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The Jury is Out – Syrian chemical weapons

The latest use of chemical weapons in Syria seems to be worse than the first time. I am very much aware that there are people who believe that the Syrian Opposition forces were responsible for the use of those weapons…. BUT NOT SO FAST…..

If the Oppostion forces used the chemical weapons (which was likely) then my first question has to be: Why did the Assad regime refuse Russia permission to investigate what happened?

I think that this is a legitimate question to be asked given what we known about those Syrian Opposition Forces aka the “rebels”.

Russia has been on the side of Assad since the beginning of the conflict. Iran has been on the side of Assad since the beginning of the conflict. Hezbollah has been supporting the Assad regime, as has Hamas since the beginning of the conflict.

Somebody used chemical weapons and suspicion has gone both ways. If Russia is asking questions and cannot get Assad to cooperate then it is more likely that Assad agreed to the use of those weapons.

I want to remain open-minded with regard to this situation. The reason that I do not really want to proffer an opinion at this point in time is that I have a slight suspicion that the Opposition Forces in Syria could stage an incident of this nature in an effort to change the outcome of the civil war in that country. On the other hand Bashir Assad is getting more and more desperate every time he has a defeat in the battles that have taken place.

We now have to wait until there is some kind of investigation. In the meantime keep an eye out for reactions from Russia because that is going to tell you more than the spin that comes out of the White House these days.


Claim/counterclaim – Turkey vs Syria

Last week there was a bombing in Turkey. The Assad administration claim that they are not responsible, but Turkey claims otherwise.

There are some issues that need to be discussed in regard to this development:

1. The bombing could be the beginning of a major offensive in the region. If it is proved that the Assad regime was involved, then this could mean that Turkey has good reason to call in NATO forces. Stand by – let’s see what develops.

2. If it was proved that the rebels were behind the attack, then this could have the impact of shifting sympathy away from them…. it would also open up questions about motivation with regard to the bombing. (my initial reaction was along the lines of perhaps this was done to get international attention and focus).

The link that I have provided indicates that a third source, with links to Assad was responsible for the bombing. According to the Turks, this group is Marxist with links to Assad.

The stand out was the use of the word “Marxist” and links to the Assad regime. This is very possible.  However, if that was the case, perhaps one could start looking for the Soviet connection. Russia is very keen to keep the Assad regime in power.

BRIC and the Middle East

Brazil, Russia, India and China are the emerging countries that will be the likely winners if the economy of the USA was to collapse. It is not just in relation to the economy that we find these countries being busy little bees, especially in regard to Middle East policy. I wonder how many noticed that this bloc was solidly against UN resolution 1973 in regard to Libya. I am speculating that this is something that slipped past a number of pundits, but it is something that needs to be explored for the simple reason that the emergence of BRIC as a bloc ties in with the activities of Iran since Østupid became POTUS.

Reza Khalili has an excellent article up at the American Thinker which explores the points that I want to make, especially with regard to the activities of Iran, as well as touching on a subject that I have already raised, that of encouraging the Middle East Armageddon in the hope of the return of the 12th imam. It is very important to understand what is happening in the Middle East in light of the perception that the USA has a weakling or quisling for a President (just like Jimmah Carter, only worse).

Russia and China have been actively assisting Iran to achieve the aim of having the capacity to manufacture nuclear bombs. The abysmal White House approach to attempting to stop this development in Iran has been nothing more than an attempt to appease the Mullahs – you might call it a bend over and sniff some odour effort. This form of appeasement – the extending of a hand – was never going to work with these mullahs, but it did invite further contempt for the USA. Iran has been laughing in the face of the efforts of the Østupid Administration to stop them building nuclear weapons. As a result of the odour sniffing weakness of the Østupid administration, countries such as Germany, India, China and Venezuela have been using back-door cooperation with the Iranian regime that has in effect helped to embolden Iran with its efforts to be a nuclear power.

As Reza says:

The Iranian leaders have detected total confusion, weakness, and incompetence from the White House and have picked up their activities. Iranian agents, who have long infiltrated the region, are helping to incite uprisings in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and other countries in the Middle East. As I revealed recently, there is a secret documentary, “The Coming is Upon Us,” which will be distributed shortly in the Middle East among the Muslim population, that is calling for the unification of Arabs, the overthrow of U.S.-backed governments, and promising the destruction of Israel and the demise of the U.S.

In the last couple of months there has been an increase in arms shipments that have been seized en route to the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza strip as well as to Africa.  Several ships have contained nuclear material destined for Iran have also been seized. These containers were loaded in China and they were labelled as boiler parts.

It is not just Iran that is sensing the odour-sniffing weakness of the Østupid administration, because China has been sensing the same thing. China has been helping Iran with its nuclear program, just like China helped Pakistan to create and possess nuclear weapons. China is helping Pakistan to create more nuclear plants.

It seems that the world is underestimating China’s ambitions in the Middle East. The perceived weakness of the USA has given China the incentive to attempt once again to become a super-power. The attitude of the White House, if it remains the same over the next few years will ensure that China will realize its dreams of becoming that super-power.

China and Iran have a common goal – the destruction of the USA and the West. Iran has been working secretively on the overthrow of Middle East regimes that are friendly to the USA, especially in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and Egypt.  It is highly likely that Iran is backing Daffy Duck against the UN and NATO (I would not be surprised to learn that Iran had been secretly sending weapons to Daffy Duck). Iran’s actual goal is to create chaos in order to bring on the imaginary 12th imam. China, on the other hand retains its long term goal of world domination.

This goal of China is also being achieved from an economic point of view, and again the Østupid Administration has not fully understood the economic dangers of allowing China to control the financial sector via its holding of U.S. currency.

The BRIC bloc is working in many ways to undermine the USA and the West. Brazil, is yet another country that is led by a Marxist. The way in which Østupid has behaved towards Brazil, in giving loans for oil drilling is absolutely appalling. Brazil has also been working to undermine the US in the Middle East. Yet, the Østupid administration has not been able to identify the dangers that are being presented.