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Corruption!! – Daniel T. Frawley… and it leads to….

As you are aware, I was attracted to the Citizen Wells site because of the Blagojevich trial. There are so many twists and turns in the relationships that it has been hard to keep a track of all of them… except that all roads lead back to one man…. Barack H. Øbama.

Daniel T. Frawley is yet another player in all of the scams, bribery and corruption in Chicago that is associated with Øbama. Brenda J. Elliot and Aaron Kline have been amongst those who have continued to concentrate upon the exposure of the Real Barack Øbama. Brenda has a very interesting post up regarding Daniel T. Frawley, who has been singing like a bird. My only question is whether he has been giving any information about the Øbama corruption, bribes and kickbacks.

This particular story regarding Companion Security seems to pull all of the characters together. It was a scheme the idea of bringing to Illinois Kurds who were to be trained as security guards. In Brenda’s own words:

This was the little scheme dating from sometime in 2005 that involved then-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, then-Senator Barack Obama, then-Illinois Homeland Security advisor Jill Morgenthaler, Obama’s then-personal real estate fairy and political cash bagman Tony Rezko, Rezko’s Chicago pal and personal bail bondsman (and former Iraqi Minister of Electricity) Aiham Alsammarae, and British-Iraqi billionaire businessman (and one of Carter-Ruck’s frequent-flyer clients) Nadhmi Auchi.

Frawley was also involved in another sordid little story concerning the theft of guns and $100,000 cash from the house of his sister.

Each little piece of this puzzle is being put meticulously together, and it is Frawley who informed upon Rezko, who is still awaiting sentencing. However, there is another lawsuit in the works, where Frawley, the plaintiff is suing his former attorney Weaver, who advised him not to cooperate with the FBI.

It is this story that helps to tie in the main players and their links to Barack H. Øbama. Weaver, it seems prevented his client from cooperating with the FBI and recording a conversation between himself and Tony Rezko at a luncheon. The information that was to be obtained concerned Barack H. Øbama… and this goes all the way back to 2006!!!

And again in Brenda’s own words:

Frawley also confirmed in the deposition that the information he was to obtain was “about the payments made by Rezko to Obama.”

Because the deposition was specific to the Frawley-Weaver law suit — namely a possible change of venue requested by Weaver — no further details about the “payments” are included.

The deposition further reveals that the FBI instructed Frawley to not speak with Weaver anymore.

Frawley admitted he had brought charge card records and bank statements to Weaver, among which was a “statement showing payment to Tony Rezko in [the] amount of $1.5 million.” No mention is made as to the source of the funds.

Frawley said that Weaver’s reason was an apparent conflict of interest. Weaver, it seems, was representing others — namely himself and Rezko — on the same matter.

“George was my attorney,” Frawley says. He was “being paid by me, and George was supposed to be representing my interests. And George was representing his own and Tony Rezko’s.”

Additionally, Weaver had possession of all the records Frawley had brought to him. Charles R. Franklin, Frawley’s attorney, said that not only did Weaver have all the records but also he would not release them to Frawley, who could not get them.

It appears that the $1.5 million was paid as a bribe to win the contract. Please read the whole story because there is a lot of meat to be digested.