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Is Iran up to monkey business?

Once again we see that the “Arab Spring” has been controlled by what I see as dark forces. In my analysis regarding Libya I have constantly pointed to the fact that Iran, Russia and China were all on the side of Gadhafi. When the revolutionaries managed to overcome Gadhafi and his mercenary forces, it was a colossal blow to each of those powers. China and Russia took a very hostile stance right from the git go, and they have the same hostile approach with regard to Syria.

However, my interest here is in Iran and their monkey business in other Middle East nations, especially in Syria and Bahrain. The Bahrain situation is one which is interesting because it clearly involves Saudi Arabia, and I might add that it is the classic Sunni vs. Shia contest. No matter how you look at the situation in the Middle East, there is one constant and it has lasted for hundreds of years – it is not new. That situation is Sunni vs. Shia. In Iraq, when Saddam Hussein was in charge, the minority Sunni had the upper hand. (I will return to Iraq because I have some concerns about their leader and his recent comments).

Bahrain was one of the many Arab countries that had seen “spring” protests. The ruler of Bahrain called in Saudi Arabia who gave assistance in crushing the rebellion. Without a doubt there were some violations of human rights during the putting down of the rebellion. I have no doubt that the Sunni do not want to give power to the Shia in the population. As usual though, we need to know more about those who were trying to stir up trouble in the first place. It looks like Iran was behind the trouble in Bahrain. However, at the moment this is speculation.

This morning a bomb went off near the British Embassy in Bahrain. Now this should prick up some interest, because this kind of activity in Bahrain is unusual. On the whole the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain have been accepting towards the British and other Western powers. There is no animosity. At the same time I suspect that if push comes to shove, and Israel decided to take out the nuclear reactors in Iran, then Bahrain would be one of the Middle East states that would do the nudge nudge wink wink.  Again I am guessing, but I have no reason to suspect that Bahrain would be openly hostile in such a circumstance.

This report from the UK Telegraph does some speculating about whether or not Iran was behind the bomb blast in Bahrain. Britain is of course on the nose with Iran and the Quds had already organized the sacking of the British Embassy in Tehran. They have tried to claim that the “students” were acting in solidarity with the Occubaggers but I think that we can discount that as a reason.

Let’s look a little more closely at what else is going on: Iran is close to having a nuclear bomb. We are trying to prevent them from getting to that stage. In the shadows we have Russia, China and North Korea helping Iran to reach their goal. Now that el Baradei (Mr Potato Head) is no longer in charge of the Atomic Commission, a report has been released setting out the truth about what is happening inside of Iran. The British, France, Germany and other European countries have decided to implement tougher sanctions, with good old Østupid dragging the chain and trying to stop the implementation of these sanctions. (Even Senator Menendez (NJ – D) is getting up the nose of White House officials over their obstruction on this subject). The fact that the Quds organized the sacking of the British Embassy more or less points a finger in their direction in regard to this latest attack upon a British Embassy.

Perhaps Iran perceives that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are weak, but I am not sure. However, if that is how the GrandPoohbah has sees Cameron then he is bound to be disappointed.

Iran is misbehaving and this time there is a lot at stake, including the stability of the Middle East. We have no idea as to whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood will be mild in Egypt – they could keep their word, remain moderate and not work with the Al Nur party since Salafists and Sunni kind of do not go together. Muslim Brotherhood gained popularity because they had worked with the poor in Egypt. People identify with them!!  Yet it is not Egypt that has to worry, but it is Saudi Arabia and ultimately who gets control of Mecca. On top of that Ahmahnutjob and the Grand Poohbah have been trying to cause a world wide situation, their version of Armageddon, in order to hasten the arrival of the 12th Iman. This is really what is at stake. It is a part of the powerplay to create the world wide caliphate with the Grand Poohbah in control.


My jaw just dropped!!

Does the name Qassem Sulemeini ring a bell? It should do so because this is the name of the man who has been indicted in a New York court over the plot to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador, as well as the Israeli Ambassador as well as sundry Congress critters that might be in a local D.C. restaurant when it was being blown to pieces by a Mexican cartel… at least that was the plot!!

As you should be aware the British Embassy in Iran was attacked, in a manner that was reminiscent of the attack upon the American Embassy in Tehran back in 1978 or 1979 (the hostages were held for a very long time). At the time of the US Embassy attack it was students from the University of Tehran who stomed the compound. One of those students involved in the attack is now the President of Iran. Yes, that is correct, Ahmanutjob was identified as being one of those students (and he has never been arrested for his role in the attack). 

When I saw the picture of the attack, the first thing that sprang to my mind was that this was not the work of ordinary students from the University of Tehran. I had that feeling that these were the Basijj pretending to be students. Sure enough, that first thought has been more or less confirmed, that the attackers were the Basijj and not the Tehran University Students. (sorry no link and I forgot to save the story).

However, I have just seen a report in the Age Newspaper (Australia) which is stating that Qassem Sulumenei and the Quds force were behind the attack on the British Embassy:

Some of the rioters at the embassy held aloft pictures of the Quds Force commander, Major General Qassem Suleimani, around whom a personality cult is developing. There are claims that a known Quds commander was in the crowd.

A day after Britain expelled all Iranian diplomats in response, the European Union stiffened sanctions against Iran but stopped short of halting oil purchases.

The sanctions specifically target additional members of the Revolutionary Guard Corps and businesses controlled by its members.

The US Senate also moved against Iran and on Thursday unanimously approved harsh new economic sanctions. Senators voted 100-0 to include the measure, which aims to cut off Iran’s central bank from the global financial system.

In his statement to Parliament, the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said the damage to the embassy and the residential compound was done by 200 student Basij militia but diplomats say that, according to a recent restructuring by the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, the Basij is a youth arm of the Revolutionary Guard.

An Israeli-Iranian analyst, Meir Javedanfar, said: ”Basij members don’t turn up in front of embassies, unless they have permission from the [Revolutionary Guard].”

Read more:

Please read the link to get the whole story, because the analysis is interesting. That analysis is something that is going through my own mind at a rate of knots. As soon as I saw that name it was like… no wonder my jaw dropped!! 
If this is correct, then it seems that Sulemeini is also in some kind of power play. The question is whether this is a power play within Iran or it is a world-wide power play. First, the Quds are in Iraq. The Iranian ambassador in Iraq is a member of the Quds. Second, the Quds are active in Syria and have been responsible for the deaths and injuries to thousands of Syrians in Homs and elsewhere.  Third, since the Quds take care of the foreign things, it is a clear sign that Sulumeini is going after both the British and the USA. Fourth, Sulumeini is the name of the man behind the plot to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador. The man who was captured and indicted in New York is a relative of Sulemeini. 
Could it be that this action is a prelude to something that is far worse? The first of the Egyptian elections have been held, and with a 62% turnout, the MB via the Justice Party and the Salafists via the Nour (sp) Party have gained control of the assembly. The worst part is that the Salafists want to impose a strict state version of Islam upon the Egyptians. What is perhaps even more frightening is that one or other of these groups has a very close relationship with Iran. On top of that Hezbollah have been trying to spark a confrontation with Israel but letting off rockets that have landed in Israel.
The situation here is quite complex because Iran is the enemy of Saudi Arabia. Iran wants control of Mecca. Sulemeini, by plotting to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador (a man who is in fact the anti-terrorist chief of Saudi Arabia), as well as plotting to kill the Israeli Ambassador and as many Americans as possible, has shown his hand.
Could it be that Sulemeini has other ambitions, such as taking over control of Iran, and then launching against what he perceives to be the enemies of Iran? Food for thought.

Going too far on foreign soil

NO, this is not about those drone attacks in Pakistan or Yemen, even though I disapprove of the use of drones in those countries. This is a story that has just emerged regarding the activities of the Iranians.

Eric Holder has announced that a plot to blow up the Saudi Embassy and to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the USA in Washington has been foiled. The report states the following:

The plot was “conceived” in Iran by the Quds force, part of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, he added.

Mr Holder described the $1.5m assassination plot as being “conceived, sponsored and directed by Iran”, and said Tehran would be held accountable for its alleged involvement.

Top Iranian officials were responsible for the plans, Mr Holder said, adding that the White House would be announcing steps against Iran in the next few hours.

The two men allegedly linked to the plot were named as Manssor Arbabsiar, a 56-year-old naturalised US citizen with dual Iranian and US passports, and Gholam Shakuri, based in Iran and said to be a member of Iran’s Quds Force

Mr Arbabsiar, who was arrested in John F Kennedy airport in New York on 29 September, has confessed to his involvement in the alleged plot, Mr Holder said. Mr Shakuri remains at large in Iran.

On 24 May 2011 Mr Arbabsiar made contact with an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency, under the impression that he was an operative of a Mexican drugs cartel.

Over a series of meetings, detailed emerged of a conspiracy that involved members of the Iranian government to pay $1.5m for the assassination of Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir on US soil.

The plot would have been carried out with the use of explosives, Mr Holder said. But he added that no explosives were ever put in place and the public was not in danger.

Mr Holder said the plans led Mr Arbabsiar, with approval from Mr Shakuri, to wire $100,000 to a US bank account as a downpayment for the assassination.

They have been charged with conspiracy to murder a foreign official, weapons conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit international terrorism charges over alleged plans to kill the Saudi ambassador.

Mr Holder said the alleged conspiracy amounted to a “flagrant violation of US and international law” and breaches international conventions that protect diplomats from harm.

FBI Director Robert Mueller told reporters: “Though it reads like the pages of a Hollywood script, the impact would have been very real and many lives would have been lost.

If you click on the link you can actually read the charge documents relating to what has taken place.

This is HUGE!!  Iran has been yet another sponsor of terrorism that has been working quietly behind the scenes. This has overtones of what took place with regard to OKC because a foreign power has been involved in the planning. This is different from the plot to take out the World Trade Centre in that no foreign power actually owned Al Qaeda, but in this case there is a direct link back to the Iranian Quds guard.

Now it could be that Ahmanutjob was behind the plans, or it could be that the Grandpoohbah was behind the plans, this is something that will have to come out in the wash. However, keep in mind that Iran is sending a Navy ship to the coast of the USA so they must have been plotting the killing of the Saudi Ambassador with a bigger target in mind.

Can anyone say Iranian Armageddon?

On the other hand, if you begin to investigate the history of Islam, like I have, you will find a whole mish mash of information regarding the Shia and the Sunni, and on top of that the group that actually follow something else that is Ismailism. There are other variants of Islam, and some of those variants are not as hostile to the West. The most hostile at the moment is the Shia under Iran, followed by the Sunni and in particular the Wahibbi. The least hostile from what I have gathered is Ismailism which is the group that follow the Agca Kahn (but even this group have gone through the military thing in the past, it is just that the present Agca Kahn is not hostile, and is teaching his people to be philanthropists and to consider jihad to mean a personal struggle, which is hard for us to comprehend).

Here is something else to consider: For a long period of time Saudi Arabia has been trying to fend off the attempts by Iran to cause destabilization in that country. Whilst we know that Al Qaeda is anti-Saudi rulers, they are also not necessarily being funded by Iran (they are Sunni, not Shia). Saudi Arabia has been secretly backing Israel whilst at the same time presenting itself as being anti-Israel. Iran backed Daffy Duck and was attempting to supply him with weapons even though a ban on weapons supply had been imposed. Yes, I know, the French also broke the ban to supply weapons to the Berber in the Libyan mountains. Iran is involved behind the scenes in the Egyptian revolution, but has been cut out of the Libyan revolution, whilst Saudi Arabia backed the revolutionaries in Libya. The targets of the potential attack were: the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the USA, the Saudi Embassy, the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC as well as various Saudi and Israeli embassies in other countries. Also, Iran is sending a war ship into American coastal waters.

UPDATE: This news item is becoming hot property because of the implications at the highest possible levels. Pajamas Media is carrying a report from Barry Rubin who asks some critical questions, including what should be an obvious one to ask: if the Iranian who has been charged with these offences had made contact with actual members of the Zeta cartel, instead of the DEA undercover agent, what would the outcome have been?

It really seems to have been more luck than anything else that the Iranian-American ended up dealing with a man who was working with the DEA instead of an actual member of the Zeta cartel.

UPDATE 2: The Iranians have not wasted time in trying to claim that the whole thing did not happen. I have seen one Iranian writer furiously denying that it is possible that either Khamenei or Ahmanutjob could have authorized such a thing. I took one look at the name of the author and dismissed that particular report. However, there is another report, which can be found here, which gives good reasons to believe that the Mr. Big in Iran is actually General Suelimani.

I think the most convincing reason that I have seen so far that it was genuine, happens to be the Saudi Ambassador himself. The man is no Kool-Aid drinker. He warned the USA against the Iranians. He is a very shrewd man, and I think that he is a very credible man. The report at the Daily Caller is well worth a read as it is another very good analysis of the whole thing.

The next most obvious question: would guns that were used in Fast and Furious ended up being involved in any action taken against the Saudi Embassy?


Egypt – was it Islamists who stormed the Israeli embassy?

The report at indicates that the protesters were not members of Muslim Brotherhood. This particular report is without the hype that I have seen elsewhere on the Internet. It gives the facts about what happened, that protesters who had been at Tahrir Square broke away and headed to the Israeli Embassy. They had sledgehammers and they hacked away at the walls that were put in place to secure the building. Roughly 30 of them got inside the building and then distributed papers onto the street. Of concern to me is that these people were chanting: onward to Jerusalem, blah, blah.

According to this report, the cause of this extraordinary activity was an incident near the border of the Gaza strip where some Egyptians had been killed. Likewise some Israelis had been killed. The kicker here is that it looks as if this had nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood. It seems that the individuals involved are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

As you are aware Egypt has co-operated with Israel with regard to attempting to keep arms out of the Gaza strip. The incident that took place has not really been explained. There has been no apology over the latest of the rockets that were fired into Israel from the Gaza strip either.

If Muslim Brotherhood has disavowed the protest as well as the action at the Israeli Embassy, then it seems that rather than Islamists at work, this is the handiwork of the LEFT WING communists from Egypt.

As we have noted in the past, it seems that certain Communists within the USA have had more than a passing interest in causing disruption in Egypt. I refer of course to Bernadine Dorhn, William Ayers, and the luvvies from Code Pink. The people who have been attempting to get into the Gaza strip have been the Marxists, not the likes of Muslim Brotherhood.

I find this very curious since CAIR is an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood, or is it? I am wondering if CAIR is being sponsored by some other party. Members of CAIR have been behind some pretty nasty stuff in the USA, and they are linked to other groups such as the Holy Land Foundation, which was taking money for Palestininian activists in that region.

Perhaps we need to have another look at the activities of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Are they linked to Iran, or putting that another way, is Iran somewhere in the background waiting to pounce if Muslim Brotherhood rises as a political force in Egypt?

Something else on my mind here concerns Mr. Potato Head who has been very quiet lately. As you are aware this is the man who claimed that there were no WMDs in Iraq, which is not true, and he also made false statements about the WMDs in Iran. His wife is an Iranian who is the daughter of a prominent member of the Iranian government. It is obvious that Mr. Potato Head, if he got into power in Iran would push Egypt into some form of alliance with Iran. Mr. Potato Head wanted to be allied to Muslim Brotherhood, but it seems that they are not interested in him. Interesting.

What it looks like here is that Muslim Brotherhood joined in the original protests to oust Muburak, but have always had their own agenda. I think that was clear immediately after Muburak was sent into exile. However, it looks like there was some kind of immediate split between the two groups. Again it was quite obvious. What seems to be happening is that the Marxists want to keep protesting, but the Muslim Brotherhood are happy biding their time. Also, it appears that Muslim Brotherhood is not the same as the Salafists.  Here again we have that split based upom Islamic sectarianism. Muslim Brotherhood seems to be Shia oriented, and the Salafists (Al QAEDA) are Sunni in origin.

I think that demanding Muburak step down was the biggest Foreign Policy of the present USA administration. It was something that was a total botch from the time that the protests began. Egypt is a separate issue from that of Libya, especially when Østupid actually had very limited say on what was happening over there. He had more impact upon Egypt, than on Libya. In fact Østupid was reluctant to make a decision on the no-fly zone and he had to be pushed. (ALSO please note the way that this stupid individual is trying to big note himself on making the decision to go after Bin Laden. He has no shame. He is claiming that his advisors were against it, but from what has been passed on, it was Valerie Jarrett who was against it, and it was Leon Panetta who went ahead with the action, but just watch Østupid as he continues to lie in the hope that people will see him as some kind of hero – he is not anything of the kind).

Algeria: Beware that this could become another hot spot

I am not going to add much to this topic at this point in time. I will write up any information on my alternative blog but will mention anything here that might be of interest. 

In recent weeks Algeria was subjected to an attack by terrorists who are associated with Al Qaeda. My personal opinion here is that the attacks have nothing to do with Libya, but we shall see. The reason that I think this way is due to the fact that the attacks themselves are not new, but that they have been stepped up.

Algeria has been a supporter of Daffy Duck, and in fact I have been suspicious of some “news” items that were released that had been accusatory towards the Libyan Gadhafi opposition, which seemed to be propaganda of the Gadhafi regime. Early this week news came that members of the Gadhafi family had crossed the border and were in Algeria. Aisha Gadhafi has since that crossing given birth to a girl that she has named Safiyah. The members of the Gadhafi family who crossed into Algeria included: Safiyah, Aisha, Mohammed and Hannibal. If anything Hannibal and his wife need to be extradited to face charges of cruelty towards the nanny of their children (that is quite an horrific story), however, Mohammed was not directly involved in what has taken place. Algeria has since stated that the family are being placed under house arrest. We shall see whether it is true.

The reason I am highlighting Algeria is that already there are claims that Al Qaeda are stepping up activity in Algeria because that government has supported Gadhafi. Personally, I see this as an excuse to put down any revolt in Algeria, and to repeat what had taken place in Libya (that is the government repression of the population) and in Syria. Algeria has until now not had much in the way of problems from opponents, but that could be about to change. I am not saying that this is a possibility that is not true, but I am treating the allegation with caution.  Up until now the news sources that I have used have made no real mention of Al Qaeda showing any real support for the NTC and those who were fighting to get rid of Gadhafi. This is probably why the news item that is making this particular claim stands out like a sore thumb.  

From the beginning the NTC spokespeople have been keen to keep out foreigners that might raise the hackles of Al Qaeda, which is an organization that is not strictly present in Libya, but there are sympathises or at least those with similar views who are Libyans. If this element is to remain placated and kept in their place then a fine line needs to be walked. The NTC has been keen not to repeat the mistakes made in Iraq, which in translation means that they do not want to do anything that would encourage an Al Qaeda presence.  This is what makes the claims coming out of Algeria very jarring.

It should also be pointed out that Robert Mugabe has expelled the Libyan ambassador to that country because he expressed allegiance to he NTC. This should be seen in the light of Mugabe being an ally of Gadhafi, and one who has just had his funding (balls) cut off so that he has less funds available to conduct terror campaigns against his own people.

Also, some are voicing concern because Iran sent “aid” to Benghazi. I agree that there is cause to be concerned. It should be pointed out that Iran had been illegally sending weapons to Gadhafi, but they sent discreet humanitarian aid to Benghazi. In other words according to the NTC what they received was medicine and food for the people of Libya. I see this as a diplomatic move that is meant to put Iran in the good books with the NTC once they realized that Iran’s real ally was being deposed. It reminds me a bit of the attitude of China and Russia who had caused a fuss in the early part of this whole saga only to find themselves on the outer with the NTC. This is why I suspect the motivations of Iran is based soley upon ensuring some form of relationship with the NTC. Since most Libyans are either Sunni (explains why they tend towards Al Qaeda) or Sufi, I do not see that there will be a strong relationship with Iran in the near future, but one never knows how things will turn out.

The civil war is not quite over in Libya, and the propaganda war is still being waged on the international scene. This is why I offer a note of caution when it comes to Algerian propaganda with regard to the motivations of the Al Qaeda group that have recently attacked the military barracks. Look first to nationalist reasons for the attacks before applying motivations associated with giving refuge to members of the Gadhafi family, or giving support to Gadhafi. I am sure that eventually we will know the truth.


and the winner is…. envelope please….. al-Zawahri – watch out for those drones

AQ have announced that they have picked a new leader. I guess with the recent thinning of the ranks a number of possible candidates were eliminated from the race :). As expected the Egyptian, a man who is under suspicion for the assassination of Anwar Sadat, and is wanted for other crimes, al-Zawahri has been nominated for the post of leader.

Der Spiegel actually has quite an interesting analysis regarding al-Zawahri taking the reins. Despite the fact that Der Speigel is a left-wing paper, I actually find a lot of their articles and analysis to be quite informative, which is why I tend to not discount their point of view too quickly. Therefore, I think that the article is well worth a read to get some idea of their point of view.

Of interest is the possibility that the various AQ groups could split. This might be very much the case for AQ in Yemen.

The question now will be how al-Qaida’s members and supporters will accept the new “amir.” No one will dispute his leadership, but it is conceivable that the offshoot al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) will maintain a more distant relationship with him than they did with bin Laden. There is a long-standing animosity between al-Qaida’s Egyptian contingent and its members from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. There will not be a mutiny, but perhaps the implementation of directives from headquarters will be less forthcoming than before.

The second question concerns what Zawahiri’s directives will look like. Will he try to reorganize al-Qaida?

In general, Zawahiri follows the same ideology and strategy as Osama bin Laden. But there are some admittedly vague indications that the terrorist network might try out a new strategy. These indications coincide with Zawahiri’s takeover, but they would not likely be based solely on his decision.

It is striking that in both the al-Qaida statement from the general command and in a high-quality propaganda video released some weeks ago, there are calls to non-members to become active participants in the jihadist movement.

In the two-hour video, for example, viewers are presented with dozens of examples of such sole offenders, including from the 19th century. One man, one attack: Up till now, this has not been al-Qaida’s official line. The terror network, whilst welcoming cooperation with volunteers of all kinds, has nevertheless insisted on a kind of terrorist purity: Only where al-Qaida itself was involved, should al-Qaida be mentioned.

The new message, however, could be understood as al-Qaida giving its blessing to individual attackers to carry out terror acts in the network’s name. In general, it is better to make contact with al-Qaida first, the group’s chief ideologist Abu Yahya al-Libi says in the propaganda video — but if that is not possible, would-be terrorists should act on their own initiative. Sole attackers rather than cells: The thinking behind this idea could be that groups are easier to detect.

In the document released on Thursday there is a passage that seems to echo this approach: Al-Qaida extended its hands against all those who are also “working for the victory of Islam” — in al-Qaida speech that means those planning terror attacks. It does not matter whether this is within or outside existing organizations, it adds.

Al-Qaida has also slightly shifted its position in another way: In the beginning, the terror network did not have a coherent message on the popular revolts in Arab countries. It lagged behind, the messages were out of date and sounded desperate, given the absence of any Islamist agitation in key places like Cairo, Tunis and Damascus.

But in the past week, Zawahiri — even before he gained the role of “amir” — released his own video in which he revealed the first attempt at a strategy in the face of the uprisings: Al-Qaida supports the rebellions against the “godless” regimes, but these movements must subsequently be transformed into a holy polity.

There is also an echo of this position in Thursday’s statement: The revolutions are incomplete until Sharia, the Islamic legal system, is introduced.

Some of these comments actually suggest that AQ under al-Zawahri is searching for relevance in the face of the “Arab spring”. Since we do not know much about the make of the protest groups in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Yemen in particular, one could argue that AQ is seeking to muscle in on what has begun by the demand for “muslim purity” and of course their usual demand for the setting up of a caliphate. So far, only in Yemen has AQ had some form of success, by taking over a town in the south of Yemen. However, AQ is also making its presence felt in Tunisia. Some also claim that AQ is strongly present in Libya, but that is simply not true, despite the fact that there are elements amongst those doing the actual fighting. 

Also, I note that al-Libi, who is from Libya seems to have risen in the ranks of AQ. I do not know if there is any specific relevance with regard to how AQ views the situation in Libya. Note: the fact that there are no boots on the ground means that AQ is robbed of the opportunity for rhetoric and the stirring up of the ummah to go fight the “baddies”. Also, note that neither the Tripoli regime, nor the Benghazi NTC have received endorsement from AQ. The only countries supporting Tripoli are those that actually get funds from Tripoli to finance their own terrorism against their people (including Jacob Zuma in South Africa – exactly what did Daffy promise Zuma during that meeting?).

The aim needs to be to keep AQ out of the picture in Libya and this will only happen when there is a political settlement, coupled with the departure of Daffy Duck from Tripoli.

With regard to Egypt, the ideology of MB and AQ are not quite the same because their methods vary just a little bit. It seems that MB have from the beginning been intent upon gaining political control without the fighting and bloodshed. They are now in a position to realize their dream. This is thanks to a military junta that favours MB and is working towards MB gaining control. The end result will probably be an alignment with Iran.  (This is a very bad thing). Muslim Brotherhood is a fascist organization.


Developing – Iran Parliament votes to take Ahmahnutjob to court

There has been a power struggle going on in Iran. For the time being the opposition has been silenced (I have not heard if Mousavi and Kharoubi are in prison or if they remain prisoners in their own homes lately). The people have been silenced due to a most vicious crackdown in that country. The crackdown in Iran has been far more vicious than in Syria, Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen, and is on a par with Libya.

However, over the past few months there have been real signs of a crack in the regime. Ahmahnutjob defied the Grand Pooh-bah over a certain matter, and this has meant that the hardliners in the Iran Parliament have been out to seek revenge in some way. There are some really extreme hardliners in the Iran Parliament and these people are very willing to murder more people.

The latest story is that the Iran Parliament has voted to take Ahmahnutjob to court over the firing of the oil minister. It seems that there are a lot of issues that are boiling at the present time. This is something that is developing rapidly. Yet you have to remember that the hand behind the Iranian Parliament is one of the most wicked and deviant men alive – the Grand Pooh-bah Khamenei, who sees himself as God.

The fallout between the Grand Pooh-bah and Ahmahnutjob is about to have big repercussions. The Grand Pooh-bah had been involved in the conspiracy that saw Ahmahnutjob remain as President when the people voted against him. This means that the fall-out that has developed between this pair is really big. Khamenei killed to get the position of Grand Pooh-bah. Khamenei has enabled the torture and imprisonment of the Iranian people. He sees Ahmahnutjob as some kind of threat, but Khamenei wields all of the power. Iran is about to become very unstable.