What a stupid comparison and I might add a lot of historically incorrect twaddle

Duh Won has done it again. This time he is trying to blame Christians for the savagery of present day Islamic terrorists known to the world as IS. I think it is time that Duh Won is put in his place over his lack of perspective when it comes to history…. and that goes for all of the claims that the Crusades were somehow savage and brutal.

First of all, there were several Crusades that were called and the purpose of most was to free the Holy Land from the grip of the barbarians known as Mohammedans. However, by the time of Richard the Lionheart there were other reassons for the Crusade. I am not sure if I wrote about those other issues in a previous post. It is suffice to say that the security of Jerusalem as a Holy Place was not necessarily the goal for at least one crusade. Also not all crusades were called by the Pope.

Second, some mention in the past has been made of the role of the Knights Templar. It is only by re-reading the book on Robin Hood that I began to dig into some of the mystery surrounding the attitude towards the Knights Templar that persists even today. At least by digging I understand why this attitude arose in the first place. At some point, and it is not clear when this happened, the Knights Templar had become heretics. They became a part of a movement that is best represented by the Albigenses in France known as Catharism – the Cathars believed that they were the pure (it reminds me of modern vegetarians). The Cathars also believed in dualism, that is there were two gods – a god of good and a god of evil. As such they did not accept that Jesus had died on the Cross (please note that this is a brief summary for the purpose of this post).

My appetite to find out the truth was whetted when I saw the most recent movie about Robin Hood, also known as Robin of Locksley and then  read Sir Walter Scott’s version of the tales of Robin Hood. Although the T.V. series was loosely based on this book,  there was a lot more in the book to excite the mind of the curious. In my case it was the manner in which king Richard treated the members of the Knights Templar who were present at the joust.  The real story of Richard the Lionheart and of the Knights Templar is quite interesting. I will point out that there are accusations against King Richard that are simply not true, in regard to what happened on the island where his wife was living. The people who live there certainly have a different viewpoint than the revisionist historian who was attempting to dent the reputation of Richard.

There is one crusade, it was not sanctioned by the Vatican, and it took place in France. What you have to remember is that during the period in question there was no difference between Church and State. What you also have to keep in mind is that the Church as well as the State felt threatened by the rise of such groups. The Knights Templar were a parter of a larger organizationl The State of France went to war against them. It was a crusade against those who were thought to be a threat against the monarchy or at least the local dignitary.

Third, in Europe there were at least 2 phases of the Inquisitions. There were admitted abuses by individuals who participated in the Inquistions. However, despite such abuses which led  to a few deaths for political rather than religious reaons, the first Inquisitions saved more people than those who actually died.When the Inquisitor came to town the accused were confronted about whether or not they were adopting certain practices. The numbers who died in this period were very low (more than 10 times less than those killed through violence perpetrated by Mohammedans. However, it is the Spanish Inquisition that was in fact dubious from its inception. Yes, people died. Yes, some people were tortured. However, what they endured was a picnic compared to the torturs used on the many innocent victims of the Islamic State. The Spanish Iquisition was a government tribunal.

The claim that somehow IS is worse than the Christians during the period of the crusades is ludicrous. It is also a claim that is not based upon fact.


Warning!! Do not “p” off the King of Jordan

What a man!!  I am very impressed with King Abdullah of Jordan. This man is absolutely amazing as far as I am concerned.

Upon learning of the fate of the young Jordanian pilot who fell into the hands of IS, Abdullah cut short his visit to the USA. It is rumoured that upon hearing about how the young man was put to death Abdullah quoted from the Clint Eastwood film “Unforgiven”. Abdullah is now back in Jordan.

The first order of business was to ensure that a woman who was condemned to death years ago finally went to learn of her own eternal fate (I hope that it was hell because that is what she deserved). You need to understand her importance to IS to understand why I am cheering the fact that she was executed.  Other terrorists held in Jordan’s jails are also about to be executed if not already executed. For one death many more will follow.

Prior to becoming king, Abdullah was a fighter pilot. Now I am reading that he is intending leading the bombing mission against IS.

All I can say is WOW!!

This man, a Muslim has all the necessary amount of righteous indignation to make the decision to go in hard against the terrorists. Yes, there are moderate Muslims and Abdullah is one of them. I will have to pray for his safety.

The war in Syria grinds on… and an unlikely Lebanese hero

Al Nusra front used one of their operatives to blow up a bus. He is not the hero of this story. As usual this is in fact a story about Sunni vs. Shia. Al Nusra Front represents the Sunni who are opposed to Assad. The real hero is a Lebanese Shia man who is most likely to be linked to Hezbollah. He is a hero because he spotted the bomber, gave his child to his wife and then pounced on the man. The bomber blew himself up, killing 6 and wounding 19 others. The selfless action of the real hero and dare I say it, martyr (because he gave his life to save others) was to cushion the impact of the bomb.

In the Islamic world such heroism is very rarely seen, but when it is seen, then it needs to be acknowledged. The man was on a pilgrimage to  a shrine in Damascus. He was not there to be a part of any war. He was with his wife and child. He acted out of some sense of impending harm to all of his “friends” who were on the bus. I do hope that this man’s heroism is appropriately rewarded by Our Lord.

Moving forward

The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo has been released in defiance of those who tried to shut down this group of political commentators and cartoonists.  The cover depicts Mohammed with a tear in the eye and a sign that says “I am Charlie”.

The usual suspects who become rage boy are ready to rage again. However, in a lot of places there is a call to stay calm. This is the case in France where the imams of the most important of the mosques have decried the violence and at the same time have called for no reaction to the cartoons.

I reiterate that there are good Muslims out there who mean us no harm at all. One such Muslim is a French citizen, British cafe owner who has a chalkboard outside his shop stating “I am Charlie”. He has been threatened by a man of “Asian” appearance. This particular Muslim has stated he will continue with the chalkboard and that his neighbours and those at the mosque have no objections to his chalkboard. The perpetually aggrieved have no sense of humour.

Luz, the cartoonist who survived because he was late for work, has stated what is obvious: “that some have lost the soul of their inner child”.  Luz’s cartoon is more complex than is supposed and one should try to look at this picture upside down, and look at the turban with fresh eyes.

If there is to be a resolution to the crisis that has been ongoing since ISIS gained control in Iraq then I think that we personally need to be doing a lot of praying. Secular France has been shocked by what took place. The French have suddenly discovered that anti-Semitism is rampant. Why did they not see that anti-Semitism had been ongoing over a period of years? Why had they done nothing before now. In true French style they are protecting Jewish schools etc. and at the same time they are arresting those responsible for damage to the Mosques.

I am not sure whether to believe him or not, but the man who was the mentor to the two brothers has actually condemned their actions. This man, who was in prison because of his terrorist activities seems to be reformed and is working as a nurse at the hospital where Jewish victims of the deli massacre were taken. He came out against what had taken place.. has he really turned his life around, or in the future will he participate once again in terrorist activity?

Moving forward, we all need to be on the alert. If we see anything that is suspicious we need to be prepared to report it to the police. At the same time we need to be vigilant against those who want to impose Sharia upon us.

A sad end to the week

First of all, it is necessary to pay a tribute to 17 people who were killed as well as all who were injured over the past week in France. The people who were killed at the Jewish Supermarket died because they were Jews and in my mind this is the most disgusting of the events.  Equally disgusting was the murder of the policewoman and the murder of the policeman, because their murders in particular were merciless.

I want to take the time to praise a young man from Mali. This young man worked for the Jewish grocer, and he is a Muslim. He was quick thinking because he sheperded a group of people into a freezer to protect them, and then he managed to slip outside to warn the police about what was happening and to give them a key to the shutters at the front of the store. He was also able to give them details regarding the inside of the store.  The young man was quick thinking but more than that, he considered those Jews to be his brothers.

There were others who faced an ordeal on that same day, including the woman teacher who had her car hijacked from her, and she was lucky to be dumped from the car, as well as the owner of the print works and the other employee who was on the same premises but who was hiding. Once again, this young man communicated with the police and provided vital details regarding the print works.

Seventeen people paid a heavy price. Five of the 17 were Jews. Three of the 17 were Muslim – the policewoman Clarissa. the policeman Ahmed and the Charlie Hebdo employee Mustapha. The remainder were a mixture, probably atheist.

The whole episode has been chilling because no one knows if there will be more strikes, or when those strikes might happen next. I personally think that it is no accident that the perpetrators were criminals.

We all need to be on the alert against this kind of fanaticism.

A very bad week – the empire strikes back

Ok, yes it is true, I am a Star Wars fanatic!!  I hope that any reader who knows the trilogy will in fact get my meaning here because the “Empire” consists of the baddies. This is a theme that is consistent in such things as Lord of the Rings and yes even the Hunger Games which is a story about striking back against oppression, and evil overcoming the world.

Evil. Yes, that is a word that I am deliberately using to describe what took place in France this week. Last night I heard some sketchy story about 4 hostages being killed, but the message was so mixed up I thought it was the original pair who had killed more people. This morning the full extent of the unfolding tragedy was laid before me… it was another gunman, the same one who had killed the young police woman who had started his own siege and had killed 4 people he had taken hostage in a Jewish grocery store. The Empire had struck back.

The gunmen responsible for 12 deaths at the Charlie Hebdo premises claimed that they were from AQIP (Yemen). There is a claim that one of them was trained by people loyal to Anwar a-Awlaki who was killed back in 2011. This strike was all about revenge over a bunch of cartoon drawings that had depicted Mohammed the goat herder who claimed to have been a prophet of God (but was no such thing). Mohammed is not holy. Mohammed is not divine. There is nothing sacred about Mohammed the camel driver and goat herder. The gunman who laid siege to a Jewish grocery store had a particular hatred of Jews. He also hated the police.  All of these incidents are linked. (BTW I am now of the opinion that the grocery store gunman was in fact the 3rd person involved at the offices of Charlie Hebdo if there really was a 3rd person).

Al Qaeda and its offshoots, is the face of evil. The current leader of Al Qaeda, Zawahiri had a role in the death of Anwar Sadat, as did Muslim Brotherhood. The ideology of Al Qaeda, I.S. and similar organizations is that of the Ummah and the idea of the world-wide caliphate. This is also the belief of the Afghanistan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban. They all believe the same thing.

The hate preachers within Islam here in Australia also preach the same thing about the world-wide caliphate and their belief in the Ummah. We who are Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist etc etc are in peril so long as we refuse to embrace Islam.

The hate preachers of Islam have for a long time been manipulating the Muslim adherents. They stirred up rage over a bunch of innocuous cartoons of the pedophile Mohammed. After the Friday hate preaching there were scenes of mayhem and rage all over the world… and we saw the birth of “Rage-boy”. The hate preachers set to work convincing the crazed ones that the West was killing Muslim children… when in fact it was Muslim killing Muslim in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.  Yes, we did go into Iraq and yes people were killed, but those people were attacking the soldiers who were present for peaceful purposes after the ejection of Saddam Hussein. This does not stop the lies of the hate preachers.

Another source of distortion is that relating to the “Palestinians” and Israel. We are supposed to believe that Israel is suppressing the Palestinians when in fact it is Hamas that is oppressing its own people, using them as human shields and generally committing war crimes. What else can you expect from a bunch of criminals.

This time the Empire successfully struck back, but we are a long way from being defeated. Yes some cartoonists were killed at Charlie Hebdo, but the tradition will continue, thanks to this particular attack.

I will note here that I have seen cartoons that I consider to be offensive, but I am exercising my free choice to not be offended over those particular cartoons. What matters to me is the right to freedom of expression whether or not I am offended by such expression.

Je Suis Charlie Hebdo – a tribute to the 12 who were massacred.

First of all I want to express my sympathy and condolences to the families of the 12 who were massacred. In particular I want to express my condolences to the family of the policeman who was executed in cold blood.

Charbo knew that his life was at risk and he continued to thumb his nose at the Islamic extremists. The magazine, Charlie Hedbo had some of the best cartoonists in the world. This was the one magazine that had been willing to show images of Mohammed the pedophile, butcher, and extremist. A lot of those cartoons are in fact quite funny and that includes one cartoon which should have had me feeling very offended.

Charlie Hebdo magazine is all about lampooning people on the political stage. The fact that the cartoonists had not been afraid to publish in my view is to their credit. They stood up to the extremists within Islam but they lost their lives because they stood up to the intimidation. (this is one of the messages in the Hunger Games, that is standing up to intimidation).

Why should a cartoonist’s expression of Mohammed be considered as blasphemous anyway? The claim is that this butcher, thief and pedophile was a prophet of God, but nowhere in the history of the world is a real prophet of God anything like Mohammed. Prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nathan, John the Baptist, Ezekiel and others did not go around demanding that people either convert to a religion or die by the sword. No, they were interpreters of their time, and some of their words apply to events at other times. This is why the words of Isaiah are applied to the birth of Jesus Christ. Mohammed was an ordinary man but Jesus is the Son of God.

I want to pay tribute to the men and women who stood up to the attempts at intimidation. I pay tribute even though these men and women do not equate to my own politics. For me, it is about the fact that Chabo was prepared to continue publishing the cartoons because he wanted to stand up to the fanatics since he would rather die standing up than being forced to kneel on the ground. (at least as Christians we are not forced to kneel but do so willingly as we adore the person of Jesus Christ – and if we cannot kneel because of arthritis then that is ok too).

The cartoonists of the world have been responding to the massacre of so many of their own community by publishing their own images. Some of those images are funny but some make a very strong point. The Australian press has published some of those images.

As a conservative voice, I am joining with those who are willing to say “Je suis Charlie”. I am standing up for the freedom of expression and the right to freedom of speech. Even if a cartoon offends my sensibilities I believe that the cartoonist has a right to express an opinion, and I can decide to ignore that particular cartoon.