


Changes in Defence posts in Australia

It has always been with pride that I have watched the career of my former neighbour in Townsville, Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, the current Chief of the Australian Defence Forces. The Houstons arrived in Townsville at the same time that we arrived, at the end of 1988, and departed at the same time that we departed at the end of 1989. In fact we were in the middle of uplift on the day that the Newcastle earthquake hit (my husband has family in Newcastle, Australia). My sons played with their sons, and enjoyed a game of cane toad cricket :). Angus was there to oversee the army takeover the squadron of blackhawk helicopters, and my husband was there to see the end of the caribou aircraft at the Townsville base.

The career of Angus Houston has been exemplary. He is the second longest serving chief of the Defence Forces in Australia. He is known for his honesty and integrity. At the age of 63 he is more than ready for retirement from his position.

The changes at the top of the Defence Forces have just been announced. It is now the Army’s turn to provide the Chief of the Defence Forces, a positon that has gone to Lt-General David Hurley. He comes into the job at a time when Australia has suffered the loss of three more servicemen in Afghanistan, the latest two losses being on Monday. (I have posted about the death of one of those individuals – it remains the subject of investigation with questions being raised about whether or not the Afghan soldier was a plant).


People Smuggling, Asylum seekers – a consequence of war?

The issue of illegal immigrants is one that is shared in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France and Spain – to name but a few countries that have problems with illegal immigrants.

We even share some of the stupidity of our politicians who fail to see that this form of immigration is a financial drain as well as being a social drain upon the population.  The American experience is well documented, especially when the border between Mexico and the USA is so very porous.  It is more difficult to get into Canada than it is to get into the USA!! 

However, the Australian experience is a little bit different because we do not have the porous borders. Australia is a very large island. We have a problem with illegal immigrants (not just those who overstay their visas) who attempt to get to Australia via the people smugglers in boats.

People smuggling must be very profitable because the people involved seem to be unbothered when their boats are captured and then burned. However, it is a very risky venture for those who are prepared to pay these smugglers for the opportunity to gain access to the Australian shores.  This is despite the fact that many spend a very long time in detention centres, and that they risk their lives on the journey (the number of deaths from drowning is quite high).

Some, but not all, of these people come from Afghanistan. Others come from Iran, Pakistan and a small mixture of other races. It would be easy to point the finger and state that these people are civilians fleeing a war. Are they? Is it really true? Is is more likely that they are queue jumpers who simply want a better life in Australia?

One of the difficulties faced by Australia is the fact that up until now Indonesia has not had any laws against people smuggling. You might ask what has Indonesia got to do with asylum seekers from Afghanistan? The answer is somewhat clear cut, and that is these people attempt to get to Australia via Indonesia. In fact they come to Australia on Indonesian fishing vessels.

Thus it is good news when the Indonesian government announces that it is going to introduce anti-people smuggling laws.  This is something that should have happened years ago. Australia has been struggling to cope with these illegal immigrants, and it is about time that the Indonesia government helped to stamp out people smuggling.

The Australian detention centre on Christmas Island is full. On top of that the people who were placed in the detention centre on Christmas Island have participated in riots, and also they have caused a break-out.  There have been attempts to find a new location outside of Australia for these illegal immigrants, but it has been to no avail. Instead the Australian government will open up an old army barracks in Tasmania and move some of the people to that facility.  It is not necessarily a good solution to the problem.