Is she being sincere? Is she talking for the White House regime? Or is she being hypocritical?

As you are all aware, I am very much against Moammar Gadhafi in Libya and there are many reasons – I have a long memory, and Gadhafi was always a sponsor of terrorism.  Since I had been watching as the situation in Benghazi developed and then escalated, I do not share the opinion of Americans who have not been able to grasp that Libya is different from Egypt and that the people in Benghazi are not Al Qaeda. This does not exclude the possibility that amongst those who have been willing to fight against Gadhafi by taking up arms there are not Islamists amongst them.

I have noted a variety of reports, and yes I have referenced the allegations of rape that have been levelled against the Libyan Loyalists and the mercenaries employed by Gadhafi for the purposes of crushing the people. However, I do see the possibility that some reports are exaggerated (which is the case with a recent BBC report – where I think the woman being interviewed was more of an advocate of abortion which is anathema to Libya women and Muslims anyway).  The ICC has been looking into the rape allegations. I also note, that the regime has levelled the same charge against the “rebels”, even though such charges cannot be substantiated.

Now it seems that your Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has spoken out against those Middle Eastern regimes where rape has been used as a weapon against the people of various nations in an attempt to crush their spirits. Well, I am questioning the sincerity of Clinton for a couple of reasons.

1. If she was making the statement on her own behalf I might be less critical of her speaking out. In other words, I agree that the use of rape in such circumstances is a human rights abuse (the real kind of human rights abuses).

2. If Clinton is speaking on behalf of the White House regime, then I think that she is being a bit of an hypocrite. The reason that I think that way is due to the fact that Clinton as Secretary of State, failed to speak out against the rape atrocities committed against the people of Iran. I read some rather horrifying stories about how some young men and young women were treated. One young man made it back to his father’s doorstep, but was afraid of being rejected by the family. One young woman died of her injuries sustained due to the rape and torture, and her body was dumped in the middle of a road. 

It is hypocritical of Clinton, on behalf of the White House regime, to speak out now, yet totally ignore the plight of the Iranians in similar circumstances.



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