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Ulsterman’s latest

This is the latest from Ulsterman. To be honest I am agog over what I have read. If it is true, and certainly the photograph that most of us have seen indicates the truth of the matter. However, please read the article.

You should also read this:

and this one as well:

These stories are confirmed by what has been leaked to the press, especially the leaking of the role of “enhanced interrogation” leading to the final confrontation with Osama Bin Laden.

Also, take a really good look at the photograph of everyone in the Situation Room. Østupid has a very angry look on his face.

What amazes me is that this information has been leaked in this manner. It certainly looks like very legit information.

There is one more story that ties this together:

This is a lot of reading, but you will see who tries to be in charge in the White House – Valerie Jarrett. She tried to get the mission aborted, and she has been at loggerheads with all of the people who were in the know about the mission. The Ulsterman looks very legit with these set of reports.