I am adding this page so that people can add their own predictions on whether or not HRC will change her mind and run in 2012.

Here is a link with an interesting perspective:

Only Idiots Think Hillary Will Run — Let’s Hope They’re Right, by Larry Elder–_lets_hope_theyre_right

You may add your own comments as to why or why not you think that she will run.

4 responses to “Predictions

  1. Carlyle’s Great Insight – a Modest Prediction

    Very soon now (not days or weeks, but small months) the Obama situation will crumble. Caused by Donald Trump and other related revelations and initiatives.

    Obama will step down (escape) just prior to all hell breaking loose, and will avoid further scrutiny.

    Joe Biden will immediately (before any of his culpability can be officially examined) become President and will pardon Obama for ALL past, current, or future sins. Therefore making Obama totally impervious to any further investigation or convictions.

    Obama will fade into the woodwork, but will become famous as the first ‘black’ president. Revisionist history will incrementally white-wash his reign and he will become bigger and bigger and more important in the schools. He will definitely appear on money. Everything in sight will be named for him (ala MLK).

    Biden will appoint Hillary as his VP and the congress will overwhelmingly approve. Unanimous with Dems and a sizable majority of Repubs.

    Biden will quickly (weeks or months) decide he doesn’t like being president and will retire. Thus leaving Hillary as president.

    Hillary will immediately pardon Biden for ALL past, current, or future sins – particularly as may regards the eligibility fraud. Either Hillary, or Biden above, will also fully pardon Pelosi and anybody else that was remotely connected with the Great Fraud.

    Therefore none of us well ever get the ego salve of seeing anybody swing for the greatest con of all time.

    Hillary will therefore be the incumbent in the 2012 election and will win a landslide without much campaigning or funding.


    Justification and logic:

    The logic of this is self-evident. In fact it is such a “good” plan, that it HAS to be true. But there is a further twist. This may not be a recently created Plan B to deal with something falling apart. This may have been Plan A all along.

    As we know, Hillary mysteriously folded prior to the 2008 DNC convention. Something happened. The only things that make any sense at all are blackmail and being made a dandy offer. Blackmail is hard to sus out. SOS is certainly not dandy enough. So what WAS the deal?

    I say it was a “you first, me second” plan as described above. Maybe it was originally for 2016. Maybe they hoped Obama could last that long – but it would also work for 2012.

    Even further back, maybe this was the grand plan from as early as 2006. Run Hillary and Obama, have Hillary win and Obama get some much-needed experience and national exposure. Hillary was “old enough” right now and Obama was too young, so Hillary in 2008 and Obama in 2016 would have been just right. Obama would have been older and more experienced by then.

    But as the DNC convention neared, it became apparent (through fraud, intimidation, and illegal foreign support) that Obama could GUARANTEE a win and Hillary could not. So they switched places.

    Bizarre and complex, you say? Democrats have surely proven themselves capable of this level of evil ingenuity. And I have yet to hear any other explanation that makes any sense at all.

    So, there you have it, from my lips to your ears.



  2. Carlyle, I am betting that Hillary will not end up as POTUS. She became a dead duck when she became SoS.


  3. Hi, Carlyle and Aussie – That theory, Carlyle, may end up coming to pass; however, there are many outside forces which can and will come into play. Even the most evil and cunning perpetrators do not have ultimate power and cannot corral everyone to their liking.

    Aussie, I tend to agree with you about Hillary becoming a dead duck. She is certainly beginning to look like one. Oooops!! (that slipped out – just couldn’t help it)

    Back to your theory, Carlyle. It is plausible and possible, but I’m not so certain about it being probable. Like Dean M., with his long held views on Malcolm X being O’s daddy, you have espoused your view re. the end of Obama for awhile, too. You just may be right. Coming from you, I listen!



    I am not running to the bank.


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