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The Australian race riot on Australia Day

Since I live in Australia, and in Canberra where this event took place, it is of a lot of interest.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was set up within the Parliamentary triangle 40 years ago. On Australia Day a journalist asked the Opposition Leader a question and he responed that it was time for the Tent Embassy to move on, he did not say as some have claimed that it should be torn down.

Someone then informed the useless idiots who were at the tent embassy that Tony Abbott was supposed to have said that it should be torn down. They were informed that Mr. Abbott and the Prime Minister were at the Lobby restaurant, a short distance from the Tent Embassy. These useless left-wing idiots who were there proceeded to the Lobby restaurant and started agitation.

The Prime Minister (Juliar Dullard), was concerned about Tony Abbott and she made sure that he was escorted from the restaurant at the same time as herself. IT IS NOT CLEAR IF SHE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PLANNING OF THE SET UP.  As they were escorted from the Lobby restaurant the Prime Minister was mobbed and lost a shoe. She was visibly upset.

Since this event some new facts that lead to the conclusion that it was a set- up have been revealed. First of all, a member of the Prime Minister’s staff, a Tony Hodges has admitted to speaking to Kim Sattler, the union member and perennial GREEN PARTY candidate, has resigned. However, it seems that another member of staff, Sam Casey also spoke with members of the aboriginal tent embassy.

Second, it appears that there was a planning meeting prior to the events. What is not clear is whether or not it was arranged for the journalist to ask a leading question in an attempt to set up Tony Abbott. (It should be made clear that Tony Abbott is not a racist and he has done more to help Aboriginals in a real sense than any member of the ALP, perhaps outside of Jenny Macklin the current Aboriginal Affairs Minister).  More questions to be asked include: who were the members of the Prime Minister’s staff who briefed the Canberra Press Gallery about these events? In fact there are many questions to be asked about why this “riot” took place in the first place.

What is clear is that Tony Abbott’s remarks were misrepresented by journalists as well as by members of the Prime Minister’s staff. On top of that there are Aboriginal Leaders who do in fact agree with Tony Abbott, that it is time for the Tent Embassy to move on because it is no longer required.

This tawdry attempt to smear Tony Abott appears to have backfired, but it is not over just yet. What I find disgusting is that the police claim that no charges should be laid… excuse me, there was a riot, there was an affray and yes charges should be laid in such circumstances.

This is a developing story with more and more detail being revealed each day. I will update the story as appropriate.

Gathering together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Now that the penny is beginning to drop, it is necessary to start gathering the pieces to try and complete the jigsaw puzzle. The Insiders who are feeding information to Ulsterman have provided some of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.  However, I think that there are a number of missing pieces and it is time to start looking for those missing pieces.

I have not mentioned the name of the Senator from California whose aide died in mysterious circumstances, and whose associate has been charged and convicted of some minor wrong-doing. It could be that her life is on the line. According to the WHI this Senator is also facing ethics violations, perhaps in the same way that Newt Gingrich faced false ethics violations charges. This particular Senator who is a well-known leftist is indeed somewhat mercurial, and perhaps that is why I tend to like her. She is not dumb like Barbara Boxer, but her main fault could be in letting the cat out of the bag at the wrong moment. If you have guessed the name of the Senator, then you now hold a piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Something else that is coming out in the latest of these articles is the role of the unions. Those who have been following the nitty gritty of the everyday workings in Washington know that one union in particular has been extremely influential. Its leaders have been more powerful than those who were guiding Roosevelt as he proceeded to mess up the American economy (from which the USA has never recovered fully – and by this I mean the existence of legislation that prevents people from growing their own crops of the legal kind, as well as other union friendly legislation). This union influence is yet another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that has to be found to put all of the pieces in place.

One thing to note is that many of the players remain behind the scenes, always out of sight and never being confronted by a complicit media. So it is that we come to some more missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and this time the focus is on California.

How on earth did Jerry Brown who so thoroughly stuffed up California when he was Governor years ago, end up winning the role again? It is a puzzle to me that he was able to run again when he had already been governor twice. Yet, he is not the focus here. On the other hand, maybe we need to focus on another figure – the California Attorney General, who was an Østupid choice for the job. Did you know that the DNC operative who worked against the nomination of this woman as Attorney General, wound up dead in mysterious circumstances? Well, it is true, and I might add that this is a part of the information dropped by the WHI and mentioned by the WSI to Ulsterman. Did he really die of natural causes? It is shades of the mysterious deaths during the Clinton Administration. The question here is why did this well-known California operative work against the nomination of the new Attorney General? What did he see in Denver, Colorado? What did he tell his friend, the Senator?

However, California is the focus for another reason – Solyndra. Here are some more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and by now it should be clear that the name of the jigsaw puzzle is “pay to play”. The puzzle actually begins in Chicago where the “pay to play” scandals are still unfolding. (At the moment I am of the opinion that Blago was set up – yes, I know the evidence against him, and that he was involved in corruption, but I do think that he was set up to take the fall in order to protect Østupid). Some of the biggest Østupid campaign donations have come from California. The scandal involving the missing campaign donations is being played out in California. The man behind Solyndra was a very big Østupid campaign donor. He was well paid with “stimulus” money for Solyndra, but that did not stop the company from going broke.

Two pieces of the jigsaw puzzle seem to be found in California and Chicago. What then is the attraction of Chicago. The circle keeps coming around to David Rockefeller Sr. It keeps coming back to the Rockefeller family, the connection to the University of Chicago, and that someone so untalented could end up with any form of teaching position at the University of Chicago where there is a clear connection to the Rockefeller family. Then there is the fact that Chicago has its own stock market and other exchanges.

The other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle inclue: OIL, the EPA and of course the oil-well disaster in the Gulf or Mexico. The platform that exploded was being used by BP but did you know that AMOCO which was Standard Oil Indiana became a part of BP? The whole thing is very incestuous. 

Then there is the determination of this Østupid Administration to kill the XL pipeline. Why? I think that there is a possible answer – Rockefeller, Standard Oil or as they are now know, Exxon or is that Chevron? If the shale oil was allowed to flow into the USA then the price of fuel would begin to decline, because this would be evidence that oil resources are not about to disappear per the peak oil myth. If the price of gasoline was to decline then people would not be considering such junk vehicles as the Volt, or even the Prius. Yet, the question remains: What family has continued to make billions of dollars out of the drilling and distribution of oil?

This is not about Boone Pickens, or Warren Buffett, even though both have been Østupid backers. This is about the influence of David Rockefeller Sr.


Slowly, the penny drops

For once Wikpedia has become probably the most reliable resource on the Internet when it comes to looking into the background or the Rockefeller family. Whilst this does not directly involve David Rockefeller Sr., it does in fact involve the foundation of his family’s wealth through the unsavoury monopolistic practices of the Standard Oil Co. of Ohio and that of John D. Rockefeller.

This Wikpedia entry appears to be historically accurate and again I suggest that you read the whole thing. It goes right back to the foundation of the Standard Oil Trust, as well as the fight with the railroads leading to the eventual break up of the holding trust company into 34 smaller companies including AMOCO, ESSO, Mobil, Chevron and Penzoil.  I know every one of those names. AMOCO, ESOO and Mobil have all traded in Australia, with only the Mobil petrol stations remaining. We also have BP and Shell Service Stations.

The story is not about gasoline, but about oil for use in lighting, because kerosene was a lot cheaper than the use of whale oil. Standard Oil Company developed over 300 products out of the oil that they refined including Vaseline and chewing gum!!

However, it is about the monopolistic practices, and the reminder that in the early 1900s John D. Rockefeller was found guilty of those monopolistic practices that is of interest here, because as the penny slowly drops to the floor, it is this background that serves as an understanding of the habits of David Rockefeller Sr. and his own desires for world domination.

John D. Rockefeller was associated with many things, and he had fights with some of the big industrialist names, such as Andrew Carnegie. He dominated the oil refining business through collusion with the railroads at first, and a number of underhanded practices that were designed to allow him to undercut his competition and then he would buy them out.

However, the discovery of oil fields in Russia, Java and Burma altered the market, meaning that there were new suppliers coming into the market. This also led to the Paris Rothschilds entering the market as investors and financiers of the new oil fields. At that stage Rockefeller turned to natural gas and gasoline. In other words, the desire to dominate oil world wide was spoiled by the fact that there were new discoveries in Indonesia, Russia and Burma.  

After reading the entry in Wikpedia it is easy to see that the Rockefeller family were not very nice people, even though they are very big into philanthropy. This brings me to David Rockefeller Sr. and how he is quite different from his grandfather and father.

Some other things that I gleaned about the way in which Rockefeller gained his fortune is that he was responsible for the introduction of the futures market and the spot oil price in oil. Rockefeller was responsible for the establishment of the Futures Exchange. On top of that there is a very strong link between the Rockefeller family and Chicago. In fact the family established Chicago University. Could it be that the person who insisted that Østupid be given a role at Chicago University was in fact David Rockefeller.

Whilst the Rockefeller family were always Republicans who donated to the Union cause, and one member actually fought on the side of the Union, and even though David Rockefeller is techinically a Republican voter, the fact is that he is RINO in the worst sense of the word. David Rockefeller Sr. is very left-wing. This is probably due to influences from Columbia University, Harvard, and later on from the London School of Economics. Many of the positions held by David Rockefeller are those of the extreme left wing, in particular they are the positions of the Watermelons aka the Green Party. From a cursory look at the blog posts (which are by no means very accurate) it seems that David Rockefeller is a believer in population control and Eugenics. One could rightly state that he is a follower of Nazi Party beliefs.  For these posts I will not enter into the subject of the material that goes on and on about the “Illuminati” etc. since I think it is far better to look at the cold hard facts in political terms rather than semi-religious terms.

The cold hard facts about David Rockefeller is that ever since his association with Dwight Eisenhower he has been a behind the scenes player. On top of that David Rockefeller has had some kind of political influence over every President since Eisenhower, including JFK, and of course, Østupid. Considering what the WHI stated regarding the manner in which a certain man was greeted by the Clintons, I found that the only person who came to mind who would garner that reaction has to be David Rockefeller Sr.

David Rockefeller is the person who started the Trilateral Commission and is responsible for the Bilderberg meetings. He had influence with a number of the known world dictators, including Saddam Hussein. It begs the question as to whether Rockefeller was opposed to the invasion of Iraq because he had some kind of deal going on with Saddam Hussein behind the scenes. That would be something that is in line with family history of dirty double dealing.

If what I am thinking is correct then this could explain the attitude of Rove, especially the push towards Mittens Romneycare as the possible Republican candidate, which would be a certain losing proposition.

As the penny continues to fall into place, some of the more recent events spring to mind, such as the fact that Østupid has once again vetoed the XL pipeline from Canada. This pipeline is for the cheaper Canadian shale oil. If I am correct, then it is Rockefeller who is calling the shots on stopping the progress of the pipeline because this would end up meaning that oil could be cheaper. If you read the Wikpedia account under John D. Rockefeller you can see the history of Standard Oil with its complicity in price fixing for the transport of oil etc. It all seems to fit together.




The man behind the curtain?

He is a man who is extremely influential and he comes from one of the wealthiest families in the world. It was his family who started STANDARD OIL, also known as Mobil Exxon. His name is David Rockefeller Sr. You can view the Wikpedia entry here (It always gets me the way that Wikpedia can write things in a way that looks innocuous, but trust me, read between the lines as you start reading the names associated with David Rockefeller).

The Rockefeller family is extremely powerful, and they are supposed to be Republicans (moderates). Yet, looking behind the curtain, David Rockefeller has been very influential with all Presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Rather than blogging about his biography, I am going to suggest that you read the Wikpedia entry (despite all of its faults).

David Rockefeller worked at the Chase Manhattan Bank (now known as JP Morgan). Are you starting to connect any dots?

The connecting of the dots goes all the way back to 2008. What was the event that changed the possible outcome of the Presidential election at a point when John McCain took the lead? It was a run on the banks. Many of us have always believed that the run was triggered by someone behind the scenes. Please note that I am not blaming the Rockefeller family for that trigger, since I believe that it was triggered by Soros.  As a result, GWB took action to prop up the banks with what is known as TARP. Who suggested this action to Bush? He did not think of it on his own, and yes someone very influential must have advised him to take that action. Which of these merchant banks benefitted from TARP? Questions, questions, and yes there are plenty of questions to be asked.

After the Inaugration of Østupid, the USA was assaulted with the totally unnecessary spending omnibus that was the “stimulus”, but this spending was always going to fail. Since that time Østupid has not stopped spending money… but let’s leave that topic for the moment.

Even though David Rockefeller Sr. is supposed to be a Republican, if you look at his biography he has a lot of left-wing connections. On top of that he is a graduate of Columbia University, Harvard University, and he attended the London School of Economics, where he met with John F. Kennedy.  David Rockefeller was given a lot of access to security matters. If you check his biography you will see that he was very good at “networking”. There are some very interesting tidbits in the Wikpedia entry, including the fact that Rockefeller had some kind of tie to Saddam Hussein, as well as ties to Castro and others. He used his contacts to set up JP Morgan Chase Bank in a number of foreign countries, including China.

David Rockefeller had been offered the Senate seat that was held by Robert Kennedy but he declined that invitation. He preferred to be a player out of the public eye. He is the man who set up the Trilateral Commission.

Please read the Wikpedia entry. I will continue to elaborate on this theme.

Connecting the dots

As you are aware, I have been consistently reading Ulsterman and his White House Insider. I think that I know the identity of the Insider and he is a Clinton man, or at least his reputation was enhanced because he had been a part of the Clinton administration. This particular man might or might not have something to do with public polling.

The latest in the series from Ulsterman and WHI is quite different from previous posts. This time the man seems to have let down his guard and he has spoken about something that goes back to the 2008 convention in Denver, Colorado. Somebody saw something and that somebody is now dead. The person was a known DNC operative from California. He worked against the Østupid nominee for the position of AG. The man, who was in his 50s died mysteriously after going missing for about 2 weeks. It was claimed that he died of natural causes.. some people have doubts about that explanation.

This man had been an aide to one of the California Senators (the one who was not up for re-election in 2010). Whatever he saw at the Denver convention behind the scenes, he very likely told that Senator. In addition to the death of this aide, another associate was charged with some kind of fraud and sent to prison by none other than Andrew Cuomo who is now the governor in New York (another Østupid preferred appointee). By now you should have guessed the name of the Senator. She is the one who pre-empted the announcement of the death of OBL by about 1 hour. Since she is a part of the Committee associated with Defense Matters and Security, she knew about the whereabouts of OBL prior to the operation. She made sure that Østupid did not get any real accolades with his announcement. (I will add here that the woman is one who can seem like the adult in charge when she wants to be seen that way and I believe that she loves America). That woman has also been slapped with ethics violations plus her campaign money has gone missing.

The issue with the missing money relates to yet another woman who is closely associated with Østupid. She was in charge of 400 accounts. Can you say money laundering into a certain slush fund for a re-election bid, at the expense of others?

If you read the Ulsterman report you will pick up lots of clues in the comments, plus Ulsterman has highlighted some of those comments in another post. People have worked out the name of the dead DNC operative, as well as the name of the Senator, plus the man who has been sent to prison.

However, that is still not connecting all of the dots. There are some missing links, and I think that I am finally starting to put the links together. This goes way back to Jimmah Carter. There is one man who was behind the push for Carter to become President. He is a big oil man. I am not talking about Warren Buffet, George Soros, or any of the usual names, but I have seen his name mentioned as someone who pushed for Østupid to become President. This is a man that seems to have very powerful connections. His name is David Rockefeller.

Without going into all the guff about the Bilderbergs, and the Trilateral Commission, I am starting to see that when the dots are connected, David Rockefeller seems to be the mystery man who is pulling all of the strings. In fact, David Rockefeller probably pulled the strings for GWB and GHB as well as Clinton and Østupid. The issue itself is about OIL.

Think about this for a little while – historically, the price of oil began to substantially rise during the 1970s. We had both the first and second oils shocks during that period. It was also the period in which the Middle East started to become more stable. The USA should have had sufficient reserves of oil to be not worried about whether or not its reserves would run out, YET, this was also the period in which the nonsense of “PEAK OIL” was being circulated. 

David Rockefeller is an oil man. His wealth is built upon the extraction of oil. I will elaborate some more in a new post, but for the moment, I invite you to start connecting the dots and see where it takes you.