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Libya – deja vu?

As I continue to watch the fluid situation in Libya regarding their security issues, I discovered this piece online. I would suggest that you read the article very carefully because there are quite a few nuggets of “truth” regarding the situation.

The target ofthe article is General Khalifa Haftar. The report calls him a renegade, yet if you read what he has been doing, you might draw some different conclusions. Two things to note about General Haftar:

1. He supports Abdel Al-Sisi. In my view that is a good thing, not a bad thing.

2. He names Qatar as the power that is stirring up trouble and keeping Libya from being united. I agree with his analysis.

I do think that some background history is necessary with regard to this story. This is recent background stuff, so please bear with me. There is a lot of instability in the elected Libyan Parliament. There have been several Presidents and Prime Ministers over the past few years. The Prime Minister seems to get deposed every few months, or at least that is how it seems to me. The latest Prime Minister is perhaps the shadiest of all that have had this role over the past 2 years. He won the role only recently and I might add that this has also been contentious, with the previous Prime Minister refusing to concede. The problem with the current man is that he is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and other similar characters – it is not a good look in my view. It is almost like a takeover. Most of these changes have been forced by a mob that keeps invading their Assembly or Parliament and the mob comes with guns to force the Parliament to give into their demands. The good men have been driven out by this process.

Now, it could be that it is Qatar that is sending the mob to the Libyan Parliament. My opinion here is based upon a hunch and is also based upon looking at the meaning of the general’s own words.

General Hafter has been conducting a “crusade” against the Islamists. It is not clear as to who might be financing him but it seems that the money might be placed on both Egypt and UAE. This is something that makes sense to me. I would go further and say that he is probably been backed by Saudi Arabia as well.

The most likely M.E. States that could be backing General Hafter are in fact the most moderate of the M.E. States. We might not think of them as moderate, but these are the ones who want to continue trading with the West and who actually enjoy a high standard of living when compared to other Islamic States. They are also the M.E. Sunni states who have something to fear from Libyan forces that are backed by Qatar.

A lot more work needs to be done where Qatar is concerned. In recent years Qatar has emerged as a major sponsor of terrorism. It seems to support a variety of unsavoury characters… but then again I could be wrong in making my statement with regard to Qatar.  So what do I know? First of all, it was Qatar who backed the more moderate of the Libyan rebels. I have always maintained that there were at least 2 factions of Libyan rebels with one faction being aligned to Al Qaeda. It was Qatar who provided support by purchasing on behalf of Libyan rebels the weapons that were then dropped to people fighting in various theatres of war in Libya, such as in Misrata.  Some of those weapons were purchased from the USA. Qatar has also been sponsoring and assisting the Syrian rebels. Now here again it must be emphasized that there are factions in Syria, with the outsider ISIS being the most brutal group of “rebels”. At the same time Turkey is also providing assistance to rebels in Syria.  Both Qatar and Turkey are controlled by Sunni interests.  Third, and this should have been a red flag, when the young woman proclaimed to the world that she had been raped, and then she escaped with the help of a soldier, she ended up in Qatar for a very short time. She was expelled from Qatar and mishandled. Have you ever wondered why the mistreatment? Perhaps it is because she is not a Sunni, and perhaps her family are members of the Sanusi sect (this is speculation), or perhaps it is becuase she refused to wear the full head bag (a more likely scenario). Either way her expulsion from Qatar should have been investigated by an incurious media. Such an investigation might have shed some light on the activities of Qatar.

In lots of ways I actually applaud this “rebel” general. I applaud him because he is tenaciously taking steps against the Islamists. He is a realist and he is trying to turn things around.

I can see why it is logical that Egypt in particular might be backing this general’s attempts to get rid of the Islamists. It has to do with the security of Libya , as well as of Egypt, and for that matter, also of UAE.

There seems to be a link between Qatar and the spread of terror in the Middle East. It is the common thread in various countries. Could it be that Qatar is sponsoring the terror in Iraq?

About those “missing” emails

The IRS is now claiming that the Lois Lerner emails required by the Congress are lost forever, because of a computer crash. This is of course ludicrous… but more about why it is ludicrous later.

Before getting into the reasons as to why the IRS is trying to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes, let’s for a moment look at how this information was given. It was in a Friday document dump, hidden within a letter to the Congress on the subject of the inquiry into the Congress. The document itself is of interest because the IRS was trying to shut down this particular inquiry and the letter addressed to Congress was asking for the inquiry to be shut down. I hope that the response to the IRS will definitely be “fat chance we will shut this investigation down”.

The lie about those Lerner emails is in fact a very serious matter. Now I am not an analyst and I do not know much about the workings of the US public service, and in particular I know nothing about the IRS. However, I can read, and I can draw my own conclusions. So let’s begin with what is already public knowledge and look at some of the possibilities as to why the IRS would want to hide those Lerner emails by pretending that they have been lost.

First of all, let’s look at the historical context of the IRS targeting of certain conservative groups. This historical context is that of the Citizens United case. If you can take time to remember what happened after the decision, then I think you might be able to see that there is a good reason to believe that the White House was in fact behind the whole thing… just as we have suspected since the whole scandal broke.

In the Citizens United case, what was decided was the striking down of a part of what is known as the McCain-Feingold Act. That portion of the Act related specifically to the donations of corporations. Please note that nothing changed where foreign individuals are concerned, that particular ban remains in place.  If you remember correctly Barry Soetoro was so angry he made threatening remarks to the members of the US Supreme Court during a State of the Union address. Yet those remarks should be seen as evidence that Barry is not so good at the law as he thinks.  Citizens United is a group of individuals with a common goal. The target of their documentary that was the subject of that case (against the FEC) was in fact Hillary Clinton. This was not a Corporation such as TYCO or one of the Pharma companies, it was in fact more like an Association (like we have in Australia for individuals who have common interests). The issue that went before the Supreme Court revolved around donations and also about the timing of the documentary being shown on a cable channel. What Roberts did in the judgement in this case was to overturn two other cases (one of those cases involved a Right to Life group). Basically the majority saw this as an issue related to freedom of speech, which is an individual right, and that portion of the McCain-Feingold legislation had a chilling effect on the right of citizens to freedom of speech.

Second, keeping this background in mind, we then have to look at the actions of the Democrat Party, at their anger, and their obsfucation regarding the facts involved in the Citizens United, and how this led to the IRS acting in this sneaky way.  This historical background also involves the rise of the TEA movement and also its success in stopping the march of the progressives. My understanding of the TEA movement is very different from that of the Left Wing Marxist Mafia that runs amok in media around the world. For one thing I object to the labelling of the TEA movement as an extreme right wing group because it is simply not true, yet that was a description that I saw in a headline here in Australia.  The TEA movement is simply about “Taxed Enough Already”. It is about reining in the out of control spending of left-wing government.  Anyone there are citizen groups all around the USA and some of these groups got together to do things like rooting out the corruption involved in the voting process. One such group is “True the Vote”. Under the IRS legislation such groups are entitled to apply for registration as a certain type of group – this has to do with donations etc.

Third, with this background in mind, it would seem that a group within the Democrat Party was so incensed over the Citizens United case, and then the success of the TEA movement that they decided to surreptiously use the IRS to target such groups. On top of that there is mounting evidence that the White House called on the IRS to target certain other individuals, especially anyone who was listed as a donor to the specific groups that were already targeted.  This is my understanding of the history of this scandal.

What is clear to me is that someone was working with Lois Lerner and others in regard to the holding up of the applications. There seems to be an “up the chain” link in the whole affair. The head of the IRS seemed to have had contact with the White House… but what is not clear is who in the White House was working on this behind the scenes.  One can only guess due to the vindictiveness that was unleashed against anyone who does not support Barry Soetoro.

Fourth, with all of this background in mind, one has to ask the obvious question: why does the IRS want this investigation shut down? What is in those emails, or at least who was Lois Lerner communicating with, that has caused the IRS to make a statement that is patently false? I am betting that it goes all the way to the top because Lois Lerner is a Democrat operative.  On top of this is the revelation that Lois Lerner gave the FBI records relating to those same conservative groups with the intention of criminal charges being made against them for alleged breaches against the appropriate Act. My conclusion is that this could only have occurred if someone at the very top of the chain had given the command to go ahead and release that information. Such action was always illegal.

So, how likely is it that the Lois Lerner emails have in fact been lost? Chances are, it is not in the least likely, and the IRS is stalling because when the emails are handed over, there is going to be an even bigger scandal erupting. This goes all the way to the White House.  Anyone familiar with the way that computer systems work should know that in government departments and elsewhere, a personal computer acts somewhat like a dumb terminal. An operator can back up items on the C drive but the same stuff is also backed up on a larger computer frame, especially overnight. All emails are held, not just on a personal computer but also on the company computer. Each operator is given space on the mainframe.  My understanding is based upon my own work situations where I worked with accounts. Everything I did in releation to the accounts was backed up on the company mainframe.

I draw your attention here to what is known as Climategate which was the release of emails between certain individuals. Those emails had been deleted from the personal computers of the individuals involved but someone who had an understanding of the mainframe extracted the emails and then released the first batch prior to the Globull Warming Conference in Copenhagen.  I use this case because it is somewhat similar in nature, in that the personal emails no longer existed at one level (the personal computer) but they were to be found on the mainframe because they had been backed up and the backups were kept.

Unless the IRS is so incompetent to the point that they do not back up the work of their operators each day, then there is no way that the Lois Lerner emails have been totally lost. There is a very good chance that this little nugget of information was placed in the letter to Congress as a means of being “in yer face” and “trying it on” and as defiance to the request by Congress to produce this documentation.

The man is stupid… why the “”””” did this man ever get the Nobel Peace prize?

The situation in Iraq is deteriorating rapidly. I am not sure if one can say that it came out of Left field, or maybe there is something else that can be said.

The revelations that have occurred since the deserter and traitor was handed back to the Americans have been nothing short of astounding. Bergdahl was swapped for 5 members of the Taliban and Haqqani Network. Since that swap we have seen the Pakistan Taliban attacking the Karachi airport.  This has been followed by activity in other Middle Eastern states and none of that activity is good.

Whilst I continue to believe that action against Gadhafi was totally necessary, I must say that I remain uncertain about some of the outcomes that have followed the demise of that most disgusting tyrant. The red flags are all over the place and they are not the same issues that have been raised by people who are all in a huff because Gadhafi met his fate (he got what he deserved). At various times I have outlined why it was necessary to end the rule of Gadhafi. The Libyans have not let me down – at least the Libyan majority have not let me down. There is a section of Libyans who are of the same ilk as ISIS. In fact they are part of the same network. They go by the name of Ansar-al-Shariah. They are extremely loathsome, and they participated in the attack upon the US Embassy in Benghazi at the behest of Al Qaeda leadership. I will have more to say on this subject at a future time. The red flag to me is the kind of weapons that are being used by Ansar-Al-Shariah and others of similar ilk. It has been clear for some time that the CIA or an outfit associated with the POTUS supplied weapons to the enemy of the western world. This brings me to the deadly situation in both Iraq and Syria.

Yesterday I learned that Iran is sending its Qods force to Iraq to fight against ISIS. I feel alarm that Iran is being enabled in this way. However, Iran is doing this because Iran is Shia and ISIS is Sunni. All along this has been the theme in this region – the murder and mayhem that we are now witnessing is Sunni vs Shia. Saddam Hussein was Sunni and he suppressed the Shia population. The majority of Shia in Iraq were relieved when the brutal Saddam Hussein met his demise. I agree with that feeling of relief. Iraq had not been swept up by Iran but had remained an independent nation, until now. There are implications to allowing Iran taking their forces into Iraq. There is no guarantee that Iran will leave when the killing is over.

What I do think is that there needs to be very careful analysis of what all of this means behind the scenes. What exactly is being played out? Who is funding ISIS? One ME nation state stands out in this regard – QATAR.

Barry the Traitor has a relationship with QATAR. I think that we need to look more closely at the history of that relationship. QATAR is not a friendly nation by any stretch of the imagination. There is history to consider, and it is the reason that I have mentioned Libya and the demise of Gadhafi. The common denominator in that situation, Syria and Iraq is QATAR. The US government has been using QATAR as the proxy. Weapons were sold to QATAR and QATAR gave the weapons to the Libyan rebels (keep in mind there were two groups – the friendly Libyans who are in fact friends of the west, and the Ansar-Al-Shariah type. The friendly Libyans tried to limit the involvement of Al Qaeda. They were smart to insist on “no boots on the ground” because they understood that if there were foreign troops this would incite others to come into Libya and ultimately destroy their nation. The friendlies are struggling at this time to keep control over Libya, but it seems to be a losing battle. My prediction is that there will be another civil war in Libya).

What has come to light is that some of the weapons that the CIA gave to Libya have ended up in Afghanistan and those weapons were used against US and allied interests. One helicopter was downed by a stinger missile – a missile that had been sent to Libya. Someone needs to explain how that missile ended up in Afghanistan.

There are many, many questions that need to be raised. It is my belief that the current POTUS needs to be impeached over the way in which he has allowed weapons to fall into the hands of the enemy. What I fear the most is that he has made some kind of a deal with Iran that will allow Iran to take over Iraq. (I have nothing to back up my fears in this regard).

There are many things that are bothering me at the present moment. The manner in which Barry has tried to interfere in Egypt is out there for all to see. The non-acceptance of Al-Sisi is on display. Al-Sisi is the next best thing to happen in Egypt especially because the Muslim Brotherhood are once again a banned organization.

At the same time I believe that there is a requirement to look very closely at the antics of Hillary Clinton. This woman is also very unsuitable material to end up as a POTUS. She has also behaved like a traitor, and I feel certain that as more information comes to light there will be a lot of things revealed about the kind of negotiations done by this woman, that were indeed traitorous negotiations.

I am watching the deterioration in Syria, Iraq and Libya. I will write more in the future.

Syria’s not so civil, Civil War

When the “Arab Spring” was bursting out all over the Middle East and Africa, the only group of “rebels” that I supporter was in Libya. Let me be clear though, I was only supporting the people who were not themselves tied to Al Qaeda or to the ultra-conservative wing of the anti-Gadhafi movement. These were the people who took control in Benghazi and who did all of the behind the scenes negotiating. However, they have not been strong enough against that ultra-conservative group. Initially, this is the group that did not want “foreign boots on the ground” out of fear that this would be a signal for Al Qaeda to move into Libya and take over their civil war. That group were correct in their fears. At the end of the Libyan Civil War, Al Qaeda through its affiliate continues in its attempt to control Libya. Some of the men and women who tried to shut Al Qaeda out have ended up being ousted from the new Libyan government. The situation right now is that I personally do not like some of the people who now have power in Libya…. but more on that story when there are new developments. What I will say here is that, although Libya is not completely stable, it is a lot better off than Syria. I will also add here that I do not regret my support of the anti-Gadhafi forces, especially after I got yet another reminder about the truth in regard to Gadhafi’s sponsorship of terrorism.

However, this post is not really about Libya, it is about Syria. Looking at the two sides in Syria, it has been a tough call, and I do not accept either side that is involved. Assad would have been better off if he had remained in his profession as an opthamologist, rather than returning to Syria and becoming President. My biggest complaint against Assad is the fact that he is a puppet of Iran. In my view this is dangerous, because this allegiance has given Iran a spring-board in its anti-Israel activity. The puppet of Syria in Lebanon is also a puppet of Iran. In similar fashion, Hezbollah has been wreaking havoc in Lebanon, complete with the political assassinations. However, keep in mind that Lebanese are NOT refugees.

In Syria there has been wrong on both sides and to the point that it is impossible to support either of them. Yet it appears to me that Assad, of the Alawite tribe is a more stable proposition than one group that is waging war in Syria, that is ISIS. The latest report about the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS is extremely sickening. The link that I have provided shows what has happened to young Syrians that have been accused of apostasy. It is no longer the Romans who are doing the crucifixions.  I do think you need to read the report to get the gist of what is really happening. On the surface there is an accusation of apostasy, but aspostasy from what? It seems that the young men being crucified actually belong to rival rebel groups. It seems that not all rebel groups are created equal, if you know what I mean. ISIS is an ultra-extreme version of Islam. The name means that the group comes from Iraq as well as from Syria. They are extremist Sunni rebels, but they do not have the backing of Saudi Arabia.

It seems that the Syrian situation is bogged down because of the intervention of Al Qaeda. On top of that there are Islamists from all over the world who have gone to Syria to fight against Assad. For example, there have been several of them who have come from Australia (they are officially Australian citizens, but they were not born in Australia), and some of these “fine and upstanding citizens” have been killed during the fighting. I speak with forked tongue when I call them “fine and upstanding”. The fact is that these “citizens” are extremist and they have taken their extremism with them. Some of these “fine citizens” have faced the courts in relation to their extreme activities in Australia… I hope that you are catching on to what is happening here.

The Civil War in Syria has been like descent into hell. It is a war that remains very uncivil. If Assad had resisted the temptation to repress those who were protesting in the first place, he might have retained an upper hand, and stayed in favour with other nations. However, he set about repressing those who were against him. It was a wrong move.  So long as there are rival rebel groups, it is impossible to support any of them. It seems that they are content to kill each other, as well as their enemies.

In the end somebody must pay for these atrocities. It will not be Assad who has to pay for the deaths of these young men. Ultimately, I now believe that Assad will be vindicated.