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The Threat in the Middle East

This is a short post because I want to spend some time analysing the current situation. At the present time the biggest threat in the Middle East is not Islamic State, it is Iran.  The issue remains Shia vs Sunni. Iran is Shia and Saudi Arabia is Sunni.

The current crisis is not the one in Syria and Iraq, it is in Yemen. For the first time Saudi Arabia have sent in their military to bomb Houthi positions in Yemen. They claim it is because they were asked by the President of Yemen to help him fight against the Houthi. The claim sounds plausible but it is not necessarily the truth.

The Houthi are backed by Iran, just like Assad is backed by Iran. The Iranian Guard has been in Yemen, just like the Iranian Guard has been in Syria. Yemen is a new and very threatening front for Saudi Arabia. The threat is very real because if the Houthi cross the border into Saudi Arabia there could be a terrible conflict.

We still do not know the full extent of the secret negotiations between the Clown in the White House and Iran. If the Clown is giving the go ahead for Iran to produce nuclear weapons, then this is an extremely serious situation that is being developed. It seems that other negotiators are indeed quite upset about the actions of the U.S. Israel is left feeling very vulnerable because of the anti-Israel, and anti-Nethyanu diatribe that has come from the Clown in the White House.  It is not just Israel that is feeling extremely vulnerable. The Saudis are now talking about producing nuclear weapons. Up until now they have been secretly relying upon Israel but they are feeling so vulnerable that they seem to think that they need to take this step to permanently stop the aspirations of Iran.

Make no mistake, Iran wants Mecca. This is the reason that Saudi Arabia feels so vulnerable.

There may be other developments in the Middle East and I am not on top of them at the moment. Those developments relate to the activities of Egyptian President Al-Sisi, who in my book is a good man blessed by God.

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