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Is Iran up to monkey business?

Once again we see that the “Arab Spring” has been controlled by what I see as dark forces. In my analysis regarding Libya I have constantly pointed to the fact that Iran, Russia and China were all on the side of Gadhafi. When the revolutionaries managed to overcome Gadhafi and his mercenary forces, it was a colossal blow to each of those powers. China and Russia took a very hostile stance right from the git go, and they have the same hostile approach with regard to Syria.

However, my interest here is in Iran and their monkey business in other Middle East nations, especially in Syria and Bahrain. The Bahrain situation is one which is interesting because it clearly involves Saudi Arabia, and I might add that it is the classic Sunni vs. Shia contest. No matter how you look at the situation in the Middle East, there is one constant and it has lasted for hundreds of years – it is not new. That situation is Sunni vs. Shia. In Iraq, when Saddam Hussein was in charge, the minority Sunni had the upper hand. (I will return to Iraq because I have some concerns about their leader and his recent comments).

Bahrain was one of the many Arab countries that had seen “spring” protests. The ruler of Bahrain called in Saudi Arabia who gave assistance in crushing the rebellion. Without a doubt there were some violations of human rights during the putting down of the rebellion. I have no doubt that the Sunni do not want to give power to the Shia in the population. As usual though, we need to know more about those who were trying to stir up trouble in the first place. It looks like Iran was behind the trouble in Bahrain. However, at the moment this is speculation.

This morning a bomb went off near the British Embassy in Bahrain. Now this should prick up some interest, because this kind of activity in Bahrain is unusual. On the whole the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain have been accepting towards the British and other Western powers. There is no animosity. At the same time I suspect that if push comes to shove, and Israel decided to take out the nuclear reactors in Iran, then Bahrain would be one of the Middle East states that would do the nudge nudge wink wink.  Again I am guessing, but I have no reason to suspect that Bahrain would be openly hostile in such a circumstance.

This report from the UK Telegraph does some speculating about whether or not Iran was behind the bomb blast in Bahrain. Britain is of course on the nose with Iran and the Quds had already organized the sacking of the British Embassy in Tehran. They have tried to claim that the “students” were acting in solidarity with the Occubaggers but I think that we can discount that as a reason.

Let’s look a little more closely at what else is going on: Iran is close to having a nuclear bomb. We are trying to prevent them from getting to that stage. In the shadows we have Russia, China and North Korea helping Iran to reach their goal. Now that el Baradei (Mr Potato Head) is no longer in charge of the Atomic Commission, a report has been released setting out the truth about what is happening inside of Iran. The British, France, Germany and other European countries have decided to implement tougher sanctions, with good old Østupid dragging the chain and trying to stop the implementation of these sanctions. (Even Senator Menendez (NJ – D) is getting up the nose of White House officials over their obstruction on this subject). The fact that the Quds organized the sacking of the British Embassy more or less points a finger in their direction in regard to this latest attack upon a British Embassy.

Perhaps Iran perceives that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are weak, but I am not sure. However, if that is how the GrandPoohbah has sees Cameron then he is bound to be disappointed.

Iran is misbehaving and this time there is a lot at stake, including the stability of the Middle East. We have no idea as to whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood will be mild in Egypt – they could keep their word, remain moderate and not work with the Al Nur party since Salafists and Sunni kind of do not go together. Muslim Brotherhood gained popularity because they had worked with the poor in Egypt. People identify with them!!  Yet it is not Egypt that has to worry, but it is Saudi Arabia and ultimately who gets control of Mecca. On top of that Ahmahnutjob and the Grand Poohbah have been trying to cause a world wide situation, their version of Armageddon, in order to hasten the arrival of the 12th Iman. This is really what is at stake. It is a part of the powerplay to create the world wide caliphate with the Grand Poohbah in control.


BRIC and the Middle East

Brazil, Russia, India and China are the emerging countries that will be the likely winners if the economy of the USA was to collapse. It is not just in relation to the economy that we find these countries being busy little bees, especially in regard to Middle East policy. I wonder how many noticed that this bloc was solidly against UN resolution 1973 in regard to Libya. I am speculating that this is something that slipped past a number of pundits, but it is something that needs to be explored for the simple reason that the emergence of BRIC as a bloc ties in with the activities of Iran since Østupid became POTUS.

Reza Khalili has an excellent article up at the American Thinker which explores the points that I want to make, especially with regard to the activities of Iran, as well as touching on a subject that I have already raised, that of encouraging the Middle East Armageddon in the hope of the return of the 12th imam. It is very important to understand what is happening in the Middle East in light of the perception that the USA has a weakling or quisling for a President (just like Jimmah Carter, only worse).

Russia and China have been actively assisting Iran to achieve the aim of having the capacity to manufacture nuclear bombs. The abysmal White House approach to attempting to stop this development in Iran has been nothing more than an attempt to appease the Mullahs – you might call it a bend over and sniff some odour effort. This form of appeasement – the extending of a hand – was never going to work with these mullahs, but it did invite further contempt for the USA. Iran has been laughing in the face of the efforts of the Østupid Administration to stop them building nuclear weapons. As a result of the odour sniffing weakness of the Østupid administration, countries such as Germany, India, China and Venezuela have been using back-door cooperation with the Iranian regime that has in effect helped to embolden Iran with its efforts to be a nuclear power.

As Reza says:

The Iranian leaders have detected total confusion, weakness, and incompetence from the White House and have picked up their activities. Iranian agents, who have long infiltrated the region, are helping to incite uprisings in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and other countries in the Middle East. As I revealed recently, there is a secret documentary, “The Coming is Upon Us,” which will be distributed shortly in the Middle East among the Muslim population, that is calling for the unification of Arabs, the overthrow of U.S.-backed governments, and promising the destruction of Israel and the demise of the U.S.

In the last couple of months there has been an increase in arms shipments that have been seized en route to the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza strip as well as to Africa.  Several ships have contained nuclear material destined for Iran have also been seized. These containers were loaded in China and they were labelled as boiler parts.

It is not just Iran that is sensing the odour-sniffing weakness of the Østupid administration, because China has been sensing the same thing. China has been helping Iran with its nuclear program, just like China helped Pakistan to create and possess nuclear weapons. China is helping Pakistan to create more nuclear plants.

It seems that the world is underestimating China’s ambitions in the Middle East. The perceived weakness of the USA has given China the incentive to attempt once again to become a super-power. The attitude of the White House, if it remains the same over the next few years will ensure that China will realize its dreams of becoming that super-power.

China and Iran have a common goal – the destruction of the USA and the West. Iran has been working secretively on the overthrow of Middle East regimes that are friendly to the USA, especially in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and Egypt.  It is highly likely that Iran is backing Daffy Duck against the UN and NATO (I would not be surprised to learn that Iran had been secretly sending weapons to Daffy Duck). Iran’s actual goal is to create chaos in order to bring on the imaginary 12th imam. China, on the other hand retains its long term goal of world domination.

This goal of China is also being achieved from an economic point of view, and again the Østupid Administration has not fully understood the economic dangers of allowing China to control the financial sector via its holding of U.S. currency.

The BRIC bloc is working in many ways to undermine the USA and the West. Brazil, is yet another country that is led by a Marxist. The way in which Østupid has behaved towards Brazil, in giving loans for oil drilling is absolutely appalling. Brazil has also been working to undermine the US in the Middle East. Yet, the Østupid administration has not been able to identify the dangers that are being presented.

Finding out who is behind the “Arab spring”

We have all had our suspicions about who is behind the “Arab Spring”. I think it is multiple groups. In Egypt, for example, it really does appear to be a “people uprsing” until one looks at the method of organizing. One report that I read earlier in the week pointed to some who have adopted the Ghandi method of peaceful protests, and the flash mob. This seems to be somewhat correct, because the protest started small, and then when the protesters were attacked, the mobs got bigger. I see the same process working in Yemen.

That report told me a little bit about the methodology but tells me nothing about who else might be involved. Again, in Egypt there are some shadowy figures who have a background of involvement with Communism. It must be kept in mind that Egypt had leanings towards Communism before they were beaten by Israel. Anwar Sadat led Egypt away from Communism, and Hosni Muburak followed the Sadat path (even though he was corrupt and imperfect).  So we have some shadowy figures associated with Communism.

We also know that William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn and Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin spent time in Egypt. The question is: who did they meet and when? Wer they sent by Østupid on a mission to help sow the seeds of a revolt? That question remains largely unanswered.

The movement is supposed to be a “youth movement”, and further questions arise: were the youth being fooled by elements of Muslim Brotherhood? It is true, that some of those protesting stated that they had nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood, yet in their foolishness they seemed to accept Mr. Potato Head or El-Baradei (who is involved with Muslim Brotherhood) as some sort of leader figure. Such acceptance suggests that this “youth” are in fact Islamists, and that they allowed themselves to be used by Muslim Brotherhood.  It is something that needs further exploration, but with the LSM supporting what took place it is not going to be easy to find out the truth.

A few things that have worried me about the Egyptian Revolution including the comments and activities of Iran. It seems that Iran is in the background no matter how we look at the affair, for example, El-Baradei’s wife is an Iranian. Then there is the issue of the Iranian warships being allowed to move through the Suez canal, which is something that Muburak would never have allowed to happen. There are many unanswered questions, but we have to sit and wait and hope that Egypt does not become the second Iran.

This leads me into looking at Yemen, Jordan, Syria and Bahrain. Once again Bahrain has gone quiet, but that means nothing. What is clear in Bahrain is that the Shia majority are under the thumb of the Sunni minoirty. Around the time of the crackdown which involved the use of Saudi troops, Bahrain expelled Iranian diplomats, claiming that one of them had been having secret meetings with those who were doing the protests. This is probably true – I suspect that Iran has had a hand in stirring up trouble in Bahrain, since Iran wants a Shia takeover.

Yemen has also been witnessing a savage crackdown, but Yemen is also an example of the flash mob. It started small, but when the Yemen leader said things that upset the women, as an example, the women then organized themselves into a big protest.  In the report that I read (with women in the burkas) the women felt insulted, and in one case, a female student stated that her father did not want her to protest until he heard the offending remarks. Also, remarkably, the men formed a line at the side of the street to protect the women. The protests are getting bigger, so Yemen is not over just yet.

Now it is the protests in Jordan that has provoked me to write this piece, since it is in Jordan that I see a clear example of who might in fact be behind some of the unrest. What has sparked my interest in this report is that the people doing the protests are Salafists – an extreme Islamist group aligned with Al Qaeda. I also note that it was the Salafists who killed the Italian who was kidnapped in Gaza, and who are the ones behind the recent shellings of Israel. 

It seems that we have at least two groups of interests at work in the Middle East – those aligned with Iran, and those aligned with Al Qaeda. It is a complex issue, and from the western point of view we have to pray that neither Al Qaeda aligned individuals, or Iran aligned parties gain the ascendancy in any of these Middle Eastern countries.

In that same article on Jordan, there is also information about unrest in Amman. This is the first report that has been more specific about who is behind the unrest. In this case it is Muslim Brotherhood (surprise, surprise) and its political arm, Islamic Action Front (I think we need to look for mention of IAF in future reports on the region), and what is so very ironic is that the protestors are demanding “social justice and democracy”. How on earth would democracy be achieved with Muslim Brotherhood in control?

So it seems, that one has to look at the make-up of the religious and ethnic groups within the M.E. country where there is unrest to determine whether the agitators are Sunni or Shia. If they are Sunni, then there is the likelihood that the Salafists are the ones stirring up the unrest. If the Salafists were to win in Jordan (and they want the release of some very dangerous prisoners) then the country of Jordan would be turned into yet another hell hole just like in Gaza. It is worth pointing out again that the Italian who was killed in Gaza was kidnapped by the same Salafist group that is behind the trouble in Jordan. If the Shia are successful with their agitation then Muslim Brotherhood is on the ascendancy. On top of these ethnic groups there are the Communists. A good question to ponder is whether or not Russia is also playing games behind the scenes (again).

Although I have not mentioned Libya in this article, I do want to contemplate the possibility that Russia is aiding and abetting Daffy Duck. The bloc that has remained against the NATO action in Libya – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) have had a special relationship with Daffy Duck over the years. Prior to the start of the NATO and UN enforcement of the UN resolution 1973 it appears that Daffy did some sort of deal with these countries. It also explains why they have been pushing the Daffy propaganda. Daffy had imposed Communism in Libya and seemed to align himself with Russia. I think that the actions of the BRICS countries in relation to Libya might be worth watching. I do not trust any of them.


Middle East and Africa Roundup

Since the President of the United States of America has held a prominent position in the world, up until the election of the fraud and usurper Barry Soetoro, there is as much a need to focus on the international aspects of his Presidency, as there is a need to focus on the more narrow internal matters.  Since the 2nd World War the United States has played a pivotal role in world affairs. As a result of this role the USA has quite often come under attack from various quarters including the Middle East, Africa, the Soviet Union, Central and South America. President John F. Kennedy made his errors with the Bay of Pigs disaster, and the topped it off by getting the USA involved in the Vietnam War. Likewise, Australia followed LBJ into the Vietnam War. The slogan at the time was “All the way with LBJ”.

The USA has been a target for covert attack for a number of years, including the attack on the Murrah building in Oklahoma City (John Doe #2), the first and second attacks on the World Trade Centre, as well as sundry other attacks. For those of us who remember the late 1960s to early 1970s there were many attacks on Pan Am aircraft as well as the attack on the Achilles Lauro and sundry other attacks.  Many of the attacks can be traced to Islamists of one sort or another.  They can also be traced to the leaders of Libya, Iran and yes even Iraq – Gadhafi for example was well known as a sponsor of terrorism, Iran used Syria as a Satellite to bring down the Lebanese government through Nasrallah and Hezbollah, plus there is a very high probability that Saddam Hussein might have sponsored the attack on the Murrah building as well as having a possible sponsorship role in the first attack on the World Trade Centre. These sponsors of terrorism are still very active.

There is a very good case to be made about the probable consequences of having porous and open borders with Mexico. Those borders are a good way for jihadists to enter into the USA by stealth. Who might those jihadists be? Palestinians? Take your pick on the country because it might be Palestinians or even Afghanis or any other Middle Eastern nationality.  It can happen very easily. This is why there is a real need to “know the enemy” and try to neutralize the enemy.  FYI , I see Libya as the enemy so long as Gadhafi remains in charge. He is not to be trusted. The proof is there with his activities prior to the second invasion of Iraq, because when that happened Gadhafi knew that he would be next.

One thing that can be learned about the Middle East leaders is that they do not appreciate weak leaders. The latest comments from Ahmahnutjob relating to Barry Soetoro were very telling as far as how the man is disrespected in the Middle East.  There are many things happening in the Middle East and it would be very bad if the same mistakes were made over Egypt, that were made over Iran. Carter made some really classic mistakes in Iran, and one of them was his underestimation of the Ayatollah Khomeini who had been living in exile in Paris up until the fall of the Shah of Iran.

In fact, with the latest developments in Egypt, it is more than likely that MB will gain a foothold in the ME and that is highly undesirable. Should the Muslim Brotherhood be successful and end up controlling Egypt there will be further destabilization in the world.   The wars in the Middle East are disrupting oil supplies throughout the world, causing the price per barrel to escalate. Saudi Arabia is trying to take up the slack. Of course if the USA was allowed to produce more oil, this would not be a problem, because the USA has plenty of oil but the present Administration is preventing the mining of this particular mineral resource. It is actually acting in a criminal fashion.

On another front, something that worries me happens to be the escalating drone attacks in the border region of Pakistan. If there is one thing that could point to criminal action it is the killing of civilians in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Another reason to be concerned about Pakistan in particular is that they have nuclear weapons. Pakistan is the country to watch in the near future.

@@@update on Pakistan@@@

The rift between Pakistan and the USA is becoming more serious. I have just been reading this report from the BBC, where it outlines the more controversial issues that are at stake. About 335 people who are officers, CIA and other personnel are being asked to leave the country. Plus Pakistan wants restrictions on the drone operations. From what I am reading the relationship with Pakistan has deteriorated significantly in the pas t2 years.


If the USA had a strong leader as President then these things would be of less concern. However, with the usurper Barry Soetoro at the helm, there is every reason to be concerned, especially when he is constantly siding with jihadists against United States citizens. If he is not siding with jihadists then he is telling the leaders of M.E. countries allied to the USA to leave. He has done this with at least 2 leaders where he has sided with the Opposition. The exception here is Libya which was not allied to the USA… and yes Daffy has to go!! That weakness that is on show for the whole world to see is actually quite dangerous for world peace. The weakness is sending out signals to the enemies of the USA that those other countries once allied to the USA are now fair game.  One of the biggest enemies is Iran, and they are busting a gut to control the Middle East. Ahmahnutjob is obviously perceiving the Barry Soetoro weakness as an opportunity to create the Middle East version of Armageddon.  However, Barry keeps talking about “extending a hand”, to talking but Ahmahnutjob is not really listening and his boss the Grand Pooh-Bah is laughing behind Barry’s back – it is the price for not speaking up against the crimes against humanity that occurred in Iran during 2009.

In order to reduce the daily posts I want to try something new with regard to news from the Middle East and Africa. The turmoil continues in Libya, Syria and the Ivory Coast. There is nothing new from Bahrain, Morocco, Oman and several other countries. Keep an eye on Chad and Mali (both are Daffy allies). Also watch for new stirrings in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The Syrian forces are now firing indiscriminately upon the citizens in two villages. The Human Rights people claim that more than 200 people have been killed since the protests began.  I wonder if Østupid will now demand that Assad depart the scene.  What will it take for the current  POTUS to start acting in a more consistent and credible fashion? His silence and refusal to condemn the violence only encourages the regime in Syria to continue to violate the human rights of its citizens.


The following are links that give some insight on the latest from some of these countries:

Syria appears to be fuelled by sectarian or at least tribal violence. The latest killings have come from Assad loyalists but police have also been shot. You can read the Reuters summary here.

Libya: the African Union leaders have met with Daffy Duck and have proposed a peace plan. They claim that Daffy has agreed to the plan which allegedly includes a ceasefire. The President of South Africa, Zuma wants NATO to stop enforcing the no-fly zone, “to give the ceasefire a chance”. However, if this ceasefire is like the others, then NATO should put more aircraft in the air and bomb the Daffy forces until there is nothing left!!  In other words do not trust Daffy Duck because his words and promises are meaningless. You can read more on Libya here.

Egypt: More than 1000 protesters attempted to demonstrate at Egypt’s Tahrir Square. I would love to know who it is that is egging these people on. The latest demand is to topple Tanatawi. You can read more here.

Ivory Coast: The French forces and the UN continue the effort to force Gbabgo to quit. You can read about what is happening in the Ivory Coast here.

Yemen: protests continue with a few more deaths. The numbers are not as bad as the deaths in either Syria or Libya. Once again it is not clear who is behind the protests in Yemen, but it seems to be a Shia vs. Sunni affair, with the Yemeni govt. also fighting against Al Qaeda which is strong in the region. You can read the latest here.

@@@@ update@@@@

Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo has been captured. He and his wife are under house arrest. There has been a call for the end to the violence.  You can read the report on the surrender of Laurent Gbagbo here.

****update 2***

It looks like the Ivory Coast could become another Somalia. The news in this report is not very positive. It looks like the Outattera supporters are out for revenge and there are reports of them going house to house hunting down the Gbagbo supporters.


Libya: As I expected, the National Council which represents the rebels has rejected the African Union peace plan. Despite the alleged willingness of Daffy to enter into a ceasefire, there has been an increase in the shelling of Misrata. One thing that I have noticed is that Østupid has disappeared into the background with not a word being uttered about the intransigence of Daffy and his goons. There is silence. I wonder if that has anything to do with the love letters that Daffy sent to Østupid, or whether it has anything to do with Louis Farrakhan who was not at all pleased that Østupid agreed to push for the no-fly zone. Stay tuned for more fireworks.

~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~

Morocco: I thought that Morocco had settled down. It seems that I am wrong. I just saw this report filed on the BBC news site. It looks that the young men of Morocco are organizing themselves through Facebook to continue their protests for reform. The report does give some background information about Morocco.

If this one turns nasty and violent, I wonder whether Østupid will demand resignations like he did in Egypt and Tunisia.

UPDATE 14/4/2011

There have been meetings between NATO countries regarding Libya. Another meeting was held with the National Transitional Council.  You can read about the latest here.

Something I noted is that the French have stated that they are not supplying weapons. The British are supplying satellite phones and body armour (that might cut down on some of the severe injuries), but it seems that Qatar is the go-between for the supply of weapons. Please draw your own conclusions.

Something else to note and that is be wary of any stories that claim Hezbollah is helping the National Transitional Council, unless the story has come from that source. The reason is that it is Daffy goons spreading the story. This is just like Daffy goons claiming that much needed weapons were being supplied to Hezbollah and being set through Chad and Mali (which does not compute with the relationships for those particular countries – as in Daffy is more than likely the supplier if there are weapons heading into either Chad or Mali).

If I find news to the contrary then I will also report on that news, providing it has come from reliable sources and not just hearsay.


Jimmah Carter 2.0

For those of us who are old enough to remember the Carter years, the last few years have been a nightmare. The incumbent in the White House is Jimmah Carter 2.0. He has shown himself to be extremely weak on the world stage and on top of that his foreign policy seems to be leading the world in the direction of a world war. I hope that I am wrong with that assessment.

When dealing with the Middle Eastern countries there is a need to exhibit toughness. These Middle Eastern dictators do not like leaders that show themselves to be weaklings in matters relating to Foreign Affairs.  This has been exemplified by the refusal to take a tough stand with Iran when the regime opened fire on the protesters, and also when there was dithering in taking a tough stand with Libya over the way that it had been gunning down innocent civilians.

However, the two examples above are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the way in which the present incumbent in the White House has been dealing with a number of nations. There has been a lot of inconsistency with regard to each of the recalcitrant nations, and on top of that there is a very deep suspicion that there has been behind the scenes interference, encouraging the protesters to take down their respective governments.

The inconsistency was noticeable in 2009 when there were two events that required a different response from the one that was witnessed world-wide. The first of these events was the June elections in Iran, where the people overwhelmingly voted against Ahmanutjob, but thanks to the Grand Poohbah Khamenei (who is also an usurper) Ahmahnutjob was declared the winner of the poll. This declaration not long after the polls closed led to scenes of rioting in Iran as the people took to the streets complaining about the fact that they had not voted for Ahmanutjob as President of Iran. The regime response was to send out the Basijj (staffed by Hezbollah imports) to put down the protests. The result was vicious and bloody with many deaths, students disappearing and being imprisoned, people being sentenced to death, and some very brutal bashings.  Yet Østupid did nothing until Neda was murdered in the streets, and he only said something at the urging of Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. 

The situation in the Honduras was the direct opposite of the situation in Iran. Zelaya was a Marxist, and a wannabe dictator for life. He planned to usurp the Honduran Constitution but the Supreme Court with the help of the Parliament ousted him. Now I was in the USA when the action took place, and observed the manner in which Østupid jumped up and down about the ousting of Zelaya, demanding that the Honduras reinstate him etc. etc. The moves made against the Honduras were inappropriate because the removal of Zelaya was in accordance with the Constitution of the Honduras. It was a gross interference.

As well as this inappropriate response to the Honduras, there was the fart sniffing tour where Østupid began bowing and scraping to other world leaders. He seemed to have no idea that this bowing and scraping and fart sniffing was entirely inappropriate for the President of the United States.  The world leaders looked not just astounded, but somewhat amused at the obsequious behaviour.

This leads me to 2011, and the “Arab spring”. To my mind the outcome of the protests in the Middle East can only be dangerous to the West as a whole, as well as to Israel. It began with protests in Tunisia, then it was Egypt, followed by Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman, to name some of the countries that have seen these protests. Likewise there have been protests in Libya.

To my mind it is not appropriate for the USA to be calling for world leaders to step down and leave.  This is what happened with Tunisia and Egypt and not it seems that the same demands are being made to Sanaa in Yemen. The USA should back off, and allow for a transition period rather than the pushing and the bullying that has taken place.

However, here again we have inconsistency with regard to the situation in Libya. The crackdown in Libya has been far more bloody and violent than the crackdowns in Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain. In those countries, even though there were deaths and lots of wounded, the numbers were small in comparison to the same in Libya. Moammer Gadhaffi has pulled a few stunts, one of which was the release of members of Al Qaeda from prison a few days before the protests started. He then claimed that he was ridding the country of Al Qaeda thugs (probably in the hope that the west would swallow this story line).  However, Gadhaffi is lying because what he did was import mercenaries from Chad and Mali for the purposes of a brutal crackdown. He did this before the outbreak of the protests.  However, his ploy has not worked.

Once again we see the inconsistency and the dithering from what should be the strongest leader in the world. A strong leader is one who would have been able to instil some fear into Gadhaffi. Instead Gadhaffi has been laughing over the attempts to bring him to heel . President Bush, by taking on Saddam Hussein in Iraq, was able to influence the actions of Gadhaffi, because Gadhaffi knew that if he did not follow through with the requests from the U.N. then he would be next to face invasion. In fact the invasion of Iraq led to Gadhaffi giving up for destruction most of his chemical and other weapons. 

The people inside Libya were facing an extreme situation, such that by the time the UN made resolution 1973 Daffy Duck had threatened Benghazi that he would show no mercy to the citizens. Only after this threat did Østupid decide that he had to make a decision. It was the 11th hour for Benghazi. The promise of a ceasefire from Daffy Duck was a lie. He made the promise to give himself time to move his tanks into position in preparation to shell Benghazi. This is the point when the French flew the first mission that began the enforcement of the no-fly zone.

All the ineptness displayed by Carter is on display once again with Østupid making a series of errors in judgement. For example, whilst the enforcement of the no-fly zone is sanctioned by the U.N., the USA military should not have been committed to action without the approval of the Congress. The action in Libya is not illegal because it is the enforcement of resolution 1973. However, the participation of the USA might be considered illegal because this was not authorised by the Congress. 

When Carter was President he had to deal with the Iranian crisis, and he did a very poor job of handling the situation at the time. His actions, such as the attempted rescue of those caught up in the Iranian embassy siege, pointed up his ineptness. He also foolishly believed that Khomenei must be ok because he was a “religious” man. It seemed then that Carter had no clue, and he remains no better for the experience.

Now it seems that Jimmah Carter 2.0 has announced his intention to run for President again. There are many reasons why he should not end up in the role again. He was never eligible for the role of POTUS because he is not a Natural Born Citizen. (his putative father was a Kenyan or British citizen at the time of his birth). Yet, I believe that there is much more that is hidden, including the fraud committed during the 2008 election cycle.

Britain had supplied arms to Daffy Duck

In a new report, just released, it has been revealed that over the last three years Great Britain had supplied tear gas and shotguns to Libya, machine guns and sniper rifles to Bahrain and military technology to Yemen.

It seems that successive governments in the UK ignored the risks involved in supplying arms to these tyrannical regimes in the Middle East. They ignored the risk of the possibility that these regimes would use such arms against their own people. 

It should have been obvious that the supply of arms to those nations carried great risks, yet it seems that the desire for arms sales actually outweighed the impending risks. In my view, the supply of arms to these tyrannical regimes was a very bad thing, and that is especially how I feel about the supply of arms to the Gadhaffi regime. It was always bound to be a very bad thing.

To give you an idea of the gravity of those arms sales, here is a snippet from the report that has been tabled:

In 2009, licences were approved to sell combat shotguns, military cargo vehicles and communications equipment to Libya.

A year later, ministers sanctioned the sale of infrared and thermal imaging cameras, tear gas and crowd control ammunition.

Licences to sell assault rifles and aircraft cannons to Bahrain were approved in 2009, and clearance for the sale of smoke grenades, submachine guns and sniper rifles granted the following year.

Defence firms also were given the go-ahead to sell electronic warfare equipment and machine guns to Egypt, ammunition to Tunisia and body armour, night-vision goggles and military camera components to Yemen.

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In each of these countries those weapons have been used against civilians. The excuse being used by Daffy Duck that he is fighting street thugs and Al Qaeda is a joke.  Sadly there are many people who have believed this story, and who really think that all of the rebels are members of Al Qaeda when this is very far from the truth.
When the protests first began, and Daffy started his suppression, he had already hired mercenaries from neighbouring African nations. He uses these mercenaries as snipers in Tripoli, Misrata, Zawiyah and other cities around Libya. The snipers have been killing and wounding anyone who steps onto the street, including children. In Misrata for example 3 children and their mother were killed in a car when the car was hit by sniper fire. Also in Misrata, the snipers are aiming at the entrance of the makeshift hospital so that no one can enter or leave the premises. The wounded are being left in the streets to die because of the sniper fire.  This is what Daffy Duck is doing with those weapons that were sold to him by the UK.

The Mahdi is coming or the covert operations of Iran

Tunisia,Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Syria, Libya, and Bahrain all have one thing in common – each country has seen what is described as a popular arising or as some state, “an Arab spring”.

Now quite frankly I am very distrustful when it comes to this “Arab spring”, and at the back of my mind is a question: “who is really behind these protests”. I am one person who did not celebrate the downfall of Hosni Muburak, even though I know that he acted as a tyrant, that he had political prisoners etc. etc.  If it had not been for the timing I might have had a differing opinion, but I continue to have my doubts about who is behind the Egyptian uprising.

To explain further, delving into Egypt’s modern political history, one finds that Nasser, who was President before Anwar Sadat, was in fact a Communist and that Nasser had ties to the Soviet Union. It was Nasser who took Egypt into war with Israel (and lost). Anwar Sadat, although not perfect was the man who brought peace between Israel and Egypt. As a result, Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and thus Muburak came to power as the President.  My suspicion had been that Muslim Brotherhood was behind the uprising,  but someone involved in the protests, Egyptian Sandmonkey, claimed that MB were not involved. However, even though he might have thought it was the case, my suspicions have remained. I think that those suspicions are justified. At the same time, there are other elements at work, including Code Pink, William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. It is still not clear if they were present during the unrest, but they had been in Egypt and had made contact with people who have Marxist inclinations. For this reason the role of the Marxists in Egypt cannot be overlooked when it comes to who was behind the ousting of Muburak. 

Even with these elements, there is another man, who had links to Iran, El -Baradei, a man who saw himself as a future Egyptian President, who deserves a little bit of attention. El- Baradei, or Mr. Potato head was in charge of the program that was to ensure that Iran did not develop nuclear weapons, except that El- Baradei deliberately lied about what was taking place, and he assisted Iran with their program through his tactics. El Baradei is married to an Iranian woman who has political connections in Iran. It is quite obvious therefore, that if El-Baradei was to gain the Presidency then Iran would end up with an unexpected Middle East ally. Well, thanks to the recent referendum on changes to the Egyptian Constitution, El-Baradei is blocked from becoming President (because of his foreign born wife). However, that does not overcome the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Whilst the Iranian influence is not so clear in most of the Arab states, there is one exception – Bahrain.  The gulf states have their own little league, a coalition where they will call upon another state to help when it is needed. Bahrain has been facing protests from its Shiite population. It is highly likely that Iran has been behind those protests. Whether I agree with the methods used to put down the protests is immaterial with regard to the points that I want to make – that is, did Iran have a role in the protests in Bahrain? Around the same time that the no-fly zone was declared in Libya, Bahrain called upon her neighbours to help put down the protests, and thus Saudi Arabia sent help into Bahrain. Iran objected and there was a diplomatic row, which ended in an Iranian diplomat being expelled from Bahrain.

I doubt that it has entered the heads of too many people that Iran has been in the background, helping to stir up the conflicts, with the express aim of creating chaos in order to hasten the arrival of the Mahdi.

The Shiites believe in the legend of the 12th imam. This is the story of the boy who fell in the well, and the Madhi sect within the Shia believe that this boy will return as the 12th imam. This Mahdi sect had been banned, yet in Iran, the usurper Ahmadinejad (aka Ahmanutjob) and the mullah Grand Poohbah Khamenei believe in the fairy story of the imminent return of the Mahdi or the 12th imam. In fact Ahmahnutjob believes that it is necessary to create chaos in the world in order to hasten the arrival of this mythical figure. He has even built a road from the well that is situated in Qom.

The fact that Ahmahnutjob believes in the imminent arrival of the Mahdi is a good reason to have doubts about who is behind all of these uprisings. Probably the most vital point to consider is the background of the people doing the protests. In Syria, Bahrain and Yemen it is the Shiite population that has been the most vocal with their protests. They seem to be extremely vocal with their demands, refusing to back down as they demand that the tyrant leaves. This is also true in Jordan. It is a little bit surprising that there are protests in Syria since Assad has been an ally to Iran, but the point is that there have also been bloody protests in Syria, just as there have been protests in Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. 

The question that I have, therefore, is what role, if any has Iran been playing in each of these Arab nations? If Iran is backing the protests, is the reason due to the odd believe that a boy who fell down a well and drowned is going to return?  You can read about the response of the Gulf States and the interference by Iran here: