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In case you have not seen this interview

I am wondering if this is a scoop for my American friends. This is an interview with the girlfriend who called the police on Tamerlan Tsarnaev. It is worth reading.

Now I can see a few things that remain unanswered. If this girl knew that Tamerlan was being radicalized, why did she not inform the FBI about what she saw or experienced?

UPDATE:  Here is some more speculation about who might have radicalized Tsarnaev. Keep in mind that the person mentioned is allegedly Canadian until you read the fine print and discover that he was another Chechen. It is possible that he had an influence on Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The report also mentions the name of a person who was a recruiter of jihadis in Dagestan, and Russia seems to have released information about Tsarnaev’s contact with this man.  It is all fitting together, and yes in my mind I come back to mama Tsarnaev as the major force behind the radicalization. Considering the comments made by the other girl who had featured in the life of Tsarnaev, it looks like he was radicalized prior to his trips to Dagestan.

Who is Troy Crossley? Should the FBI tail him?

I am not going to comment. Please read the link.

The CourtJester has a theory and it is an interesting theory about the people who want to free the Joker aka the younger Tsarnaev brother.

If these tweets are correct then the 19 year old Joker lied to the FBI about when he was recruited. It also means that the FBI and the CIA need to fully investigate Troy Crossley. It also means that KGB might be very interested in such developments.

Perhaps the Robot might like to pull his head out of the sand at the same time.

Putin regrets

CNN reports that Vlad Putin regrets that Russia could not provide more information at the time that the Tsarnaevs were being investigated that would have somehow prevented the Boston massacre. At the same time he hits out at Western nations that have criticized him for the crackdown on the Chechens.

First of all, I find it amazing that this former head of the KGB keeps coming off as being more human than the POTUS. This is not good!!  I do not like Vlad Putin and yes I do think that he is evil, yet my heart tells me that I have to agree with his statements and comments on this matter. Russia warned the USA but for some inexplicable reason the Tsarnaev family were not considered a threat even though both mother and son had become radicalized.

Why was the case file closed? Why did the FBI and Homeland Security fail to keep this family under surveillance? To me it is just like the attitudes that were adopted in regard towards Nidal Hasan who had been in touch with Anwar al-Awlaki. The warning signs which were written very large in RED LETTERS or a RED FLAG if you prefer, were totally ignored in the case of Nidal Hasan. In that case he should have been thoroughly investigated months prior to his attack at Fort Hood. The warning signs were present. Yet those who were doing the surveillance failed to understand the significance of him seeking out Anwar al-Awlaki, the imam who was the go to man for those responsible for bringing down the World Trade Centre and killing 2996 people.

Homeland Security should have had the Tsarnaev family under surveillance but they believed that the Chechens were not going to unleash their anti-Russia stance in the USA. The Homeland Security failed to understand the meaning of Ummah.

I sympathize with Vlad Putin in this matter. For years Russia has been subjected to bombings in railway stations and theatres. Large numbers of Russians have been killed by the Chechen rebels. I agree with Vlad Putin that these are not Freedom Fighters.

Our views are often formed as a result of the news sites that we read. I see this as a genuine problems these days. When I was growing up that was not the case because journalists, other than the Pilgers of this world actually reported the news without colouring the details. Today there are more in the mold of Pilger and his ilk who present the news as opinion rather than facts. By doing this they are managing to hide the real facts. I think that a good case can be mounted against those who scream human rights abuses at the Russians. Like most other people I had swallowed the line that somehow or other the Russians were at fault when they moved to crush the Chechen rebellion. Even though my views are changing, I do think that there are human rights issues that must be addressed by Vladmir Putin. There is fault on both sides… but the Chechens are truly nothing more than common criminals.

In some respects this is why I find that what has been spoken by Putin about the Boston massacre resonates with me, but when the POTUS speaks, all I want to do is close my ears and not bother with anything he has to say because there is no emotion, it is just hype where he is concerned.  It is a very strange world when I agree with a Communist leader… but then again Fidel Castro told that North Korean nut case to cool it!!

Syria – the fighting continues

I do not wish to delve into the Syrian conflict and I have no desire to take sides. The reason for my attitude is based upon the fact that the Syrian rebels are now backed by Al Qaeda elements. In the early days of the conflict this was not very clear, but the reality is, that over the past 12 months or more, the Al Qaeda jihadist element has poured into Syria. I see this as a very big problem for those of us who are totally opposed to jihad.

There are other issues that I want to raise and I will raise them here but I will continue to use another alternative blog if I want to write about the actual conflict. Here are my issues:

1. The use of chemical weapons. There is now accumulating evidence that one side has used chemical weapons against the ordinary people. The chemical appears to be Sarin and that is the same chemical that was used by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds. Connect the dots and please do not tell me that Iraq did not have chemical weapons, or that those chemical weapons were destroyed.

2. Russia and Iran – the spheres of influence. It must be pointed out that for a very long time Syria has been the satellite of Iran, and through Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon was getting its funding. Iran has been active in Syria, and Iranian forces have been known to have killed hundreds of Syrians.  That leaves Russia who also sees Syria as a sphere of influence.

3. The Chechen connection – the two Chechens who threw the curve ball at the Boston marathon have given Putin the means by which he can once again attempt to oppress the region occupied by the Chechens in the former Soviet Union. Russia wants the oil that is in the lands occupied by the Chechens. Putin must be thanking his lucky stars that Tamerlan Tsarnaev played right into the hands of radical Islamists and did the unthinkable – he took the Chechen/Russian conflict to the USA.  It seems that Putin has been making noises about the ruthless Chechens crossing the border into Syria and fighting with the Jihadis who are present in that country.

I will add here that Vladmir Putin is not a very likeable character, and in fact he is quite abhorrent. He is ruthless and he will crush those who oppose him in a most bloody and ruthless fashion. Yet, Vladmir Putin is also a man who is unafraid to come out and say the obvious when it comes to jihad. This is an impossible situation because it means being on the side of a ruthless dictator because he has more common sense than the POTUS!!

4. The red line has been crossed but once again there is inaction from the White House. Someone does not want to make a decision about the use of chemical weapons during this civil conflict. Why not?

5. The Tsarnaev connection to the Ummah – one of the most difficult concepts to understand is the Ummah. There are many who simply do not get it where the Ummah is concerned. It is the concept of the Ummah that ultimately led at least one Tsarnaev brother to commit a criminal act. Muslims who ultimately believe in the Ummah are on a certain path – they are continuing the path of Mohammed. To them it is either surrender or death. The younger of the Tsarnaev brothers stated that he was upset because Americans were killing Muslims but of course that is bullshit. Muslims are killing Muslims. The Americans were not killing Muslims in Iraq, but Sunni and Shia have been bombing each other. The same is true in Afghanistan. It has been the Taliban killing Americans, British and Australians, and on the other side a few Afghanis have died because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There has not been wholesale massive killing, but if you listen to the advocates of the Ummah, then you are more likely to think that those bombs that constantly kill people in Iraq had been placed there by Americans.  The belief in the Ummah, and even the belief in the Mahdi is the one thing that left-wing Americans and Australians simply do not understand.  It is time that these people pulled their heads out of the sand and had a look at history.

Any further comments that I might want to make on this subject will be written on an alternative blog.

I hoped that I would be ending these posts but….

I just saw a piece of information on an Australian news site that indicates something very interesting about the mother of the terrorist Tsarnaev brothers.

According to this news source, the mother, Zuibedat Tsarnaeva was placed on the terrorist list back in 2011.

Russia raised concerns to US authorities about the mother in 2011 – at the  same time they asked the US about Tamerlan, several sources told CNN.

FBI agents interviewed the mother as part of the investigation into Tamerlan,  whose case was closed after several months.

Read more:

I started having doubts and my own theories about the mother as soon as I read some of the things that she was saying about the FBI. None of it was ringing true to me (even though I am a foreign national) but what really clinched it in my mind was her claims that there was no blood and that what we saw was red paint… and it kept on getting worse…..

Needless to say I am personally not surprised about this particular development because I had a hunch that she was moving in that direction.

Once again the clues were:

1. the mother seemed to be the one who initiated interest in reading the Koran and taking instruction from the Koran… as well as taking the Koran literally.

2. the mother came out and stated she did not care if her sons were killed, and if she was killed. (As a mother of three sons, I find this kind of statement incomprehensible)

3. the mother seemed to be the one who either introduced the man named Missa to the household, or she at least encouraged him to give instruction to her oldest son.

4. another sign of her radicalization was the sudden wearing of the hijab as well as some other things that are “Islamic” in nature, as related by a young woman who had been her customer.

UPDATE: why am I not surprised about this latest news report in Australia regarding the mother of the Tsarnaev bombers? The comments regarding the subject of the mother’s radicalisation of her son/s has come from both Republican and Democrat sources in the Congress. She is now a person of interest, especially after her outbursts in interviews.

This is the woman who has the hide to say that she thought that America would be safe for her sons, BUT it is the other way around, America was not safe because of her and her sons.

Heading to New York with a home made bomb

If you think that this is about the Tsarnaev brothers, then you are wrong.  The Jawa Report has a story about an Ukranian student from Rutgers University in New Jersey who was caught with an IED 8 days prior to the bombing in Boston. He was heading to New York on public transport when he was stopped and searched….

Let me guess, this student is a member of the Lutheran Church and he has a thing against Catholics and so he decided to go place an IED in Times Square… could my guess be accurate? Nope.

I will have another guess…. Ukrainian… anti-Russian… Caucasus…. Jihad.

About the widow of the dead bomber

There is good reason to pay attention to the mother of the Tsarnaev brothers, because it seems more than likely she knew of her son’s plans. In fact the latest that has been revealed is that there was a communication that refers to the fact that Tamerlin wanted to sacrifice his life for Islam…. I have pointed out the various flags that point to the fact that the mother was a part of the radicalization of her son. There is also the mysterious Missa or Meesa who had been a visitor to the house… and it seems that the father was not happy to see him there… pointing the finger squarely at the mother.

It is possible that this mysterious Missa or Meesa is a member of one of the two Boston mosques that have a very radical background…. and so the finger should point to these mosques and their role in that radicalization… except that in one case, it also seems that members of the mosque had approached the FBI with the identity of the Tsarnaev brothers…. so not everyone of those attending the mosque are radical at this point in time.

So we come to the widow, Katherine Russell, a foolish female who became an Islamist convert. What did she know and when did she know it? The finger is also pointing in her direction because younger brother has told the FBI that the brothers were tipped off by Katherine Russell.

Of course Tsarnaev’s statement contradicts the comments that have been made by his mother.  Again the contradiction points a finger at the mother, because she clearly knew something, and her lies about the FBI show that she has some kind of guilt… and it is not just her theft of clothing that is at issue.

The other big news is that the Federal DA, that is the dumbass Eric Holder moved to end the period in which Tsarnaev was being investigated. The Justice Department rushed those charges and that ensured that the FBI could not continue their questioning of the suspect. It also means that if the younger Tsarnaev brother knew anything about a terrorist cell, then the Justice Department has nipped that information getting out in the bud…. Good one Eric Holder the dumbass.

The Question Is Answered: Mirandize

There is no need for me to add anything here. Holder is too much of a dumbass in my view… but then again so is his boss.

Stately McDaniel Manor

If you, gentle readers, ever had any doubt that Democrats cannot be trusted with the safety of the American people and the national security of America, lay that doubt aside.  There can no longer be the slightest question.  But before I provide the latest outrage, a brief side trip into the Twilight Zone that is the brain of our Secretary of State–America’s top diplomat–John Kerry.  Via Fox’s Greta Van Susteren:  

We just had a young person [Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarvaev] who went to Russia, Chechnya, who blew people up in Boston. So he didn’t stay where he went, but he learned something where he went and he came back with a willingness to kill people. I think the world has had enough of people who have no belief system, no policy for jobs, no policy for education, no policy for rule of law, but who just want to…

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About Sunil Tripathi – RIP

It is with sadness that I read that the body of Sunil Tripathi, the person originally named as suspect 2 has been found in a river.

My sympathy is extended to his family upon the loss of their son. May he rest in peace.

At least the mystery of his disappearance has been cleared up.

Islamist terror on the rise – French Embassy in Tripoli

UPDATE: If you have not seen the connection of the Touareg to the bombing of the French Embassy in Tripoli then you should have a look at this report from Reuters.

During the Libyan civil war the Touareg remained loyal to Moammar Gadhafi. He had ensured that loyalty by giving them weapons as well as money to fund their fight against the government in Mali. I have no idea if Gadhafi money is still being used to fund the Touareg. What I can say is that the Touareg are Islamists and they are in Libya. I will also point out that prior to the actual war breaking out Gadhafi brought in people from Mali to be the sharpshooters. A lot of Libyans died as a result of indiscriminate shooting from the rooftops, and yes many children died at the hands of Gadhafi.

This particular car bombing has all of the hallmarks that points the finger at the Touareg rather than at the Islamists in Benghazi (a different group of Islamists). It must always be kept in mind that neither group is kosher.


UPDATE:  Here is a much better report on the bombing of the French Embassy in Tripoli.  I draw your attention to one very important point and that is Mohammed Aziz, the Libyan minister did not waste time dithering about whether or not this was a terrorist attack. This is a far cry from the wishy washy response that came from the White House after the Boston bombing…. where they continue to downplay that it was a terrorist attack.


Do keep in mind that this attack could have been perpetrated by people loyal to Gadhafi, but in Libya you just never know….. I have just seen a report that a car bomb went off outside of the French Embassy in Tripoli.

After just reading that it is now believed that the younger Tsarnaev blamed American presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan (an irrational belief in my view) for his radicalization, it is astounding to see, once again the rise of the Islamist violence. (tongue in cheek because it is not astounding at all).

At this stage I have some theories about motivations:

1. the pro-Gadhafi contingent in Libya are beginning to make their move. Possible, but unlikely at this point in time.

2. the specific attack on the French Embassy in Tripoli is related to the Mali situation. The French went into Mali to expel the Islamists who were making life hell for the people who live in that country.

The most likely reason is in fact a revenge attack over Mali, and this raises the question as to who might be responsible for the car bombing. I keep coming back to those who had been sponsored by Gadhafi – the Touareg. However, this might not be the case. It could have been inspired by those affiliated with Al Qaeda as well. The main group that had affiliation have been quiet and they had not been all that active in Tripoli since their base is in Benghazi.

The French took a leading role during the civil war in Libya such that the pro-Gadhafi contingent in the country would be both Anti-American and Anti-French, but that leaves out Canada…. except for one thing….

The two men who were busted in Canada for their plans to bomb a passenger train as it passed over the bridge that crosses the Niagara Falls were Tunisian nationals, and it is believed that they are linked to the Iranian branch of Al Qaeda.

Here is where it gets all fuzzy because Iran, Russia and China were assisting Gadhafi. Iran has been assisting Assad in Syria (a big sphere of influence for Iran). Iran has probably been sponsoring and helping the Chechen Islamists…. Why is it that Iran keeps popping up?

BTW one more thing to consider: Iran had been helping North Korea in building their nuclear weapons….is it all coincidence?