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World wide issues

You will notice that I have been quiet despite everything that is happening at the present time. It is hard to comment on a situation that is extremely fluid. What I will say is that I do not agree with the Washington strategy against ISIS that does not involve boots on the ground. At the same time I disagree with the arming of any Syrian rebels working against Assad. As much as I deplore Assad because of his human rights abuses against the Syrian people, I cannot abide what has been going on in both Syria and Iraq as perpetrated by the Islamic State.

First there are the beheadings of at least 3 people, two have been American, one of those was an Israeli citizen. Another one was a British citizen and the latest was a French citizen who stumbled unknowingly into the wrong area. I will not be surprised to hear that the other British citizen is dead. These beheadings have been enough to make me want to vomit. There is nothing more to add regarding the barbarity of Islamic State.

Second, last week we awoke to the news that there had been a series of raids and arrests here in Australia. The raids were carried out in Brisbane and Sydney. Two men were charged and one of those has been allowed to go free by a magistrate. The reason for the raids was a potential plot to kidnap and behead an unsuspecting tourist in the heart of Sydney. This plot had the blessing of a senior Australian member of the Islamic State, by name of Bayareli. This individual had gone from being a bouncer at a strip joint to an actor, party goer to one who embraced all that is evil about Islam… in other words he suddenly became a devout follower in an attempt to clean up his act and has ended up embracing the evil Islamic State.  The raids also appear to have thwarted a plot to overthrow the Australian Parliament and murder the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

Third, there have been a series of attacks, some physical and some verbal, that have involved threats to the live of our military and others, such as the Maronite school in Harris Park. Yesterday, a Naval Officer was confronted by men of Middle Eastern appearance (most likely Lebanese) who punched the officer and threatened to behead him. In another attempted attack, men of Middle Eastern Appearance (Lebanese, Syrian, Afghani ?) went to the house of an army person, and asked the wife if her husband was in the defence forces, but she answered No, and they left. She is a very brave and bright lady to think of responding No in those circumstances because a Yes could have led to her being attacked by these cowards.

Fourth, the other day an 18 year old was shot and killed by a police officer in Melbourne, at Endeavour Hills. This is a developing story. The 18 year old was a terrorist and involved in IS. He agreed to meet the police officers outside the police station after apparently trying to lure them to a different location. He shook hands with them and then pulled a knife. The Federal Agent sustained severe wounds to his head, and the other officer had stab wounds to his arm. The Victorian police officer plugged him once and killed him with that one shot. Well Done.  This individual had taken to tracing the location of Tony Abbott, and no doubt about his motives that he intended to kill our Prime Minister.

As you can imagine, the grievance industry has swung into full gear. There were the protests about the raids and the usual false claims that Muslims are being targetted. Of course if they are not involved in terror and other criminal activities they will not be a target, but let’s not put facts in the way where these grievance mongers are concerned. Then there has been the nonsense that has been sprayed after the death of the 18 year old. What is really happening is that the extremist preachers are identifying themselves because of the words that they speak.

There is more troubling news around the world, but there is also good news because one hate preacher in England, by name of Anjem Choudary has been arrested.

Jack the Ripper unmasked?

It has taken 126 years to reveal the identity of the man known as Jack the Ripper. Who was it? The killer was a prime suspect at the time but there was not enough evidence to link this man to the crime until now.

First of all, Jack the Ripper was not Queen Victoria’s doctor. He was not a prominent politician by the name of Gladstone, nor was he the Duke of Clarence. Not one of the many hundreds of suspects that have been named at one time or the other was in fact Jack the Ripper.

The man who has been named, and identified through DNA analysis was the hairdresser (barber?) Aaron Kosminski, a Polish Jew immigrant who was schizophrenic.

The exciting thing about the naming of Jack the Ripper, and finally solving this cold case was how it all came about, and that was a shawl found at the scene of the murder of Catherine Eddowes. The shawl was a Michaelmas shawl, and it is doubtful that she could have afforded to purchase this item. The shawl ended up in the family of a policeman who had been at the scene. The blood of Catherine Eddowes was on the shawl, and so was some other DNA evidence.

The current owner of the shawl had a microbiologist, who has worked on DNA from cold cases, examine the shawl to see if he could extract DNA. As a result of his efforts, he was able to extract DNA and compare this to a living descendent of Catherine Eddowes. There was something else on the shawl: semen. A female descendant of the killer’s sister provided a DNA sample. In both cases there was a 100% match that first of all linked the shawl to the crime scene as well as finding evidence that has allowed the naming of the man who is Jack the Ripper. 

The Daily Mail has the whole story and if you have ever been intrigued by the story surrounding the Whitechapel Road murders, and the identity of the killer, then this report will provide all of the answers.