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A warning shot in Morocco

It looks like there has been a murder-suicide bombing in Marakesh in Morocco. There have been stirrings of trouble in Morocco, and this murder-suicide bombing (a terrorist attack) looks like being the first warning shot of what is to come. You can read more information about the bombing at the BBC news site here.

Morocco is one of the countries where there have been protests, but for the most part there has not been the bloody crackdown that has been seen in Syria and Libya.  This is not good news because it shows a new escalation in the unrest in the Middle East.

It is difficult to speculate on who is behind the attack, but I would look first to the Salafists and AQ. They seem to be stepping up their activity in response to weak leadership in the USA.

Baghdad Bob gets some genuine competition – for the best and most amusing liar award.

When the allied forces invaded Iraq to take care of that little matter of illegal WMDs being held, as well as for other reasons that we may assume to be true, most of us warmed to the man known as Baghdad Bob – the minister for Iraqi propaganda. The lies coming from the man were hilarious. On the day that the American forces reached Baghdad, Bob faced the cameras and claimed that all was calm. In the background the cameras were picking up the movement of the army vehicles, but Baghdad Bob continued to deny the truth. In the White House, the Baghdad Bob equivalent was Robert Gibbs. He managed to twist and distort many things. Even Gibbsy has some genuine competition in the Middle East. Two propaganda men come to mind:

1. Mohammed Ibrahim of Libya. He is responsible for escorting the approved journalists around Tripoli. Ibrahim does not have a very good record of telling the truth. Amongst his many lies or propaganda were those that he told about Eman el-Obeidi, claiming that she was not a lawyer, but a prostitute, (not true), claiming that she was not being held when in fact she was being held at the compound. There were several lies being told about the woman who had been raped by 15 men at a checkpoint. However, his lies about Eman el-Obeidi have been eclipsed by his lies about not using the cluster bombs, as well as the claims about the “armed thugs” in the various cities. The people were unarmed until they stormed the weapons compound in Benghazi and other towns. Either way, Mohammed Ibrahim is a very good rival to Baghdad Bob.

2. Ministry for propaganda in Syria (no name given yet):  Now there could be some truth in what is being said. It appears that some Salafists are involved in the protest movement. Also, it is possible that Salafists did come upon the General and his family. However, that story is surely eclipsed by the use of weapons to disperse the peaceful protests in the cities of Homs and Banias. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. However, the official line completely ignores the shelling of the protesters, and that 200 have died so far.  Where are the “armed gangs”? If the protesters were armed, why did they not shoot back when the government troops opened upon them?


In both Libya and Syria the come back line has been the “armed gang”. In Libya, Daffy Duck had tried to provide cover for this story by releasing 100 Islamist prisoners days before the protests began. He then tried to blame Al Qaeda and he tried to claim that he had to go in and kill people because they were Al Qaeda and thugs.  Even if a small portion of the people on the rebel side had links to Al Qaeda, the story does not hold water. This is because close to 10,000 members of the armed forces in Libya defected to the rebels prior to the enforcement of the no-fly zone. The majority in Benghazi do not appear to be involved in Al Qaeda either. However, one can never be certain that we are hearing the whole truth.

So move over Baghdad Bob, you now have some very stiff competition in the lying stakes. So far the competition has not managed to create the high level of amusement, but you never can tell with these clowns who are prepared to offer the high level propaganda.

Middle East Update – Syrian edition

I look at the photograph on the BBC website and I do not see Islamists, but I see lots of men who look very ordinary. The reason for this comment is due to the fact that Assad is now claiming that he is fighting armed Salafists in two cities. This is his pretext for the government response to the uprising.

However, far from being armed in Syria, the protesters have been on the whole unarmed. The method being used is that of a small start that has gotten bigger and bigger each time there has been a violent crackdown. Even if there were a few Salafists in the crowd, they are outnumbered by men who are not Islamists but who are fed up with the dictator Assad and his violent crackdowns.

Just as in Libya, Syria has reached the level of human rights violations. How long before the crackdown includes snipers who shoot to kill even young children in the street? How long before Assad starts to drop bombs on the protesters, and in the name of fighting thugs? This is the Libyan approach, and it has been based upon a lie. Should we buy the lie?

It is not up to the west to interfere in the protests in these Middle Eastern nations. However, how can we, who are Christians, sit and watch as people are being gunned down, just because they are in dissent with the government? My answer, is that it is hard for me to stay silent over these blatant human rights abuses in Syria, Libya and other Middle East countries. Such abuses and crackdowns should not be tolerated. We need to speak out against such abuses. It does not mean that we should put boots on the ground, only that we should send a message that is loud and clear – this kind of action will not be tolerated!!!!!



Finding out who is behind the “Arab spring”

We have all had our suspicions about who is behind the “Arab Spring”. I think it is multiple groups. In Egypt, for example, it really does appear to be a “people uprsing” until one looks at the method of organizing. One report that I read earlier in the week pointed to some who have adopted the Ghandi method of peaceful protests, and the flash mob. This seems to be somewhat correct, because the protest started small, and then when the protesters were attacked, the mobs got bigger. I see the same process working in Yemen.

That report told me a little bit about the methodology but tells me nothing about who else might be involved. Again, in Egypt there are some shadowy figures who have a background of involvement with Communism. It must be kept in mind that Egypt had leanings towards Communism before they were beaten by Israel. Anwar Sadat led Egypt away from Communism, and Hosni Muburak followed the Sadat path (even though he was corrupt and imperfect).  So we have some shadowy figures associated with Communism.

We also know that William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn and Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin spent time in Egypt. The question is: who did they meet and when? Wer they sent by Østupid on a mission to help sow the seeds of a revolt? That question remains largely unanswered.

The movement is supposed to be a “youth movement”, and further questions arise: were the youth being fooled by elements of Muslim Brotherhood? It is true, that some of those protesting stated that they had nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood, yet in their foolishness they seemed to accept Mr. Potato Head or El-Baradei (who is involved with Muslim Brotherhood) as some sort of leader figure. Such acceptance suggests that this “youth” are in fact Islamists, and that they allowed themselves to be used by Muslim Brotherhood.  It is something that needs further exploration, but with the LSM supporting what took place it is not going to be easy to find out the truth.

A few things that have worried me about the Egyptian Revolution including the comments and activities of Iran. It seems that Iran is in the background no matter how we look at the affair, for example, El-Baradei’s wife is an Iranian. Then there is the issue of the Iranian warships being allowed to move through the Suez canal, which is something that Muburak would never have allowed to happen. There are many unanswered questions, but we have to sit and wait and hope that Egypt does not become the second Iran.

This leads me into looking at Yemen, Jordan, Syria and Bahrain. Once again Bahrain has gone quiet, but that means nothing. What is clear in Bahrain is that the Shia majority are under the thumb of the Sunni minoirty. Around the time of the crackdown which involved the use of Saudi troops, Bahrain expelled Iranian diplomats, claiming that one of them had been having secret meetings with those who were doing the protests. This is probably true – I suspect that Iran has had a hand in stirring up trouble in Bahrain, since Iran wants a Shia takeover.

Yemen has also been witnessing a savage crackdown, but Yemen is also an example of the flash mob. It started small, but when the Yemen leader said things that upset the women, as an example, the women then organized themselves into a big protest.  In the report that I read (with women in the burkas) the women felt insulted, and in one case, a female student stated that her father did not want her to protest until he heard the offending remarks. Also, remarkably, the men formed a line at the side of the street to protect the women. The protests are getting bigger, so Yemen is not over just yet.

Now it is the protests in Jordan that has provoked me to write this piece, since it is in Jordan that I see a clear example of who might in fact be behind some of the unrest. What has sparked my interest in this report is that the people doing the protests are Salafists – an extreme Islamist group aligned with Al Qaeda. I also note that it was the Salafists who killed the Italian who was kidnapped in Gaza, and who are the ones behind the recent shellings of Israel. 

It seems that we have at least two groups of interests at work in the Middle East – those aligned with Iran, and those aligned with Al Qaeda. It is a complex issue, and from the western point of view we have to pray that neither Al Qaeda aligned individuals, or Iran aligned parties gain the ascendancy in any of these Middle Eastern countries.

In that same article on Jordan, there is also information about unrest in Amman. This is the first report that has been more specific about who is behind the unrest. In this case it is Muslim Brotherhood (surprise, surprise) and its political arm, Islamic Action Front (I think we need to look for mention of IAF in future reports on the region), and what is so very ironic is that the protestors are demanding “social justice and democracy”. How on earth would democracy be achieved with Muslim Brotherhood in control?

So it seems, that one has to look at the make-up of the religious and ethnic groups within the M.E. country where there is unrest to determine whether the agitators are Sunni or Shia. If they are Sunni, then there is the likelihood that the Salafists are the ones stirring up the unrest. If the Salafists were to win in Jordan (and they want the release of some very dangerous prisoners) then the country of Jordan would be turned into yet another hell hole just like in Gaza. It is worth pointing out again that the Italian who was killed in Gaza was kidnapped by the same Salafist group that is behind the trouble in Jordan. If the Shia are successful with their agitation then Muslim Brotherhood is on the ascendancy. On top of these ethnic groups there are the Communists. A good question to ponder is whether or not Russia is also playing games behind the scenes (again).

Although I have not mentioned Libya in this article, I do want to contemplate the possibility that Russia is aiding and abetting Daffy Duck. The bloc that has remained against the NATO action in Libya – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) have had a special relationship with Daffy Duck over the years. Prior to the start of the NATO and UN enforcement of the UN resolution 1973 it appears that Daffy did some sort of deal with these countries. It also explains why they have been pushing the Daffy propaganda. Daffy had imposed Communism in Libya and seemed to align himself with Russia. I think that the actions of the BRICS countries in relation to Libya might be worth watching. I do not trust any of them.


Islamists in Gaza threaten to kill pro-Palestinian Italian

The Islamists are Salafists and they have captured the Italian Vittorio Arrigoni. They have put up a youtube with the victim and they are threatening to kill him if certain prisoners are not released by Hamas.

Arrigoni is a Pro-Palestinian activist who has been in Gaza for serveral years. I guess all of that fart-sniffing about being pro-Palestinian and wanting to see the end of the Gaza blockade was not enough to protect him against being kidnapped and brutalised by his kidnappers. If you have a quick look at the picture you can see that he has been beaten.

This is the first article that I have read that links the firing of the rockets from the Gaza strip to the extremist Salafists rather than to HAMAS. It actually states that HAMAS had tried to keep a lid on such action, as well as banning the kidnap of foreigners. I was not aware of those “facts”.

Ah the Religion of Peas strikes again.


UPDATE: Sadly, this story did not have a happy ending. I have just seen a report that states that HAMAS authorities in Gaza have found the body of Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni.

The abduction and murder of Arrigoni was the work of a group associated with Al Qaeda.