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Turkey makes threats against France, Iran has its own plans

Thanks to the weakling that occupies the White House the world is a lot closer to the possibility of an outbreak of world war. Whilst I am not predicting a world war can happen, I am continuing to monitor the various situations that are erupting all over the world. Anyone who thinks that “climate change” is some kind of moral imperative needs to pay more attention to the real world.

First of all, there is the threat of a trade war involving China. This is a very real threat brought about by the European community and their commitment to watermelon policies, including a carbon tax on incoming flights to European cities. The Chinese do in fact see this as an impediment to free trade. Always keep in mind that the Japanese prior to their involvement in world war 2 had issues about trade agreements. Keep in mind that up until at least the 1980s most countries had their protectionist policies. Keep in mind that Østupid has made noises about protectionism and there is no way of knowing what RP would do if the worst possible outcome was ever to eventuate.  The possibility of China starting a trade war is indeed a very real threat in the future.

Second, Iran is making plans to strangle the shipment of oil from the Middle East. They plan on taking over the Suez Canal. However, Østupid is just too dumb to see what is happening. Such an action is a threat to the rest of the Middle East as much as it is a real threat to Europe, the USA and Australia.

Third, Turkey has continued its refusal to acknowledge the holocaust against the the Armenians which occurred prior to and during the first world war. There was indeed a pogrom against the Turkish Armenians and thousands were slaughtered by the Turks. The Turks stole the property of the Armenians at the time. However, there were survivors who told their story. France has been determined that Turkey must stop denying the Armenian holocaust. As a result legislation has passed in the lower house of the French Parliament, and is awaiting passage in the French Senate. Reuters   reports that Erdogan has slammed the bill and is making (empty) threats against France.  Erdogan has slammed the bill based upon “racism, discrimination and xenophobia”. Really? The truth is that the Turks are guilty of acting in a racist manner towards the Christian Armenians, and that they took action with the intention of wiping out the whole community.  The fact is that had it not been for the survivors of this particular holocaust the world would have remained silent. Turkey needs to admit its mistakes and stop denying what took place.  The Turk’s claim that there was a partisan conflict with killings on both sides still sounds like baloney to me.

The Plods continue to hold blogger’s computers

A blogger who goes by the name of Tallbloke (and a jolly nice man he is), was raided about 7 pm in the evening roughly a week ago. To fill you in on the story, this involves the person/s who goes under the name of FOIA, who dropped a link on at least 4 blogs owned by scientists who are at odds with the globull warmists. These other blogs include Air Vent, Jo Nova and What’s Up With That. The link was dropped just in time for the Durban Warmist talkfest, where all they do is talk and achieve nothing. After Climategate 1.0 which took place just prior to Copenhagen (and yes God had a great laugh with all of that cold and snow at Copenhagen), there were some “enquiries” complete with a whitewash for the likes of Dr. Phil Jones and Michael Mann. A lot of wrong doing was completely swept under the carpet as a result of these enquiries. In the meantime, Ken Cuccinelli is suing the university where Michael Mann was prior to his move to Penn State, for access to emails, etc. in an effort to audit how money has been spent on research. At the same time Michael Mann continues to make a big fool of himself as does James Hansen (but that is another story).

Climategate 2.0 is a tranche of about 5000 emails that come from the same period as the first group of emails. There was nothing new in the batch. However, there is plenty of meat within the emails that have now been released, and there is material that needs further examination with regard to probable acts of criminality as well as collusion. This involves the US Department of Energy since that department provided research dollars to the UEA. Certainly there is collusion in regard to the IPCC and there is the freezing out of people like Dr. Judith Curry, who is a warmist with a difference – she is willing to talk with the other side!! Anyway, people are still reading and discovering bits and pieces in those emails that have been proving very interesting to say the least.

A few days prior to the Tallbloke raid by the Norfolk plods, WordPress was sent a notice from the US DoJ requesting that logs for a month prior be preserved for the blogs where the link had been dropped. WordPress passed on the notice to the blog owners.  This notification is similar to that which was done on the other blog server which had unknowingly hosted “Inspire Magazine” run by Samir Khan on behalf of Al-Awlaki and Al Qaeda. In that case the web hosting company, not the FBI shut down the blog host, thus more than 17,000 bloggers lost their blogs at the same time. It was a different case because the FBI were seeking something very specific relating to terrorism.

According to Tallbloke the plods took away the computers to have the disks cloned, yet they have not returned them to him. He is now being told that it will be another 12 days before they are returned. He has not been told why a warrant was obtained, neither has he been told that he has committed a crime. It is very strange indeed. At the same time, some warmistas decided to “slime” Tallbloke in what was a vicious attack upon his integrity as they called him a criminal, and claimed that he was responsible for the leak – except that he works in Leeds, and is nowhere near the UEA. The story has gained attention in The Guardian, the BBC, the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph (James Delingpole). On top of this there are now three units of plods involved in the investigation.

Both releases took place by using a Russian server. When this happened the first time some people believed that the Russians were behind the “hacking”. Yet we have no way of knowing at this point in time whether or not there was a “hacking” incident, or whether in fact it was the work of an insider. The most we do know is that according to FOIA there are another 220,000 emails being held and are locked in a zip file encrypted with a passkey.

Looking back on the posts of two of the blogs, I saw for myself that FOIA simply dropped the link on the blog. There was no explanation, just the link. The blog owners spotted the link and then checked it out, then announced that Climategate 2.0 had arrived. There seemed to be no warning that these were coming.

As someone who blogs on wordpress, I can appreciate that wordpress holds the logs and information relating to each of our blogs. They should find at least an IP address associated with FOIA in those logs. The question remains why did they take Tallblokes computers if he is not a suspect?


Thanks to the watermelons China threatens a trade war

China is threatening the European Union that the imposition of a carbon tax on aircraft could lead to a trade war. The United States took a case to the European Courts but were told that the carbon emissions trading scheme did not infringe upon another country’s soveignty. The Chinese have told the Europeans to either abandon this pernicious tax or face a trade war.

On this score, I should point out that Greenpeace, through having one of its members on the Bolivian delegation in Durban also proposed that there should be a shipping tax. From what I understand that proposal got nowhere.

The imposition of this carbon tax is very serious business, and it is not hard to imagine that it could lead to a trade law. China wants to increase her markets around the world, and the imposition of a carbon tax, whether by sea or by air hurts Chinese trade.

Besides, the tax will do nothing to change the weather. The Chinese are smart because they are not going along with the crap about Globull Warming. Their own research is telling a vastly different story on things like the tree rings and hockey sticks.



The curious case of Bradley Manning

First of all, a bit of a shout out to Gay Patriot because those guys are proving once again that there are gays out there who do not behave like the Bradley Mannings of this world. How can I explain this statement? The first time that I heard about Bradley Manning I knew that he was a gay, and that he was using his alleged treatment, or something like that, since I thought the original excuse was that he had a tiff with an ex-lover, in the Defense Force as a reason for his actions. His defense team are claiming maltreatment and of all things a gender dissonance for his actions, and to this the people behind the blog GayPatriot are saying “mushroom fodder”.   (sorry for the lack of a link because I did not save the post).

Second, as the commitment proceedings continue it seems that Mr. Manning is not being entirely truthful regarding everything that took place. The prosecution witness with what might be considered a lack of credibility is a former hacker who had a drug problem at one point. However, it is this former hacker who did in fact turn Manning in to the authorities. The hacker thought that Manning had gone too far. According to the witness evidence, Manning sought him out via Facebook, and he thought that this was in order to brag about what he had done.

Third, there was another witness, his superior who also took the stand today, and this is quite curious because it seems that Bradley Manning had attacked her a few weeks before his arrest.  Is it possible that Manning actually thought that he would get caught, and that he provoked the attack in order to set up a scenario that would give him cover?

This left-wing person knew exactly what he was doing when he joined the Armed Services. He knew about the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Hundreds, if not thousands of gay men and women have served with unblemished records, and they have not had the alleged difficulties as claimed by Manning. His whole intention was to hack into the computer servers and find those emails or cables that he passed on to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Everything he did was deliberate. He should be court-martialled and he should be found guilty and receive a very stiff sentence.


Saudi takes an interest in Twitter

I just came across this news report on the BBC website regarding Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal investing $300 million in Twitter. This is the same Saudi Prince who has shares in News Corporation and a host of other countries. It might not mean anything, BUT, there is always the possibility that this investment could somehow curb the use of Twitter in the future when it comes to something like what happened in Iran in 2009.

To refresh your memory of those events in Iran, there was a Green revolution of sorts (it was never clear whether these people were more Islamist than the Mullahs or not), and when the Presidential results were announced a large number of people went wild because they knew that they had voted for Mousavi and Kharoubi rather than vote for Ahmahnutjob. Young and old people took to the streets and to the rooftops. There was a repeat of 1979 but with a twist because this time the people did not win. They were crushed by a brutal regime that is far worse than that of the former Shah.

During that period of protests the young people who came from the universities took to using Twitter as a means of communicating with the outside world. Twitter managed to stay open for these people to get out their message about what was happening inside of Iran. The regime was not able to completely shut them down.

The Arab Spring was not spontaneous even though the LSM would like us to believe it was spontaneous. The immolation of a young Tunisian was the spark and it was the only thing that was spontaneous because the opposition groups in Tunisia had already been planning their moves to oust Ben Ali. They used Facebook and Twitter to execute their opposition protests. It worked in Tunisia. This is also true with Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and Morocco. The opposition parties have been well organized in their planning.

One part of the plan which was executed in both Egypt and Libya was the method by which the actions against the protesters brought in others who had not been as supportive of the movement. This was obvious with the Tahrir Square protests, because as soon as the army responded more and more people joined in the protests. It was all planned. On the other hand, in Libya there was some organization, but I am not certain that the movement was as well organized as in Egypt. This is despite the fact that people behaved in the same way. As soon as Gadhafi brought in the mercenaries to fire upon those who were protesting, people who did not agree with the originators of the protest joined in the daily processions of funerals for the victims of Gadhafi oppression. This is what happened in Benghazi. The crowds got bigger every day. There must have been some organization because protests also broke out in Misrata, Tripoli, Zintan and a number of other cities.

In those early days in Libya the government spy network meant that people using their mobile phones to try and get out messages were caught and ended up in prison. At least two of those detained were Australian citizens. They had been caught using their mobile phones. It was thanks to the diplomatic efforts of the Turkish Embassy that these individuals were freed from prison. This shows how dangerous it was to try and communicate with the outside world. Yet, the citizens of Tripoli in the long run managed to communicate with other Libyans as well as with NATO forces. They managed to capture and rig up their satellite communications, and they took enormous risks in guiding the NATO forces to the spots where there were weapons dumps in Tripoli and elsewhere.

In pointing this out, I am still wondering why the Saudi businessman aquired this interest in Twitter. My real question is: will this interest in Twitter have any effect in the future with regard to how Twitter is used in the Middle East by dissidents? Could this stifle dissidents in Saudi Arabia?

North Korea – Kim Jong il passes away

It has been announced that the rather repulsive North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has passed away as a result of a heart attack, at the age of 69.

The Guardian reports:

The death will be felt far beyond North Korea’s 24 million population. The country has long been a source of international concern because of its nuclear and missiles programmes and there will be widespread anxiety about potential instability and the implications of the change in leadership.

Seoul’s Yonhap news agency said South Korean military leaders had declared an emergency alert following Kim’s death. A spokesman for Japanese prime minister Yoshihiko Noda said he had set up a crisis management team on North Korea, while in the US the White House said Barack Obama was monitoring reports of the death.

“We remain committed to stability on the Korean peninsula, and to the freedom and security of our allies,” a spokesman added.

While there were some suggestions the new leader might sabre-rattle in the region to help establish himself, Dr Leonid Petrov of the University of Sydney argued that Pyongyang was likely to use the transition as an opportunity to reach out to the international community.

But there have long been doubts about how easy it will be for the younger man – thought to be in his late 20s – to continue the Communist dynasty founded by his grandfather Kim Il-sung, who died in 1994.

“I think the North has done quite a bit to accelerate the succession process so I think at least in the short term they will coalesce around the next generation of leadership and watch and see whether his son will be able to consolidate power. But there will be a lot of uncertainty ahead,” said Daniel Pinkston of the International Crisis Group.

Chung Young-tae, of the Korea Institute of National Unification, told Reuters: “Any prospect for a strong and prosperous country is now gone. Kim Jong-un is not yet the official heir, but the regime will move in the direction of Kim Jong-un taking centre stage.

“There is a big possibility that a power struggle may happen. It’s likely the military will support Kim Jong-un. Right now there will be control wielded over the people to keep them from descending into chaos in this tumultuous time.”

The death of Kim Jong-il is bound to have some national and international implications. Looking at these portions of the Guardian report, I see two things that might be of concern: (1) the son is still very young and had not been installed into a leadership role. This could open up rivalries which could cause chaos.  (2) with Kim Jung-il out of the way there is an opportunity of an about face in North Korea which could lead to necessary aid for the starving population.

The first report that I saw on the death of Kim Jong-il did not give me a hint that he had died. Instead it came across as cult worship. The claim was that he was born on a high mountain in North Korea and that there had been a special star in the sky. Does that sound familiar? It sounds like North Korean leadership were trying to co-opt the birth of Jesus Christ.

In other words, you can add North Korea as a country to watch. I just hope that Østupid does not f.up things too much by doing or saying something extremely stupid. And we all know that he is capable of being extremely stupid.

Climategate 2.0 – the plods visit Tallbloke

The blogger known as Tallbloke lives in the U.K. The person/s who go under the name of FOIA and who are responsible for the leak of the CRU at East Anglia University emails, left a link to the Russian server where a second tranche of emails were found in a comment on Tallbloke’s blog. The blog itself is like my own from the point of view that he uses WordPress as the host for his blog. This is also true for a number of individuals who see themselves as Climate Sceptics, as well as someone like Dr. Judith Curry who is an expert on hurricanes, believes in globull warming but disagrees with the hype out of UAE, and also disagrees with Michal Mann’s hockey stick.

The other day the plods from Norfolk turned up on Tallbloke’s doorstep. There were more than 6 plods. They were polite when they entered the house. In the end they left with two laptops and a modem. He was told that they were going to clone the drives.

Prior to this event, the U.S. DOJ had sent a notice to WordPress indicating that they must freeze all data on the blog, as well as the blog called Watt’ up with that run by Anthony Watts, Climate Audit and at least one other blog. They gave as a reason that they were investigating the commission of a crime. Hmmm…..they really should be investigating the crimes committed by Phil Jones and Michael Mann… but that is another story. 

The action of the DOJ came about because the UK police asked for their assistance. This is different from the action taken against the Canadian who hosts a bloghost site, and who was shut down, not by the FBI, but by his own web host provider, for alleged breaches. I will remind you, that in that particular case, there really was a crime that had been committed. The late Samir Kahn was using that blog host site to upload issues of the Al Qaeda “Inspire” Magazine. There were no grounds for the webhost site to have suspended the blog hosting… but that is another story, and the man concerned did in fact get some compensation over the matter.

It would seem that the Norfolk plods were probably looking to see if there was any evidence of communications between FOIA and Tallbloke. However, the real question is whether or not a crime can be said to have been committed. This is an issue that is tied to an interpretation of whether or not the computer at the CRU was hacked, and the emails were “liberated” as a result of a hack, which can be seen to be a criminal act, or on the other hand that FOIA is not a “hacker”, but is a whistleblower. Personally, I agree with those who think it is an inside job.

The real scandal in this saga is something that is just starting to show itself and it involves people who are high up in government. All of them are a part of the big scam to pull the wool over the eyes of a long suffering public.