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Putin regrets

CNN reports that Vlad Putin regrets that Russia could not provide more information at the time that the Tsarnaevs were being investigated that would have somehow prevented the Boston massacre. At the same time he hits out at Western nations that have criticized him for the crackdown on the Chechens.

First of all, I find it amazing that this former head of the KGB keeps coming off as being more human than the POTUS. This is not good!!  I do not like Vlad Putin and yes I do think that he is evil, yet my heart tells me that I have to agree with his statements and comments on this matter. Russia warned the USA but for some inexplicable reason the Tsarnaev family were not considered a threat even though both mother and son had become radicalized.

Why was the case file closed? Why did the FBI and Homeland Security fail to keep this family under surveillance? To me it is just like the attitudes that were adopted in regard towards Nidal Hasan who had been in touch with Anwar al-Awlaki. The warning signs which were written very large in RED LETTERS or a RED FLAG if you prefer, were totally ignored in the case of Nidal Hasan. In that case he should have been thoroughly investigated months prior to his attack at Fort Hood. The warning signs were present. Yet those who were doing the surveillance failed to understand the significance of him seeking out Anwar al-Awlaki, the imam who was the go to man for those responsible for bringing down the World Trade Centre and killing 2996 people.

Homeland Security should have had the Tsarnaev family under surveillance but they believed that the Chechens were not going to unleash their anti-Russia stance in the USA. The Homeland Security failed to understand the meaning of Ummah.

I sympathize with Vlad Putin in this matter. For years Russia has been subjected to bombings in railway stations and theatres. Large numbers of Russians have been killed by the Chechen rebels. I agree with Vlad Putin that these are not Freedom Fighters.

Our views are often formed as a result of the news sites that we read. I see this as a genuine problems these days. When I was growing up that was not the case because journalists, other than the Pilgers of this world actually reported the news without colouring the details. Today there are more in the mold of Pilger and his ilk who present the news as opinion rather than facts. By doing this they are managing to hide the real facts. I think that a good case can be mounted against those who scream human rights abuses at the Russians. Like most other people I had swallowed the line that somehow or other the Russians were at fault when they moved to crush the Chechen rebellion. Even though my views are changing, I do think that there are human rights issues that must be addressed by Vladmir Putin. There is fault on both sides… but the Chechens are truly nothing more than common criminals.

In some respects this is why I find that what has been spoken by Putin about the Boston massacre resonates with me, but when the POTUS speaks, all I want to do is close my ears and not bother with anything he has to say because there is no emotion, it is just hype where he is concerned.  It is a very strange world when I agree with a Communist leader… but then again Fidel Castro told that North Korean nut case to cool it!!

I hoped that I would be ending these posts but….

I just saw a piece of information on an Australian news site that indicates something very interesting about the mother of the terrorist Tsarnaev brothers.

According to this news source, the mother, Zuibedat Tsarnaeva was placed on the terrorist list back in 2011.

Russia raised concerns to US authorities about the mother in 2011 – at the  same time they asked the US about Tamerlan, several sources told CNN.

FBI agents interviewed the mother as part of the investigation into Tamerlan,  whose case was closed after several months.

Read more:

I started having doubts and my own theories about the mother as soon as I read some of the things that she was saying about the FBI. None of it was ringing true to me (even though I am a foreign national) but what really clinched it in my mind was her claims that there was no blood and that what we saw was red paint… and it kept on getting worse…..

Needless to say I am personally not surprised about this particular development because I had a hunch that she was moving in that direction.

Once again the clues were:

1. the mother seemed to be the one who initiated interest in reading the Koran and taking instruction from the Koran… as well as taking the Koran literally.

2. the mother came out and stated she did not care if her sons were killed, and if she was killed. (As a mother of three sons, I find this kind of statement incomprehensible)

3. the mother seemed to be the one who either introduced the man named Missa to the household, or she at least encouraged him to give instruction to her oldest son.

4. another sign of her radicalization was the sudden wearing of the hijab as well as some other things that are “Islamic” in nature, as related by a young woman who had been her customer.

UPDATE: why am I not surprised about this latest news report in Australia regarding the mother of the Tsarnaev bombers? The comments regarding the subject of the mother’s radicalisation of her son/s has come from both Republican and Democrat sources in the Congress. She is now a person of interest, especially after her outbursts in interviews.

This is the woman who has the hide to say that she thought that America would be safe for her sons, BUT it is the other way around, America was not safe because of her and her sons.

Heading to New York with a home made bomb

If you think that this is about the Tsarnaev brothers, then you are wrong.  The Jawa Report has a story about an Ukranian student from Rutgers University in New Jersey who was caught with an IED 8 days prior to the bombing in Boston. He was heading to New York on public transport when he was stopped and searched….

Let me guess, this student is a member of the Lutheran Church and he has a thing against Catholics and so he decided to go place an IED in Times Square… could my guess be accurate? Nope.

I will have another guess…. Ukrainian… anti-Russian… Caucasus…. Jihad.

About the widow of the dead bomber

There is good reason to pay attention to the mother of the Tsarnaev brothers, because it seems more than likely she knew of her son’s plans. In fact the latest that has been revealed is that there was a communication that refers to the fact that Tamerlin wanted to sacrifice his life for Islam…. I have pointed out the various flags that point to the fact that the mother was a part of the radicalization of her son. There is also the mysterious Missa or Meesa who had been a visitor to the house… and it seems that the father was not happy to see him there… pointing the finger squarely at the mother.

It is possible that this mysterious Missa or Meesa is a member of one of the two Boston mosques that have a very radical background…. and so the finger should point to these mosques and their role in that radicalization… except that in one case, it also seems that members of the mosque had approached the FBI with the identity of the Tsarnaev brothers…. so not everyone of those attending the mosque are radical at this point in time.

So we come to the widow, Katherine Russell, a foolish female who became an Islamist convert. What did she know and when did she know it? The finger is also pointing in her direction because younger brother has told the FBI that the brothers were tipped off by Katherine Russell.

Of course Tsarnaev’s statement contradicts the comments that have been made by his mother.  Again the contradiction points a finger at the mother, because she clearly knew something, and her lies about the FBI show that she has some kind of guilt… and it is not just her theft of clothing that is at issue.

The other big news is that the Federal DA, that is the dumbass Eric Holder moved to end the period in which Tsarnaev was being investigated. The Justice Department rushed those charges and that ensured that the FBI could not continue their questioning of the suspect. It also means that if the younger Tsarnaev brother knew anything about a terrorist cell, then the Justice Department has nipped that information getting out in the bud…. Good one Eric Holder the dumbass.

Home grown terrorist takes on a new meaning

IMPORTANT UPDATE Gateway Pundit has a story that is proof of what I have written in the post below. The mother of the Tsarnaev bombers has finally let it slip… that she is as radicalized as them. The clip was played on CNN !!!

I started concentrating on the mother as a possible source of radicalization after I saw some of the things that she had said about consulting the Koran when she was worried about her oldest son and his “friends”. Then another member of the family let slip information about a man who had been a regular visitor to the Tsarnaev household, and that when the father had expressed concern she had attempted to allay his fears about the intensity of what was going on.

I have other questions about the actions of both mother and father – why did he return to Russia, and why did she leave not so long ago to join her husband in Dagestan?  What links if any do they have to the Chechen Nationalist movement? Why was the father being hunted in Dagestan prior to him coming to the USA? Why was he bashed by the Russian secret service?


What could have changed a woman who was working as a beautician in a spa, and see her quit that job and have a business in her own home? One person, a young writer, has revealed that her family were customers of the mother of Tamerlan Tsarnavea.  They used to go to a spa where she gave them facials, and then they went to her home. The young writer has stated that she met both of the terrorists at this home. It now appears that this story has taken some legs and more is being revealed about the mother and her turning to a more “religious” Islam, including the wearing of the hijab. The British Telegraph has the story on what I think could be the beginnings of that radicalization. It was home grown radicalization.

According to this story, the mother was worried that Tamerlan was getting into drugs etc. and she began to study the Koran with her son. Gradually they both changed, and he was the one who demanded that she begin wearing the hijab. This ties in with comments made by the uncle about the change in Tamerlan and how he had “gotten religious” all of a sudden and demanded that his uncle begin praying 5 times a day.

Around this same time there was a very brutal murder of 3 men in Boston. One of the three murder victims had been a friend to Tamerlan. The murder itself bore the hallmarks of a slaying by someone involved with Islam (slitting of the throat) or involvement with Al Qaeda. I am not going to second guess if there is a definite link to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but it is highly likely. The murder victims were found with their throats slit and there was marijuhana (sp) sprinkled on their bodies. The authorities in charge of that investigation had revealed that it appeared that the killer was known to the murder victims. Tamerlan did not attend the funeral of the man who was supposed to have been his best friend.

However, back to the mother, because I think it is also becoming clear that she is lying about a number of things, especially the previous contact with the FBI. The latest lying story out of her mouth is that she claims Tamerlan before his death told her the FBI had been in contact with him and told him to come and see them. That conversation probably never happened. The mother also lied when she claimed that the FBI had “counselled” her son. The FBI had undertaken an investigation and had closed the file. The Russians have stated that the FBI were contacted again after another trip by Tamerlan Tsarnaev but the FBI did not respond to that contact.  If the FBI is telling the truth then that makes the mother a liar.

There probably needs to be more focus on the Tsarnaev family because it is highly likely that the reason the father left Dagestan in the first place was due to his involvement in the criminal activity of the Chechen movement.  According to reports that I have been reading the Chechen movement is split between the Nationalists and the Islamists. The Nationalists have a fight with the Russians. Despite the fact that I am concerned about the lack of human rights over the way in which the Russians have attempted to crush the Chechens and their rebellion, I am now at the crossroads of thinking that perhaps the brutal action of the Russians was somehow justified, especially when I consider what took place at Beslan.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev did make contact with an Islamist in Dagestan. He was observed by the Russians and the police of the region making that contact during that last 6 month stay. The aunt probably let out more than she intended about the sympathies of the family with regard to Chechen Nationalism…. this story is continuing to develop. There are new twists and turns, but it is the mother…. someone needs to take a closer look at the mother and her own radicalization.

UPDATE: The Jawa Report has an interesting post that discusses why the FBI failed to further investigate the activities of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. What really stood out to me in that report is the fact that the State Department had not designated the Chechen groups as terrorists, and it goes back to the Bush years.

The issues between Russia and Chechnya are rather complex. One could almost argue that it is about “oil” because Chechnya is oil rich and Russia needs that oil. However, that would be an oversimplification of the whole issue. During the 1990s the Russians committed atrocities in Chechnya. One could easily argue that the Russians were getting fed up with the thieves and rats that are the Chechens, but that does not excuse what the Russians did at the time.

  The Tsarnaev family fled Chechnya around that time and they ended up in the USA somewhere around 2001. The stories about how they arrived keep changing, and I find this inconsistency about their story is a red flag. The story is that the father requested refugee status after arriving on a tourist visa claiming that he was worried about being killed by the Russians. At some point he had been beaten by the Russian authorities. It seems that whoever handled his case was naive enough not to ask questions about the activities of this member of the Tsarnaev family. The aunt in Canada also has a colourful past that indicates that she was involved in the Chechen Nationalist movement. Something is not right about their story especially when this member of the family returned to Dagestan.

The Chechens have been responsible for a wide range of atrocities in the form of bombings, and the worst of their atrocities happened at the school in Beslan where children were murdered. The Chechen Nationalist did not give a rats about those children. It was a shocking crime.

The point being made by Rusty at MyPetJawa is that the FBI dropped the ball and they failed to do the further investigation, but they could be excused because the State Department had failed to designate these Chechens as a Terrorist organization. It allowed Tsarnaev to fly under the radar. The Russians had made the report on Tsarnaev’s activities when he was in Dagestan. He was observed making contact with an extreme Islamist whilst he was in Dagestan. Was that when he was shown how to make an IED?

Whilst it seems that this was a lone wolf effort, there is still reason to believe that there were others involved somewhere behind the scenes. Did they really get all the information off the internet?

Attempting to re-write history

Only a few days have lapsed since being rocked by the news that bombs were planted at the Boston Marathon. If I have not done so, then my sympathy to the relatives of all the families that have had loved ones killed or injured. My thoughts are with them. The purpose of this post is an attempt to deflect the lies of the left-wing media as they attempt to slime conservative people once again.

The first thing I note is that the LSM wasted no time bringing up the Oklahoma City bombing as well as the death of so many Branch Davidians at Waco Texas. The two events are linked together, and yet it is strange that they do not mention the other event which was at Ruby Ridge. Upon reflection I got the impression that members or the LSM were attempting to rewrite the Waco event to make it look like it was a bombing or something like that, when in fact the fire that killed so many people was the result of action taken by the FBI.

The Branch Davidians under David Koresh came under the category of a cult. There was a religious component, and they called themselves Christians. They were in fact an offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists, which is an offshoot of the Baptists. (if you look back in time you will see how it all works back to the Baptists). This cult was also extreme in its libertarian approach to matters pertaining to government. (At this point in time I have forgotten the exact name that is applied to the group of people who are so extreme in their libertarian ideals that they totally reject government. I first came across them when some people were highlighting the deaths of two members of a separate group in a police shoot out – one of them was 16 years old, but he was the one who killed the police officer in a separate incident on the same day).

Now I am not up with everything that happens in the USA, and my memory tends to get hazy, and in this case one needs to look at why the FBI took an interest in David Koresh. It seems that the Branch Davidians had been placed on some kind of extremist list because of their gun ownership. From what I understand there were two issues: guns and taxes. The FBI had come after David Koresh and there was a 2 week stand off. On the day that the seige ended, there had been a fire, probably caused by those present firing smoke bombs into the compound.  If one considers the whole of the events it is not possible to place Waco as some kind of terrorist event. It was not…. but Timothy McVeigh had witnessed some of what had taken place in Waco and it had gotten him very angry. I do think that McVeigh became the victim of others from the POV that the other people were prepared to harness his anger at the government to commit an evil act. He was not a victim in any other sense.

The next incident prior to the Oklahoma City bombing was at Ruby Ridge, and again there was a shoot out, with Janet Reno being the one who had approved the action against the people involved in that incident. This was the other incident that had gotten Timothy McVeigh very angry.

It is worth noting that the Oklahoma City bombing and the event in Waco happened in April. There is no real connection to Patriots Day which is celebrated in Boston as a local event…. in fact there is no connection at all…

Yet, the LSM i.e. people such as Wolf Blitzer have taken up the idea that somehow there is a connection because the Boston Massacre happened on Patriots Day.  That link is just too tenuous, especially when the LSM has never discussed the fact that there was a third co-conspirator involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and that this person who was never charged was very likely an Iraqi who had links to Saddam Hussein….. hmm… was there another reason as to why George Bush was so keen to get rid of Saddam Hussein? I am only thinking out aloud and not suggesting anything, but I am prepared to speculate with my thoughts out loud…

How does this tie in with the events that occurred this week? There is speculation that the bombing was that of a “lone wolf”. This is suggested as a means of deflecting away from the possibility that this was a jihad attack. Keep in mind that nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. It is very weird. However, I doubt the “lone wolf” story, unless it is the same as Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood jihadi and murderer. He was a “lone wolf”. He acted alone but he was a jihadi who had been influenced by the late Anwar al-Awlaki.

There is a lot that is open to question including the taking into custody of a young Saudi Arabian student who had been injured. Now, in my country, placing the man in handcuffs is more or less considered as an arrest, so I do in fact see that he was arrested, not as the authorities have since claimed that there was no arrest. I do not know if he was directly involved, but he was on the scene and he was injured, and he did run away from the scene – so it is fair to point a finger in his direction.  On top of that the FBI searched the residence where he was staying with his consent and they took away quite a lot of material from that residence, including what to me looked like electrical wiring. One more thing to note about this Saudi, and that is: members of his clan in Saudi Arabia have been involved with Al Qaeda. From that point of view alone, yes he is a security risk.  It is rumoured that he is to be deported from the USA.

There are some photographs that are currently being circulated. It could be that what we are seeing is circumstantial evidence, but it looks to me like there were at least 3 men involved. I have to note here that two bombs went off, and on the day there was talk of at least 3 packages that were suspicious that were taken care of… in that situation with backpacks being abandoned, it is possible that the information was not correct, or it could be that we are seeing yet another cover-up in action…. I am tending towards the alternative view after seeing the photos.

What do I think? Well if it was jihad, and as far as I am concerned the IED that was used has all the hallmarks of a jihadi, then this little cell had been operating under the radar for quite a while. I do not agree with the home grown theory. I continue to think that it was a jihad attack that was “lone wolf”.

Update: Why is Janet Napolitano being so coy about the impending deportation of the Saudi Arabian student?  Are we seeing the beginnings of yet another cover up from the amateurs in the White House?