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The hacking scandal

The actual scandal happened more than 6 years ago, but it is only now that the whole of the scandal has burst upon the scene. There is a well known saying about a “little bit of sunlight”. After the murder trial involving murder victim Milly Dowler, and the manner in which the Dowler family was crucified at the trial, it seems that the news that someone hacked Milly’s phone has caused the mushroom fodder to hit the fan.

Milly Dowler disappeared several years ago, she was kidnapped and murdered by a man who had been convicted of a similar crime. At the time of her kidnapping Milly had discovered a bit of a dark family secret, and that secret had upset her very much. On the afternoon that she disappeared, Milly had gotten off the train one stop early and she had gone to a cafe with friends before starting her walk home. She never arrived at her home. As a result of that dark secret involving the sexual proclivities of her father, the police failed to follow up all of the vital clues, including the fact that this known sex offender lived in a house close to where Milly had disappeared. Instead, her father had become a suspect in the eyes of the police and they stopped looking.

In the months before her body was discovered, the family thought that Milly was still alive, because her voice mailbox had been cleared, allowing extra messages to be left. The family was being given the impression that Milly was listening to the messages. Instead, someone associated with the News of the World had arranged for the hacking of the girl’s telephone. This is the scandal that has now erupted.

Rupert Murdoch has had a very personal meeting with Milly Dowler’s family. This father, mother and sister had gone through hell in the witness box. Murdoch personally apologized for the behaviour of the editors and staff at News of the World. He was very upset over the whole matter. Rebekah Brooks, who was chief editor at the time of the hacking offered her resignation again, and it was accepted. The very next day she was arrested in relation to the scandal. She will have her day in court. I am not sure if she will also give evidence before Parliament relating to the whole scandal.

The whole hacking scandal is centred in the UK. This has not stopped the beginning of a US witch hunt with the FBI doing an investigation (no doubt on the orders of Østupid) over a rumour of possible hacking of the phones of victims of 9/11. Personally, I think that there is not even a puff of smoke with regard to those claims. However, there is evidence that News of the World editors and staffed hacked the phones of the victims of the London bombing.

People, that is, ordinary people have a right to privacy. The hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone was a big breach of that right to privacy. The whole thing was done in order to try and get the big scoop. It is not just News of the World. Other news organizations had done the same thing. I fear I no longer have the links to the story that actually gave the name of the organizations that had also indulged in this very nasty exercise. At least one other paper associated with the Murdoch Press had been involved in a hacking scandal. The actor, Jude Law is about to sue the Sun over the hacking allegations.

What is really disgusting to me is that these “news” people were going to such lengths to get their story. They seem to have taken their eye off the main game by this pursuit of trivia, by this desire and pursuit of the rich and famous, as well as their desire to get the “big scoop”. In the process they trampled upon the rights of the common person, especially the right to privacy. This is why the Milly Dowler case is the culmination of the scandal that is now rocking the media. I expect the scandal to worsen, once it is recognized that News of the World was not the only participant.

There is nothing to be gained from hounding Rupert Murdoch in my view. This is being done by the left wing such as the Communist Ed Milliband in the UK and is supported by the watermelon odour-sniffer Bob Brown in Australia, who really hate his guts. Murdoch has always allowed his editors a degree of freedom in how they ran the individual papers. The Murdoch Press has always been far more balanced than the others, and in Australia that is the Fairfax press. The Murdoch press has often shown no real favourites because when it has been time to oust a stale government, then the editorial has reflected that need. On the other hand the other media outlets have taken a more left-wing bias.

A good Australian example occurred last week when a member of the Press Gallery (the journalist who had already played out a Tony Abbott gotcha) asked the usurper PM Juliar the Marxist Dullard, what he could do to help her. It was a question that was the highlight of the week. In the same Press Gallery luncheon, the Dullard sent a message to Andrew Bolt (who writes for Murdoch Press) to “not write crap” – in other words the message being given is that anyone who is against climate change agenda and who shows up the lies of Al Gore is writing crap. (Again I am not sure if I still have the actual links to the story).