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The ride of Sarah Revere – ok it is a bit of license!!

Pajamas Media have up an excellent post on Sarah and Paul Revere. It is well worth the read, and so are the majority of the comments (forget the one that has a long screed without gaps, it seems to be crap). 

The post is about Paul Revere as a real republican, rather than just being about how Sarah was correct in what she said (and the elites made total fools of themselves showing that they have no accurate knowledge of history as they tried to proclaim that Sarah was stupid – even though she was not the one who had campaigned in 57 states with 3 more to go).

Sarah Palin scares the elites on both sides of the aisle. Men such as David Frum and George Will belittled the fact that she was Governor of Alaska and that she worked hard, or that she had overturned the Republican corruption in Alaska and she turned the oil companies on their heads, winning a good deal for the people of Alaska.

It seems that these elitist snobs are out to catch Sarah Palin making mistakes, yet they never look to all of the blunders that are happening right under their noses. Have I mentioned the blunder over how the no-fly zone in Libya is being handled? What if it had been a Republican President, such as John McCain who sent ships and aircraft to the region, but failed to bring the possible steps before Congress? Would the LSM and the left elitists be screaming their little rocks off? You better believe they would be screaming.  What if it was a Republican who told Israel to give up the land that they won in a fair way in 1967 during a 6 day war? Would they be screaming their lungs out? You better believe that they would be screaming? What if it was a Republican that had told Hosni Muburak to step down and go play with himself? Would they scream blue murder? YES!!!!

However, every little detail of anything said by Sarah Palin, a private citizen is seized upon for some inexplicable reason. They do not even look at the Weinergate scandal. They have no interest in the fact that an American agent was killed on the border because of Project Gunrunner. They do not care that the pResident did not go to Congress before embarking on assisting the British and the French in implementing the no-fly zone in Libya. Instead they are worried about innocuous emails written by Sarah Palin. They showed no curiosity about the link between Khalil Rashidi and Østupid. They covered up the links between Østupid and the domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. They did not examine the relationship between Østupid and Louis Farrakhan (the man who gave the order to execute Malcolm X) of the Nation of Islam. They never bothered to write about the diatribes that come from the lips of Jeremiah Wright (who claims to be a Christian but is nothing of the sort).

Sarah Palin has been like the modern Paul Revere as she warns people about the Østupid agenda. The elists are worried about this woman and they stop and nothing to try and bring her down.



Palin emails show a loving mother – OMG how could that woman ever think of being a leader?!!!!!!

The Palins knew before Trig was born that there was something wrong. Even so, Sarah chose not to abort her bundle of joy. Instead, she wrote an email to her family and friends giving them the news in a very Christian way.

Gateway Pundit has the story on the email written by Sarah, and it is one that shows that she accepted her child, and his disabilities without fear.  She also showed a very loving side of her nature.

The atheists on the left cannot tolerate the idea that Sarah refused to have an abortion and do away with a child that has Downs Syndrome. I guess they do not understand the meaning of eugenics and “disability cleansing” which their practices of demanding that people abort such children impose upon others. I guess they have not comprehended that it is their actions that point to them being Nazis since they follow to the letter the Hitler eugenics on children with disability.

As a mother of 3 boys who were born perfect at birth, and a grandmother of a child who was born  5 weeks premature (he will be fine I am sure). I find the attitude of the left to be extremely distasteful.  I will relate here the story of one of my nieces, Cassie, who has had 2 of her children using IVF methods. When children are created that way, there tends to be more scrutiny of the pregnancy via a lot more testing. The little girl had something on her brain when she was born (she is actually fine), and this probably meant that with the next pregnancy the doctors were being more than cautious. Anyway, after screening they claimed that he had birth defects and that he should be aborted. Cassie refused, and she was so afraid of being hounded that she refused to go to her medical appointments until closer to when the baby was due to be born. Well, he was born and guess what – there were no birth defects, not even what they claimed would be there. He was a normal baby.

Sarah Palin is not the one who was pushing for late term abortions where the baby’s head is crushed as it is coming through the birth canal. The one who supports late term abortions is the pResident in the White House. I know who I prefer when it comes to the lives of millions of people.

OMG Palin wanted a tanning bed!!!!

I do not understand why the NYSlimes and WAPO think it is so necessary to go dredging through 24,000 emails from Governor Palin’s account at the time that she was Governor of Alaska. I do understand that they are looking for the “gotcha”, but this is really ridiculous.

This is the same journalists who refused to do the necessary checking on Barry Soetoro aka Øbama. They refused to do the background check. They refused to allow the fact that Soetoro had as a known associate the terrorists William Ayers, and Bernadine Dorhn who were formerly leaders of the Weather Underground movement – they used to bomb people and buildings, and they killed a few cops and other legal people (Ayers has not paid for those crimes). Not only did they refuse to do the proper background check, but they also refused to release a tape of Barry Soetoro praising a jihadist.

They refused to look into the corruption in Chicago, and they helped to cover-up the Chicago scandals involving pay for play in which Barry Soetoro is heavily implicated. 

Yet, they are all in a lather because, OMG Sarah Palin wrote to someone about a tanning bed in the governor’s mansion. (the comments are worth a read on this topic). The funny thing about that tanning bed is that Sarah Palin did not live in the Governor’s mansion whilst she was governor. She lived in her own house.

Oh, and there was an email about Bristol going into labour. I guess the date will just have to be fact-checked by Andrew Sullivan since he is so sure that Trig must be Bristol’s child.

In other words, the emails are extremely trivial, and as others are noting, they are boring. They are most certainly not worth the effort that is currently being undertaken.

These twits who work for the NYSlimes and WAPO should be spending their time checking into what took place in Chicago, and they might like to do some enquiries with Man’s Country, since Barry Soetoro was a regular in that establishment. They might like to do some checking on what really happens in that faux Christian Church run by that racist alleged preacher by the name of Jeremiah Wright, because that church is not Christian by my standards.  They might also want to check out his links to the leaders of the Nation of Islam such as Louis Farrakhan. If that is not enough, they should be checking on how he raised money for his 2008 Presidential run since he broke FEC rules regarding funding and he got overseas donations from the Gaza strip.  All of these things have never made the light of day in the papers of the LSM.

Yet, the LSM wants to spend time on banal emails written by Sarah Palin. How pathetic!!!!

The anti-Palin trolls need to go wipe the egg off their faces

Well, look who is supporting Sarah Palin over Paul Revere: it is the L.A. Times. These nasty little anti-Palin turds have a habit of jumping on things that they think that make her look stupid, such as the “gotcha” question about Paul Revere, and just like most other occasions Palin is once again proved right.

The L.A. Times actually points out that everyone knows the first part of the story of Paul Revere’s ride (yes even an Aussie knows that part of the story) but few seem to know that Paul Revere was captured by the British and defiantly told them that the militia would be waiting for them.

Instead the stupid journalist and all of those stupid little DNC/ trolls went about spreading their own ignorance on the story of Paul Revere, and now they are the ones that have egg all over their faces.

BTW raw egg contains a lot of bacteria that can cause people to fall ill, and in fact raw egg can make people vomit. So I would suggest that the anti-Palin trolls go get that egg off their faces before they start driving the porcelain bowl !!!!

Flushing out the trolls

This is bound to get some troll heads exploding, and I have news for those little turds who try to leave their droppings on my blog: you are not going to get through the approve process.

Sarah Palin was asked to explain about Paul Revere’s ride and her comment that he warned the British (which by his own account, he did indeed tell them that the people were waiting and they were not going to win, when he was confronted by them).  Here is Sarah explaining:

Sarah is not stupid. She is not the one who claimed that the USA has 57 states. That was left to Østupid who has absolutely no idea about American history or for that matter he has absolutely no idea about economics and how to run a nation. He also has absolutlely no idea when it comes to Foreign policy and International relations, and is on the verge of assisting the world to plunge into world war III (unless he is stopped).

Is she running? Will she run? Sarah Palin is the best possible candidate

If you did not know already, the one person I have really begun to like is Sarah Palin. Ever since she was announced as John McCain’s VP pick I have more or less taken notice. Oh yes, the Oz press was full of those more ridiculous stories criticizing the woman, but they never went looking behind the scenes to see if any of them were true… typical LSM. Then I found Hillbuzz, which I came across in a rather curious way, and I saw their defence of Sarah’s son Trig.  I have been a reader of Hillbuzz since early 2009. Then I had a month long visit in the USA and Canada in July 2009 and was introduced to Sarah via the TV. I was impressed with her – this is one woman who could respond to reporters without resorting to teleprompters and notes – yes that is what I saw with her interview. This was about a week before Sarah announced that she was stepping down as Governor of Alaska, which in my opinion was the right decision at the time.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not Sarah Palin is going to have a tilt at becoming the Republican candidate to contest the Presidency in 2012. If ever there was a woman who could do that role, it is Sarah Palin. On top of that if Col Allen West was her VP pick, then it would be the ideal partnership.  With Allen West there would be no more of this kowtowing to Islamists, since Allen West has shown himself to be someone who understands the nature of the beast.

Today, Hillbuzz has an article that contains a picture of Allen West and Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder. It is a very natural picture, and yet it shows strength in both individuals.  However, it seems that the likes of Charles Krauthammer have started to go into overdrive with their negative comments that are meant to sow the seeds of doubt in peoples minds. The Daily Caller has an article about the latest diatribe from Charles Krauthammer.

Should Sarah announce her candidacy, I will be pleased that she is willing to take a punt on the race to beat Østupid. She is one person who has been very consistent with her remarks and her comebacks, and her push against his Marxist policies.

My gal Sarah

Just been reading a piece at American Thinker written by Lloyd Marcus. He makes a lot of sense when it comes to why certain candidates are simply giving the wrong answer.

A lot of people are taking notice of the LSM and are unconciously accepting the meme that Sarah is unelectable…. well…. if people do not get out and vote then she is unelectable… but if people are determined to vote for anyone other than Østupid, and if they recognize that the only candidate who has a solid record of standing up to the LSM is Sarah Palin.

As a foreigner I kind of accepted some of the things written by the media about Sarah and her voice, etc. prior to the Presidential election. However, thanks to Kevin Dujan and the boyz at Hillbuzz, I learned to appreciate Sarah and her family. I cannot remember how I found the Hillbuzz site, except I remember it was from a link on another site. The attention was being given to Trig at the time, and the disgusting reaction of the left towards this Downs Syndrome child. Needless to say I found the defense of Sarah and Trig by Kevin and Sebastian in particular very compelling. Then, when I got to the USA Sarah I heard Sarah on the TV. This was about the time that she resigned as Governor because of all the mischief associated with false ethics complaints being raised by members of the DNC.  As a matter of fact I was impressed by the way that this woman could respond to the reporters on the fly. She was brilliant.

I have been following Sarah ever since I first learned more about her. It has been a learning curve because I had my own doubts. However, I have seen her stick up for herself in no uncertain terms, and more importantly she has been sticking it “to the man” over every issue where a dissenting voice needs to be raised.

Using Abominablecare as the measure, who has spoken up the most? Who has come out swinging when others have remained silent? If you take Mitt Romney, he makes noises but he is stuck with his own version of the same thing. That does not work well with a population that does not want Abominablecare. Then there is Mike Huckabee who stated he did not know how it could be reversed – really? I have not seen the latest from Pawlenty on the same subject but you can bet your boots that Jon Huntsman would not want to see it repealed.  Only Sarah stands firm.