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Oh No!! Not another boring “me, I, me” speech

How on earth can people justify claiming that Østupid is a charismatic speaker? He does a really lousy job. If you want charismatic, try getting a hold of some of Hitler’s speeches, because Hitler was charismatic to those who believed him. However, with Østpid – not so much.

The last speech that he gave has sent out a lot of shock waves because there are signals in that speech that tells the Palestinians to go ahead and commit a new atrocity and act like a victim when the Israelis fight back.

This new speech is going to be given to the House of Lords and the House of Commons in London. Oh how bloody boring it will be…. not another boring “I this, I that, me, me, me,” speech out of the worst POTUS in the US history. Yes, he has finally surpassed Jimmah Carter to attain that particular not so good accolade.

The news report itself is interesting because it contains details as to why there is stalemate in Libya and it has to do with the lack of leadership coming out of the USA. I do not blame the NATO nations for the infighting and squabbles about the targets to be hit. They are correct to point out that US leadership is needed to determine the priority list.

Thankfully, NATO has continued to pinpoint those targets that needed to be destroyed. The latest has been the Libyan Navy. The reason why destroying these targets had become essential is due to the fact that they were going out and mining the Misrata harbour in order to prevent humanitarian aid ships from entering the port (oh yes, also to stop some other rickety boats from sneaking in arms to the fighters who were busy fighting for their lives in Misrata). The destruction means that for now Misrata will be safe and almost feel normal again (at least this will be the case until new action begins again).

The operation itself has been quite successful, because for the most part the arms have been destroyed, the army has been depleted, the air force has been grounded, and now the navy is lying in tatters in the harbour. Yet, the operation will not be totally successful until Daffy Duck either surrenders or he is run out of town.

Østupid speaks – Daffy Duck gets in a flap

I am one who cannot stand listening to the voice of Østupid. I find his voice to be a total irritant, therefore I have not bothered to listen to the latest speech on the Middle East. On the other hand I have been reading the fallout of what sounds like a very bad speech, one in which a number of Middle East countries considered to be allies have been betrayed (Libya is not an ally). At this point in time I have not decided whether or not Østupid was secretly helping those responsible for uprisings in a number of Arab countries, especially in Egypt. His reaction to the “Arab Spring” is on a par with the stupidity displayed by Jimmah Carter over the rise of the people against the Shah of Iran, and the welcoming of a far worse tyrant in the form of Ayatollah Khomenei.

I will leave to the Middle East experts their own expressions of dismay over that speech, especially the push to have Muslim Brotherhood take over in Egypt. Either Østupid is extremely naive, or he is a part of the whole operation. I will also leave to the Middle East experts their dismay or otherwise over the abandonment of Israel.

My purpose here is to highlight the response from the Gadhafi regime to the speech. Once again Østupid was playing dictator of the world, telling Gadhafi to quit. He simply does not understand that these Arabs are not to be handled in that fashion!!! He thinks that they should act when he speaks and do exactly what he tells them… or else. Well, the flapping response from the mouthpiece of the Gadhafi regime is a great propaganda piece (probably better than some of the propaganda that comes out daily – they do love to spread around the mushroom fodder). The following was reported in the Melbourne Australia Age newspaper online:

“Obama is still delusional — he believes the lies that his own government and own media spread around the world,” Ibrahim said.

“It’s not Obama who decides whether Moamer Kadhafi leaves Libya or not. It’s the Libyan people who decide their future,” he added.

This statement by Mousa Ibrahim Gadhafi is actually hilarious because he spews propaganda every day, and I am not sure how he manages to keep a straight face when he spews some of that stuff. Take for instance his comments, (that are in the same Age report) about the NATO strikes, where his proganda is a denouncement based upon bad old NATO chasing away all shipping from Tripoli and Libya (keep in mind that he denies that the regime has been attempting to mine the habour at Misrata):

Libyan government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim accused the Western alliance of seeking to scare international shipping firms into steering clear of government-held ports.

“Whatever the ship that has been hit, it is clearly a message sent by NATO to the international maritime companies not to send any more vessels to Libya,” Ibrahim told reporters in Tripoli.

Then in the same report comes the sad news about the South African photographer who had initially been with the group of journalists who were held for more than a month by the Daffy Duck regime. He had been killed at the time that the others were taken by Daffy Duck goons. They were unable to convey that information until they were released by the regime during this past week.  However, there is something that needs to be pointed up because it shows the outright hypocrisy of the Daffy Duck regime.

Anton was shot by Kadhafi’s forces in an extremely remote location in the Libyan desert,” the Hammerl family said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“According to eyewitnesses, his injuries were such that he could not have survived without medical attention.”

South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane said Kadhafi had personally assured her government that Hammerl, 41, was still alive.

“We were assured by Kadhafi himself, by his sons, and by advisers that Anton Hammerl was alive and well,” she told a news conference.

South African authorities only learned of Hammerl’s death after the release on Wednesday of four other journalists who were with him when he was shot in the Libyan desert, she said.

“The journalists knew that he had been killed but decided for their own survival not to say anything in consular contacts and telephone conversations with their families.”


He’s not important… just the oil minister – another Libyan defection

I saw this story appear in news reports about 2 days ago, but rather than being confirmed, the defection was merely hinted. However, there has now been a strong enough confirmation to go with the story of yet another defection of a top Libyan official from the regime. The man escaped into Tunisia with his family.

There are a few things about the story as it appears in this report that have sparked some interest. First of all, Ghanem had accompanied Moussa Khoussa into Tunisia when Moussa Khoussa fled the Libyan regime (I might have more to say about Moussa Khoussa’s role in the present bombing raids if that role can be confirmed. Also, there might be some clarification as to who was responsible for the blowing up of the French jet, Moussa Khoussa was held responsible but that might not be the case – more to come). He must have known the intentions of Moussa Khoussa at the time, and probably began his own plans to flee around the same time. However, the noose tightened around everybody after it was known that Khoussa had defected, which meant that he could not have carried out his own plans to flee with his family. The escape of Eman al-Obeidy probably gave him courage to try again.

Second, this particular report lists a number of regime people who have fled or defected from Libya. There is one name that leaps out… and it needs clarification. It is Mohammed Moammer Ghadafi, the oldest son, who, according to the report has fled into Tunisia. The claim is that he is in Tunisia for medical treatment…. we shall see. This oldest son is the only one who does not go along with his father’s actions, so it is highly probable that he managed to flee his father. The youngest son, allegedly the one who was killed, was a bad ass, and he was not a civilian.  Also, the alleged grandchildren that were killed, the news reports did not clarify the parents of those children (Saif al-Arab was not married)… so a little bit of speculation might be in order…. I have my own theories on the subject.

About those Libyan refugees – will you believe this?

I am sure that you have heard all about the refugee crisis. I know that in every war there are always refugees, and ever since the Vietnam war there have been boat people. Most of these people escape by paying someone to take them away from the country of conflict…. or at least that is what we have been told on many occasions. There are, of course, many of these “refugees” who leave for economic reasons. Within the last few days I have come across one story of someone who left the border area between Tunisia and Libya. He did not do it because of the conflict, but for economic reasons. 

However, it is this story that caught my eye, because it contains details about those so-called refugees heading out from Libya. I should add here that the island of Lampedusa is stretched to the limit because of the “refugees” and that Malta is not helping in this particular crisis. However, it is in the detail of this story that is the reason I am blogging about it. This is the first time that I have ever heard of a regime forcing people into boats, leaving them to face the perils of being on the open sea, and leaving them to drown.

In a sign that the regime is trying to force a refugee crisis as a weapon against its Nato enemies, almost 1,900 people from Libya arrived in five boats on the Italian islands of Lampedusa and Linosa this weekend alone. Another vessel sank – bringing the total lost to four boats. Hundreds of bodies are now washing ashore along the Libyan coast. Some of the refugees said they were forced on to the boats by Libyan troops and police, the International Organisation for Migration reported. Others were given free passage, in contrast to the normal practice where migrants are charged fortunes for the crossing.

“The flow of migrants from Libya to Italy has undeniably accelerated very recently,” said the IOM’s spokesman, Jean Philippe Chauzy. “Until recently, the flow to Europe was overwhelmingly Tunisians and there were no departures [by sea] from Libya. But as of yesterday, a total of 12,360 people on 35 vessels have arrived in Lampedusa and Malta from Libya.”


The UK Guardian is also running with this story and has some more detail about the complicity of the Libyan regime with regard to allowing immigrant workers to flee in unseaworthy boats.

The Libyan regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is allowing thousands of sub-Saharan African migrants on to overcrowded, unseaworthy ships in an apparently calculated attempt to use migration as a weapon to pressure Nato and the EU countries backing Libya‘s rebels.

Libyan officials admit they are not preventing boats full with African migrants embarking on perilous journeys to Europe. This is in protest at air strikes, which they say have destroyed the country’s coastguard.

Turning a blind eye to people smuggling has had disastrous effects, apparently leading to the deaths of hundreds of boat people during unsuccessful attempts to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa, Malta, and other parts of Europe.

Officials are still assessing the death toll from the sinking of an unseaworthy and overcrowded ship that is feared to have claimed hundreds of lives when it went down less than two miles off Tripoli last Friday.

A senior UN official said there had been reports that some migrants had been ordered at gunpoint to board boats by the Libyan army.

Melissa Fleming, chief spokesperson for the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, said the agency had received reports that the Libyan army was organising and directing the exodus with scant regard for human life or for Libya’s international obligations.

Fleming said one survivor had told the UN refugee agency that he and others had initially refused to board a ship they believed to be dangerously overcrowded. Libyan soldiers fired their guns into the air to force people to go on board, the survivor said.

Other survivors told the UN that some ships were leaving Tripoli only for their captain to disembark once they were at sea and take a pilot boat back to shore. “They [the migrants] are told, ‘here’s the compass, you go that way’,” Fleming said.

However, survivors of Friday’s tragedy told the Guardian they did not believe Libyan soldiers or officials had been involved.

This is a very serious situation, but it also goes beyond the regime itself. There are people smugglers and extremely unscrupulous people involved. I suggest that you read the whole report and consider it for yourself, because there is more to the story than meets the eye.

the death of OBL does not change the F grade given to Østupid for his foreign policy failures

Yes, it is true, I am a very harsh critic of the Østupid regime.  There are few amongst them that deserve any accolades. However, I will give special mention to Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, David Petreus and John Brennan for their persistence in going after OBL. They deserve the accolades for the death of OBL, not Østupid.

In the week since it was announced that OBL was dead, there has been so much spin coming out of the White House that it has been enough to make a person go dizzy. The stories have been changing daily, and there has been a lack of consistency about those stories. Even that story about waiting 16 hours before giving the final go ahead sounds like cow dung. It is a story that does not show decisiveness, but instead shows virtual cowardice when it comes to facing the realities of a war situation. It sounds like the truth lies somewhere between the Ulsterman report on the matter, and the cow dung fodder that came out of the press. I have a hard time imagining that the fey pResident could hammer his fist on a table to give the go ahead on something this important, and then head off to parties and playing golf, whilst it is all going down.

The fallout from the action is still very nuclear at the present time. The relationship between the USA and Pakistan is deteriorating rapidly. What is worse, the Pakistanis have released the name of the top CIA agent in Pakistan, which has put his life in danger. This is partly caused by the spin that has come from the White House, as well as the refusal to release the pictures of the body of OBL or of the video that showed him being fed to the sharks.

There should have been a very real psychological advantage in showing those photographs, but the image-obsessed pResident has told the world that he is “afraid” of any ensuing outrage. Well, the fact is the outrage is going to happen anyway, and why should the USA be concerned about the sensibilities of a bunch of very brain deficient individuals who go crazy over the slightest thing?

However, it is not just the handling of finding OBL that keeps that grade as an F, but it is the way in which he has handled other Middle East issues.  For example, when the Iranian regime crushed the protests of the people with bloodshed, Østupid said nothing until prompted by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. If it had not been for those two, Østupid would have totally ignored the human rights abuses in Iran. It was the death of Neda that made a difference, but the difference was short lived. The notion of extending a hand has been proved to be fruitless, and on the other hand it has shown to the Iranians that the USA has been weakened by having this man as pResident.

Then there is the attitude over the uprising in Egypt. The strategic concerns for the region were overridden out of some other underlying beliefs that Muslim Brotherhood be allowed to control Egypt… oh what a web we weave!!! Now it seems that the Salafists are on the loose in Egypt and the uprisings that are about to take off again are going to get extremely bloody unless the army is willing to stop the slaughter of the Copts. Muburak at least kept these Salafists (allied to AQ) under control. The demands that the pResident made to Muburak to step down were totally ill-considered.  Tunisia is also troubled, but it is a far more settle nation for the time being.

Since there have been several uprisings, and with brutal crackdowns by the regime in question, this leaves open further accusations of inconsistency in policy. As an example here, look at both Libya and Syria. I do see the differences in that Syria was slower to crack down on the population, and in Syria the situation is becoming more and more bloody. It has been the slow build-up. On the other hand, in Libya, Gadhafi planned his reaction in advance of any protests. At first Østupid made some noises, but only after Sarkozy and Cameron were insisting that action had to be taken. The UN no-fly zone enforcement is justified in Libya because Daffy Duck was bombing his own people, pretending that he was combating AQ elements. I have discussed at length that much of the claims about the involvement of AQ in Libya has been exaggerated, and is mostly coming from regime propaganda. This does not mean that some AQ associated individuals are not present, it just means that the vast majority are not associated with AQ, and that they are fighting for their lives against a wounded bull. That being said, the issue here is the manner in which Østupid stepped back, leaving a gap that had not been filled in the mission to take out Daffy’s means of killing Libyans. The attack on Misrata is outrageous and it needs to be stopped.  It needs strong leadership from the US and instead, the leadership has been totally wimpy. I commend both Sarkozy and Cameron, and I give a special mention to the Turk Erdogan for their efforts in attempting to protect the citizens of Misrata and Zintan.

To these concerns about Libya, I add here that the pResident had plenty of time to go to the Congress before the UN resolution, and to put to Congress the possible actions that would be required. The fact that he was spending his time on vacation, playing golf and giving parties, indicates that he is not serious in being a leader of the world. The fact is that without Congressional approval, the participation of the US in the Libyan action is not illegal, but certainly illicit. 

For these reasons… and counting…. an F grade on foreign policy and international relations is still very appropriate.

More war crimes from the scum known as Daffy Duck

His crimes in Misrata are never ending. I feel so much for the men, women and children of that town because of the horrible things that are happening to them every day. I feel pity for the immigrant workers trying to escape (this explains my last post, because most of those leaving Misrata by boat are immigrant workers and they are not thugs or involved in AQ).

Now the crimes have gotten worse, and on top of that this criminal is using Red Cross or Red Crescent helicopters to do his nasty deeds. The latest from the BBC is that Daffy Duck has been dropping land mines into the streets of Misrata. This is disgusting.

However, now we get to some further truths about why China and Russia have been so supportive of Daffy Duck in their condemnation of the NATO action. Those landmines were made by the Chinese.


They are not criminals leaving Misrata

The litany of lies coming out of the Libyan Daffy Duck regime continues unabated. The bombardment of Misrata has not let up for 2 months. The people of Misrata are not criminals, they are not members of AQ and they are not thugs. They are ordinary citizens that have been caught up in this Daffy Duck induced hell hole.

Misrata is important because of its position as a sea port. It is an important port for Tripoli. Daffy obviously feels that he cannot lose control of the port of Misrata – he has already lost control of the port. When Saif al-Arab died according to Libyan regime sources, Daffy intensified his bombardment of both Misrata and Zintan.

What is really galling about the Daffy regime statements is that the foreign workers who have been fleeing are criminals. Excuse me, Mr Gadhafi, those are international workers who had come to Libya for work, and you are calling them criminals!! These are innocent men who have been caught in the hellhole that you have created.

In this report, which gives a bit of detail about what has happened during the week, Amnesty International is also speaking out against Gadhafi:

“The scale of the relentless attacks that we have seen by Kadhafi forces to intimidate the residents of Misrata for more than two months is truly horrifying,” said Amnesty senior adviser Donatella Rovera.

“It shows a total disregard for the lives of ordinary people and is in clear breach of international humanitarian law.”

At the same time France and the UK have begun to expel more Libyan diplomats:

France announced it ordered 14 people who served as Libyan diplomats under Kadhafi’s regime to leave the country within two days.

“France has declared persona non grata 14 Libyan ex-diplomats posted in France,” the foreign ministry said, indicating Paris no longer recognised their diplomatic status.

The ministry accused them of “activities incompatible with the relevant UN resolutions… and contrary to the protection of Libyan civilians.”

At the Rome meeting, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had called on the international community must do more to isolate Kadhafi’s regime by expelling all diplomats loyal to him.

Britain ordered two Libyan envoys to leave London on Thursday. It had already expelled the ambassador.