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The White House vs Libya

As you are aware, I have supported the Libyan government from the time they formed as rebels and a force against Moammar Gadhafi the tyrant. I had my reasons, including the Lockerbie bombing to believe that Gadhafi had to go. As I read up information I did learn that Gadhafi had been sponsoring terrorism in Africa whilst he pretended to the West that he was a changed man. I see that many believed the Gadhafi lie in that they have jumped to the conclusion that the world is worse off because he was defeated and is now dead. There are many who have lumped the former rebels with Al Qaeda. They would take any little clue and then smear the good and sincere individuals with claims that they are Al Qaeda. It was not true then, and it is not true now. I acknowledge what was always known, that there were elements of the movement that had links to Al Qaeda. Some of those who did not lose their lives and survived the torture at the hands of Gadhafi have learned by their errors and their group, the former Libyan Fighting Group are now the analysts who understand terrorism. They did in fact renounce terrorism and they do not support Al Qaeda. I continue to have some respect for these people and I recognize that they are not to blame for events in the past week.

However, I am here to state what I believe to be true, and that is the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi was planned months in advance. The Spaghetti Western documentary was nothing more than an excuse, a cover for this planned covert action. I agree with the Libyan government and their analysts in London, that this was an Al Qaeda operation. In fact even AQAP agree with me, that this was a planned attack. Their reason is the death of Al-Libi but I think that there is another reason which is that they want to disrupt the fledgling partnership that Libya has with the USA, Great Britain and France in particular. The Libyan President has announced the arrest of 50 individuals in relation to the deaths of the 4 Americans and he has given far more detail than what we are getting out of the White House.

The White House Administration has its collective head in the sand. Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the UN (an utter disgrace to the US) has doubled down on the belief that this terrible movie was somehow the motivation for the attack. As a spokesperson for the White House Susan Rice claims that the whole thing was spontaneous. My question to Susan Rice: Since when do the Rage Boys take weapons of that nature to a protest? They do not take the kinds of weapons that were used in the consulate attack. Not even protesters last February 17 used those weapons when they stood protesting against Gadhafi, but the Gadhafi government used weapons against them!!

I have seen various reports that point to the fact that the White House was warned at least 72 hours before the attack took place that something was afoot. Yet the White House Administration did not respond and did not order the consulate in Benghazi and the Embassy in Cairo into lockdown. This is a very serious matter because it is this lack of heeding the warning that in fact shows the culpability of the Obama Administration in the death of Chris Stevens.

The movie was worse than B-grade and from the trailers that I have seen it is really stretching to claim that it really was about Mo the Ped. However, there is an anomoly and that is the fact that the actors were speaking about George but the voiceover was saying something else entirely. Who did the dubbing on this C- grade documentary? Another thing to consider is that in Egypt the documentary was aired whereas in the US it had been on Youtube. For this reason, I maintain my belief that this terrible documentary was used as a blood libel. Did the Eyptian TV dub the movie with inflammatory material? Did they add Arabic with inflammatory comments? Please keep in mind here that when Rage Boy came to prominence with the protests over the Danish cartoons, which in my view were inoffensive, one imam had added material that had not been amongst the original cartoons that were in fact quite offensive, thus the libel against the Danish cartoon was that of a blood libel.

This c- grade movie should not have been the cause of the riots that took place. It has been used by Al Qaeda as a motivation to cause mayhem. What were people thinking when they decided to create this movie?

What is of concern here is not so much the movie, but the fact that the motivation for the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi has been shifted from the truth to a lie that is being spread by the American and Australian media, that a low grade movie somehow was the reason for Rage Boy to come out and play. There might be some truth because I think that the imams in their mosques, especially the radical imams have jumped on this dreadful movie to give them the opportunity to cause mayhem throughout the world.

However, truth has a habit of coming to light and in this case the Libyans are telling the truth. Al Qaeda operatives crossed the border into Libya via both Mali and Algeria (how strange that both these countries have haboured members of the Gadhafi family). They then spent several months training with a group known as Ansar al Sharia from Derna. The leader of Ansar al Shariah had been busy attempting to recruit people from Benghazi through to Brega to join him.  This was all watched via US drones and the intelligence should have reached the White House.

The White House has ignored the other attacks upon consulates and consular staff in and around Benghazi. Nothing was done to increase the security for the US Ambassador and his staff. The White House was warned prior to the attack that an attack was imminent, but the White House Administration failed to warn its own consulates to be either on the alert or to go into lockdown. Compounding these failures is the fact that the US consulate building in Benghazi was not sufficiently secure.

Then there is the matter of security. I have no doubt about the sincerity of some members of the Februrary 17th movement. However, in their midst there had been some who were never to be trusted. Their names had already been mentioned as being behind some minor atrocities during the civil war. This begs the question about those who were detailed to guard the US Consulate and they really were not trustworthy. One thing did stick out and that is these guards ran off when the US consulate was attacked. They left their posts supposedly because they too were angry about this c- grade documentary. Did they ever see it?

The White House Administration had refused to provide proper security for its Middle East embassies, and now it reaps what it has sewn. There is even more suspicion on one side and it is all against the USA.

Yet, this does not cover the fact that the attack in Benghazi was not spontaneous. It was a well planned attack under the cover of a protest. When viewed in this way, you can see why I am asking questions about that dreadful documentary and the way it was used to suddenly inflame the passions of Rage Boy.

My post about blood-libel is speculative but what do the Syrians think?

It was MyPetJawa who led me to have a look at this site. Yes, it is actually Al Jazeera where this story is being aired.

The Syrians are confused, because they want to know why there is so much outrage over a poorly produced film when 33,000 have been murdered by the Assad regime. Their take happens to be that the murder of these men, women and children by Assad is more offensive to Allah than a poorly produced film.

You want to know something? These people are correct. If you read the comments and the tweets related to the subject you will see that the majority think the same thing.

The documentary movie is very poorly made. The words are dubbed over what the actors and actresses in the moving are saying… and this is why I am convinced that it is blood libel.

However, it seems that Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has been taken in, and he has up a post about how the Egyptian behind the movie looks like going back to jail. The thing is that when you read the man’s rap sheet I am surprised that he is not already in jail!!  Spencer states that the man is a Coptic Christian. If that is true, then there is no blood libel, but only if Robert Spencer is correct.

This is where it gets messy and we need to know the truth. I said on the other post or at least in comments that there were rumours regarding the producer with claims that he was a Jew and that he had backing from other Jews. I also heard that Coptic Christians were involved. Then there is the involvement of Terry Jones.

What if someone used the man’s name deliberately in order to set him and Coptic Christians up?

What I am saying is that the whole thing sounds very much like a set up. It simply does not ring true in some respects. The portion of the documentary that I saw (a very small portion) showed me something that reminded me of the worst of the Spaghetti Westerns. Yes, it really was that bad.

My questions remain. Did a Coptic Christian actually produce that rubbish? If not, then what is the likelihood that someone was pretending to be a Coptic Christian or a Jew with the intention of blame being placed upon them for allowing Rage Boy to be unleashed?

UPDATE: Ann Althouse has a post that is worth a look. It also supports the idea that the attack was planned. There is a twist and I think it makes perfect sense. I am sticking with the idea that this was a planned attack by Al Qaeda and there is more evidence to support this than all the denials in China (make that CNN and that dumb Amanpour woman). Here is an aspect that I had not thought about but it makes sense: This was a revenge attack because of a drone strike that took out an Al Qaeda operative who went by the name Al-libi meaning the Libyan. Does that make sense now?

UPDATE: Something brought to my attention, which I feel needs full verfication, but sickens me, is that Chris Stevens was possibly raped. There is a lot of confusion about what happened. I had seen reports stating that he was taken to the hospital, but where I saw what seems to be verification of what really took place shows a very different story, and it is very sick. This kind of behaviour is the work of Salafists.

UPDATE: It could be that CNN refuses to tell the whole truth, yet I found one report that is quite lengthy and I might add gives a lot of decent analysis. I want to point out that some of the opinion in the report comes from people who were associated with the Libyan Fighting Group who were considered to be linked to Al Qaeda in the past. The comments need careful study because the person making the comments is someone who knows the subject better than others.

Specifically, what this report points out is that the attack coincided with a statement from Al-Zawahiri and that it is indeed a revenge attack because of the death of Al Libi which was the work of a drone attack.

What is more, the report contains some extra detail about how the attack was timed with the protests and that the attack came in waves. The officials in the embassy were removed to what was supposed to be a secure location. That location was also attacked.

The name of the Salafist group is identified. What is more, this is the same group that attacked prior to the election. It is also the group that attacked the British Embassy in Benghazi.

The Libyan government does not have the ability to protect foreign embassy personnel, thus all are vulnerable anywhere outside of Tripoli. What is more the people behind the attack were keeping tabs on the US officials. They must have known that one of them was there to search for the very weapons that were used in the attack.

UPDATE: The truth about the attack is filtering out of Libya. The interim President has gone up in my estimation because he is not holding back on the truth. Yes, it is true that he talked about this being a foreign plot…. and it was a foreign plot… but Libya is now saying that 50 individuals have been arrested over the deaths of the 4 Americans. This was an Al Qaeda plot. I am not sure if the Egyptian Zawahiri was the originator and for all I know al Libi could have been the one who originated the plot. Apparently there were some foreigners who slipped into Libya via the borders of Mali and Algeria. Now you must understand that Benghazi itself is a long way from those borders. I can understand if there is mention of this being a pro-Gadhafi plot because the remaining Gadhafi family are in Algeria and there is a link between the Gadhafi family and Mali. It would not surprise me if we were to learn that Gadhafi money paid for the weapons that were used to carry out the attack. However, I add to this that the AQAP (Yemen based) knew of the plot.

On top of that there is the intelligence that the leader of the local group Ansar al Sharia had been busy recruiting people over the past few months. This suggests to me that they were planning something a lot bigger. I am not convinced that Chris Stevens was the target of the attack, but I do feel that perhaps one of the other men who died was the target. I suspect that one of the two ex-Navy SEALs was the target because he was there on a secret mission to find those weapons. The activities of Ansar al Sharia were known. It was not their first attack upon foreign diplomats. It always had the hallmarks of Al Qaeda.

Is Iran up to monkey business?

Once again we see that the “Arab Spring” has been controlled by what I see as dark forces. In my analysis regarding Libya I have constantly pointed to the fact that Iran, Russia and China were all on the side of Gadhafi. When the revolutionaries managed to overcome Gadhafi and his mercenary forces, it was a colossal blow to each of those powers. China and Russia took a very hostile stance right from the git go, and they have the same hostile approach with regard to Syria.

However, my interest here is in Iran and their monkey business in other Middle East nations, especially in Syria and Bahrain. The Bahrain situation is one which is interesting because it clearly involves Saudi Arabia, and I might add that it is the classic Sunni vs. Shia contest. No matter how you look at the situation in the Middle East, there is one constant and it has lasted for hundreds of years – it is not new. That situation is Sunni vs. Shia. In Iraq, when Saddam Hussein was in charge, the minority Sunni had the upper hand. (I will return to Iraq because I have some concerns about their leader and his recent comments).

Bahrain was one of the many Arab countries that had seen “spring” protests. The ruler of Bahrain called in Saudi Arabia who gave assistance in crushing the rebellion. Without a doubt there were some violations of human rights during the putting down of the rebellion. I have no doubt that the Sunni do not want to give power to the Shia in the population. As usual though, we need to know more about those who were trying to stir up trouble in the first place. It looks like Iran was behind the trouble in Bahrain. However, at the moment this is speculation.

This morning a bomb went off near the British Embassy in Bahrain. Now this should prick up some interest, because this kind of activity in Bahrain is unusual. On the whole the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain have been accepting towards the British and other Western powers. There is no animosity. At the same time I suspect that if push comes to shove, and Israel decided to take out the nuclear reactors in Iran, then Bahrain would be one of the Middle East states that would do the nudge nudge wink wink.  Again I am guessing, but I have no reason to suspect that Bahrain would be openly hostile in such a circumstance.

This report from the UK Telegraph does some speculating about whether or not Iran was behind the bomb blast in Bahrain. Britain is of course on the nose with Iran and the Quds had already organized the sacking of the British Embassy in Tehran. They have tried to claim that the “students” were acting in solidarity with the Occubaggers but I think that we can discount that as a reason.

Let’s look a little more closely at what else is going on: Iran is close to having a nuclear bomb. We are trying to prevent them from getting to that stage. In the shadows we have Russia, China and North Korea helping Iran to reach their goal. Now that el Baradei (Mr Potato Head) is no longer in charge of the Atomic Commission, a report has been released setting out the truth about what is happening inside of Iran. The British, France, Germany and other European countries have decided to implement tougher sanctions, with good old Østupid dragging the chain and trying to stop the implementation of these sanctions. (Even Senator Menendez (NJ – D) is getting up the nose of White House officials over their obstruction on this subject). The fact that the Quds organized the sacking of the British Embassy more or less points a finger in their direction in regard to this latest attack upon a British Embassy.

Perhaps Iran perceives that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are weak, but I am not sure. However, if that is how the GrandPoohbah has sees Cameron then he is bound to be disappointed.

Iran is misbehaving and this time there is a lot at stake, including the stability of the Middle East. We have no idea as to whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood will be mild in Egypt – they could keep their word, remain moderate and not work with the Al Nur party since Salafists and Sunni kind of do not go together. Muslim Brotherhood gained popularity because they had worked with the poor in Egypt. People identify with them!!  Yet it is not Egypt that has to worry, but it is Saudi Arabia and ultimately who gets control of Mecca. On top of that Ahmahnutjob and the Grand Poohbah have been trying to cause a world wide situation, their version of Armageddon, in order to hasten the arrival of the 12th Iman. This is really what is at stake. It is a part of the powerplay to create the world wide caliphate with the Grand Poohbah in control.


Egypt – why we should be afraid

It is not the Muslim Brotherhood that makes me shudder, although they are bad enough. The Muslim Brotherhood have cast themselves as moderate, not so extreme and that they do not want to impose strict Sharia. I am not sure that I believe them, but for the moment will give them the benefit of the doubt. However the way I see it, the real threat in Egypt comes from the Salafists.

There are two parties that have won seats in the new Egyptian Assembly that are way more extreme than the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood. These are Gamaa Islamya (sp) Party and the Nour Party. The next most popular party belongs to the liberal bloc, which is a blow to the university elites who fought to get rid of Muburak.

This report from the UK Telegraph has some rather important information and I do think that you should read it, with an open mind… and then shudder about what has taken place.

What bothers me so much is that the man who masterminded the assassination of Anwar Sadat is now poised to take on a political role in Egypt. This man is an associate of the current Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri. Did you get that? The Gamaa Islamiya Party has links to Al Qaeda and they drew 20% of the vote in Egypt.

This is the stuff that causes people to have nightmares. These two Salafist parties are extreme in their views, and the kind of Sharia that they want to implement is on a par with that found in Saudi Arabia, and is probably even worse.

What then are the implications of them having power?

1. Israel’s situation is looking sicker.

2. Egypt will likely align with Iran

3. Christians will be persecuted in a much worse fashion than is already the case.

Any alignment with Iran will be a disaster for the world at large. These men mean business. For Egyptian women to have these Salafists gain any sort of power would spell disaster.

The only way that such a disaster could be prevented would be for Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party to spurn the more radical parties and to ally themselves with the liberal parties instead. Only if that happens could there by any guarantee that Egypt will not end up being like Saudi Arabia (where the imams believe such nonsense as letting a woman drive a car will lead to more prostitution, homosexuality, and gasp fewer virgins!!)

Keep your eye on Egypt because developments in that country are going to be critical for the rest of the world. Thanks Østupid, you did a great job on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Egypt – was it Islamists who stormed the Israeli embassy?

The report at indicates that the protesters were not members of Muslim Brotherhood. This particular report is without the hype that I have seen elsewhere on the Internet. It gives the facts about what happened, that protesters who had been at Tahrir Square broke away and headed to the Israeli Embassy. They had sledgehammers and they hacked away at the walls that were put in place to secure the building. Roughly 30 of them got inside the building and then distributed papers onto the street. Of concern to me is that these people were chanting: onward to Jerusalem, blah, blah.

According to this report, the cause of this extraordinary activity was an incident near the border of the Gaza strip where some Egyptians had been killed. Likewise some Israelis had been killed. The kicker here is that it looks as if this had nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood. It seems that the individuals involved are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

As you are aware Egypt has co-operated with Israel with regard to attempting to keep arms out of the Gaza strip. The incident that took place has not really been explained. There has been no apology over the latest of the rockets that were fired into Israel from the Gaza strip either.

If Muslim Brotherhood has disavowed the protest as well as the action at the Israeli Embassy, then it seems that rather than Islamists at work, this is the handiwork of the LEFT WING communists from Egypt.

As we have noted in the past, it seems that certain Communists within the USA have had more than a passing interest in causing disruption in Egypt. I refer of course to Bernadine Dorhn, William Ayers, and the luvvies from Code Pink. The people who have been attempting to get into the Gaza strip have been the Marxists, not the likes of Muslim Brotherhood.

I find this very curious since CAIR is an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood, or is it? I am wondering if CAIR is being sponsored by some other party. Members of CAIR have been behind some pretty nasty stuff in the USA, and they are linked to other groups such as the Holy Land Foundation, which was taking money for Palestininian activists in that region.

Perhaps we need to have another look at the activities of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Are they linked to Iran, or putting that another way, is Iran somewhere in the background waiting to pounce if Muslim Brotherhood rises as a political force in Egypt?

Something else on my mind here concerns Mr. Potato Head who has been very quiet lately. As you are aware this is the man who claimed that there were no WMDs in Iraq, which is not true, and he also made false statements about the WMDs in Iran. His wife is an Iranian who is the daughter of a prominent member of the Iranian government. It is obvious that Mr. Potato Head, if he got into power in Iran would push Egypt into some form of alliance with Iran. Mr. Potato Head wanted to be allied to Muslim Brotherhood, but it seems that they are not interested in him. Interesting.

What it looks like here is that Muslim Brotherhood joined in the original protests to oust Muburak, but have always had their own agenda. I think that was clear immediately after Muburak was sent into exile. However, it looks like there was some kind of immediate split between the two groups. Again it was quite obvious. What seems to be happening is that the Marxists want to keep protesting, but the Muslim Brotherhood are happy biding their time. Also, it appears that Muslim Brotherhood is not the same as the Salafists.  Here again we have that split based upom Islamic sectarianism. Muslim Brotherhood seems to be Shia oriented, and the Salafists (Al QAEDA) are Sunni in origin.

I think that demanding Muburak step down was the biggest Foreign Policy of the present USA administration. It was something that was a total botch from the time that the protests began. Egypt is a separate issue from that of Libya, especially when Østupid actually had very limited say on what was happening over there. He had more impact upon Egypt, than on Libya. In fact Østupid was reluctant to make a decision on the no-fly zone and he had to be pushed. (ALSO please note the way that this stupid individual is trying to big note himself on making the decision to go after Bin Laden. He has no shame. He is claiming that his advisors were against it, but from what has been passed on, it was Valerie Jarrett who was against it, and it was Leon Panetta who went ahead with the action, but just watch Østupid as he continues to lie in the hope that people will see him as some kind of hero – he is not anything of the kind).

Which situation is worse? The left in control or Muslim Brotherhood?

According to this report in the UK Guardian, the Egyptian left were behind the “democracy” protests. I find this idea to be interesting because at the end of the protests it appeared that MB had the upper hand. In fact the MB are better organized than any other group in Egypt.

Also, this report kind of affirms what many of us had believed in the first place, that the people behind the protests were being supported by foreigners such as George Soros, William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn etc. It is therefore no surprise that there is a growing tension between the original activists and the activists within MB – especially when you take into consideration that Al Qaeda grew out of Muslim Brotherhood, and that Zawahri who is wanted in connection with the murder of Anwar Sadat began his political life with involvement in MB.

Whilst we have very serious concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood, it seems that the activists who were in fact behind the protests continue to have concerns as well. Perhaps all is not lost after all, but do we really want another left wing government? The bits from this report that caught my eye were the following:

Egyptian activists have threatened to bring mass pro-democracy protests back to Cairo, with a “million-strong” occupation of Tahrir Square planned for 8 July unless the ruling army generals abandon their current “roadmap” to democracy.

In an increasingly rancorous debate, which has developed into a proxy war between the nation’s fledgling Islamist and secular political forces, 40 different liberal and leftist movements have joined forces to demand that plans to hold elections in September are dropped.

Campaigners fear the existing post-Mubarak transition programme – which would see September’s ballot held under an amended version of Egypt‘s existing constitution and then allow members of parliament to oversee the writing of a new constitution – may cede permanent power to the Muslim Brotherhood and other religious groups, who are expected to dominate the poll.

Islamists have reacted furiously to the “constitution-first” campaign, arguing that it contradicts the results of a nationwide referendum held in March, in which 77% of the country backed a set of constitutional amendments and endorsed the idea that parliamentary elections should precede any new constitution.

There have been a few other inconsistent reports, including those that claimed that Mr Potato Head, aka el-Baradei would run as a candidate for President when in fact the referendum passed a rule that stated someone with a foreign born wife (specifically one from Iran) could not be President. It seemed that el-Baradei was all set to ignore the new and approved rule.

To real ideology of el-Baradei, whose goal it is, happens to be the imposition of Sharia on all Egyptians comes through in his attempt to go against the majority of the activists:

The Brotherhood’s new political vehicle, the Freedom and Justice party, has vowed not to contest more than 50% of parliamentary seats and will not run a candidate for president in an effort to assuage concerns at home and abroad over a potential Islamist takeover of the state.

That has not been enough to reassure some critics, including a “national consensus conference” led by the deputy prime minister, which has called for the inclusion of an article in the new constitution that would task the military with “protecting” Egypt’s civil institutions – a thinly-veiled warning against any potential attempt by an Islamist-controlled parliament to push for a religious state.

In an effort to secure a compromise, presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei has proposed that elections precede the new constitution as originally planned, but that a new bill of rights should be drawn up beforehand that would supersede the constitution. This bill of rights would acknowledge the importance of Islamic sharia law in guiding legislation but also affirm Egypt’s status as a civil state.

ElBaradei’s plan has won some support, though questions remain about how such a legal document would be formulated.

Did you spot Mr Potato Head’s “taqiyya” or double talk? He is using a very cunning argument on the subject of Sharia. I hope the general population in Egypt tell him to go suck some eggs. Like I said, they talk of this Islamist and double dealer as a Presidential hopeful, but according to the matters settled in the referendum, El-Baradei is barred from running to be President. I cannot fathom why he continues to see himself in a role when no one really wants him there. The worst part is that El-Baradei would sell out Egypt to Iran. This gets back to my question of what would be worse? If the left can win in Egypt I suspect that they will be the better alternative for the time being – so long as el-Baradei gets nowhere with his ambitions.

Syria Watch

The situation in Syria remains critical. However, it is the Turkey-Syria that is a major concern. First of all, kudos to the Turks because they have responded to needs of thousands of Syrian refugees. They deserve praise for the professional way that they are handling the crisis on their own doorstep. Second, and this is very important, there is still talk of possible Turkish intervention across the border in order to establish a safe zone for the refugees. This is critical because the Asshat thugs are killing a lot of people, setting fire to the village crops and shops and are causing complete devastation in the north of Syria. This is extremely unacceptable by any standard. What is the most critical, is that if the Turkish army does cross the border, Asshat is threatening the use of missiles.

According to this article at Big Peace, the US has moved the USS Bataan near Syria, so that if Asshat dares to fire missiles at Turkey, the USA will provide some kind of defense shield.

If you are worried about the non-action by the USA in Libya, then you should be more worried about this little event that is not exactly being reported in the LSM. If this happens then the USA will be more directly involved than in Libya and once again there will be no going to Congress.

The Middle East is rapidly turning into an extremely hot spot, and it seems to me that the White House has been behind a lot of the trouble. There are elements in the Syrian opposition that I do not trust. Likewise, there remain elements in Egypt that make me shudder. The same is true in Yemen, and I hope that we are not supporting those elements. Similar elements exist in Tunisia, and they are waiting for an opportunity to strike and take power. I do not trust the opposition in Jordan, especially when king Abdallah has been a very western friendly person. In some of these countries it is in fact Shiite vs. Sunni, and I simply do not trust the Shiites in those countries. On top of that Iraq remains a festering boil with the constant bombings and killings carried out by forces opposed to good governance and probably Moqtada loyalists to boot.  Not since Carter was in charge has the world looked this bad.


Clashes in Egypt

The shine has come off the “rose” that was the uprising in Egypt. After the deadly clashes between Salafists and Copts there are no more glowing reports about the Arab spring. Instead the report coming from the BBC uses a different language that suggests the military are losing control, and that perhaps the Copts were foolish to have involved themselves with Muslims in pushing for the end of the Muburak regime.

The Egyptian army has stated that the 190 who have been arrested as a result of the clashes, which led to 10 deaths and 189 injured, would be heading for a military tribunal hearing. This is a warning to the Salafists who have become very confident since the end of the Muburak regime. The Salafists were successful in removing a Christian governor only recently. However, this was the second time that they had hit a church in the same district in Cairo.

The tone of the military council is actually quite interesting because it is the second time that they have promised to restore Christian property to how it was before the clashes. This is not normal in a Muslim country:

“The Supreme Military Council decided to send all those who were arrested in yesterday’s events, that is 190 people, to the Supreme Military Court,” the Egyptian army announced on its Facebook Page.

It added that it should act as a “deterrent to all those who think of toying with the potential of this nation”.

The statement also said that a committee would be set up to assess the damage caused by the clashes and “restore all property and places of worship to how they were”.

The army warned of “severe dangers facing Egypt during this phase”.

What we are currently witnessing is the instability that some of us were predicting. What we are witnessing is what some of us expected would happen to the Copts once the protection given by the Muburak regime was taken away. The clashes have been on a more regular basis and they are more violent at the same time.  The Christians in Egypt continue to face persecution from Muslims, especially the Salafists in their midst.

It is no thanks to the weak policy of the White House that this situation has arisen and is seen to be critical to the whole “democracy” process in Egypt.  You can expect a lot more of the same, especially when Egypt heads for the polls and the Muslim Brotherhood tries to gain political control in Egypt.

Does AQ have a relevant role in the current ME uprisings

The BBC asks the question about the relevance of AQ in the Arab Spring. Actually, I am going to disagree in part with some of the conclusions of the writer of the piece because I think that he has not been able to spot the influence of AQ in a couple of countries, such as in Morocco.  On the other hand, I note that one of his sources is a Libyan who is an ex-AQ operative:

What we are witnessing now is completely against their methods or understanding of how to make change,” argues Noman Benotman, a former Libyan jihadist who knew Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan but now works at the counter-extremist think tank, the Quilliam Foundation.

Although Nato’s military commander talked of “flickers” of al-Qaeda in Libya, European officials say they see no signs of a significant presence for the organisation.

And while some Islamists, often former members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, are involved, they are seen as focused on confronting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi at home and not being subscribers to al-Qaeda’s wider ambitions.

Mr Benotman also says he has seen jihadists whom he knows in Libya change the way they behave and talk in the past two months.

“The way they start to make statements or to understand the conflicts is unbelievable, beyond my imagination. The only explanation I can offer is because they have been affected – whether they like it or not – by the wave of democracy.”

 These are the same points that I have raised about how these Libyans have been behaving. It would seem that they are only serious up to a point, at least for now, whilst they are fighting for their own country, and their own families.  (a bit different than fighting an alleged enemy in another country).

The author only identifies Yemen as having potential for AQ to exploit, but I disagree with him on that score. I would suggest that there is a possibility of AQ exploiting the situation in Syria as well as in Yemen. The reason is that the Salafists are tied to AQ. This is also true with regard to the control that Hamas wields over the Gaza strip, where they are being challenged by Salafists (which might explain the negotions between Hamas and Fatah – the Salafists being a common enemy to both). I think it is probable that the Salafists are behind the trouble in Syria – the Iranian Republican Guard has been in Syria and has been assisting with the bloody crackdown over more recent weeks that has led to a sharply increasing death toll in Syria.

Also, whilst AQ has been caught on the back foot, it would seem that the political aims of MB are coming to fruition in the region. I can see no real difference between the major aims of both groups, but I can see religious differences between them. This means that there is a double threat, from AQ as well as from MB, and perhaps the writer is blind to the influence of Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the inherent dangers of the rise of Iran that would be assisted if Muslim Brotherhood was to seize power in Egypt.

In Bahrain it would seem that the protests have been backed by Iran, and this explains the manner in which the crack down has taken place. Although the crackdown has been brutal it has not been as bad as in Syria or Libya were most of the deaths have occurred. It is hard to tell whether AQ has had a role in Bahrain, probably because those leading the protests have been Shia rather than Sunni. The Salafists and AQ tend to be Sunni.

The strongest evidence of AQ is in Morocco, and also in Germany, where there are sleeper cells.  A few months ago the Germans were on alert for a terrorist attack. Now comes the news that one cell has been busted in relation to that terror alert. There are sleeper cells in various countries, but this does not solve whether or not AQ is behind the Arab spring uprisings, or whether there are other agents of trouble, such as Iran, at work. I think it is a mixture, Iran, Communists, Salafists (AQ), Muslim Brotherhood, and other provocateurs. It is also probable that Russia has had a hand in the uprisings as well.

Our worst nightmare re: Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood has formed a party calling themselves the “Freedom and Justice Party.

They are using Taqiyya in that they claim that their party will not be theocratic. Coming from them, we know what they say is utter BS. Their aim is to introduce Sharia law into Egypt.

What can one say when the current POTUS actually encouraged this state of affairs. It is Iran Mark II