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Pamela Geller on Ft. Hood – White House is delaying the trial

Pamela Geller has written an excellent article for the American Thinker about the latest regarding delays in bringing Nidal Hasan to trial. Once again the trial has been delayed. I guess it is a typical trait of this particular White House regime that there are continuous delays in everything.

Needless to say to the White House it seems that it is more important to worry about a non-existent backlash against all Muslims, than it is to bring a murderer to justice.

It really is time that people started making a noise asking the question as to why it is that the trial of Nidal Hasan has not gone ahead. The man has been found competent to plead. There should be no further delays. If anything it is an injustice against the defendent to not be brought to trial as quickly as possible.

From this point of view, I apply the same reasoning about the traitor Bradley Manning. Why is the White House delaying the trial of Bradley Manning on the grounds of espionage and treason? Why are they so afraid of having that trial? Could it be that someone very high up was in fact the leaker to Wikileaks?