Middle Eastern Roundup

This is a page that I am creating so that I can link to my original posts, including making updates.

In this way I am hoping to avoid any further tensions due to the more international flavour of this blog. Some might find the subject irrelevant. That is fine by me, simply read the posts that are of interest.

After creating this page, I will add the links to the posts that relate to the Middle East.

For a round-up of what is happening in Libya, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and Syria etc please go here:


Update: Gadhaffi is now using cluster bombs in Misrata. You can read the whole report here . At least 5 people have been killed and more than 30 have been injured during the last round of attacks.  The point to make is that the cluster bombs have been banned, and yet Gadhaffi is using them against his own people in Misrata.

Update: Photo journalist killed in Misrata. You can read the details here

4 responses to “Middle Eastern Roundup

  1. Here is a link to Syria: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-13084656

    Unbelievable. Assad claims that the protesters are armed gangs. Just like Daffy Duck stated. They are using the same playbook.

    The protesters are unarmed. I have never stated that I agree with the Syrian protesters, but I am watching with interest. However, this statement by Assad is blatantly false. He is using it to justify the murder of the people.


  2. I am placing this as a link here:

    The reason for doing so, is that I am following this particular situation. Daffy Duck is up to something. The loyalist army was told to withdraw from Misrata, and that has been verified in various reports. However, what is happening seems to be that Daffy is moving personnel to other cities such as Brega and Sirte. If you do read the report you will notice that it says that NATO did strike targets that were tanks heading towards Brega and Sirte.

    The “leave it to local tribes” is a ruse by Daffy Duck. This is not a ceasefire. It is a gathering of the forces whilst Daffy is buying time in order to launch an even more deadly attack upon the people of Libya.


  3. Some more information that has become available regarding Daffy Duck attacking his own people throughout the whole of Libya.
    These people are Berbers in the mountain region. They have been against Daffy from the beginning.


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