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Food for thought

Trevor Louden is one person who is anti-Communist. He has a record for exposing communists and he has not let up on Østupid. Like Trevor Louden, I believe that the puppeteer behind the curtain (other than George Soros) is the KGB. I think that I can make a very good case with regard to the influence of the KGB on even more grounds than those being mentioned by Louden. Given some time and some extra research, I think it is possible to fully expose Østupid’s Communist roots, which do not extend to the CIA.

What Louden is highlighting is the disinformation that is spread by Wayne Madsen. (I do not accept the writings of Madsen because from the first time I tried to read anything of his it was clear that he was a left-wing individual and full of disinformation). The big point to be made is that Madsen has been appearing on a Russian TV station. Why? Why is that acceptable?

The other individual that has been mentioned is the ultra left-wing Lyndon LaRouche and his group of followers. He is another who has appeared on the same Russian TV station.

Both of these individuals seem to be behind the idea that Islamists did not bring down the twin towers. Both of them are very anti-Israel. Both of them are very anti-Bush. LaRouche actually went all out to support Saddam Hussein (a known murderer who committed genocide of his own people – the Kurds and the marsh people). These are people who are just as nutty if not more nutty than the watermelons aka the Green Party.

I disagree with Trevor on one point – that Madsen was the one who brought up the Chicago bath house. I do know for a fact that this was first mentioned by Kevin Dujan at Hillbuzz, long before Madsen got hold of the story and sold it to the National Enquirer. Also, I believe that the story has legs, but it has died again with Rahm Emmanuel becoming Mayor of Chicago.

What do I think? I believe that the KGB is the power behind Østupid. There are a number of indicators that point me in that direction, rather than in the direction of the CIA. If it was the CIA then one would have to question the loyalty of operatives who would be secretly pushing a Communist agenda.

Please chime in with your thoughts or what you know about Lyndon LaRouche or even Wayne Madsen.