Discussion Rules

I am making this particular blog available for comments and there will be few rules when it comes to making comments.

1. It is expected that anyone who leaves a comment will be respectful to others. This is a moderated blog so that anyone who leaves a comment for the first time will be moderated. 

2. Comments that are whacko, or are extreme from either left or right wing will not be posted. This includes absurd comments about the sale of weapons being pre-meditated murder (such comments really are very silly).

3. Posters who have a tendency to post the same thing over and over again will be banned.

4. No links of discussions from discredited and sensationalist websites. At a minimum that includes Alex Jones, Prison Planet, Infowars, RAP or CGJ. It also includes Wayne Madsen and Lame Cherry. 

5. No bullying and personal attacks. Be polite and civil.

6. No misquoting or other posters or taking quotes out of context.

7. No Jew-Bashing.

This is not necessarily a “free speech zone” where every and any thing can be said with impunity. Blog owner reserves the right (and WILL exercise the right) to chastise and ban violators.

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