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A voice of reason from the man most likely

Australia is in the middle of an election campaign. It has meant the usual attack ads, oh how boring. We have seen Whingeing Wendy 2.0 aka Sour Susie make her appearance, and disappear again. The scare campaign attack ads are now taking over on the television. However, a decision to watch very little in the way of T.V. is always a good idea during an election campaign :). It is a decision that saves a lot of angst :).

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is an egotistical little man who thinks that the worst government ever should be given another three years to ruin the economy of Australia. We are already in debt to the tune of $300 billion. This sounds like peanuts to Americans but it is huge to Australians. We have suffered the wastage just like the USA has suffered because of Barry Soretoro.

Despite the fact that we are in campaign mode, Kevin has found time to get all excited about the use of chemical weapons in Australia. He wants to commit Australia to something… I just do not know what he wants to commit us to if he should win government (highly unlikely at this stage).

On the other hand, the leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, has remained the voice of reason on the subject of Syria. I do in fact believe that Tony is correct in what he is stating and I believe that this should be the attitude that a leader in Australia should take on this matter. At this point in time we still do not know who used the chemical weapons. Also, it is pointless to go on the attack and such an attack has the potential to create a major war in the Middle East. Time to go softly, softly.

Now, you might wonder why I said “the man most likely”.  He did not become a priest even though he entered a Seminary. It simply was not the life for Tony Abbott :).  Nope, that is not the reason. He has 4 daughters, so no, there is nothing most likely about that. He is a good family man, and one who believes in the truest form of social justice (not the leftoid kind of social justice that is simply lip service to those who are poor). Nope that is not it eiher.  The real reason is that all of the polls and the betting are indicating that in a week’s time Australia will get a new government and the man most likely to become Prime Minister is Tony Abbott.

Just like in the USA there are people who think that the betting agencies somehow get it right. Well, I remain uncertain about whether or not betting agencies are a good indication of anything. Yet, Sportsbet, one of the Australian betting agencies has already declared that the Opposition will win the Federal Election and they have paid out on the bets already placed for the win. Interesting.

We also have a variety of polls, and some are better than others when it comes to methodology. Over the past few months I have been critical of some of the major polls when their results seemed like an outlier, and in fact I was correct because in one instance the pollster excluded data from certain States, hence making it look like there had been a swing towards the government, yet when results from those States were given, then a different picture emerged. There are many reasons to be critical of certain pollster, especially Essential Media, yet it has been interesting to note that even in their biased polls, the Opposition has remained firmly in front.

I have spent the best part of a week doodling in regard to the polling information, the election pendulum, etc. etc. and i have also come to some conclusions regarding the outcome of the election.

First of all, it is a given that there will be a swing away from the Rudd government. The size of the national swing is not at all clear. However, in the western suburbs of Sydney the swing could be as high as 10%. After looking at the most likely outcomes, and fiddling with the size of swings in each electorate or each State, I am willing to forecast that after September 7, the Coalition will hold around 100 seats, and the ALP will hold just over 50 seats.  The Green member of the Parliament will not be returned and the ALP will have its only win.

Second, if I do the State by State forecast, then I see that the biggest upsets will be in NSW, followed by Queensland and Victoria. There is a chance that Kevin Rudd the dud will lose his seat of Griffith. It is highly likely that the swing is on there because people are really pissed off with him, especially his refusal to debate his opponent.  In NSW there are some seats that have always been safe for the ALP and they are in danger of falling to the Opposition, with one in danger of falling to the Green Candidate (however the Liberal Party have advised that the Green candidate be placed last) which means the sitting ALP member should be safe in that seat.  If the belwether seat of Eden-Monaro changes hands then the Opposition will win the election.  I am expecting between 6-10 seats to fall in NSW alone. On top of that I am expecting the Victorian seat of Corangamite to change hands. Dobell should go to the Liberal candidate and the same with Robertson. The seats of Lindsay and Greenway are expected to fall as well. The ALP have tried hard to ridicule and trip up Jaymes Diaz but it is not working for them.

Third, we had a series of debates. I refused to watch them. The best outcome, and the one that caused a buzz was when Tony Abbott asked “Does this man ever shut up?”. The media tried to make that an Abbott gaffe but it resonated with the audience who all felt the same way!!  The whole campaign has been a disaster for KRUDD.  The latest in a long line of gaffes has been the Treasury officials making a statement that takes the gloss off claims that there is a $10 billion hole in the Opposition costings – Sweet. The ALP try that one on all the time, but it turns out that the ALP use cash based or government accounting assumption and the Opposition uses accrual accounting assumptions thus the difference in the results.  I do think that is actually scary because it means when the Liberals do take control of the government there is going to be one very big headache as they learn the truth about the debt and all of that spending.

The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 37.3: Near Resolution

Stately McDaniel Manor

Our long, national nightmare is finally over.  Or at least the primary chapters have been written and sent to the printer.  I have no doubt we’ll be hearing about George and Shellie Zimmerman for many years to come.  But for now, Shellie’s legal nightmare is nearly at an end and she has the opportunity to reclaim something of a life.  I wrote about the charge against Shellie, a charge virtually devoid of evidence, in Update 37.2.

Last week, Shellie’s trial date of August 21 was postponed in lieu of a status conference.  The most common reason for such postponements this close to trial is an imminent plea agreement.  We now know that was indeed the case. The Orlando Sentinel reports: 

Shellie Zimmerman, the wife of acquitted murder suspect George Zimmerman, admitted Wednesday that she had committed perjury to help her husband get out of jail and agreed to…

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A love story

The story itself is not new and I have heard of other couples where the partners die within days of each other. However, this story as told by the children of the couple is a good one and should be repeated.  It is a story about LOVE. It is a story about relationships. Most of all it is a story those indicates what is necessary to make a good marriage last until the end.

What I find so nice about this story is that the couple had known each other since they started school (what you call kindergarten and what I, as a Victorian would call grade Preps). One of the families moved and they lost touch, but they met again thanks to the woman’s brother in law. They were made for each other. Nothing could be more touching than this particular story of love and dedication.

You might think it strange that I would even mention this story, but I think that it is a good one to highlight what is needed to make a family seem less dysfunctional than other families. In this case it is clear that the hard work the pair gave to their marriage paid off.  Contrast that situation to the parents of Traydemark Martin, as well as the parents of James Edwards. Both boys came from a background involving dysfuntional families. The mother of James Edwards, the killer of Christopher Lane, is in jail because of her criminal record. The example that she gave to her son was not very good at all. Traydemark’s parents were divorce, and in fact $ybrina, who is now profiting from the death of her son, did not want him as he was growing up, and then when he returned to her, she threw him out of the house.  What a difference!!

I think I have my answer about out of control Barry

UPDATE: HOT AIR has up a post on the same subject, only this time it is further evidence that my question is the right one :). Basically, a bi-partisan group of 81 Congress critters are sending a letter to Barry Soetoro telling him that he should not be ingulging in any action without seeking approval from Congress. The basis for this demand is the War Powers Resolution 1973.

The point is this: if Barry the Indonesian citizen decides to take action without consulting Congress, then this will be the second time that he has flouted the War Powers Resolution 1973. The Congress is willing to listen and to approve the action. It is more likely than less likely that he has the numbers in Congress to allow a limited action.  If he does not go to Congress to seek approval then he is out on a limb.

Also, keep in mind that President Bush (the natural born American citizen) went to Congress prior to taking any action in either Afghanistan or Iraq.  He had the approval of both House of Representative and the Senate to go into Iraq.

Now consider the difference in attitude here, everything that GWB did was approved. The U.N. had a resolution regarding Iraq relating to the use of chemical weapons. The demand and agreement was that Saddam Hussein was to destroy the weapons and allow the weapons inspectors in to ensure that this had taken place. Saddam Hussein decided to play footsies, and he lied about his cache of weapons. (Gadhafi did the same thing, he did not destroy the weapons, including chemical weapons as promised).

With regard to Syria, it seems that Barry Soetoro is determined to flout both the U.N. Security Council, as well as the U.S. Congress. It is not a good look at all.

Daily Caller has an interesting post regarding the intentions of Barry Soetoro with regard to Syria.

If I am reading the report correctly, Barry does not intend going to Congress before “calling the shots” – that is a bad move Barry.

However, even more disturbing than this prick’s disregard for the Congress is his growing disregard for the United Nations.

I know how you feel about the UN and their interference in our sovreignity. Yes, it affects my country as much as it affects yours. However, sometimes the U.N. gets it right and it has held back on the whole Syria question.

We do know for certain that chemical weapons were used in Syria. More than 300 people died and thousands were injured from the attack. We know this information because it comes from the credible source of Doctors Without Borders, who have reported that they have seen victims with neuromuscular toxicity.

What we do not know is who was responsible for the attack. I have seen one report that suggests that Maher Assad’s unit was responsible for the attack. The unit is hiding in the mountains overlooking Damascus. The canisters that contained the chemicals appeared to drop from the air. This is a very possible explanation.

You might disagree but there is some other evidence that points to Assad being behind the attack. The first piece of evidence is once again the way in which Assad refused access to the site, closing Syria’s borders to the U.N. but now he has relented only because the Iranian President urged him to le the U.N. teams in to investigate.  A second piece of evidence is the lone shooting at the U.N. team that had arrived to investigate the incident. Now that could have been a set up to try and lend credence to the notion that the Opposition forces were responsible for the attack.

On the other side of the coin, there is the evidence that Opposition forces did capture an outpost where there were chemical weapons being stored. Russia and Iran are blaming the Opposition forces for the attack, but that is not a surprise to me. On the other hand, Israel has produced evidence that Assad’s forces were involved. Their evidence comes from intercepted messages.

Either way, Barry should not do anything without going to the U.N. first. President George Bush did not unilaterally go into Iraq that second time. He had warned Iraq about their weapons, and he had as support a U.N. resolution. He had regard to the United Nations Security Council. However, Barry is behaving like he is above such things.

This video is direct and to the point

Greg gets it. He is eloquent and makes the points that I want to make about the murder of Australian man Chris Lane.

Greg mentions what the rest of the media will not mention, “the knockout game”.

Greg went one step further and he has made the connection that I wanted to make, that there is a link to the death of Traydemark Martin and the just verdict relating to the trial of George Zimmerman for that shooting in self-defense. Greg mentioned what the Oklahoma police will not mention – that the shooter hates whites and went after “woodpeckers” after the Zimmerman trial verdict.

It is refreshing to know that some people do get that there is a connection. This leaves me to continue to state that Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Ben Jealous, NastyNat and $ybrina Fulton have blood on their hands as they continue to stir up unnecessary racial hatred, when the truth is Traydemark was a thug who was in the act of attempting to kill a man when he was killed instead.

Ms. Fannie Gumbinger Was 99 Years Old…

sick, sick, sick

A serious question

It looks like the dithering POTUS is getting ready to make a once a year decision, which is possibly some kind of action against Syria’s Assad.

Assad has delivered a warning to the United States and at the same time continues to blame the Opposition forces for the chemical weapons drop.

The last time Barry made a decision, and then attempted to back out of the consequences of that decision, NATO forces participated in enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya.

During that last effort, Barry should have gone to the Congress before making any concrete decision, but he failed to do the right thing. I am aware that many saw this as almost a treasonable act. First of all, I do not think that decision was against your Constitution, BUT I do think that he was wrong because he did not go to the Congress to get permission or funding for that action.

My question is: how do you think the Congress might act this time if Barry decides to go it alone again and not involve them in the decision-making process? Do you think that such non-action might in fact provide an impetus for the Congress who want to bring about articles of impeachment?

Chemical weapons were used – Who used them?

Whilst being aware that Muslims in the Middle East have a habit of stage managing a crisis, one thing is now certain about the Syrian situation – people were killed when one side used them during the past week. The medical evidence has come from doctors associated with the group Doctors Without Borders of Medecins sans Frontieres, if you prefer. It is estimated that more than 300 people died from the use of a neurotoxic chemical.

It is not clear as to who used the chemicals because there are claims that bombs containing the chemicals were dropped upon the population in Damascus. If it was done via small bombs then it is most likely that the attack was done by Assad. If not, then the claim that the Opposition forces were responsible remains the choice.

Significantly, the President of Iran Hasan Rouhini has acknowledged the use of the chemical weapons against the Syrian population. He has, however, left open the possible perpetrator.

Now, what bothers me in this story is that Assad continues to refuse outsiders to moniter what is going on. This is a very wrong-headed attitude. If he has nothing to hide then he should welcome the outsiders so that he can prove that he is not responsible for the violence. Thus, with Assad refusing to allow a team from the U.N. to come in and investigate the matter, it means that suspicion regarding the attack will continue to point the finger at Assad. In my view that is not very smart.

What are the alternatives? First of all I see no evidence of the people of Syria crying out for a fly free zone as was the case in Libya. The Libyan intervention was based upon the ability to disable the Gadhafi government forces, thus giving the people a breathing space. I maintain that of the two, Gadhafi was much worse than Assad because of the nature of the abuses against the Libyans.

Second, a major concern for me, about the Syrian situation happens to be the length of time it has taken to resolve the civil war. The longer the civil war has been allowed to ferment, the more like it has become that there will be a Muslim Brotherhood affiliation style of takeover. This is quite naturally an undesirable outcome. It can be argued that the dithering with regard to Syria has actually led to this outcome being the most likely eventuality. However, with affiliates of Al Qaeda involved in Syria, I do fear for the future.

The question is: Should the UN intervene? My answer to this question remains the same:  NO. This is a civil war between Syrian tribes. As such international countries should keep out of that war and should not get directly involved. Giving weapons to the Opposition could have a disastrous result in the future.

At the same time non-intervention has some dangers attached, including the escalation of strife in Lebanon. The recent bombings in Lebanon are a direct result of the civil war in Syria. The players are exactly the same between some hardline Sunni Muslims and Hezbollah. My view is that we should let them kill each other.

Gang violence Australia style

If I was feeling cranky earlier in the day, then I am just as cranky if not more cranky after reading this story about gang violence in Victoria. Guess the melatonin pigmentation and the possible race – it begins with S… and they came to Australia as refugees.

This is yet another case of out of control teenagers or perhaps young people in their early 20s thinking that they can do whatever they like.

Melbourne has more of a problem with this particular group than Sydney and this is because more of them were settled in the Melbourne area. I have family members who have a lot to say about this type of refugee and it is stuff that is not so polite because of the way that these people behave.

A 20 year old female was bashed to the point of being unconcious during an attack on a bus. The driver was not able to stop but when he did the gang got off the bus and disappeared. The driver then had to call an ambulance so that the woman could be taken to the nearest hospital.

This is not the first time that there has been this kind of gang violence in Melbourne but in the past the violence as been covered up. Simply ask Melbournians about their opinion of former police commissioner (deliberate lack of capitals) christine nixon. You will get a spray of abuse when her name is mentioned and it is for good reason. A lot of the problems extend from her time as police commissioner under the former ALP government in Victoria.

Gang violence is a very serious matter, and it needs to stop.

The Pandora’s box – why I believe that it is $ybrina who has opened it

How many more white men will end up as victims of teenage black hoodlums, either the result of gunshot wounds, stabbings or bashings before someone says enough and they finally tell $ybrina Fulton to simply put a sock in it!!

Since the death of the thug Traydemark Martin there has been a spate of these bashings, or in the case of Chris Lane, deaths from the use of a gun for no particular reason. Several witnesses to these attacks have stated that the perpetrators have indicated that it is “revenge for Trayvon”.  Well, it is not revenge because Traydemark Martin was in the process of committing felony assault when his life was cut short. He was to blame for his own demise.

The Pandora’s box was opened as soon as $ybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the divorced parents decided to get legal representation. It had been a mystery to me as to why they felt it necessary to “protect Traydemark’s name” but that lasted as long as it took for the truth to filter out.

The media is just as responsible for the opening of the Pandora’s box because they have persisted with the false narrative concerning the death of Traydemark Martin.  He was shot in the chest, not in the back, which was the way that Chris Lane the White Australian was murdered by teenage thugs.

However, the festering sore that needs to be expunged is not the SYG laws that do in fact protect black victims of crime, but it is the cover-up of the ever increasing gang activity of teenagers today.

Gang activity is a festering sore wherever it is found. By this I mean not just in the USA, but in other countries where these gangs have been allowed to thrive. These gangs are criminal in nature. In the old days of the Mafia it used to be about things like bootleg liquor, but these days it is about the distribution of cannabis, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs that I have not named off the top of my head. It is also about the possession of illegal weapons.

The Zimmerman trial had nothing to do with SYG law because there was no way that George Zimmerman could have retreated. He was entitled to act in his own self-defense. The level of injury has nothing to do with an argument for self-defense. To argue against the SYG laws as they exist in the USA is to argue against the rights of all victims or rather potential victims of crime.

What $ybrina Fulton is doing with her lies, and her cover-up of her own son’s complicity in his own death, is to help foment a situation where white men are being attacked by young blacks on what seems like a daily basis. The last mentioned death was of an 89 year man who was bashed to death by two black teenagers. There have been many others.

For a moment I think it is worth mentioning the case of Marshal Coulter who is in fact “the victim” of a shooting, yet he is not a victim because he had trespassed on another person’s property. There are several aspects of that particular case that indicate a direct contrast of two different families affected by the fact that their son/brother has been shot. My heart has gone out to young David Coulter because it has not been easy for him under the circumstances of a family afflicted by the loss through cancer of a step-father. David had to come home from college to help look after his siblings and David has given up a lot in the circumstances. Even if David Coulter himself is not an innocent person, the fact is that the Coulter family has behaved in a way that is more circumspect than either $ybrina Fulton or Tracy Martin. The mother of Marshal Coulter obviously had difficulty keeping her son out of trouble. The family is obviously on struggle street. Yet, somehow the Coulter family has managed to keep their dignity in the face of this tragedy in their lives. I guess they understand that Marshal was bound to get himself killed or at least almost killed one day.  I will also point out that Landry, the homeowner who shot Coulter has had a lot of support from his neighbours, who do understand the need for protection of property and family against intruders.  They are the ones who see the bigger picture – yet $ybrina Fulton continues to close her eyes to that big picture.

I do not think I need to get into the pecadilloes of either of the parents of Traydemark Martin. As far as I am concerned, neither of them are very savoury types. Tracy Martin is in fact a member of the Crips gang.

The mention of the Crips brings me to the next point which is the missed opportunity of bringing it home to black youth that this gang sub-culture is in fact deadly. Looking back over the information that we saw regarding Traydemark Martin, the thing that stood out to me happened to be the number of his associates that had died. These were easy to discover because their names had R.I.P. in them, indicating the person had died. It was not clear the reason that they died, but some would have been from drug overdose, and probably others were from deaths associated with gang activity.

Tracy Martin had belonged to the Crips. Trayvon Martin texted about being in a gang or at least he, too, was a gangster wannabe. He was involved in the drug trade as a user and a dealer. At the same time he had access to illegal guns. The give away for James Edwards who is only 15 years old, is the fact that when he tweeted he used a Crips signage “cc” in his writing.

James Edwards, the boy who shot Chris Lane in the back is only 15 years old. He tweeted that he hates whites, and on top of that he indicated that he was upset about the Zimmerman verdict. The choice of a white male victim for gang initiation (which is certainly what a lot of us believe to be the truth), is no accident. The method, that is the shot in the back is no accident either. This is based upon a projection related to what the BGI, that is via $ybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, of the events the night that Trayvon was killed as he attempted to take possession of George Zimmerman’s gun. There were some media outlets that had depicted this incident as George hunting down an innocent child, when in reality such a depiction was not even close to the truth. Yet, the murder of Chris Lane had those very elements. He was hunted down and shot in the back “like a rabid dog”. The difference here is that Chris is a white man and the killers are black teenagers.  There is more to be added about James Edwards, especially the fact that his mother is in jail and that she has a long rap sheet. In fact James Edwards at the age of 15 has a long rap sheet. He is stereotypical of the type that gets involved with criminal gangs such as the Crips.

When I heard that the bitch who was the biological mother of Traydemark Martin had addressed a rally relating to Martin Luther King I became extremely cranky, especially when I heard a part of what that bitch said. I have no empathy at all for $ybrina Fulton. In fact I think that she has blood on her hands. That blood belongs to Christopher Lane, and to the other white men who have been bashed or murdered by some other means since Traydemark the thug died.