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Time for a little bit of Queen

Big news from the border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where one of the most vicious militants in Pakistan has been killed in a joint raid by Pakistan and the USA. His name is Ilyas Kashmiri (means he comes from the Kashmir region). He was on the USA’s most wanted list of Al Qaeda terrorists. Even better news is that this strike was a two for the price of one effort. Another top Al Qaeda operative Faruq was killed in the same hit.

The Mail Online has a rundown on the infamous career of Kashmiri, who is blamed for the attack on the naval base in Karachi, as well as being involved in the attack in Mumbai. With the death of Kashmiri, the Al Qaeda leadership has been further weakened.

Let’s just hope that MI6 have another successful attempt at using cupcake recipes to scramble the Inspire online magazine. Besides, I think a lot of people might be interested in a mojita cupcake 🙂 and yes the mojita cocktail is great, especially helpful when one is suffering a little bit of sea sickness so imagine what the cupcake could achieve 🙂

British Intelligence at its comedic best :)

Many of my readers will remember the fuss that was made when a company hosting WordPress was closed by its ISP. The host company claimed that it had been ordered by the FBI to pull the site. Anyway, that was not true, but the host company was pulling a bit of a fast one on the other company. The blogs that were affected (including one that I had been running) were restored. What you might not have known is the reason that the FBI wanted certain information. The people who were putting the Al Qaeda affiliate online magazine “Inspire” had set up their blog on that WordPress host site.  They were only interested in that one “customer” but the host company had pulled the whole lot, which was more than 70,000 blogs.

This story is actually related to the Al Qaeda online magazine “Inspire” and I must admit that after reading the first few sentences I could not help but smile over what British Intelligence had pulled :):

The officers, understood to be based at Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, attacked an online jihadist magazine in English called Inspire, devised by supporters of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

A pdf file containing fairy cake recipes was inserted into Inspire to garble most of the 67 pages of the online magazine, including instructions on how to “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom”.

The sabotage took place a year ago, following a dispute between agencies in the US about who should take on the role of attacking the Inspire website.

Publicising the achievement amounted to little more than a propaganda exercise – “just to let them know”, as one British official put it on Thursday.

The head of the US Cyber Command, General Keith Alexander, said blocking the magazine was a legitimate counter-terrorism target and would help protect American troops overseas, according to the Washington Post.

I am impressed, that they actually thought to use cupcake recipes for bomb-making 🙂

There is in fact more to the story than just the tale of how they attempted to scramble “Inspire”. There is a growing issue with cyber-security and cyber attacks. In fact Lockheed had only recently announced that it had been the victim of cyber-warfare.

The response to any cyber attack in the future will not be pretty:

Lieutenant General Rhett Hernandez, head of the US army’s cyber command, told a land warfare conference in London on Thursday, organised by the Royal United Services Institute, that a “world-class cyber warrior force” was being built up.

US state department co-ordinator for cyber issues, Christopher Painter, said on Wednesday that America faced potential threats in cyberspace from freelance hackers, militants and potentially rival states.

Diplomacy and policy were only just beginning to catch up with technology, he said. “Cyber-security is now a policy imperative,” he told Reuters news agency.

Earlier this week, his employer, the US department of defence, announced it was rewriting its military rule book to make cyber-attacks a possible act of war.

A US official was quoted as saying: “If you shut down our power grid, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks.”

British and US defence and security officials made plain on Thursday that the central problem was how to identify cyber-attackers.

KSM and four others face new charges – two men in Kentucky face terrorist charges

Have just seen two news reports that are of interest. Khalil Sheik Mohammed and 4 others are facing a new set of charges relating to their activities as terrorists. Good. I hope that they will finally face a military tribunal and that they will be found guilty.

The second report, I think is the more serious one, because I want to know how these men were allowed to enter the USA in the first place. Two Iraqi men, who now live in Bowling Green Kentucky are being charged with planting IED devices for the purpose of harming troops in Iraq. They are also facing charges of conspiring to attempt to export Stinger missiles to Iraq.

I would like to know why Homeland Security and Immigration allowed these Iraqis into the country without a thorough background check. If they were “refugees”, they should have been held in detention (yeah, Australia’s method of checking out all of these so-called refugees), until they could be proven to not be a part of any Islamist group, especially Al Qaeda.

It is a good thing that they have been busted and are now facing charges, but it seems to me that the action to bust them has taken far too long, and that a lot of lives have been endangered in the meantime, especially when they were free to roam in the general community.

Pay attention: Terrorist threat from Indonesia

Indonesia has been the home of a Yemeni imam (I refuse to call these people clerics) by the name of Abu Bakr Bashir. The Indonesian authorities have been extremely half-hearted about putting him away for good… or better yet, returning him to Yemen. Bashir did a short amount of time for his role in the Bali bombings, but nothing seems to stick to this particular very dangerous man. It is as if the authorities are in the tank with him.

Under the rule of both Soeharto and Sukarno, Indonesia had remained a somewhat moderate country. However, that changed as other leaders took over. It is highly likely that Warranto was somehow involved in the invasion of East Timor, yet it was Warranto who provided for the Indonesian Islamic youth in Jakarta to protect the churches from potential bombers. I have often referred to the martyrdom of a young man who found a suspicious package, grabbed it and ran, but the package went off in his hands. That young man embodies the real meaning of martyrdom.

Since at least the 1990s there has been an explosion of Islamic jihad in Indonesia with an exponential increase in the number of bombings, etc. etc. including the beheading of 3 young Christian girls in the Aceh province. The real problem is that when these jihadists are caught, and put in prison, they also get released at some time in the future. This is now a very big potential problem as shown by this report that has just been released.

The jihadists who are in prison have been interviewed, and many of them have indicated that they will continue their jihad activity. Some have even stated that as soon as they get out they will attempt to bomb the U.S. embassy in Jakarta:

He says a group of hardcore jihadis are preparing to leave Indonesian jails over the next 18 months, and some of them say they will bomb Western targets.

“Several of the men we interviewed hold this view. One of them said to us directly that if he was released from prison today, he would bomb the US embassy tomorrow,” he said.

These men say they no longer need the backing of a large terror organisation like the now defunct Jemaah Islamiah, or JI, which orchestrated the Bali bombing in 2002, killing more than 200 people including 88 Australians.

That operation took three months to plan, involved 20 people and cost about $40,000.

A growing number now call themselves freelance terrorists, willing to try smaller, more random attacks.

“We’re no longer dealing with organisations or organisational hubs, we’re dealing with individuals, some call them lone wolves, some call them freelancers,” Dr Ungerer said.

“Nonetheless, individuals who will go out and simply conduct operations in groups of two or three, which is pretty much all it took to do the Marriott hotel bombing in 2009.

“It means that the threat is not going away, if anything, it’s getting worse.”


The bun fight begins

Al Qaeda have named an interim successor to OBL. The man named is the Egyptian Saif al-Adel, who was also a close associate of OBL. The point to make here is that this Egyptian, which might be an indication that AQ has its sights on Egypt once again.

To reiterate some of the history of this terrorist organization, OBL had been linked with the radical wing of MB prior to forming AQ. Saif al-Adel was also a part of that terrorist organization. It is probable that Saif al-Adel was also the person behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat. The focus of OBL and AQ was originally to take control in Egypt. OBL had also dreamed of ousting the Saudi royals and there have been plenty of attacks by AQ in Saudi Arabia.

However, these days, AQ is split into factions that have formed in these ME countries – there are branches in Yemen, Algeria and Iraq. It also seems that AQ would like to be active in Libya (and some of their members have been trying to cross the border via Tunisia). On top of that there are cells in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, as well as in Pakistan. Then there is the relationship between the Afghanistan Taliban and the Pakistan Taliban to AQ. I should add here that there have been reports that the Afghanistan Taliban are attempting to distance themselves from AQ and the legacy of OBL (which I find interesting).

The AQ contingent in Libya is quite small when compared to the other protester-rebels who are attempting to oust Daffy Duck.  However, the Daffy Duck regime has muddied the waters with claims that he has been attempting to get rid of “thugs and members of AQ” when in fact the people that he has been killing are civilians. This is despite the fact that there are some Islamists who are fighting for their own lives and the lives of their families and friends. (time will tell if they have reformed when Daffy is finally dispatched from the country).

With all of these factions, it would seem that AQ now need a leader who will focus bringing the disparate groups together. The naming of an Egyptian might indicate that they are attempting to strengthen their influence in that country now that there is a void in the country’s leadership. It also means that neither Al-Awlaki or Zahawrihi have the numbers to gain the top spot now that OBL is dead. 


Afghan Taliban had visited Abbottabad

If you think that Pakistan was not complicit in hiding OBL then think again. Here is an interesting report from the Telegraph which claimst that members of the Taliban visited OBL in the hideaway in Abbottabad. He communicated with a number of his followers by their visits. The person who gave the information is a Taliban leader who is considered a reliable source and who last visited OBL 2 years ago.

It is unbelievable to think that OBL was hiding in plain sight, and who had members of the Taliban visiting him, without the Pakistan military or the ISI knowing what was going on at their backdoor step. 

Somebody big was sheltering OBL at that location. The real giveaway has been a comment from the youngest wife, a Yemeni woman, who stated that Pakistan officials escorted her back in about 2003 and sent her home. This was about the time that OBL was hiding in the Tora Boras. It would seem that someone very high up in the ISI or the military was tipping off OBL, and that is how he escaped from the Tora Boras.

My money has been on Musharaf as the person who was assisting OBL, but I could be wrong. There is another name, someone who had been in charge of the ISI for a very short time, that has surfaced. It is more than likely that this is the person who was sheltering OBL and who set him up in Abbottabad under the noses of the military.

Pakistan has become increasingly militant and there has been a very dramatic rise in Islamisation of Pakistan. At the same time the Pakistan Taliban is intent upon seizing control of the government. If they succeed, they will do the same as the Afghanistan Taliban, where women are not allowed to work, and the hospitals where women give birth will become run down. It will also mean that any woman not wearing that weird get-up called a burka will be punished with beatings, or have acid thrown in their faces, as well as being seized from the streets, taken to prison and being tortured.


Lutherans charged with providing material support to Pakistan Taliban

Six people have been indicted for providing material support to the Pakistan Taliban. The BBC has the story:

The four-count indictment against the six people was announced by the US attorney for the Southern District of Florida and local FBI agents.

The three Florida citizens were named as Hafiz Khan, 76, and his sons Irfan Khan, 37, and Izhar Khan, 24.

Hafiz Khan is the imam at the Flagler Mosque in Miami, while Izhar Khan is the imam at the Jamaat al-Mumineen Mosque in nearby Margate.

Ali Rehman, Alam Zeb and Amina Khan, who live in Pakistan, were also charged.

The six are accused of conspiring to provide material support to a conspiracy to murder, injure and kidnap people abroad and conspiring to provide support to a terrorist organisation, the Pakistani Taliban.

Each of the four counts carries a possible 15-year jail term.

Hafiz and Izhar Khan are expected in court in Miami on Monday. Irfan Khan was arrested in Los Angeles and will appear in court there.

Miami FBI special agent John Gillies said: “Today terrorists have lost another funding source to use against innocent people and US interests. We will not allow this country to be used as a base for funding and recruiting terrorists.”

US attorney Wifredo Ferrer said: “Despite being an imam… Hafiz Khan was by no means a man of peace. He acted with others to support terrorists to further acts of murder, kidnapping and maiming.”

The indictment says that, on hearing seven American soldiers had been killed in Afghanistan, Hafiz Khan said in one recorded conversation that he hoped God would kill 50,000 more.

The US attorney seems to be extremely thick if he believes that being an imam means that the person is a “man of peace”. This is because he does not understand the real meaning of peace to a Muslim who preaches Jihad. The mosque is question is one of the most radical in Florida.  Make sure you have a good look at the pictures on the page in the report from the BBC. It shows you the kind of work that is done by the Pakistan Taliban.

Also, I am not impressed with the Pakistani Parliament and their condemnation of the raid that killed OBL. It is almost as if all of them are complicit in hiding him within the borders of Pakistan.

The new approach to jihad – oh my!!

I have already mentioned this case, where two potential jihadists who wanted to set fire to Jewish synagogues and blow up the Empire State building were captured, and today there are new revelations about one of them. He was a smart dresser and he worked behind a cosmetics counter at Saks fifth avenue. Another salient point about this would be assassin is that he wanted to be a model and an actor.

Whilst it is somewhat easy to make guesses about individuals who dress in white, have a beard and wear a white skull cap, it is a very different story when the potential jihadist is dressing in a very snappy style. He was no doubt hoping to blend in with the population and escape detection. This is just food for thought due to the increased risk and potential for another disaster like the bringing down of the twin towers of the WTC.

There is an extremely detailed news report at the DailyMail UK site, and I suggest that if you do not get this information in the USA that you should take a read of it.

Both individuals already had a criminal record, and had been arrested for burglary. The dapper gentleman was also involved in drug dealing. The police in New York had been on to both of them for some time. It was not a recently hatched plot.

Judge orders FBI to search for missing Murrah bldg tapes

The person bringing the action is the brother of Kenneth Trentadue who died in mysterious circumstances in prison, the day after the OKC Murrah bldg bombing.  If you click on the links you will see that the man was beaten prior to being strangled, and I doubt he committed suicide in prison. Trentadue must have known something that the FBI did not want to get out, and thus could be considered victim nr 169 in the bombing.

Trentadue has made an FOI request seeking the video tapes from surrounding buildings that appear to be missing.

As you would be aware, Jayna Davis, a reporter was on the spot at the time, and her investigations has led to the naming of Iraqi Hussein al-Husseini as being John Doe #2, a fact that is denied by the FBI in an attempt to cover up details as ordered by the Clinton Administration.

The fact that McVeigh faced the death penalty so very quickly is enough to make one feel suspicious. McVeigh knew things that he did not discuss at his trial. He never revealed the name of the man who was seen with him. Witnesses have placed a man of Middle Eastern appearance in his company at the time of the bombing. I doubt that Terry Nicols was capable of building a bomb that had the strength to do that much damage. There must be others involved in the plot, and the FBI has been covering up all of these years.

Guess which religion and other affiliations – lone wolf? I doubt that

The Australian ABC has a link to a story about the arrest of some Presbyterians who were going to blow up some synagogues and the Empire State Building. Of course when you see the names of the suspects who are from Middle Eastern countries, but are now American citizens, you will probably guess correctly that these are not your everyday loving Presbyterians…. Lutherans? Catholics? Amish? Jews?…. Nah…. go on take a guess….

They were caught after one of them purchased a gun and other equipment. Their intention was to blow up a series of synagogues as well as the Empire State building:

New York police commissioner Ray Kelly says the pair were caught when Ferhani bought two semi-automatic pistols, a handgun and a hand grenade from an undercover police officer.

“Just before Ferhani was apprehended he said he wanted to obtain more handguns, silencers, a box of hand grenades, bullet-resistant vests and police radios,” he said.

“By way of explanation, Ferhani said … he was fed up with the way Muslims were being treated around the world – ‘They are treating us like dogs’.”

Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance described the men as Islamist extremists.

“They did it for jihad, something they referred simply to as ‘the cause’, which meant the violence and armed fight against Israel, Jews and other non-Muslims and the West,” he said.

“They are charged with engaging in this conspiracy as a crime of terrorism.”

Despite the sensitive timing, authorities have found no direct ties between the men and Al Qaeda or any other operational terrorist group but say they were “home-grown lone wolves”.

Mr Vance says the transcripts of Ferhani’s conversations are “frightening”.

“While this defendant is not charged at this time with membership in any terrorist cell, make no mistake, he was very clear about what he wanted to do – get guns, get explosives, blow up synagogues and kill Jews,” he said.

“He was committed to violent jihad and his plans become bigger and more violent with each passing week.”

Major terrorism cases are generally investigated by the FBI. This is the first time a state terrorism law brought in after September 11 has been used to address a terrorist threat in New York City.