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North Korea – an unexpected perspective

The tensions regarding North Korrea’s posturing have not been abated to date. If anything Kim Jong Un has upped the rhetoric and has in fact pushed towards more missile testing. The USA, South Korea and Japan are monitoring the situation on a daily basis. The U.S. has announced that it is ready to shoot down any missiles if necessary, but such a move could strengthen the existing tensions.

Kim Jong Un became the leader when his father passed away at the age of 29. He is definitely no Alexander of Macedon (who was in his 20s when his father Philip passed away). The posturing of the younger Kim Jong seems to be about leadership manouvering in North Korea. I have personally speculated that perhaps his sabre-rattling was against Ban Ki Moon, the South Korean UN President, and I do think this is a possibility since the UN did put in place more sanctions against North Korea (followed by the present posturing about declaring war).

However, my attention has been caught by an article that has appeared in the Daily Telegraph newspaper regarding tensions within North Korea itself. There seems to be another angle to this story, i.e. there are two factions battling for control in North Korea, and it is this battle for control that is probably the reason for all of the posturing that is happening at the present time. Could it be that Kim Jong Un feels that he is under threat from the other faction, and therefore he feels the need to posture and make these threats against the USA and South Korea as the means to keep his leadership?

The story in the Times comes from a North Korean commander who escaped after he had killed another commander of the same rank. The North Korean belonged to a faction who supported the 85 year old President, and the commander who was killed belonged to the Kim Jong Un faction. The interesting thing in this story is that the factions were fighting prior to Kim Jong Un becoming leader after the death of his father, and more importantly, that the members of the faction against Kim Jong were arrested when he came to power.

Another point of interest in the story is that Kim Jong Un has a brother from a different mother and they have been jostling with each other.

The saddest part of Lt. Kim’s story is the confirmation that people are starving to death in North Korea. Lt. Kim’s parents died of starvation and his brother died of an illness. On top of that Lt. Kim had not tasted rice in a very long time, that is until his escape to China, where he is in hiding – if he was Captured by the Chinese he would be returned and would probably be shot because of his actions. The report also mentions that most North Koreans attempting to escape are not successful and that they are shot and killed in the attempt.

I find the perspective that has been offered to be quite interesting. The posturing that we are seeing probably has more to do with some kind of internal struggle than it does with anything relating to China, Japan, South Korea, the USA or even the UN. The people of North Korea are being starved to death whilst Kim Jong Un continues the militarization of the tiny country. If this perspective is correct then what we are in fact seeing is Kim Jong Un attempting to consolidate his position as leader which is difficult because he is so young. The story also shows that Kim Jong Un is extremely ruthless.



Rather than start a new thread I will add this new article to what I have written above.  Again the source is a North Korean who was on the inside and knows how to analyse the situation. It is further evidence that Kim Jung Un is struggling to maintain control in North Korea.

North Korea – a mouse that roars

During my break I noted that North Korea had decided to declare war on the USA and on South Korea.

One thing to note is that they are showing footage of guns firing on their television station as if they are trying to convince the North Koreans that they are in a state of war. However, not a shot has been fired.

North Korea has a habit of pulling this form of stunt in the hope of getting aid from various nations intent upon stopping any warfare. It has worked in the past when the USA gave them aid to stop the sabre rattling.

Please drop a link in comments if you read anything that shows that this time North Korea is serious.

UPDATE: something to consider about what direction NoKo could take in any given war. This story comes from the Daily Caller. It would seem to me that the only way that such a backward country could gain new technological skills would be for the Chinese to be helping them. China is very good with this kind of cyber attacks and warfare and it is highly likely that China has been passing on those skills to the North Koreans.

This leads me to ask a more serious question: Could China decide to use North Korea as a proxy for starting war with the West? Is there any hope that China could be pressured to stop North Korea from conducting a war that nobody wants? Or is it a case of China working behind the scenes.

Always keep in mind that China was very pissed off when it lost the sphere of influence it had in Libya. Using North Korea as a proxy could be one way of retaliating against the USA and other nations who went to the assistance of the Libyan rebels. (Please note I am speculating with regard to possible motivations.)

Perception of a weak leader creates opportunities for war

During the Bush years the world was relatively calm. The invasion of Iraq for example brought the activities of Daffy Duck in Libya under control. In fact Daffy feared that Libya would be the next nation in the firing line unless he changed tack. He was never sincere in changing, it was a ruse. However, I do not know the mind of Mussa Khussa as to whether, he was the architect of making those changes, and giving up some of the WMD arsenal held in Libya was sincere. Mussa Khussa is respected in the intelligence community.

Since the beginning of the Østupid Adminisration the way in which the world perceives the leadership of the USA has been on a downhill slide. This involves not just in military terms but in financial terms as well. There never was a good reason for Østupid to have received that Nobel prize, especially when he had no %^&*()$ idea about foreign policy. On top of that he has no %^&*()$ about economics. His economic policies are an absolute disaster, and I have no doubt that this is making China and India very, very nervous.

In 2009 the opportunities that presented themselves have led to this perception that the White House Administration is full of weak, impotent fools who have the nouse of those who were in the Carter Administration. Carter revisited means that the world is seeing the USA exposed in a way that is unimaginable. One of Carter’s greatest sins was his refusal to deal properly with the Iranian situation when the Shah was ousted. Carter’s attitude paved the way for the return of Khomenei to Iran, and to the imposition of the reign of terror that was unleashed upon the Iranians by the mullahs.  Now we are about to see the same thing happen in Egypt, where the army is paving the way for Muslim Brotherhood, backed by Iran to take over government in Egypt. The signs of a bitter conflict to come are already showing. Needless to say it will be the Coptic Christians who will suffer in the long term. I am not underestimating the probable involvement of other shadowy figures who were involved in the Egyptian protests. I am acknowledging that Iran has been a behind the scenes player that has been ignored. Also, I am stating that El-Baradei as President is the worst possible outcome,if that happens.

The Arab spring of protests should be seen as a major concern for the USA in the future. The fact that the oil reserves have been locked up does not bode well for the future in the USA.  If Iran gains a major foothold in the Middle East then the oil supplies for Europe and the USA will become choked. It is a very bad thing.  There is no way that any of us can second guess who is behind each of the protests. The movement is very fluid in my view, with different groups of people having different aims, but in the background are those who are associated with Iran and also with other shadowy figures. On top of that we still do not know what mischief is being done by Russia and China – both of these countries have been known to assist Iran. Both of these countries refused to back the no-fly zone in Libya and have been critical from the time the action began, even if what they are saying is based upon the propaganda being fed to the LSM by Daffy Duck.  Fortunately, the journalists are so p’d off with Daffy over the detentions and the beatings received that they are putting out the truth rather than the official line.

However, there is another front which needs to be watched closely – North Korea. There have been several clashes between North and South Korea, and these have been instigated by North Korea. The perception of weakness in a world leader, such as the usurper in the White House, has given North Korea the opportunity to wage war on South Korea without too much fear of action taken against the country. In the past North Korea has been aided by China and the Soviet Union.

It seems to me that when Østupid pushed for the SALTII treaty he was too willing to agree to the Russian terms because he had absolutely no idea about what it takes to keep the stand-off in a status quo position. That treaty has furthered weakened the USA. No wonder the Russians are being bolder in their own activities. The child with the temper tantrums in the White House does not understand detente. The child does not understand what it takes to maintain equilibrium in the world, thus he has endangered the world to a point that we could be on the brink of a major war.

It is time for Øbama to be fired.