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The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 32.2, Week 1: The Narrative Spontaneously Combusts

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Following opening statements, the prosecution normally produces a succession of fact witnesses, people who can testify to the facts–the evidence–necessary to establish the elements of the offense and to prove that the defendant committed it.  Their ultimate job is to leave no room for reasonable doubt.

But this is the George Zimmerman prosecution: the backwards case.

Normally, prosecutors are careful to fully question each prosecution witness, to obtain all of the evidence their testimony can produce, and also to avoid allowing the defense to reveal evidence left unmentioned, making it look like the prosecution was trying to conceal something.  But during the first week of this case, the prosecution has established a pattern of asking only the bare minimum of their witnesses.  In virtually every case, defense cross-examination reveals a great deal the prosecutors avoided bringing to light, and in virtually every case, that information either fully supports George’s Zimmerman’s…

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Cash for Comment

Now here is a lady who tells it like it is:

I am going to bore you with my medical history

I want to be very clear on the point that I am making and why I think it is important to understand something about George Zimmerman’s medical history. It is something that hit me in the face when I first saw his medical report, and it is something that I have experienced first hand. It is my view that the woman who saw GZ the day after his injuries is not exactly competent and I think that for a few reasons. However, I am going to hone in on one thing which is something I seem to have in common with GZ. It is the SI joint injury. He had inflammation in the SI joint prior to the attack and that is in his medical record. In fact GZ was on glucosamine which is very odd for a 28 year old.

So here goes with my story and how I ended up with SI joint injury. It starts when I was 22 years old, and was newly engaged. At the time I was in the RAAF at Officer Training School and living in Air Force accommodation. The female officers were living in quarters in the Officers Mess. I had breakfast, went back to my room, and I think I had to give an iron to my fiance (my husband), and then proceeded to go down the stairs. However, I slipped on the carpet and fell down the stairs, hurting my butt and lower back at the same time. I continued to the bus that was to take us to the school, and it was hurting to sit down. I was excused to go for medical treatment and of course had to travel to the office where the medical officer presided. There were no x-rays taken at the time. It was mentioned but ignored by myself and the medical officer. At the time of the injury I could not sit, stand, lie in bed or anything. It was sheer hell from the pain. I was given Ibuprofen which had the name Brufen at the time. It was not until December that I learned that I had fractured my coccyx and had a dislocation as well. It was not until December that x-rays were taken to have a look at my injury. On top of that when we went for our bivouac I experienced a sharp pain on the butt when I sat down. I am full of praise for the other trainee officer who gave up his bed to me so that I was somewhat comfortable. I am always in his debt.

To cut my medical history short, it took a long time to get over the injury superficially at least. I went on to have 3 children and they were somewhat difficult births. During the last birth process I was offered an epidural procedure and it was taking place when I told them I was going to push and indeed I did push and out he came!!  However, I put a lot of strain on my lower back and could barely get out of bed at the time.

Thirty years later, but this time in November, I was walking around the swimming pool at our residence in Castle Hill, NSW. (we sold that place). I squatted down to test the water, and I lost balance and started to fall into the water. I tried to correct the situation and then I slammed my butt and back into the edge of the swimming pool. Oh my it hurt a lot. I was home alone when that happened. The only witnesses to the incident were Ruby the dog, and Skittles the cat. Both of them came over to have a look, sniffed and walked away. I managed to get up off the ground. I called the medical centre and my doctor happened to be there. Since it was a Saturday, and one can simply go and wait, I changed clothes, got in the car and went to see my doctor. The staff decided to allow me to wait in a room that was not been used so that I would not have to sit on my very sore butt. As I waited I pondered the reaction from my doctor when I told him what had happened, and yes I was correct, because he laughed when I told him about it.  (I hope you are also laughing about how it happened).

A few days after the accident I had the biggest bruise on the left side of my butt that I have ever seen. It was a beauty!!  Alas I did not take a photo of that bruise to brag about it.

The fact is that this kind of injury is extremely painful. In later years it can be a contributory cause for arthritis in that region. My bone density scan a few years ago actually proved the nature of my injury and that I do in fact have arthritis in the SI joint.

However, it should be noted that inflammation of the SI joint, especially in males, and especially when there is no history of injury could be an indication of another form of arthritis that is known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. George’s medical history indicates that something was happening in that region prior to the injuries that he sustained. The fall on George’s back no doubt would have caused inflammation in the SI joint which is what this medical witness has stated. My point is that he already had inflammation in that region. He had the insomnia etc that probably pertains to the inflammation in that region.

With regard to my own history, I need to add a few more pertinent points. The first is, that I have constantly had problems when it comes to lying down in bed. I like to sleep on my side because it is more comfortable that way. Lately I have had a problem in one hip and leg. This is all associated with my own insomnia. Yes I have that too!!  Lying in bed for a long period of time can in fact be very painful, and it is mostly a problem on the right side of my body (which was the side I thought had hit the edge of the swimming pool even though bruising was on the other side of my body). When I get to sleep I wake up because of the pressure pain!!

When I take my own history into account, I can understand why George has insomnia. It more than likely is caused by whatever is happening with his SI joint. What has not come out is whether or not George had previously had an injury to his butt that cause this SI joint problem.

Personally, I would challenge that medical person as to whether or not this was more of an aggravation of an existing problem for George.

With regard to George, I would take into account the fact that he had a problem with his SI joint prior to the night that TM had king hit him. It is a factor because it would mean that his ability to run would be quite limited.

With regard to the history that I have outlined and the impact of my injuries, the second time I fractured my coccyx was worse than the first time. It meant that even speed bumps are something that I do not like very much and going over them seems to cause reverberations through my body, especially my butt. You have no idea what that has meant, especially when I was attending the church where they had speed bumps in the driveway, and then in Canberra they are speed bump crazy and I lived in a suburb where at the shopping centre on its approaches there were speed bumps. It hurts!! Ha, ha.

Let me give you one tiny insight with regards to what it all means to me. This morning, even though I had lots of sleep during the night, I have a sore leg. The stiffness has not gone away. Usually, as soon as I get up the feeling of pain goes away, but this morning, it was more difficult to get down the stairs in my home. My butt hurts too. I will note that we have been experiencing lots of rain.

I have given this history in a way I hope will bolster the innocence of George Zimmerman because I do not believe that he actually had the ability at the time to run as fast as claimed by the Persecution.

Having braces on the teeth – a comment

This post refers to Witness 8 in the Zimmerman trial. Someone observed that she had braces on her teeth and that might have affected her speech. This might or might not be a reason for a particular speech pattern.

I had orthodontic treatment before it was the in fashion. I can tell you about how a wire from the braces on the lower teeth used to rip into the cheeks of my mouth.  The braces did not affect my speech pattern, but the plates fitted to my upper jaw had an effect on my pattern of speech.

With the plates I had difficulty pronouncing anything with a k. It was terrible, and it is something that I distinctly remember because I could not say something as simple as “thank you”.

From what I have read Witness 8 has other speech problems.

The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 32: Reversible Error and Convenient Memory

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I’ll address some of the issues revolving around the first three days of trial, including the initial contribution of Witness 8, Rachel Jeantel, AKA Dee Dee, shortly, but first, a visit to a pre-trial motion that has the potential–by itself–to constitute reversible error should George Zimmerman be convicted.  I speak of the Defendant’s Third Motion to Continue of 06-8-13.

As noted in the motion, there were four days before jury selection began, and the defense was in dire straits.

The motion begins with the many issues revolving around Dr. Reich, and Tom Owen is also later mentioned.  As those issues have been resolved to the proper advantage of the defense (the case law was well settled and unremarkable), I’ll not spend additional time on them, but should appeal be necessary, they’ll have some bearing on the arguments.

The motion reads: 

8.  In addition, undersigned counsel has recently received information, as…

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The Australian fraud

Michael Smith News came about because Juliar Gillard made sure that Michael did not have a job. It is more complex that the statement I have made because Michael has been a jack of all trades, including being in the Victorian Police Force during the 1980s. He knew the mass murderer Julian Knight personally.  Michael’s investigative skills are some of the best that I have ever seen. He is very thorough in what he is investigating. At the time that Michael decided to resign from radio, he was wanting to do a story about an affadavit from Bob Kernohan, a person who knew something of the AWU scandal. Bob (who is in fact a lovely man), was an official in the AWU and he saw something that pin-pointed that the AWU or at least Bruce Wilson had paid for renovations to the residence of Juliar Gillard. Someone had come looking for money and Bob was a witness.

At the time that Michael Smith resigned from the radio, another intrepid reporter by the name of Glenn Milne had also published a story about the same affair. Well, that bitch hit the roof. She got on the phone and she cursed out the head of Murdoch Press over the publicatin of that story. Her beef was the use of the word “Trust” instead of “Slush”.  Glenn Milne, who is also a very good reporter, and I continue to miss him being a journalist, was sacked from his job. Michael resigned and he began Michael Smith News.

Since that time Michael has been very busy and he got in touch with Ralph Blewitt, asked him lots and lots of questions. In the end, after it was revealed that Wilson had done a deal that allowed asbestos to be dumped in some road works in Victoria, Ralph decided that it was time to come clean. He made the decision to go to the Victorian police and to make a statement. Doing this contains risks for Ralph because he has not been granted immunity from prosecution.

At the same time, Michael Smith made a complaint to the Victorian Police that is related to the purchase of a property in Fitzroy under Ralph Blewitt’s name. The complaint involved the probably fraud related to the Power of Attorney. This is being fully investigated by the Victorian Police Squad.

I am a long time reader and commenter at the blog MichaelSmithNews. There are hundreds of professional people who read the blog on a daily basis. Some of them have made very generous contributions to the site – in both terms of money and their own expertise. One of those is Dr. John Laurens, FCPA who is a forensic accountant. There is another who is a judge in the Australian court system. I know his identity, and he is one of the best jurists in Australia. His opinions are very weighty. What he has contributed in the form of expertise is breath-taking because of the analysis that he has provided based upon the facts as they have been presented.

The issues regarding Gillard are both ethical and professional. Those issues also go to the heart of how she had performed as Prime Minister, especially her backing of certain sleazy MPs. Never in my lifetime had I seen MPs remain in certain positions, or even in the Parliament after they have been discovered to have been involved in wrong doing. This comment applies to both Peter Slipper who is the true misogynist and to Craig Thomson, who used union money to pay for prostitutes.

This story is not finished even though Gillard is no longer PM. I hope she sticks to her challenge and resigns totally from the Parliament – that is she will not stand when we finally have an election.

Ding Dong the Witch is dead

The ALP government had a leadership spill. Kevin Rudd is once again the leader of the ALP.

This is complicated because it is a hung Parliament. It does not automatically mean that KRUDD is Prime Minister.

Prior to the leadership spill, which was brought on by the witch, she challenged that whoever loses will resign from the Parliament…. BRING IT ON BABY…. STICK TO YOUR PROMISE!!

Unfortunately nothing much will have changed. It is still the ALP. It is still Marxists in charge of the government of Australia. Kevin Rudd is a stealth Marxist. Gillard tried to hide the fact that she was a Communist but her past was rapidly catching up with her.

With regard to JEG’s past, the Victorian Police Fraud Squad have been investigating events that took place 17 years ago. Fraud was committed, and in particular there was the creation of a fraudulent entity known as the AWU- Workers Reform Association. JEG assisted in the formation of that bogus entity by “offering advice” (which of course is not the whole truth about her involvement in the matter). The police are investigating the drawing up of what looks like a fraudulent Power of Attorney.  The investigation has been ongoing and the last I heard documents had been seized from the law firm Slater and Gordon.

Once the documents were seized the jig was up. However, I think that this challenge was brought about because of the stupidity that we have witnessed in recent weeks, including a photo shoot with the bitch pretending to be knitting. Almost everybody was calling her Mme DeFarge.

Open Thread

I have a busy schedule at the moment due to some medical appointments. Yesterday it was my local doctor and I kind of let off a little bit of steam (to put it mildly) :). Today it was the dentist and tomorrow it is the optometrist. Next week I return to the dentist and in the long run this will be expensive but hope I can avoid having to use a CPAP machine!!  Oh yeah, that is another appointment of two more that I need to make.

Folks have any of you needed to fire a doctor because of the way that he or she has behaved? I am talking about ego and arrogance here, nothing more. It started last year when I went to see this guy, and I needed a replacement specialist because I have moved from Canberra. This man was so arrogant that he claimed, without any examination that my previous doctor was wrong in his diagnosis. He never even had the courtesy to request the doctor notes!! He did not order any x-rays. He did not order a bone scan. He did poke at my chest and a few other spots. On top of that the story he sent to my doctor is not an accurate description of what took place at any of the appointments. He changed my medication, and as a result I have noted that an indicator that had been coming down has begun to rise again…. smart move…..

So, I had it out with my GP yesterday. I asked to be sent for a second opinion and at least there are now a few more specialists in this area.

Today at the dentist I discussed something that I had been bringing up which relates to TMJ. Well, guess what, some of my complaints are in fact TMJ related.

The better news for me is that Lyrica is now on our govt free list meaning I pay a lot less for the item and now I can go back on it again. This should relieve some of the other issues that relate to neuropathic pain.

The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 31.4: Justice v. Social Justice

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Justice:  When you get in a traffic accident and the other guy gets the ticket.

On the eve of the beginning of the George Zimmerman trial, it may be worthwhile to consider how to evaluate what has been happening, and what will likely happen.  In analyzing the events yet to come–and the George Zimmerman case will not be the end, regardless of the outcome–consider that all of this is essentially a battle between “social justice” and justice.

Justice may be considered to be an outcome of a criminal case in consonance with the law and the rule of law.  It embodies the ethical and honorable actions of every entity in the criminal justice process.  If the police make false arrests or commit perjury, justice is seriously damaged or impossible, and respect for the rule of law diminishes.  If prosecutors file charges without sufficient cause, if they overcharge in the hope…

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An interesting perspective – and I was looking at the wrong war

Powerline has an interesting post about the current crisis in the Middle East. It is interesting because it highlights some of the things that I have previously mentioned (and keep in mind that I have no training as an analyst). I think that the article is well worth reading because it provides some insight regarding the Egyptian involvement in Syria.
A few things should be mentioned:

1. Morsi is a Shiite, just as Muslim Brotherhood is Shiite, and this explains why Morsi has a preference for Iran. However, in this article it mentions that Morsi has turned from Iran and Syria and has been critical. Perhaps this is the Alawite factor coming into play (Alawites are not pure Shia).

2. The author of the article acknowledges what I have been emphasizing for ages – this is a Sunni vs Shia conflict.

3. There are some perspectives that I had not considered when talking about Sunni vs. Shia, especially how such a conflict impacts the West.

4. Oddly enough prior to reading the very last part of the article I was reminded not of the US interference in Afghanistan after the Russian invasion (which is something I had considered) but of another war that was very bloody and where there was no result. That was was the Iran-Iraq war. In that war the USA gave some help to Saddam Hussein and Iraq. It seemed to be a choice between the Devil and his assistant.

It is this 4th point that piqued my interest for the very reason that I had forgotten about that particular war even though it played out when I was a young adult. This is the war where the Iranians, and I think the Iraqis did it as well, sent children to the front, and it was the children who were blown to pieces by the landmines. In fact, it was with this war that we had thousands of landmines being used in what is an atrocious way.

So, this raises a few questions about whether or not the West, including USA, France and UK should be giving any aid in the form of military equipment to the those who oppose Assad. I continue to have the view that the West should simply remain on the sidelines, and let the Sunni vs. Shia conflict continue. However, I recognize that there are higher stakes to consider. This is because the conflict has the potential to spark another cold war. Russia constantly remains in the background of these Middle Eastern countries. Russia is supporting Assad in this conflict. This means Russia is opposing Saudi Arabia.