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I was going to write a post on one of my other blogs regarding this subject because I hate moving :). I have less than 2 weeks to go before moving day arrives yet again.

Even so, I will relate my very earliest memory of moving. Please keep in mind that I was 2 years old when this move took place!!  Yes, it is true. There is not much to the memory yet I do remember some little bits and pieces.

What I can remember is accompanying my mother to the school where my brother and sisters had been in attendance. (In fact I have one other memory from so long ago when my sister attended dancing class, and I was there and did the splits. That is more than a lifetime ago!!). I remember my mother presenting flowers to the teacher… and then I can remember being in a moving man… yes we rode in the van… but beyond that I do not remember loading up the items, or the items coming out of the moving van. The only other thing I remember is my mother scrubbing out the toilet!!

For close to 20 years I lived in that one house, I went to school then university and then my life changed rapidly. I married an Air Force Officer. Needless to say there have been many moves as a result of that marriage, but certainly not as many as some Air Force wives endured. It included my time in the USA when my husband attended USAFITT at Wright Patterson Air Force base in Fairbon Ohio. We lived in Fairborn Ohio for a period of about 19 months. Then it was back to Australia, Canberra, Townsville and Canberra again. My husband left the Air Force and then we were moved to Sydney by ADI. He joined QANTAS and it was back to Canberra which was something that I did not want. He was made redundant by QANTAS as they destroyed the unit to which he belonged… the fools.

Now we are heading towards semi-retirement and once again we are moving, this time going north to the Central Coast in Australia.

The politics in this nation are just as bad as what is happening in the USA, and yes we have problems with corruption etc. etc. We also have a Marxist Prime Minister.

The ALP which is the equivalent of the DNC have been busy destroying Australia. The dumb witch who is our Prime Minister is still proud of the broken promise that is imposing a price on the air that we breathe. She cares nothing for the businesses that will go broke because of her stupidity.

Things can happen quite rapidly in this country. As an example the Watermelon aka Green Senator Bob Brown last week announced his retirement from the Senate, and this is despite a few weeks previously stating that he had no such plans. What changed? Perhaps it had something to do with an address that he gave where he started off with “Fellow Earthians…”… and it went downhill from there. The upshot is that the Watermelon aka Green Party now has a woman as their leader… yet another vicious and stupid female. Could this signal the end of the ascendancy of the Watermelons? They believe that they will continue to be a force in politics… but I think that they are crazy in thinking such a thing!!

In the meantime Christine Milne, the dumb witch who is now the Watermelon Party leader is helping to continue the refrain “Abbott, Abbott, Abbott”… We finally worked it out that we had heard the refrain once before… Debbie Reynolds sang the song… “abbadaba said the monkey to the chimp”…

Then of course in the USA the wheels of justice grind slowly, and a young Hispanic is being ground into the ground because of a thug by the name of Trayvon Martin. Maybe the truth in this case will be stranger than fiction. What I do know is that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been lying about the case. If you hear that Trayvon Martin was shot in the back or in the head, then this is wrong. If you hear that he made a 911 call, this is an outright lie. 

In this case, someone brought to my attention that there is an entry on the paper that is purported to be the call record sheet for Martin’s phone where the 911 call is listed for the 2nd March… oops… someone has been using photoshop!!  Think about that for a moment… if they created a false 911 call, then what if there were no calls to the girl, and she is lying?

I will be trying to keep up with other things such as what the USSC might decide over abominablecare, but I still have lots of work to complete within a short space of time.

The NBPP, the thug Trayvon Martin… and the election

From what I have been reading, Trayvon Martin was a street thug and not the angelic little boy that the media sought to betray.

An analysis of what appears to have happened on the night that Trayvon Martin was killed points to the fact that Zimmerman was not a white person but an Hispanic on his way to Target when he spotted someone acting in a suspicious manner… in the end Martin reached for the gun that he saw Zimmerman was carrying at the same time that Zimmerman was reaching for the gun… Martin had been bashing Zimmerman’s head into the ground. The gun went off and Trayvon Martin was dead. This should be a clear cut case of self-defense.

However, the parents, not taking responsibility for their son’s action decided on a course of action that is enough to make one feel sick. First the mother trade-marked her dead son’s name. They hired a race-baiting lawyer by the name of Benjamin Crump and they brought in the hateful race baiters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

The whole thing has escalated and it is quite scary because the NBPP are wanting to draw blood. These clowns and race bating racists want to have riots and they want to kill whites in the process. It is all being orchestrated from the White House.