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Which scandal will bring about impeachment?

The reality is that Barry Soetoro is embroiled in a series of scandals, not just one, that have the potential to bring about impeachment proceedings. In each case it is the lies and the cover-up that is important. The Republican Congressman Chaffetz is probably the most keen to consider impeachment over the stonewalling regarding the Al Qaeda attack at Benghazi. I do think that by the end of his investigations he will be even more keen to see the impeachment process put in place. Yet there are other scandals, each with their own importance and each of them attacks the very freedoms that are gained from the U.S. Constitution.

1. The attack on the First Amendment. The reality of the scandals that indicate attacks on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is only just beginning to hit. There are at least three scandals involved:

– IRS harassment of conservative groups

– the collection of AP records via DoJ

– the attack on Fox News and in particular James Rosen also via DoJ.

I have no doubt that this list will increase in the coming days as more and more things come to light. It is early days where each scandal is concerned.  The IRS one has some legs with so many lies being told that it seems obvious that the instigator of the harassment was in fact POTUS. The smoking gun has to be in the White House logs… and no I do not believe the story about the forum being the reason that the head of the union was at the White House. The log actually indicates that she was there for a meeting with POTUS. (developing)

2. The attack on the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

– Fast and Furious which is still being investigated and there continues to be a situatin where Eric Holder is in contempt of Congress and the White House refuses to hand over documents relating to that matter claiming executive privilege. At this stage I am willing to state that Barry Soetoro was aware of Fast and Furious and that he was the instigator because he wants to be able to ban guns.  I have no doubt that Eric Holder is in collusion with Barry on this subject.

3. Benghazi. I cannot properly classify this one, but I see it as tied up with the attack upon the First Amendment. My reasoning is based upon the attitude of Muslims with regard to the Freedom of Speech…. but that is only one very small portion of this particular subject. Benghazi is a multi-part scandal because there are many issues to take into account including talk of gun running (this is not proved). The real scandal is of course the cover-up and there is where the free speech component surfaces, because of the false claims that a third rate short documentary was somehow to blame for what took place. The person who was responsible for the documentary is in jail, allegedly because of parole violations. Yet, it goes deeper because this is also an attempt to stop anyone criticizing Islam. The speeches of Barry Soetoro to the UN on the subject is ample evidence that this story is about anti-free speech motives.

Now I am one who supported the people of Libya as they fought to free themselves from the yoke of Gadhafi. It did not bother me that some of those fighting were Islamists. What Gadhafi had done through the years was sufficient reason to not support him in any way. I will continue to point out that the Libyan government is elected and it is not run by Islamists (even though Islamists are trying to get control). There are lots of issues remaining in Libya and the situation remains fluid. What I want to point out is that those governing Libya were not responsible for the Al Qaeda attack upon the US consulate. I will also point out that the Libyans would have been more cooperative if it had not been for the amateurish stuff ups that followed the attack including Susan Rice going on TV and contradicting President Mogharief of Libya. She caused him to lose face in Libya and abroad because of the contradiction.  I do not support the Islamists in Libya and I believe that those responsible for the continuing violence in that country, especially in Benghazi need to feel the full force of the Libyan law. However, that is a Libyan internal matter and is not necessarily related to the AQ attack.

The real issue is the cover-up and the refusal to acknowledge that Al Qaeda is not in demise as proclaimed. There has been a refusal to acknowledge terrorism in the USA and that has led to the harming of the survivors of the Ft Hood jihadi attack by Hussein Nidal. It also led to the refusal of the FBI to take warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers seriously, even though it did not stop the FBI doing surveillance on a journalist by the name of James Rosen who was just doing his job.

4. This leads me to the AP scandal again because it is one that is developing legs since it was first revealed. Once again I see this in terms of an attack upon free speech.

At least 3 of these scandals are tied to the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case. From that point of view, I can see that there is an overkill, an overreaction in regard to that decision. In that decision, certain things were struck down that affected to a very small extent campaign donations.  What it did not do was to make it easier for corporations to donate to political parties or individuals. Neither did that case make it easy for overseas individuals to donate to political figures. In fact Barry Soetoro has been guilty of accepting those oversease donations (yet another scandal) and hiding the information via bundling. The parts of McCain-Feingold that specifically stayed in place were those parts that forbid foreign donations. The case itself dealt with the chilling of free speech, and this was something brought out in the opinion of Clarence Thomas. It was an issue that 5 of the justices took seriously. For this they were attacked by Barry Soetoro.

Each and every one of these particular scandals could lead to impeachment. We just have to see what develops because in each instance there has been intimidation of individuals that has been in place to stop them talking. It is not just Gregory Hicks who has complained about such intimidation.

A few names keep springing up in regard to these matters. One of them is Lois Lerner, another is Cheryl Mills who is a close associate of Hillary Clinton.  The name of Cheryl Mills keeps cropping up as underlings in the State Department have been “punished” and without just cause.

Attempting to re-write history

Only a few days have lapsed since being rocked by the news that bombs were planted at the Boston Marathon. If I have not done so, then my sympathy to the relatives of all the families that have had loved ones killed or injured. My thoughts are with them. The purpose of this post is an attempt to deflect the lies of the left-wing media as they attempt to slime conservative people once again.

The first thing I note is that the LSM wasted no time bringing up the Oklahoma City bombing as well as the death of so many Branch Davidians at Waco Texas. The two events are linked together, and yet it is strange that they do not mention the other event which was at Ruby Ridge. Upon reflection I got the impression that members or the LSM were attempting to rewrite the Waco event to make it look like it was a bombing or something like that, when in fact the fire that killed so many people was the result of action taken by the FBI.

The Branch Davidians under David Koresh came under the category of a cult. There was a religious component, and they called themselves Christians. They were in fact an offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists, which is an offshoot of the Baptists. (if you look back in time you will see how it all works back to the Baptists). This cult was also extreme in its libertarian approach to matters pertaining to government. (At this point in time I have forgotten the exact name that is applied to the group of people who are so extreme in their libertarian ideals that they totally reject government. I first came across them when some people were highlighting the deaths of two members of a separate group in a police shoot out – one of them was 16 years old, but he was the one who killed the police officer in a separate incident on the same day).

Now I am not up with everything that happens in the USA, and my memory tends to get hazy, and in this case one needs to look at why the FBI took an interest in David Koresh. It seems that the Branch Davidians had been placed on some kind of extremist list because of their gun ownership. From what I understand there were two issues: guns and taxes. The FBI had come after David Koresh and there was a 2 week stand off. On the day that the seige ended, there had been a fire, probably caused by those present firing smoke bombs into the compound.  If one considers the whole of the events it is not possible to place Waco as some kind of terrorist event. It was not…. but Timothy McVeigh had witnessed some of what had taken place in Waco and it had gotten him very angry. I do think that McVeigh became the victim of others from the POV that the other people were prepared to harness his anger at the government to commit an evil act. He was not a victim in any other sense.

The next incident prior to the Oklahoma City bombing was at Ruby Ridge, and again there was a shoot out, with Janet Reno being the one who had approved the action against the people involved in that incident. This was the other incident that had gotten Timothy McVeigh very angry.

It is worth noting that the Oklahoma City bombing and the event in Waco happened in April. There is no real connection to Patriots Day which is celebrated in Boston as a local event…. in fact there is no connection at all…

Yet, the LSM i.e. people such as Wolf Blitzer have taken up the idea that somehow there is a connection because the Boston Massacre happened on Patriots Day.  That link is just too tenuous, especially when the LSM has never discussed the fact that there was a third co-conspirator involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and that this person who was never charged was very likely an Iraqi who had links to Saddam Hussein….. hmm… was there another reason as to why George Bush was so keen to get rid of Saddam Hussein? I am only thinking out aloud and not suggesting anything, but I am prepared to speculate with my thoughts out loud…

How does this tie in with the events that occurred this week? There is speculation that the bombing was that of a “lone wolf”. This is suggested as a means of deflecting away from the possibility that this was a jihad attack. Keep in mind that nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. It is very weird. However, I doubt the “lone wolf” story, unless it is the same as Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood jihadi and murderer. He was a “lone wolf”. He acted alone but he was a jihadi who had been influenced by the late Anwar al-Awlaki.

There is a lot that is open to question including the taking into custody of a young Saudi Arabian student who had been injured. Now, in my country, placing the man in handcuffs is more or less considered as an arrest, so I do in fact see that he was arrested, not as the authorities have since claimed that there was no arrest. I do not know if he was directly involved, but he was on the scene and he was injured, and he did run away from the scene – so it is fair to point a finger in his direction.  On top of that the FBI searched the residence where he was staying with his consent and they took away quite a lot of material from that residence, including what to me looked like electrical wiring. One more thing to note about this Saudi, and that is: members of his clan in Saudi Arabia have been involved with Al Qaeda. From that point of view alone, yes he is a security risk.  It is rumoured that he is to be deported from the USA.

There are some photographs that are currently being circulated. It could be that what we are seeing is circumstantial evidence, but it looks to me like there were at least 3 men involved. I have to note here that two bombs went off, and on the day there was talk of at least 3 packages that were suspicious that were taken care of… in that situation with backpacks being abandoned, it is possible that the information was not correct, or it could be that we are seeing yet another cover-up in action…. I am tending towards the alternative view after seeing the photos.

What do I think? Well if it was jihad, and as far as I am concerned the IED that was used has all the hallmarks of a jihadi, then this little cell had been operating under the radar for quite a while. I do not agree with the home grown theory. I continue to think that it was a jihad attack that was “lone wolf”.

Update: Why is Janet Napolitano being so coy about the impending deportation of the Saudi Arabian student?  Are we seeing the beginnings of yet another cover up from the amateurs in the White House?