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Talking about hacking….

Just noticed this report, that the FBI have swooped on suspected members of the hacker group Anonymous. I hope it is true, and that they have been arrested.

The BBC is also running a story on the hacker arrests. It looks like more than 20 people have been picked up in the Netherlands, the UK and the USA relating to charges of hacking. I wonder if the young man who was arrested a little while ago was fully co-operative with the police. Just thinking aloud, that they could have gotten information from him that has led to these arrests.

And it looks like everyone is getting in on the accusation of hacking. This report has come from the BBC News site regarding a report of the alleged death of Omar Mullah, which has never been verified. The Taliban are claiming that “Americans” hacked their phones and sent out the false reports on the alleged death of Omar Mullah. Do you think this might have been the work of Lulz?