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Justice is seen to be done

Chancey Luna has been found guilty of the murder of Australian baseball player Christopher Lane. He was found guilty in the first degree and has been sentenced to life in prison.

The three teenagers who were responsible for the murder of Christopher Lane claim that they were bored. However, there are other factors that should have been considered. First were they trying to get into a gang? One of the initiations into some gangs is a murder. Second: were they polar bear hunting? This is something that has been going on in the USA and has been on the rise since 2008. Blacks have been deliberately hunting down white people to murder them. Third: were they so angry about the death of Trayvon Martin that they decided to take out a white person in retaliation?

Since none of these possibilities were brought up in the trial there is no telling what the truth might be. It definitely was not because the teenagers were bored.

Christopher Lane’s family and his girlfriend, plus her family now have closure. Those responsible for his death are behind bars. The jury in the case made the right decisions.

All “religions” are not the same, and religious people are not tribal

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a new friend. It seems that this person is a non-believer where God is concerned, whereas I am a believer and I practice my Catholic faith. Like so many others this person makes some fundamental mistakes in her thinking.  These fundamental mistakes are the same that I hear from Atheists who think that their poop does not stink!!

First of all, all religions are not the same. For example within Christianity there are cults that claim to be Christian but when one takes a very close look at them, they are cults claiming to be Christian. An example is the Westboro Baptist Church. Other examples include the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses and that is only the start. What sets these cults apart are the things that they force upon their adherents and that they were started by a man or a woman. Within the Catholic Church there are also other cults that have existed up until the 21st Century. Two Australian examples are “the Maginificat Meal Movement” and the cult started by the “Little Pebble”. These cults involve a certain amount of extremism as well as the founder claiming to have had visions either from Mary or Jesus Christ.

According to what I have just written very briefly about those “Christian sects” that are in fact cults, it is not hard to see that Islam can also be defined as a cult. However, Islam, a cult started by the man, and cattle thief Mohammed is also what we know as a theocracy. In this case it is the Mullahs that control Islam. One must remember that around the time that Islam was created, the Catholic Church had ended up in a role where it was controlling a lot of the politics within the world as it existed at the time. This was due to the fall of the Roman Empire which had caused a void where authority is concerned. There is a very real lesson to be learned from this particular period and to me it is the reason that we must have separation of Church and State.

Islam came about because Mohammed claimed to have visions…. well so did Joseph Smith who founded the Mormon Church. Mohammed claimed to have had visions from the Archangel Gabriel…. and so did Joseph Smith. Mohammed wrote the ramblings that makes up the Koran… and Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon which he also claimed to have been given to him from the Archangel Gabriel.  The truth is that Mohammed had listened to Christians who were heretical as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, as well as listening to a Jew who taught him about the Torah. Mohammed saw it as a means to take power. The adherents of Islam also see things in the form of taking power.

The word “Islam” does not mean PEACE as we understand the word “peace”. It means “SUBMISSION”. Mohammed invaded various cities and everyone had to either submit and convert to Islam or they had to pay a special tax and remain second class citizens. In Islamic lands Christians who were there first, are not allowed to build churches. On top of that there are Muslims who have been bombing Christian churches, especially in places like Nigeria and Egypt and other coutnries in the Middle East and Africa.

Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, IS and all the variants are following what is in the Koran. When people say that these extremists are not a part of Islam, they are lying to us. Everything that has been happening in those regions of the Middle East and Africa by such groups as Boko Haram and Al Shabab are precisely the kind of things that Mohammad did when he was alive. Peace only comes when the people submit to Islam.

Christianity is an exact opposite of Islam. Christians are not perfect and due to the Reformation which caused splits within the Christian community as well as bigotry, the imperfections of Christiaity have been on display. It is because we are sinners that we do these things. It is because we are sinners that we have egos that need to be tamed. The troubles in Ireland are due to the way that Catholics had been treated by the Protestants, and they finally fought back against the repression that was enforced upon them. However, the Catholics of Irelaland are not without sin, especially those who belong to the IRA and who have participated in bombings etc. etc. What they have been doing has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ. The message of Jesus is Love of God and Love of neighbour. The Ten Commands are all that is needed to follow this message.There is no need for food laws or any other laws that impose things on people. and cause them to unwittingly sin by not following all of the unnecessary laws.

As a Catholc I worship God. I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin name Mary. I believe that Jesus died so that we would be saved and that his death and resurrection opened the gates of heaven for us. I believe in Eternal life.

If I was to try and spend time making comparisons between ISlam and my Christian faith I believe that I would find Islam to be wanting. Islam as practised by the likes of IS is all about death. rather than life.

There is no comparison between Scott and Brown.

The latest in a series of deaths where a white police officer has killed a black man should never have happened. The police officer at the centre of this particular situation is Michael Slager. There are many cases where the death is in fact justified, and I will use the death of Michael Brown as an example where the actions were justified because Brown had in fact committed a strong armed robbery moments before he was shot and killed. In Brown’s case there is definite evidence that he attempted to take the policeman’s gun and it was only fair that the Grand Jury refused to send his case for trial. Michael Brown was charging at Police Officer Wilson at the time the fatal bullet pierced his brain and killed him. That scenario was not repeated in the Walter Scott case.

First of all, there is a witness. He is also a black man and as a witness he acted to video tape the whole scene. He did not see either police officer attempting CPR on Walter Scott. The young man who is the witness spoke to the two police officers and then he fled to his job because he did not trust them. He feared for his life. Interesting!! Second, the drip feeding has begun with regard to the former police officer Michael Slager, who has in my view been rightfully charged with murder.

Another man has come forward regarding an incident in 2013, that involved Michael Slager using excessive force on yet another black man. In this case the man, Mario Givens was the wrong person. There are witnesses to the whole incident including the woman who filed a complaint against the brother of Mario Givens. She stated that she gave a description of the man who had entered her room and that the brother of Mario is much shorter. Michael Slager ignored her and her friend when he used the taser on Mario Givens.

Now that the Givens case has come to light, with the AP investigating the incident including trying to find out why that case was closed with Slager being exonerated, the truth regarding that incident and the fact that Michael Slager was in the habit of using excessive force against black men will start to shine a light on police operations in North Carolina.

There is no need for the “Black Lives Matter” people to get involved in either case. Justice has been done because Slager is facing a murder charge. However, there is a need for the people of the town to come together and talk about the issues surrounding how both Scott and Givens were treated, and why the police closed the Givens case by exonerating Slager. It seems that the police were turning a blind eye to the use of excessive force.

Each case is different in my opinion. If a criminal is caught in the act of a crime, and that criminal is shot and killed by a police officer then of course the circumstances need to be examined so that anything that was untoward will not be allowed to happen again. If the police department had completed a proper investigation into the Givens case, perhaps Walter Scott would still be alive today. He did not deserve to be shot in the back.

I need to add here that “All lives” matter, not just those of black people. There are black police who also kill black criminals, and there are black police who also gun down white, Asian and Hispanic people.

Whenever there is an incident involving a policeman shooting a person, and that person dying, there needs to be an investigation into the circumstances. The relatives of the dead person might not always be satisfied with the result of such an investigation, but they need to “suck it up princess” and accept that the person was at fault for their own demise, as was the case for Trayvon Martin. Every incident needs to be properly documented and if there has been evidence of excessive force then yes, the police person involved should be charged with a crime.

We are now in the 21st century and it is time to end any of the endemic racism that exists. I am not talking about the absurdity of what is called “Islamphobia” but I am talking about ending the black racism against whites and white racsim against blacks. The civil war ended in the 1860s and it is high time that people adjusted to the fact that there is no longer a slave force. However, I know that it is impossible to have an end to such attitudes when I also hear of how Arabs and others continue to enslave people.

A Belated Happy Easter

I have been away. I had a wonderful time in Berrima, Bowral, Mittagong, Kangaroo Valley and Berry. On Friday I got to see my family before we headed to Berrima and Bowral for a model train convention.

I want to wish my readers a Happy Easter and please remember “HE IS RISEN”.

Mohammed did not rise from the dead, but Jesus did.

Mohammed never performed miracles, but Jesus did.

Mohammed brought violence but Jesus preached the real meaning of peace.

Mohammed never respected any woman, but Jesus put women on a pedestal.

There are many of these comparisons that can be made. Please think on them and remember that only one person has saved us from our sinful natures.