The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 32: Reversible Error and Convenient Memory

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I’ll address some of the issues revolving around the first three days of trial, including the initial contribution of Witness 8, Rachel Jeantel, AKA Dee Dee, shortly, but first, a visit to a pre-trial motion that has the potential–by itself–to constitute reversible error should George Zimmerman be convicted.  I speak of the Defendant’s Third Motion to Continue of 06-8-13.

As noted in the motion, there were four days before jury selection began, and the defense was in dire straits.

The motion begins with the many issues revolving around Dr. Reich, and Tom Owen is also later mentioned.  As those issues have been resolved to the proper advantage of the defense (the case law was well settled and unremarkable), I’ll not spend additional time on them, but should appeal be necessary, they’ll have some bearing on the arguments.

The motion reads: 

8.  In addition, undersigned counsel has recently received information, as…

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