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Diplomatic Immunity?

No. It is not about DSK. This is a story from the U.K. and it concerns “O Bummer”. The news article that I read actually starts off with “O bummer” (at least it did that in my reader) and then talks about a traffic fine because the US embassy refused to, or has failed to pay a “congestion tax”.

The real meat in this story is the failure of the US Embassy staff in London by racking up millions of dollars of traffic fines and not paying them. I am assuming that they think that they have diplomatic immunity and that they can do as they please in London.

Talking about hacking….

Just noticed this report, that the FBI have swooped on suspected members of the hacker group Anonymous. I hope it is true, and that they have been arrested.

The BBC is also running a story on the hacker arrests. It looks like more than 20 people have been picked up in the Netherlands, the UK and the USA relating to charges of hacking. I wonder if the young man who was arrested a little while ago was fully co-operative with the police. Just thinking aloud, that they could have gotten information from him that has led to these arrests.

And it looks like everyone is getting in on the accusation of hacking. This report has come from the BBC News site regarding a report of the alleged death of Omar Mullah, which has never been verified. The Taliban are claiming that “Americans” hacked their phones and sent out the false reports on the alleged death of Omar Mullah. Do you think this might have been the work of Lulz?

typical left-wing Australian tripe – concentrate on the non-facts

The government owned left-wing ABC news here in Australia is running an article on Wendi Deng. You can read the whole article here.

I am not sure if they are running this as a smear on Wendi, it is a bit hard to tell, but they are portraying her in the light of someone who has a lot of self-interest in regard to the Murdoch billions. Wendi’s children are quite young, and the older Murdoch children take a keen interest in their father’s business.

I might be wrong, but it could be that they are trying to portray Wendi as a gold digger.


Which is worse?

The idea for this question has come from a comment I saw on Andrew Bolt’s blog, so I am going to pose the question here, since it affects American politics. Which do you consider to be worse:

1. providing a site for a hacker such as Bradley Manning and then releasing top secret or secret documents via the press.

2. hacking the phone of Jude Law and then reporting on his infidelities.

3. hacking the phones of murder victims, and victims of terrorist attacks.

I am giving three options here in order to try and bring perspective into the issues, and to point up the hypocrisy of the left-wing media.

For the record, I am against all three options. However, here is my analysis:

Options 1 and 3 together are worse than option 2, however, option 1 has far reaching consequences that are not experienced in either of the other 2 scenarios.

The hacking done by Bradley Manning and the uploading of secret documents that he stole from the US Department of Defence and elsewhere is a criminal offense, and I might add, it was the committing of treason. Top Secret and Secret documents are classified that way for a reason. The leaking of those cables put some lives in jeopardy. It was devastating in Afghanistan for example, leading to the deaths of several Afghan leaders. It also lead to threats on the lives of other individuals in Africa.

The hacking of the telephone of Milly Dowler was disgusting to say the least. It is because the messages were erased that led police and her parents to think that she was alive, when in fact she was dead. This also led to the police not pursuing all of their leads, which meant that a dangerous man was allowed out on the streets for a longer time which enabled him to commit further crimes. The parents went through a nightmare, with the father being fingered as a suspect, when in fact he was innocent of any wrong doing towards his 13 year old daughter.  The alleged hacking of the phones of terrorist victims has not been proved. It would be bad on the same level as it was bad in the Dowler case.

I continue to be against the pursuit of celebrities within their personal lives. I really do not care about the way that these people with over-inflated egos conduct their lives. This includes being against all phone hacking as well as photographers who haunt people. This is on a par with the hacking of the personal email account of Sarah Palin. It is a criminal offense, and anyone caught hacking into the personal business of another should face jail time. This also applies to the journalist who did a break and enter at the Alaska Governor’s mansion during the 2008 elections, when a personal diary was stolen and Oh golly gosh, there was a spelling mistake….. That journalist should have been charged with the crime of break and enter, and the theft of personal property.

The reaction of the left-wing media shows up their hypocrisy. Why do they defend Julian Assange, yet decry News of the World? Both situations are on a par, with the release of Top Secret information being a lot more serious.

I know why they are reacting that way. They want to shut down debate. They do not want us to have a voice. They want to filter the information that we receive. Last night as I watched the news, for example, I listened to one reporter and noted at least 3 lots of misinformation. Here in Australia, as we battle against the red-haired witch that we dub Juliar (and I swear at some angles her nose really reminds me of Pinnochio)the Marxist Dullard (Gillard), there is a new push for a “media inquiry”, not against the obvious left-wing bias of the leftist papers, but one that is directly against the papers who have sought to give the truth to the population about the fact that carbon dioxide is not pollution, but is an invisible gas, and is the very air that we breathe out. The man who started the push is a Watermelon, and he cannot stand the scrutiny that he is now receiving, thus he dubs the NewsCorp papers “the hate media”, but that is not true. All of the hate comes from the Left – every single last drop of hatred comes from the left.

Good shot Wendi Deng

Here is a little story about a friend of mine who went to Our Lady of Mercy in Parramatta. Amongst the “old girls” of the school is a certain Mrs Murdoch, the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch. She is a very down to earth woman, and she had no problem mixing with her former classmates. I do not have a lot to say about the story itself, just to note that this is also the mother of James and the other adult Murdoch children. However, this post is about Murdoch’s new wife, Wendi Deng. I had no idea that this woman was capable of so much feeling!! 🙂

The online papers are full of the story about the inquiry in the British Parliament, but thanks to a leftist tool by the name of Johnny Marbles, there was a very different story that emerged, and Wendi deserves accolades for her quick action. Rupert and James faced more than 2 hours of questioning by the committees, and Rupert again pointed out that he trusted his staff to do the right thing and he was let down by them. Once again he expressed his own anguish at the actions of someone who had hacked the phone of Milly Dowler.

It was at this point that Marbles decided to throw a cream pie at Rupert Murdoch. The said pie was caught by Wendi Deng, who was sitting behind her husband, and she threw the pie back at Marbles. Up went the cry “Got him”!!  Classic.

You can find a very balanced summary of what transpired at the inquiry at this link. You can also find further information on what took place during the questioning at this link.

I have to add here that the remaining executives of News Corp have been fully co-operating with the police investigation. They have turned over materials to the police which actually initiated the new inquiry. Like I pointed out, News Corporation is a multinational company, and Murdoch has been concentrating on the American business. That means he has allowed both the Australian and the English executives in charge of their respective businesses, and he expected them to do the right thing. As such, he was not aware of the hacking or the payments that went to the person who did the hacking. James Murdoch had stated that he had been misled about some payments that he had authorised. It seems that both Murdochs are shocked at the levels of deception that has now come to light. Due diligence comes to mind here…and for the time being I give James the benefit of the doubt.

Rebekah Brooks was editor at News of the World at the time that the hacking of Milly’s account took place. I honestly do not know, or even believe that she would have authorised such a thing to happen.

I am of the opinion that even the hacking of the phone of Jude Law, or any other famous person is very sleazy. These people have a right to privacy, and I really find it disgusting that journalists on all of the papers would go to such lengths to get their stories. Reading any of these rags one was constantly finding stories of betrayal and quite often the stories were made up, being designed to get sales. Well, I do not purchase magazines for that kind of trash. I prefer the older style when we got knitting, crochet, embroidery, tatting, cooking recipes, and even sewing patterns, but not the trash that is dished up weekly or monthly from the current women’s magazines. I have no time for the newspapers because of the actual basis and lack of real journalistic content.


The hacking scandal

The actual scandal happened more than 6 years ago, but it is only now that the whole of the scandal has burst upon the scene. There is a well known saying about a “little bit of sunlight”. After the murder trial involving murder victim Milly Dowler, and the manner in which the Dowler family was crucified at the trial, it seems that the news that someone hacked Milly’s phone has caused the mushroom fodder to hit the fan.

Milly Dowler disappeared several years ago, she was kidnapped and murdered by a man who had been convicted of a similar crime. At the time of her kidnapping Milly had discovered a bit of a dark family secret, and that secret had upset her very much. On the afternoon that she disappeared, Milly had gotten off the train one stop early and she had gone to a cafe with friends before starting her walk home. She never arrived at her home. As a result of that dark secret involving the sexual proclivities of her father, the police failed to follow up all of the vital clues, including the fact that this known sex offender lived in a house close to where Milly had disappeared. Instead, her father had become a suspect in the eyes of the police and they stopped looking.

In the months before her body was discovered, the family thought that Milly was still alive, because her voice mailbox had been cleared, allowing extra messages to be left. The family was being given the impression that Milly was listening to the messages. Instead, someone associated with the News of the World had arranged for the hacking of the girl’s telephone. This is the scandal that has now erupted.

Rupert Murdoch has had a very personal meeting with Milly Dowler’s family. This father, mother and sister had gone through hell in the witness box. Murdoch personally apologized for the behaviour of the editors and staff at News of the World. He was very upset over the whole matter. Rebekah Brooks, who was chief editor at the time of the hacking offered her resignation again, and it was accepted. The very next day she was arrested in relation to the scandal. She will have her day in court. I am not sure if she will also give evidence before Parliament relating to the whole scandal.

The whole hacking scandal is centred in the UK. This has not stopped the beginning of a US witch hunt with the FBI doing an investigation (no doubt on the orders of Østupid) over a rumour of possible hacking of the phones of victims of 9/11. Personally, I think that there is not even a puff of smoke with regard to those claims. However, there is evidence that News of the World editors and staffed hacked the phones of the victims of the London bombing.

People, that is, ordinary people have a right to privacy. The hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone was a big breach of that right to privacy. The whole thing was done in order to try and get the big scoop. It is not just News of the World. Other news organizations had done the same thing. I fear I no longer have the links to the story that actually gave the name of the organizations that had also indulged in this very nasty exercise. At least one other paper associated with the Murdoch Press had been involved in a hacking scandal. The actor, Jude Law is about to sue the Sun over the hacking allegations.

What is really disgusting to me is that these “news” people were going to such lengths to get their story. They seem to have taken their eye off the main game by this pursuit of trivia, by this desire and pursuit of the rich and famous, as well as their desire to get the “big scoop”. In the process they trampled upon the rights of the common person, especially the right to privacy. This is why the Milly Dowler case is the culmination of the scandal that is now rocking the media. I expect the scandal to worsen, once it is recognized that News of the World was not the only participant.

There is nothing to be gained from hounding Rupert Murdoch in my view. This is being done by the left wing such as the Communist Ed Milliband in the UK and is supported by the watermelon odour-sniffer Bob Brown in Australia, who really hate his guts. Murdoch has always allowed his editors a degree of freedom in how they ran the individual papers. The Murdoch Press has always been far more balanced than the others, and in Australia that is the Fairfax press. The Murdoch press has often shown no real favourites because when it has been time to oust a stale government, then the editorial has reflected that need. On the other hand the other media outlets have taken a more left-wing bias.

A good Australian example occurred last week when a member of the Press Gallery (the journalist who had already played out a Tony Abbott gotcha) asked the usurper PM Juliar the Marxist Dullard, what he could do to help her. It was a question that was the highlight of the week. In the same Press Gallery luncheon, the Dullard sent a message to Andrew Bolt (who writes for Murdoch Press) to “not write crap” – in other words the message being given is that anyone who is against climate change agenda and who shows up the lies of Al Gore is writing crap. (Again I am not sure if I still have the actual links to the story).


Where to now with Chicago corruption?

Tom Fitton, writing for BigGovernment has an excellent post that covers the corruption in Chicago politics. Please read the link. However, it is the conclusion of the article that is important. This leads to the Oval Office and it is the lies and cover-up.