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Middle East and Africa Roundup

Since the President of the United States of America has held a prominent position in the world, up until the election of the fraud and usurper Barry Soetoro, there is as much a need to focus on the international aspects of his Presidency, as there is a need to focus on the more narrow internal matters.  Since the 2nd World War the United States has played a pivotal role in world affairs. As a result of this role the USA has quite often come under attack from various quarters including the Middle East, Africa, the Soviet Union, Central and South America. President John F. Kennedy made his errors with the Bay of Pigs disaster, and the topped it off by getting the USA involved in the Vietnam War. Likewise, Australia followed LBJ into the Vietnam War. The slogan at the time was “All the way with LBJ”.

The USA has been a target for covert attack for a number of years, including the attack on the Murrah building in Oklahoma City (John Doe #2), the first and second attacks on the World Trade Centre, as well as sundry other attacks. For those of us who remember the late 1960s to early 1970s there were many attacks on Pan Am aircraft as well as the attack on the Achilles Lauro and sundry other attacks.  Many of the attacks can be traced to Islamists of one sort or another.  They can also be traced to the leaders of Libya, Iran and yes even Iraq – Gadhafi for example was well known as a sponsor of terrorism, Iran used Syria as a Satellite to bring down the Lebanese government through Nasrallah and Hezbollah, plus there is a very high probability that Saddam Hussein might have sponsored the attack on the Murrah building as well as having a possible sponsorship role in the first attack on the World Trade Centre. These sponsors of terrorism are still very active.

There is a very good case to be made about the probable consequences of having porous and open borders with Mexico. Those borders are a good way for jihadists to enter into the USA by stealth. Who might those jihadists be? Palestinians? Take your pick on the country because it might be Palestinians or even Afghanis or any other Middle Eastern nationality.  It can happen very easily. This is why there is a real need to “know the enemy” and try to neutralize the enemy.  FYI , I see Libya as the enemy so long as Gadhafi remains in charge. He is not to be trusted. The proof is there with his activities prior to the second invasion of Iraq, because when that happened Gadhafi knew that he would be next.

One thing that can be learned about the Middle East leaders is that they do not appreciate weak leaders. The latest comments from Ahmahnutjob relating to Barry Soetoro were very telling as far as how the man is disrespected in the Middle East.  There are many things happening in the Middle East and it would be very bad if the same mistakes were made over Egypt, that were made over Iran. Carter made some really classic mistakes in Iran, and one of them was his underestimation of the Ayatollah Khomeini who had been living in exile in Paris up until the fall of the Shah of Iran.

In fact, with the latest developments in Egypt, it is more than likely that MB will gain a foothold in the ME and that is highly undesirable. Should the Muslim Brotherhood be successful and end up controlling Egypt there will be further destabilization in the world.   The wars in the Middle East are disrupting oil supplies throughout the world, causing the price per barrel to escalate. Saudi Arabia is trying to take up the slack. Of course if the USA was allowed to produce more oil, this would not be a problem, because the USA has plenty of oil but the present Administration is preventing the mining of this particular mineral resource. It is actually acting in a criminal fashion.

On another front, something that worries me happens to be the escalating drone attacks in the border region of Pakistan. If there is one thing that could point to criminal action it is the killing of civilians in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Another reason to be concerned about Pakistan in particular is that they have nuclear weapons. Pakistan is the country to watch in the near future.

@@@update on Pakistan@@@

The rift between Pakistan and the USA is becoming more serious. I have just been reading this report from the BBC, where it outlines the more controversial issues that are at stake. About 335 people who are officers, CIA and other personnel are being asked to leave the country. Plus Pakistan wants restrictions on the drone operations. From what I am reading the relationship with Pakistan has deteriorated significantly in the pas t2 years.


If the USA had a strong leader as President then these things would be of less concern. However, with the usurper Barry Soetoro at the helm, there is every reason to be concerned, especially when he is constantly siding with jihadists against United States citizens. If he is not siding with jihadists then he is telling the leaders of M.E. countries allied to the USA to leave. He has done this with at least 2 leaders where he has sided with the Opposition. The exception here is Libya which was not allied to the USA… and yes Daffy has to go!! That weakness that is on show for the whole world to see is actually quite dangerous for world peace. The weakness is sending out signals to the enemies of the USA that those other countries once allied to the USA are now fair game.  One of the biggest enemies is Iran, and they are busting a gut to control the Middle East. Ahmahnutjob is obviously perceiving the Barry Soetoro weakness as an opportunity to create the Middle East version of Armageddon.  However, Barry keeps talking about “extending a hand”, to talking but Ahmahnutjob is not really listening and his boss the Grand Pooh-Bah is laughing behind Barry’s back – it is the price for not speaking up against the crimes against humanity that occurred in Iran during 2009.

In order to reduce the daily posts I want to try something new with regard to news from the Middle East and Africa. The turmoil continues in Libya, Syria and the Ivory Coast. There is nothing new from Bahrain, Morocco, Oman and several other countries. Keep an eye on Chad and Mali (both are Daffy allies). Also watch for new stirrings in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The Syrian forces are now firing indiscriminately upon the citizens in two villages. The Human Rights people claim that more than 200 people have been killed since the protests began.  I wonder if Østupid will now demand that Assad depart the scene.  What will it take for the current  POTUS to start acting in a more consistent and credible fashion? His silence and refusal to condemn the violence only encourages the regime in Syria to continue to violate the human rights of its citizens.


The following are links that give some insight on the latest from some of these countries:

Syria appears to be fuelled by sectarian or at least tribal violence. The latest killings have come from Assad loyalists but police have also been shot. You can read the Reuters summary here.

Libya: the African Union leaders have met with Daffy Duck and have proposed a peace plan. They claim that Daffy has agreed to the plan which allegedly includes a ceasefire. The President of South Africa, Zuma wants NATO to stop enforcing the no-fly zone, “to give the ceasefire a chance”. However, if this ceasefire is like the others, then NATO should put more aircraft in the air and bomb the Daffy forces until there is nothing left!!  In other words do not trust Daffy Duck because his words and promises are meaningless. You can read more on Libya here.

Egypt: More than 1000 protesters attempted to demonstrate at Egypt’s Tahrir Square. I would love to know who it is that is egging these people on. The latest demand is to topple Tanatawi. You can read more here.

Ivory Coast: The French forces and the UN continue the effort to force Gbabgo to quit. You can read about what is happening in the Ivory Coast here.

Yemen: protests continue with a few more deaths. The numbers are not as bad as the deaths in either Syria or Libya. Once again it is not clear who is behind the protests in Yemen, but it seems to be a Shia vs. Sunni affair, with the Yemeni govt. also fighting against Al Qaeda which is strong in the region. You can read the latest here.

@@@@ update@@@@

Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo has been captured. He and his wife are under house arrest. There has been a call for the end to the violence.  You can read the report on the surrender of Laurent Gbagbo here.

****update 2***

It looks like the Ivory Coast could become another Somalia. The news in this report is not very positive. It looks like the Outattera supporters are out for revenge and there are reports of them going house to house hunting down the Gbagbo supporters.


Libya: As I expected, the National Council which represents the rebels has rejected the African Union peace plan. Despite the alleged willingness of Daffy to enter into a ceasefire, there has been an increase in the shelling of Misrata. One thing that I have noticed is that Østupid has disappeared into the background with not a word being uttered about the intransigence of Daffy and his goons. There is silence. I wonder if that has anything to do with the love letters that Daffy sent to Østupid, or whether it has anything to do with Louis Farrakhan who was not at all pleased that Østupid agreed to push for the no-fly zone. Stay tuned for more fireworks.

~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~

Morocco: I thought that Morocco had settled down. It seems that I am wrong. I just saw this report filed on the BBC news site. It looks that the young men of Morocco are organizing themselves through Facebook to continue their protests for reform. The report does give some background information about Morocco.

If this one turns nasty and violent, I wonder whether Østupid will demand resignations like he did in Egypt and Tunisia.

UPDATE 14/4/2011

There have been meetings between NATO countries regarding Libya. Another meeting was held with the National Transitional Council.  You can read about the latest here.

Something I noted is that the French have stated that they are not supplying weapons. The British are supplying satellite phones and body armour (that might cut down on some of the severe injuries), but it seems that Qatar is the go-between for the supply of weapons. Please draw your own conclusions.

Something else to note and that is be wary of any stories that claim Hezbollah is helping the National Transitional Council, unless the story has come from that source. The reason is that it is Daffy goons spreading the story. This is just like Daffy goons claiming that much needed weapons were being supplied to Hezbollah and being set through Chad and Mali (which does not compute with the relationships for those particular countries – as in Daffy is more than likely the supplier if there are weapons heading into either Chad or Mali).

If I find news to the contrary then I will also report on that news, providing it has come from reliable sources and not just hearsay.


More on the Ivory Coast

At one point it looked like Gbagbo had given in and that he would negotiate to leave the Presidential palace. However, since then, Gbagbo has hunkered down in the bunkers.

There is now new evidence of massacres, which is in fact ethnically, not religiously, motivated. The latest is the discovery of more than 100 bodies and the evidence is rather horrific since some were burnt alive and others have been thrown down a well.

The violence and massacres sounds a lot like what took place in Kenya when Raila Odinga claimed that there had been fraud in the election result, which also ended with ethnic violence.

However, it is this paragraph in the story that has caught my attention:

In a separate incident, more than 40 people are believed to have been killed by Liberian mercenaries in recent days.

UN peacekeepers were posted in the area when the killings took place, but did not intervene.

Meanwhile, the head of the UN peacekeeping operation in Ivory Coast says Mr Gbagbo’s forces have regained some ground in Abidjan that they had lost to Mr Ouattara’s side.

UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said Mr Gbagbo’s forces used a lull on Tuesday for peace talks as a ruse to reinforce their positions. The talks have so far led nowhere.

Note the use of mercenaries. In Libya Daffy Duck is using mercenaries from Chad and Mali.

The Ivory Coast

Is there a situation that is worse than Libya as far as civilian deaths is concerned? Yes, there is a civil war that is worse than Libya, and I might add that this is a real civil war situation.  That situation is being played out in the Ivory Coast.

Without going into the background of this conflict in any depth, this is another conflict where the U.N. is involved. In this case France has boots on the ground. The conflict revolves around the former President Gbagbo who refuses to accept that he was defeated in an election, and Outatera (sp) who was elected in the U.N. supervised elections. 

The “rebels” in this case are those who back the winner of those elections, Outatera. In recent days it has come to light that probably 1000 people were massacred at the Catholic missions compounds, probably by Outatera’s supporters. One has to be careful about how this is interpreted because it was not necessarily action that was anti-Christian.

According to the reports that I have seen, the people in the villages under fire take shelter in the compounds of the Catholic missions because they see those as being safe. Therefore, without greater detail being available as to who was killed it is hard to draw conclusions.

On the other hand, the Salesians who run the seminaries in Abdijan have had a few problems and it has been reported that one of the priests has been kidnapped.  It is not a good situation.

The French have boots on the ground. They have secured the airport which means that some people have been able to escape the conflict. It also means that the French forces are engaged against the supporters of Gbagbo.

At this point in time I do not know the full story behind the conflict, or behind the UN involvement in this country. The report that I have used here points out that Gbagbo’s troops have been shelling civilians, just like Daffy Duck is shelling and killing civilians in Misrata.