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Layers upon layers – definitely not an official document. is a good site to visit in order to check out how the latest forgery was done.

Since I do not have the necessary software, I cannot comment on whether or not these folks are being accurate, however, I have done scanning of simple things (yes and made a real hash of the job!!). Somewhere in my books etc. I have documents sent to me from the Victorian registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages relating to members of my family – their births and deaths, and some marriages. These records were kept in bound volumes.

Now some might dispute the point that I am going to make, and without being able to find and scan one of those documents, I cannot prove what I am saying, however, what I noticed, and why I concluded almost immediately that this new document was a fake, comes down to the top corner where it is supposed to look like a scanned image from a bound volume.

If you look closely at the top corner you will see a black hole, then along the edge there is an image of what looks like a document that is next to this one. Now here is the problem that I have with accepting that this is an image that has come from a bound volume:

If the volume is a thick book it is hard to get a good digital or photocopied image. What you do get when it is scanned is a lot of black. If you do not have the book lined up correctly you get a lot of black (trust me, I know!!!). If the book does not lie down flat you will often find that a portion of what you were wanting to copy does not get copied!!!

Here is an experiment where I have used my scanner to copy a page from a knitting book:


I scanned my image the wrong way, the first time, and then I scanned it the other way.  At the top you can clearly see that my page is from a bound volume.  Now have another look at the latest B.C. image at the top corner, and look how it seems to be almost like a hole has been cut and this item inserted to make it look like it has come from a bound volume. I could be wrong with what I am saying so please chime in.


Tilting at windmills

Just read this piece at Legal Insurrection and must admit to laughing at his conclusion about preferring the commoner over Don Quioxte.

Professor Jacobson raises an excellent point: How is it that the woman who is proclaimed by all and sundry on the left to be a dumb %$*&^%  and $&*( and a variety of other foul-mouthed words, got it right but the elite got it so horribly wrong about quantitative easing?

The answer is obvious, Sarah Palin is the one who had the experience of dealing with problems in Alaska. She is no dummy as the Left proclaim. In fact she is far more intelligent than the dumbo who is currently residing in the White House.

It is this common touch, from a woman like Sarah Palin, that gives her an appeal to many both in the USA and overseas. Yes, I do like Sarah Palin once I learned more about her. Yes, I did hear her speak on TV when I was in the USA, I was enthralled by the way that she could answer questions without so much as a prompt.

This is the same sort of appeal that Donald Trump has at the present time. At least for now the Donald should be allowed to raise those issues. He seems to be going where others fear to tread, and even though Sarah has not addressed those same issues, she has taken on Østupid over a whole range of issues whilst other possible Presidential candidates have remained silent in the background. The cocktail and mayonnaise sandwich set seem to enjoy the background stirring, and they have been spreading their venom on Trump, which has given Palin a bit of a respite, before they start attacking her again. Do not write off Sarah Palin as a Presidential candidate.   

Pawlenty shill is at it again

Allahpundit, the well known shill for Pawlenty is at it again. He has up yet another post bagging the Donald.  It seems that Allahpundit is so intent upon pushing the boring and squishy Pawlenty that he finds it necessary to have a go at Trump no matter what.

Go and read the whole post over at HotAir. Now I am not saying that Allahpundit is not entirely correct. I do know that the Kelo case which involved eminent domain has a lot of noses out of joint… and I do not blame people for being upset.  That is not my point in putting up this post.

It seems that the Cocktail Party of which the eyeore Allahpundit is one, are going all out against Trump because he is bringing up the issue that they do not want to touch – that is why is Øbama hiding his public records. Why were those records sealed.

Whilst the actual birth certificate could be viewed as a distraction, I personally believe that the birth certificate needs to be produced. On top of that I think more needs to be done to highlight the real meaning of Natural Born Citizen. A man who claims that a Kenyan born individual is his father is not a Natural Born Citizen because that requires more than being born in Hawaii – it requires both parents to be USA citizens.As I have previously stated, my view of the John McCain situation is that McCain is more likely to be an NBC because both his parents are American Citizens and that the accident of birth, although murky, did not give him any allegiance to Panama. He does not have Panama Citizenship.

The only reason that I can think of for all of these attacks on the Donald, regardles of whether he ends up as a Presidential candidate, is that Trump is getting close to discovering the truth about the empty suit usurper in the White House.

Read the comments at Gateway Pundit – Interesting

I have just been reading this thread and started to read the comments. There are the usual Øbot paid sock puppets making their anti-Trump noise, but there are some very interesting comments from a few people.

It is not the comments about Trump that are of interest, but comments about the role that GWB played during his period in office. I agree with most of the comments because even though GWB was denigrated in my own country, I was able to see that he did a lot of good in the world. The same cannot be said about Østupid.

It has always been my belief that the failure by Slick Willy Clinton to follow up on those responsible for both the Murrah Bldg attack in Oklahoma and the first WTC attack, ultimately led to the big attack on September 11 2001. It is also my belief that the failure to close the porous borders between the USA and Mexico will end up causing yet another catastrophe perpetrated by Muslim jihadists.  Yes, that means GWB failed in that respect as well.

However, when you look at the international scene there are vast differences between these three men. Slick Willy enjoys a reputation he probably does not deserve to some degree. However, in his defence, Slick Willy did make some gutsy decisions when it was necessary. There was none of that dithering that has caused so much of the trauma for the civilian population in Libya. Both GWB and Slick Willy made sure that they took the issue to Congress to get approval. The present ditherer-in-chief seems to think that he is above that, and that he has no need to get Congressional approval for any action relating to Libya. Well he is wrong.

From the point of view of the U.N., resolution 1973 allows for the enforcement of the no-fly zone, and it allows NATO nations participating to use all means necessary to protect the civilian population. Hence, from the world point of view the U.S. participation is legal. Yet, from the U.S. domestic point of view, the action is not approved, therefore U.S. participation is unapproved by the Congress. There is no excuse for Østupid not to have gone to Congress in the weeks prior to the enforcement of the no-fly zone in Libya to get approval for limited action. He had plenty of time, because it was always one of the options.

Also, it is rather distasteful that Østupid is actually attempting to find an African country that is not a signatory to the UN ICC to take Daffy Duck and his sons. It is distasteful because there are crimes that have been committed for which Daffy and sons, as well as other members of the regime should be tried and convicted. GWB allowed Saddam Hussein to be handed over to the Iraqi athorities. It was the Iraquis who tried and convicted Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity. Daffy Duck should end up with the same fate because of his crimes against humanity. Yet, Østupid is trying to find Daffy a safe haven? That is despicable.


The cats are on the loose – meow!!

This article is over at Big Government. Incredibly, the author refers to David Plouffe as some sort of authority. I am not saying that I agree with the content of the article, only that you might like to read how the Cocktail Establishment views a Donald Trump candidacy, as well as some very telling things about how they will not face up to the issues surrounding lack of information on Østupid.

Needless to say, I disagree that Republicans are salivating about Chris Christie. That is simply not true. Many like his bold way of speaking, but they do not like the squish that is behind the man – he is soft on Islam…

Needless to say the author leaves out that Trump is probably just as motivated over the GZVM issue as he is about other issues. Again, I do not know Trump’s mind, but I do know that he made an attempt to purchase the building that is required for the whole thing to go ahead. For this alone I give kudos to Trump.

She mentions some other billionaires who appear to be behind Trump. It sounds like there is more going on here than we have imagined. If Trump is prepared to be in yer face about the birth certificate and the lack of other background information, then I continue to say “good for him”. That does not mean that I am either for or against him as a Presidential candidate.

Someone needs to set Allahpundit of HotAir straight

I just saw this over at HotAir and the post is chock full or errors (that is being kind). It is obvious that Allahpundit has absolutely no clue on the issues surrounding what is meant by Natural Born Citizen. He has no clue on the historical reasons that this clause was placed in the Constitution – to stop someone who is foreign born committing usurpation and treason.  I would have thought that after 2 years that Allahpundit would be able to see the light as to why eligibility is so important, and as to why it is necessary that only a NBC is eligible to POTUS. Sure it means that Arnold Schwatzneger cannot be POTUS, but I honestly think that is a good thing. It also means that neither Nikki Hayley or Bobby Jindal or Marco Rubio are eligible to run for POTUS, unless their parents were naturalized at the time that they were born.

Here is what the clueless eyeore Allahpundit had to say in his opening paragraph of the post:

In case you were wondering what the guy who used to edit Newsweek is up to these days, wonder no longer. I agree with him about the natural-born requirement, incidentally: It’s one of the most antiquated and unnecessary parts of the Constitution, especially in light of the original intent he describes.


Allahpundit strikes again

Whilst I like HotAir, I am not a fan of the eyeore Allahpundit. I am guessing that Allahpundit wants the boring Tim Pawlenty to be the Republican candidate so that Østupid can win again.

The latest from HotAir is yet more of the same having a go at Donald Trump, who is considering a run in the Presidential race, but has not yet declared.

It seems that the Cocktail Party does not like Donald Trump and they are already showing the cats claws, just like they show cats claws over Sarah Palin.

My guess is that Allahpundit and the Cocktail Party that he supports are scared of both Donald Trump and Sarah Palin because either person would seek to put an end to all of their perks that they enjoy from being in office. I do know that Sarah Palin scares them. It is obvious when one sees all of the orchestrated negative comments. Well, it seems that they are attempting to do the same with the Donald, with those negative comments.

Personally, I am enjoying the Trump spectacle, or at least what I am reading. He is addressing an issue that is important to millions of Americans. They really do have the right to know what is in all of those documents. For this reason alone, I am enjoying the way in which Trump has had the balls to take it up to Østupid instead of behaving like an insipid member of the Cocktail Party like Romney, Pawlenty & Co. Even the Huckster, who is also a part of that mayonnaise and cucumber sandwich set, refuses to touch the subject of eligibility. Well, stating “I believe he was born in Hawaii” is not good enough.

 None, except Trump have been willing to go the extra mile and to push on the subject. Besides, where he was born is only one small portion of the larger picture. How can Østupid be a natural born citizen when his father was a Kenyan? The putative father was not an American citizen – either by birth or by being naturalized. The putative father was Kenyan born and a British citizen. As a result, and due to laws in place in 1961, the putative father passed on his British citizenship. That makes Østupid a dual citizen, hence he is not eligible to be POTUS.

The obsfucation of the Dhimmicrats, and especially the Marxist element within the Dhimmicrats has meant that many are confused on this very subject of what constitutes a natural born citizen.

Here is my personal example: My aunt met and married an American marine. She sailed to the USA after the second world war as one of the war brides and fiances (she was a fiancee at the time). She married her fiance when she arrived in the USA. My aunt remained an Australian citizen until laws changed to allow her to have dual citizenship somewhere around 1980. There were 7 children in the marriage. However, even though they are American citizens the remaining children (2 have passed away) are not eligible to be POTUS because at the time that each of them was born, she was an Australian citizen.  I have always understood that this was the case.

However, according to the Dhimmicrat agents of obsfucation, you only need to be born in the USA to be eligible to become POTUS. This obsfucation has led to the cover up over the eligibility of Østupid.

Why is the pursuit of this issue so important? Well, I can think of several, but some will not lead to the push for impeachment, whereas other reasons come very close. Just like in the case of Tricky Dicky, if Østupid ends up being impeached, it will be due to the cover-up. There are certainly plenty of examples of cover-up including the forged COLB that was plastered on the Internet. If the COLB is to be proved to be not forged then it needs to be produced in a court of law, and there needs to be a signed affadavit as to its authenticity. 

So let the Games begin, because Trump is doing a great job bringing up the issue and he is doing an excellent job of lobbing the ball into Østupid’s court, without there being an adequate comeback. The smears and claims of racism are not going to work this time.


The Donald Trumps Gail Collins -The American Thinker

I have just seen this article in the American Thinker. It is a good article and well worth reading since the author points up a few home truths about this particular editor within the Grey Lady.

Here are some snippets from the article:

Specifically, Ms. Gail Collins, who runs the NYT Op-Ed page and actively colluded in the Valerie Plame “Girl Spy” fraud against the Bush White House a few years ago. She is a nasty bit of business, Ms. Collins, our Grand Inquisitor in charge of liberal witch-hunts. …

Enter Donald Trump with a perfectly accurate talking point, namely that Barack H. Obama has never bothered to provide his original long-form birth certificate to the world. Neither the media nor the Republicans have ever dared to ask for those original documents. Nobody knows why, though guesses abound. Maybe the birth certificate shows something embarrassing about who his parents were, or who they claimed to be. Maybe he just doesn’t meet the Constitutional requirements of his office. Maybe it just shows him to be a lifelong liar about his birth name or date, which should come as no surprise to any sane person in the country. Nobody will ever find out as long as Obama is in office, because he can block its release, and the courts will never reverse the election results for fear of a bloody uprising on the left. Stare decisis is a very practical doctrine.

Donald Trump may be a first-class bull slinger himself, and he is certainly a successful headline chaser. Maybe that’s why Ms. Collins decided to publish Trump’s letter to the Times, for fear that Trump would get it into Vanity Fair instead. Normally Collins just sucks the air out of any conservative by stamping out any last molecule of conservative thought from her Op-Ed pages. Gail Collins is our Witch Finder General. But with Trump, Collins apparently lost her cool, giving him all of Carnegie Hall to play his fiddle in. …

So Trump got his talking points into the NYT, along with an audience of a million liberals who would normally shut their minds to any words critical of Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama, Jr.

But Collins instantly commits a howler in elementary logic. Writes the Editor of the Op-Ed page, “But about [Trump’s] letter. Mainly, it’s a list of alleged evidence that Barack Obama was not born in the United States.”

But that is precisely what Trump never said nor wrote in his letter, which Ms. Collins apparently never read carefully. Because Donald Trump is smart enough never to say that Obama wasn’t born in the United States. He just keeps wondering out loud in front of the cameras why the required legal documentation is missing from the public record. The Constitution requires natural-born citizenship, and the Obama campaign, the Democratic Party, and every single state-level Secretary of State has failed to verify it. Presumably because they can’t. All they can do is huff and bluster, which is exactly what Ms. Collins ends up doing. …

Please read the whole thing. You can also find another good article at the American Thinker, covering the same topic here.

An analysis on Trump to be taken with a grain of salt

I found this post at Hot Air. It has been written by Allahpundit who seems to want either Pawlenty or Huckabee to be the nominee.  What a poor choice….!! Neither of these two has much chance of being able to win in debates against duh Won. Of course, Allahpundit continues to diss Sarah Palin.

However what is crazy to me is that Allahpundit blindly believes something written by Ben Smith at Politico, which is nothing more than a journolist hit piece on Donald Trump.

For the time being none of it is really important. The race is just beginning and is still very lukewarm. Some of the desired combinations that are given onHotAir are not at all desirable to the rest of the world.

Donald Trump has been hitting on the one issue that the MSM and Cocktail Republicans  do not want to touch. It has been quite amusing to watch how all of this is going down. The Donald has been taking quite a few shots at a whole swag of people. The cry of “you’re racist” is not only getting old, it is like the boy who cried wolf, and it has just as much power and impact. How can it be racist to challenge a white man (his mother is white) on where he was born, especially when his imputed father is a Kenyan and British Citizen? How can it be racist to bring up the fact that dual citizenship disqualifies a person for the position of POTUS? Dual citizenship should disqualify any American from having anything to do with weaponry and especially missiles. So why does it not disqualify a man who says that his father was a Kenyan?

In my view Trump has been doing a great job in highlighting the issue. I just hope that he will get on with highlighting the Natural Born Citizen side of the issue, which is the real reason that Østupid is not qualified to be POTUS.

Campaign slogans for 2012 – WTF or….?

I just saw this post at American Thinker and thought that people might like to add their own ideas.

Actually, I really like the picture of Icarus that is featured in the post. It is worth having a look because with all of the cock-ups that we are seeing, one can only wonder at the audacity of this affirmative action person thinking that he is suitable for a second term in the job.

This man is worse than Jimmah Carter and it has nothing to do with skin colour, but everything to do with incompetence and inexperience, dithering, the inability to make snap decisions, the cronyism, taking the unions to bed, as well as his relationship with known criminals, thugs and terrorists.

You are just as likely to hear me giving the reasons as to why I think that Huckabee the Huckster should never be POTUS (because I happen to think that he would shape up to be the Republican Jimmah Carter). Huckabee has quite a bit of baggage from the way he conducted himself as Governor including the pardoning of people murderers who then went out and murdered again.  Huckabee has an uncertain record with regard to the scam known as “Climate Change” and then there is the religious element. I am not talking about being a Christian or a Jew or anything like that, but I am talking about how some people like Jimmah tend to be naive when it comes to understanding a religion that is unknown to them (Islam) and getting it so wrong about Khomenei and Iran. I suspect that in the same set of circumstances, with regard to Huckabee’s background that he would make the same kind of mistakes and welcome individuals who are not God-fearing but are quite evil. If Huckabee can get it so wrong about jailed murderers then he could get it very wrong about Muslim Brotherhood for example, and he could end up welcoming an El Baradei type figure in Egypt (which would be a disaster) as President.

In some ways this is probably why I feel quite benign towards Donald Trump without knowing everything about him. That man is a straight talker. I know that the Donald is opposed to the building of the GZVM in New York city, which is a darned good reason to support the Donald if he decides to run for POTUS. It means that he has a grasp on the situation and the dangers that are present by allowing such a building in that location.