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Nazi influence on Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer

If the rambling manifesto was not sufficient evidence about the real political leanings of Anders Breivik, then the background of the two men most likely to have been an influence should be sufficient to prove once and for all that Breivik was not a right-wing Christian.

The British Daily Telegraph reports on the man who has been revealed as Richard the Lionheart, as a blogger by the name of Paul Ray, and his associate, Nick Greger. It is Nick Greger who is of most interest, since the South African was a former neo-Nazi Party member. Both were members of a group known as Order 777. This group advocated violence against immigrants. There is also a link to the Freemason Knights Templar. They talk about Christian resistance movements. Always keep in mind that they are not referring to what we know as Christianity, but to what they call “cultural Christianity”. According to Breivik one can be an atheist or agnostic and still be Christian. We know that this is not possible.

Please read the whole newspaper article to learn more about these startling revelations that also involve groups in Northern Ireland and Liberia, as well as other European countries.

Nazism is not a right wing movement as claimed by the LSM. Rather the Nazis are to the right of the Communists but remain left of centre. The evidence is now stacking up to indicate that the left-wing media have got it wrong again and that in true hypocritical fashion they wasted no time sliming conservative people who just happen to be in the centre when it comes to politics.

Where there is smoke… there is fire

Whilst the controversy surrounding the alleged politics of the mass murderer in Norway grinds on – I still think that he is a left wing extremist and there is sufficient evidence in his manifesto to place him on the left – I have neglected other topics of interest, including the latest contributions from the journalist who uses the name Ulsterman. Two scandals, other than the petulance over the debt ceiling have continued to grow legs at an almost gargantuan place. The first scandal, which is now begrudgingly being covered minimally by the LSM is the Operation Fast and Furious and Gunrunner. The other scandal, which they are continuing to hide from general view is CHICAGO.

All roads keep leading back to Chicago – Tony Rezko, Blagojevich and Danny Frawley. Neither Rezko nor Frawley have been sentenced even though they have been convicted of their crimes. I find it strange that after almost a year Tony Rezko has not been brought before the court for sentencing. It is very strange indeed.

Ulsterman has a report on this very subject, as to what might in fact be happening behind the scenes. Could it be that one or all of these people are ready to turn and provide evidence against Østupid?

Before jumping to any conclusions on what might happen, there is something else to consider, and this relates to Eric Holder. If, as Ulsterman claims via his White House Insider article, that Eric Holder will be forced to resign, this would mean that the firewall between the Justice Department and the White House has been broken. Is there another witness, perhaps someone who has returned to Chicago, who is willing to give secret evidence? If this is what is about to happen, or it has already happened in secret, does the evidence lead to Østupid’s complicity in Operation Fast and Furious? The resignation of Holder, if it happens, sooner rather than later, could open up a very wide-ranging enquiry.

Get ready for proceedings by a special prosecutor.

Not jumping to conclusions

Right now, there are a number of media reports about the alleged affiliations of the Oslo mass-murderer. Needless to say they are sliming right wing and Christian fundamentalist groups.  I suspect that the man had other motivations and that he was setting up both the Muslims and the Christian fundamentalists that exist in Norway. I suspect that he wanted both groups to point the finger and to clash over what has taken place.

What is confusing the issue is that one until now, unknown Muslim group was quick in claiming responsibility for the bombing (but not the massacre of the youth – toll is now 85 young people dead). If there was any truth in their claims on the bombing this would be a complication and would point the finger right back at them. The problem is that the man who has been arrested hated Muslims.

Here is my theory on his probably motivations: he is a former resident of the island. The island is now owned by the Norway Labour Party. The Norway Labour Party (which is not extreme left but more like centre-left) is the current government. The young people on the island were attending a summer camp, and they are the sons and daughters of members of the Labour Party. Someone who is unbalanced could easily blame the young people for losing his home on the island (speculation at best). This could be way he aimed both the bomb and then the massacre at the Labour Party of Norway. Another possibility is that he is some kind of bio-farmer. Did he have his farm shut down? It is another possibility.  However, that does not take into account his hatred of Muslims.

Here is another theory. He had a girlfriend who was raped by Muslims, which is now commonplace in Oslo. This in turn led to an extreme hatred of Muslims. He blames the government because they allowed these people to migrate to Norway, and since being there the number of rape cases has increased dramatically without anything being done to curb the situation.  This is totally speculation.  However, since the LSM is indulging in speculation that slimes anyone who is even slightly right-wing I am having my go at sliming them.

It is not known why he did this, but it seems that you have to look at the two crimes in isolation of each other. The use of a car-bomb suggests that he was trying to get the Muslims blamed. The fact that he visited a site allegedly belonging to “fundamentalist Christians” would appear to be a case of sliming those who allegedly had contact with him (just like in the case of the killer of the abortion butcher). Those visits could have been a way of setting up the right-wing to take some kind of fall for what he was planning. It might also have been an attempt to create a situation where Muslims and Christians in Norway end up fighting each other. Except it will not happen.

The Islamic Council in Norway was very quick to condemn the bombing attack. I believe that they deserve a round of applause for taking that action in condemnation. It stops people from being anxious and it puts them on the same side as the people of Norway. This leaves attention on any “far-right” group in Norway. We have to wait and see if this man did in fact have any contact with them. Somehow I doubt that he did. I suspect that he had contact with Greenpeace or some other organization. The style of his farming might in fact be a big clue to what really happened.


An opinion piece by Andrew Bolt – hacking scandal

Andrew Bolt has his column on the hacking scandal. He starts off about the fact that a BBC employee got in touch with him, asking if he was going to resign. Andrew gives a response to this question, and he delivers a perspective based upon the fact that he is an employee of News Ltd.

Please take the time to click on the link and read what Andrew has to say on the matter, because he raises some interesting things regarding journalist ethics and the Australian situation.

The big thing I get out of this is that the “hacking” was confined to a small number of employees in the UK and that those who are in hysterics over this scandal that happened several years ago are equally guilty of what might be considered something that is far worse.

The Age, which is run by Fairfax Press here in Australia, is a good example of the hypocrisy of the left wing media. The Age has done two things that are abhorrent. They hacked into the ALP database that contained information about ALP consituents. They also paid big bucks to get hold of the documents held by Wikileaks under Julian Assange.

My view happens to be that the leaking of secret cables is by far the worse crime, and considering that the Left wing media were salivating over these “cables” (emails) I find it outrageous that they considered publishing information that damaged a number of people in diplomatic circles. On top of that the damage done by the release of the information could have included a worsening of relations between Australia and the USA, as well as the worsening of relations between Australia/China – and the list goes on. At least one lot of releases were such that I found them to be funny, of no value, and just proving that the person involved was big noting himself in a rather ludicrous way, but the press were all pumped up about that particular story.

The release of those emails affected top secret information. As such this activity was treason. I do not believe that “free speech” or “freedom of the press” should be defined by releasing top secret information that has an effect the threat to the life of another person.


I have just seen reports about a twin attack in Norway that has left at least 17 dead and many others wounded. There has been a bomb blast in Oslo and another attack at a campsite on a small island. It is not clear whether this was a Lutheran attack or whether it was an attack by members of the Religion of Peas, or even an attack by the Watermelons. I am linking to only one of the reports and it is quite comprehensive. I will place this as a sticky because more information will become available.

The man who attacked the young people on the island was a blond. So I guess this was an attack of the blond people against those who are a little bit different? It looks like he has murdered at least 10 youths who were at the camp. Some of the teenagers jumped into the water to get away from him. A witness claimed that there were at least 20 dead but police said it was only 10 at that site. There are at least 7 dead at the Oslo site.

More updates to come.


Please visit the following link for an update. It must be noted that the person arrested is a Norwegian. It must also be noted that considering the person attacked offices associated with the government, as well as the children of the sitting Labour Party in Norway, that there is an explanation other than jihad involved. 

It could be that the person is associated with neo-Nazis that continue to exist in these European countries. I personally do not consider Neo-Nazis to be of the right, or even the far right, as I see them as being to the right of the far-left. In other words they are still left-wing, but they are to the right of the Communists.


This is extremely tragic. I have just been reading the British Press and it now looks like there are more than 80 dead young people on the island where the Norwegian national had opened fire upon them. What is worse, he had laid explosives on the island. I assume that he placed the explosives at some prior time.

The link that I have just posted has photographs from the scene of both incidents. So far there has been no links to anyone else. It seems to be the work of one person who had something against the ruling Labour Party. There does not appear to be any link to any Jihadi group, although one group claimed responsibility but then took that message down. Other than speculation there is no link to any left or right wing group, but I assume that this will come out when the suspect is charged with the murders of at least 88 individuals and the attempted murder of dozens of others.

Fortunately it was a Norwegian holiday which means that the number of dead and injured in the Oslo blast has been mitigated. I hope to hear from my Norwegian friend who is a paramedic at some point. I feel certain that he has been called to help during this horrific tragedy in Oslo today.


The picture that is emerging of the perpetrator of this horror is truly bizarre. The left-wing press cannot wait to claim that he is some kind of right-winger who hates Muslims. Apparently the man did hate Muslims, and it appears that he was setting this up to look like an attack by Muslims. Truly bizarre. However, hating Muslims does not make a person a right-winger. The opposite could be true as well.

What is really bizarre is that he struck the young people whose parents are members of the Labour Party of Norway. It sounds like he had some kind of grudge against the youth camp that is held every year on the island where the worst of the atrocity took place. Considering that he is some kind of bio-farmer, and a resident of the island, it could be that he had a grudge about them holding the camp on the island in the first place. His actions seemed to have been directed against the government. I do not see that as right-wing politics, but as something else entirely. His anti-Muslim feelings might explain why he used a car bomb to destroy the government buildings. In other words he was setting up the scene so that Muslims would get blamed for the bomb blast.


The LSM claim that the perpetrator is a Christian. They are unfortunately very ill-informed about the Knights Templar. A little bit of research on the Internet threw up the information that the modern Knights Templar are in fact Freemasons. Also, the Freemasons in Norway have owned the perpetrator. The other thing to note is the political persuasion. He seems to have links to the neo-Nazis as well as the Norwegian Progressive Party.

The Norwegian Progressive Party are very similar to the Libertarians in the USA. They believe in less government and less tax. They are not extreme, but it is their anti-immigration of Muslims stance that has earned them the tag “extreme”. 

Considering that the man is a Freemason, he cannot be regarded as a Christian.


Something else that has come to light with regard to Anders Breivik is his use of a cocktail of drugs known as an ECA stack. The Google search on ECA stack was unhelpful. However, a search under amphetamine and psychosis is extremely helpful. Based upon comments by his lawyer, who stated that he thought that Breivik was insane, there is the gem, that Breivik was using strong drugs during his attack. Those drugs were a high dose of what is known as an ECA stack – Ephedreine, Caffeine and Asprin. The combination is used for weight loss.  We know ephedrine as one of the properties for amphetamines.

Someone taking amphetamines can end up being criminally insane. The person is capable of doing lots of damage during the period when the amphetamine is being effective. Amphetamines are also used to calm down children and adults with ADHD.  However, it is the fact that aphetamines has the ability to alter one’s psyche that is extremely significant in understanding what took place.

On top of this, I have just been reading the Wikipedia entry about Adolf Hitler. To my surprise, I did learn that Hitler started taking amphetamines by the late 1930s, which explains to some extent his refusal to surrender.

There is no doubt in my mind that Breivik has been heavily influenced by Nazism in all of its ugly aspects. I would actually suggest reading theat Wikipedia entry, even though I would dispute some of the conclusions that were made within the article.

Perhaps, within that article one can start to grasp the truth about Breivik’s ideology. Always keep in mind that Fascism is the other side of the coin to Marxism. They are both totalitarian ideologies and both spruik war.


Food for thought

Trevor Louden is one person who is anti-Communist. He has a record for exposing communists and he has not let up on Østupid. Like Trevor Louden, I believe that the puppeteer behind the curtain (other than George Soros) is the KGB. I think that I can make a very good case with regard to the influence of the KGB on even more grounds than those being mentioned by Louden. Given some time and some extra research, I think it is possible to fully expose Østupid’s Communist roots, which do not extend to the CIA.

What Louden is highlighting is the disinformation that is spread by Wayne Madsen. (I do not accept the writings of Madsen because from the first time I tried to read anything of his it was clear that he was a left-wing individual and full of disinformation). The big point to be made is that Madsen has been appearing on a Russian TV station. Why? Why is that acceptable?

The other individual that has been mentioned is the ultra left-wing Lyndon LaRouche and his group of followers. He is another who has appeared on the same Russian TV station.

Both of these individuals seem to be behind the idea that Islamists did not bring down the twin towers. Both of them are very anti-Israel. Both of them are very anti-Bush. LaRouche actually went all out to support Saddam Hussein (a known murderer who committed genocide of his own people – the Kurds and the marsh people). These are people who are just as nutty if not more nutty than the watermelons aka the Green Party.

I disagree with Trevor on one point – that Madsen was the one who brought up the Chicago bath house. I do know for a fact that this was first mentioned by Kevin Dujan at Hillbuzz, long before Madsen got hold of the story and sold it to the National Enquirer. Also, I believe that the story has legs, but it has died again with Rahm Emmanuel becoming Mayor of Chicago.

What do I think? I believe that the KGB is the power behind Østupid. There are a number of indicators that point me in that direction, rather than in the direction of the CIA. If it was the CIA then one would have to question the loyalty of operatives who would be secretly pushing a Communist agenda.

Please chime in with your thoughts or what you know about Lyndon LaRouche or even Wayne Madsen.



Been expecting this to happen – UK hacking scandal

The new inquiry has now spread (as it should) beyond NewsLtd and NOTW. There has never been any doubt that other papers also indulged in the same grubby methods employed by NOTW and at last, it is catching up on those who have been loudly criticizing Rupert Murdoch.

My view on the scandal is:

1. It is old news. If there is not fresh evidence that the hacking continued beyond 2007 then this fuss is about a witch hunt against one individual.

2. Rupert Murdoch had used a leadership style where he expected those he hired to do the right thing. Those in a responsible position in the UK are ultimately responsible for what happened in theUK.

3. The new story about FOX News and Roger Ailes sounds like it is a “get Roger” type of story. I honestly doubt that there is any truth. Can you also say “sour grapes”, because the way I read that story it sounded like vindictiveness.  In other words, no hard evidence means hearsay which is not evidence of wrong doing.

Here in Australia, we have a Marxist Prime Minister and Senator Bob Brown, the leader of the Watermelon Party making noises about wanting an inquiry and an introduction of a licence as to who is fit to print a newspaper. This, in my view is extremely dangerous. NewsLimited has always been very fair and balanced and the editorials reflect the nature of a given situation. At the moment NewsLimited journalists are doing the job that the others will not do, that is they are questioning the intention to introduce a carbon-dioxide tax. The present Prime Minister wants to shut down any dissenting voice. This is extremely dangerous. We want and we are demanding that we have a General Election. The Prime Minister does not have a mandate to introduce this carbon-dioxide tax.

My husband has been hit more than $70 per pay due to the unnecessary flood levy that has been imposed upon people in a certain income bracket. This is a very big hit on our disposable income. A carbon dioxide tax, as it has been proposed will hit even harder. There is a “compensation package” that reminds me of the waivers with regard to Abominablecare. Such a package is untenable and unnecessary, and it points up the fact that the whole thing is nothing more than a wealth redistribution effort.

On top of that, the CEO of my own ISP has written a blog post outlining the current expected pricing of the NBN connected service. It is going to be ridiculously expensive for most people to take it up. However, the post goes beyond the pricing as it outlines what is wrong with the government interfering in the current market with its changes that will cause a rise for people in more remote areas to get network access due to the proposed set-up. I do not understand all of the jargon in his post, but I get the gist of what he is saying. The proposed pricing structure is only half the story.

Diplomatic Immunity?

No. It is not about DSK. This is a story from the U.K. and it concerns “O Bummer”. The news article that I read actually starts off with “O bummer” (at least it did that in my reader) and then talks about a traffic fine because the US embassy refused to, or has failed to pay a “congestion tax”.

The real meat in this story is the failure of the US Embassy staff in London by racking up millions of dollars of traffic fines and not paying them. I am assuming that they think that they have diplomatic immunity and that they can do as they please in London.

Talking about hacking….

Just noticed this report, that the FBI have swooped on suspected members of the hacker group Anonymous. I hope it is true, and that they have been arrested.

The BBC is also running a story on the hacker arrests. It looks like more than 20 people have been picked up in the Netherlands, the UK and the USA relating to charges of hacking. I wonder if the young man who was arrested a little while ago was fully co-operative with the police. Just thinking aloud, that they could have gotten information from him that has led to these arrests.

And it looks like everyone is getting in on the accusation of hacking. This report has come from the BBC News site regarding a report of the alleged death of Omar Mullah, which has never been verified. The Taliban are claiming that “Americans” hacked their phones and sent out the false reports on the alleged death of Omar Mullah. Do you think this might have been the work of Lulz?

typical left-wing Australian tripe – concentrate on the non-facts

The government owned left-wing ABC news here in Australia is running an article on Wendi Deng. You can read the whole article here.

I am not sure if they are running this as a smear on Wendi, it is a bit hard to tell, but they are portraying her in the light of someone who has a lot of self-interest in regard to the Murdoch billions. Wendi’s children are quite young, and the older Murdoch children take a keen interest in their father’s business.

I might be wrong, but it could be that they are trying to portray Wendi as a gold digger.